Exploring Natural Remedies for Addiction Treatment

Supplements for Junk Food Addiction
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, TN) on 11/11/2007 509 posts
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... On those supplements info - I always recommended that my junkfood addicts take 4-10 grams of vitamin C, l-4 400IU softgels of vitamin E, and at least 2 (50mg) zinc tabs spaced out over the waking hours to hasten healing. More than l0 grams of C causes some GI irritation. The E prevents scarring as well as hastens healing.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jacob (Durham, Nc, North America) on 06/09/2015

I have been using 1 drop of peroxide in a glass of water 3 times a day for addiction and mental illness. I hope within a week I'll be cured and can use less medication.

Sun Gazing
Posted by Dr. W. Azul La Luz (Santa Fe, New Mexico, Usa) on 02/03/2016
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"Sun gazing" or looking directly into the sun, for any length of time may cause severe damage to the eyes, including ocular cataracts, and retinal deterioration. Ask any optometrist or ophthalmologist: this is why it is advised to use protection when looking at an eclipse.

Sun Gazing
Posted by Amy (Way Out in the Wilderness of Northern BC, Canada) on 01/07/2021

I'd like to try sun gazing. I've had to take sleeping pills for over 30 years. But here's the thing. Our windows were cheaply added so there would be two panes of glass so it frosts up inside and to just go outside, it requires extreme snow and cold gear. It gets well under negative 40 C (same in Fahrenheit) and don't know if I can get up the nerve to get all my gear on for a few minutes. Maybe I'm a sissy. Also is there any danger from the snow glare? I've gotten my eyes sunburned when I went to the snow for the first time ever. Thanks in advance!

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