Exploring Natural Remedies for Addiction Treatment

Oil Pulling
Posted by Lavaluv (Pittsgrove, Nj ) on 12/16/2016

I just started oil pulling literally yesterday. I only could do it for 8 minutes. I chose sunflower oil because that was one of the oils recommended to me as well as all the benefits I read about it. I immmediately noticed a constant need to spit over and over for the first 20 minutes I finished op. Even after I brushed my teeth. I have a temporary crown cap that I've maxed out way to long and it developed a white head on my gum (forget what it's medical term is) and I noticed that particular area was very shriveled looking but still there. I also felt a little shaky all day, not quite myself. Then last night I got this brutal headache in my right sinus and right side of my head. I came home took some pain relief and a sinus pill and went to bed. I slept terrible and had night sweats all night which I never had before. Again today as soon as I got up I op again this time 15 minutes and noticed the initial repetitive spitting was not there. However, I feel very odd..like something's going on with my body. I even experienced what felt like menstrual cramps last night which it is not time for that right now. I'm assuming this is the detoxifying process I'm going through. My question is...is this normal to feel kinda bad with headaches and night sweats? I don't want to stop because I've been abusing my body with a certain illegal substance for over a year now that is extremely harmful. I just didn't expect to feel so bad. I'm worried that it's because I am so unhealthy. I'm 5"9 150 pounds and lost 20 pounds rapidly in like a few months due to my drug abuse. I'm hoping op is going to heal me...but damn day 2 is rough.