Altitude Sickness Home Remedies

Canned Oxygen
Posted by Louise (Durango, Colorado) on 10/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I was having altitude troubles when I first moved here to Durango CO, as well as when I would travel to sea level for business trips and come home to the higher altitude. It was hard to find natural products. I used CO-Q10 which really helped. But I also wanted something I could take that was natural those first three days home. I did research, experimented, and 10 years later just started a small business to offer natural altitude sickness relief products (sell on Amazon and local). I found canned oxygen works for quick relief when the headaches or nausea come on. I hike in 10K ft mountains so it has been a good hiking companion I also found some tablets (won't mention product name here since I want to be sensitive to Earth Clinic guidelines). I use these tablets all the time when I go hiking at higher altitudes and it has made hiking so much easier and fun. I also found a tincture that works. The tablets and tincture main ingredient that helps is ginko. There is a study (I haven't gotten a copy yet) by Dr. Peter Hackett a well know altitude expert out of Telluride, CO. This study says that it is the ginko that works. My next experiment is to actually try ginko when I get back from my next trip. I was glad to see ginko mentioned below as another point of reference.