Acanthosis Nigricans Remedies

| Modified on Mar 12, 2024
Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 01/26/2013

For acanthosis nigricans, try zinc supplements. I was told it was a stress fungus. My 2 year old niece had it as well. We took zinc tablets as 'prescribed' on the bottle, not capsules tablets, she took a child's zinc tablet. In 2 weeks we were cured. Love, andrea c

Camphorated Oil
Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, Tx, Usa) on 12/09/2010

For those with Acanthosis Nigricans, applying Camphorated Oil will bring better circulation to the splotches on your skin. It might take a long time, maybe 1 to 2 years or longer, but try that. I used it for stretch marks and a scar and they went away in 2 years. I have a silky smooth new skin in those places now!

Mineral Spirits
Posted by Barbara (Olean, NY) on 04/11/2013

Quite by accident, we found that mineral spirits is a cosmetic quick fix (wipe gently) for Acanthosis Nigricans, but not a cure. And that the condition will show itself again after 2-3 weeks.

Healthy Diet and Exercise
Posted by Audra (Jefferson City, Mo) on 02/13/2013

A good, healthy diet and exercise regimen will get rid of acanthosis nigricans. I've had it since I was a teenager, but didn't know what it was until I saw a dermatologist in my twenties. I was at 230 pounds at that time, so I focused on taking care of my body and lost 55 pounds. The acanthosis nigricans disappeared.

So, the solution? Take care of yourself!

Healthy Diet and Exercise
Posted by Jen (Cedar Rapids, Ia) on 05/20/2014

Acanthosis Nigricans:

Thought this might be of some interest. I had embarrassing dark thick patches of skin under my arms, my neck, and my thighs as a child (noticed more so as I entered puberty.) Was always told I didn't wash enough. I WAS NOT OVERWEIGHT. It was horrible. Tried expensive medical creams, everything, to no avail. As I got older ... it simply went away. It went away when I was overweight.

I have two children, a girl and a boy, and they both acquired it about the same age as I was.

I would have never had it diagnosed correctly had it not been for an Army doctor who had seen many different things in practicing medicine all over. I did acquire diabetes later in life, after this went away. And after it went away, I acquired terrible scalp psoriasis which I have to do this day. We think my dad's brother had both acanthrosis nigricans AND psoriasis. He was not overweight.

Guess they are both autoimmune conditions in common ... Just an interesting fact to add to the fodder.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 01/27/2012

I thought I had PCOS and these dark patches were due to vitiligo, but I think it is Acanthosis Nigricans. I've had this forever (20 years?). I have shown it to all of my doctors and NONE of them ever mentioned insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. THIS IS NEGLIGENCE ON THEIR PART!!! A book I bought tonight made the connection. I have been using coconut oil in my baths as well as tea tree oil. It seems to be helping and fading it.

Neem Oil
Posted by Lila (Florida) on 06/23/2016

For acanthosis nigricans, ayurvedic neem balm is awesome to fade away the dark areas, it really works! But also exercise and diet are important.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Justsayin (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 10/09/2011

I'm pretty sure that I now know what I have Acanthosis Nigricans. My neck, cheeks (face), under arms and inner thighs are black and my skin is caramel. Those areas are not only black but like thicker and really I've tried every lotion and nothing works.

After reading that this is caused by insulin resistances which I think I might also have, I almost lost it. There are images online where they've done test with people who have Acanthosis Nigricans and put them on a strict diet and the Acanthosis Nigricans vanished.

I am going to start a 1200 calorie diet and 2hrs of cardio every day. I might start with just one hour of cardio and then one hour of anaerobic exerciser and work my way up to the 2hrs. I am also doing Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred and will post my results in about 30days to see if anything had changed.

I though I was going to have this for ever and to think that I just need to lose weight and cut out my bad foods and this will go away is crazy!

Please people do your research everything is out there =)

Dietary Changes
Posted by Gokhals (Ca) on 10/23/2015 34 posts

Please follow a high fat, low carb diet to reduce your insulin resistance, reduce weight and in turn reduce your acanthosis nigricans.

A calorie restricted diet per se will not help if it is laden with carbohydrates. It's the composition of the diet that matters here.

Weight Loss
Posted by Meera (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India) on 06/19/2010

Please let me know if you find your way out. I am also suffering from the same and in addition, have a very dark neck. I ve been having this ever since i was a child. I am having pcos and hypothyroid. I am undergoing a treatment for that. I am overweight as i weigh 65 kgs (143 pounds) for my 5' 3 height.Which is 20 pounds higher i guess. Anyways ... this is so embarrassing !!! So helppppppppppppppppppppp !!!

Weight Loss
Posted by Andrea (North Berwick Maine 03906) on 03/12/2024

Have you tried a body or face scrub with skin lightening properties. I struggled with that as well. Especially my right elbow. Also EVO with some essential oils like clove, peppermint, and especially tea tree oil. I'd use organic qtips to apply or organic cotton make-up remover pads. Then after cleaning the area that way I would apply an antifugal. I don't know how heavy you are. I weighed 363 lbs at 5 ' 10". I went to FL to help my Mom in February of 2006.My son got married that June. I lost 180 lbs just cutting out carbs.I wore a size 28 dress when I left and a size 12 at my son's wedding.I know before this sugar and salt was my thing. Extra sugar feeds candida. We all have it. When I gave up sugar it improved greatly. That's why the antifungal helps I think .

Weight Loss
Posted by Leila (Minneapolis, Mn, USA) on 11/17/2009

Question: I think I have acanthosis nigricans.I'm 28 years old women. I've been overweight since childhood, and i have developed dark underarms, inner thighs and waistline, and a little discoloration in the neck. I haven't seen a doctor yet. I've been exercising for the past few months and have lost approximately 40 pounds since last year. but still the dark patches are still there. I tried peeling products, they did peel, but still, my underarms were still dark. . I would appreciate any advice or suggestion on how to get rid of this ugly dark patches. Please help.