Coconut Oil Cure for Arthritis in Dogs

Coconut Oil
Posted by Amy (Auburn Hills, Mi) on 05/19/2016 15 posts
4 out of 5 stars

Hello Doggie Lovers!

I just have to put in my 2 cents because we've just "inherited" a VERY arthritic, 90lb, 12 year old Pit, Boxer, Rottweiler mix that is to the point she can barely get up off the floor or walk on her own...her one rear paw even flips under sometimes and she walks on top of it! I was soooo heartbroken! Then I found this site and got her some Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 3 days ago.

She had one dose the first day, 2 the second day, and one so far this morning. I'm not positive, as its only been FOUR total doses so far, but she normally lays down with her rear legs sticking straight out and very stiff. This morning for the first time in a looonng time, one of her rear legs was tucked into her side and BENT! She was attempting to PLAY with my other 2 dogs, and she wants to walk all over the yard when I take her out. I am going to add in some Ester-C tomorrow and see if that helps even more, but so far, I think I'm seeing a tiny bit of improvement from the VCO! This is only the third day tho, and she is SEVERELY arthritic, and quite heavy, so I think it may take a few more days to really tell. This Coconut Oil just may be the miracle I've been searching for!

Thank you to everyone posting their results and stories and in helping to guide the rest of us!

Sincerely grateful :-)