Teething Remedies for Children

Swamp Lilly Root

Posted by Amber (Lake Charles, La, USA) on 12/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Swamp Lilly root grows in wetlands or ditches. Look up swamp Lilly and you will find it. I use it for my baby and our family has for generations. You have to dig it up and wash it thoroughly. My tradition is 11 knots (the root shows sections) cut at each link, double thread a needle and string them up. The baby wears it for a week and then you make a new necklace with 9 knots that you leave on them until teething is done. Once the knots all fall off, its over. Once you cut the links you must put the necklace on them then. The point is for the root to dry out while they wear it. It's an Indian tradition and really has worked for us. I thought it was ugly and an old wives tale but it really helps a lot. Less swelling, no fever, no irritability, and no diarrhea/constipation. She still slobbers and chews everything but gappier than most teething bsbies. Hope this helps you. Good luck!