Natural Medicine for Middle Ear Infections

| Modified on Jan 21, 2016
Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sarah (Battle Creek, Michigan) on 04/18/2008

My 14 month old son has constantly been sick and had ear infections. We have keep going to the doctor and they just kept putting him on antibiotics. It turns out that the infection never healed causing the area behind his ear to become swollen. We went to the emergency room and they just gave him another round of antibiotics. Three days later went went back into his ped and they put him on steriods for the swelling because they said it was lymph nodes. Two weeks later his ear was still swollen, red and very tender to the touch. The poor baby was just miserable so we made another appointment to go back to the ped. Since we use H2O2 for cleaning out infections and getting rid of ear wax, I put some in his ear that night, let it sit for 5 minutes and then drained it. The next morning the swelling was down by half but it was still noticably swollen. We had is ped appointment that day so we went and they referred us to a ENT and hearing Specialist. As soon as that doctor walked in the room he said he was going to have to schedule my son for surgery to put tubes in his ear. what he has is mastoiditis, an infection of the bone behind the ear. After talking for a while I told the doctor that the ear was actually getting better (I left out the H2O2 part). He gave me the option to do another round of antibiotics and see what happens but if it got worse then I had to bring him in for surgery. Of course, I opted for the antibiotics. I did a total of 5 treatments of H2O2 in his ear. I did it right before bed and when he woke up in the morning after doing a treatment his ear was less and less tender and swollen. This moring when he woke up his ear was completely back to normal. I can't believe it! My baby is happy and doesn't need tubes put into his ears anymore. Thank you God for giving us H2O2.