Natural Fever Remedies for Children

Cool Water

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Posted by Tamika (USA)
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Put the person in a tub of cool lukewarm water for about thirty minutes.

Replied by Doug

Lukewarm baths work.

Egg Whites

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Posted by Tracy (Singapore) on 05/18/2017
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Hi, my 2 yr old had been having a fever since yesterday at 38.9 to 38.0. Earlier, I gave her the egg white treatment as recommended and follow. I leave it on by soaking the socks in egg whites and give her wear and cover her feet in ziploc bag for 15 mins. Then I took the temp, from 38degree to 38.7. I immediately took off and gave her a ACV bath. Usually when I do the ACV, the temp will go down by a couple. However, this time it shoot up to 39.0. But she seems even active and better than yesterday with a much lower grade fever. Can anyone assist me??

Egg Whites
Posted by Mom (Massachusetts) on 11/12/2013
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Well, we tried the egg whites for fever remedy and I'm sorry to say, it didnt work In fact, my child's fever climbed to 103.4 from 102.8 :-( I used 4 eggs whites and soaked a handtowel in the egg whites and put on his feet and covered with socks. I was hoping that this would work.

Replied by Tracy


I tried the same method on my 2 yr old whom is having a fever at 100.4. And it spike up to 101.6 in 15mins time. I quickly bring her for a ACV lukewarm bath and after that ar 10mins later, her fever shoot to 102.74. Any idea why it doesnt works for ours?

Egg Whites
Posted by Sunny (Lansing, Michigan) on 07/17/2013
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Yaa. My 18 month old son has had a high fever for over 24 hours. Wouldn't drink anything and didn't want me to touch him with anything. Finally I got a rag and wiped egg whites on it. I wiped it on his feet. He complained, but allowed it. I held him for a few minutes and his fever was gone!. Now resting quietly. Thank you earth clinic!

Replied by Tracy
(San Augustine, Texas)

I have read stories about infants and children in olden times who were sick & had various warm poultices applied to the bottom of their feet repeatedly through the night by kin folk or neighbors who had knowledge of healing herbs. In all the instances I read about, the children were recovered & out of danger by the next day. There was once a form of therapy using herbal extracts & a heated footbath, gradually increasing the temperature over a period of a few hours. Unfortunately, I have never been able to find complete instructions to it, only a brief reference. The art of Reflexology has a part devoted entirely to various areas of the feet & their relation to all the organs & other parts of the body. I think that the use & application of natural remedies to the bottom of a person's feet, infants & childred especially, can be an alternative form of natural treatment for various ailments, providing that the right combination of remedies & wet heat is used.

Replied by Sadsagitarian
(Finger Lakes, New York, Usa)

Tracy, please post if you find more information. My 5 month old granddaughter sweats immensely from her feet, so I am interested in this area.

Egg Whites
Posted by Donna (Warren County Ny) on 07/09/2013
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Many thanks... Great site. It is coming up on 3am and my 6 year old has had a temp for twelve hours. Tried the apple cider vinegar - too impatient, my child at this point had the flushed cheeks.I moved on to the egg whites and temp came down within 20 minutes. Thank you!!

Egg Whites
Posted by Bobplumber (Zeigler, Illinois) on 04/27/2013
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One day my child was running a 105 temperature, so I thought of something that I just knew would work. I took an egg, and literally cracked it onto his forehead. By way of conduction, the heat will transfer to the egg, thus lowering fever. It worked VERY well. Within 30 minutes, his fever was down to 100. I highly recommend this remedy.

Egg Whites
Posted by Via Vapor (Bentonville, Arkansas ) on 01/28/2013
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Another yay! I love this site. My father in law had a fever of 102 one night at about 7pm. I dipped paper towels in egg whites, wrapped his feet with them, put a large zip -- bag over his feet, then put his socks on so I he wanted to walk around he could. By 9pm (2 hours later) his fever went down to 99.1. Thank you earth clinic! I used earth clinic for years and would never submit yay or nays. Now I will because after all earth clinic wouldn't be what it is with out all the feedback. So let everyone know yay or nay if it works for you:-) k?
-Via Vapor in Bentonville, Arkansas

Replied by Shazia

Question for you: was the egg whites raw or was this from a hard boiled egg? I am going to try this so am wondering which method you used? Thx.

EC: The egg whites should be raw.

Egg Whites
Posted by Amber (Mesa, Arizona) on 12/23/2012
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My 21 month old son had a fever all day yesterday and after letting it do it's thing all day, it got worse last night before bed. It kept fluctuating, but the highest temperature I read on the thermometer was over 106. I've taken previous kids to the ER for high fevers and they did what I could have done at home. I alternated Motrin and Tylenol every 4 hours, gave him tepid baths, kept damp cool rags on his back, tummy, neck, and forehead, and things helped, but never for long.

At 3 am as I was monitoring him sleeping, I came across this website. I love holistic healing so I decided to try it. I got 2 egg whites and cut a large paper towel in half. I soaked the paper towels, wrapped his feet, put little plastic sandwich baggies on over them, and then socks. He whined at first because they were cold but I just cuddled him and he went back to sleep. I checked after 15 minutes, no real change, maybe slightly lower. After 30 minutes, no real temp changes, after an hour, still no big change. But I noticed that his breathing was less labored, his nose was clearer, and he was sleeping a little more normally.

I fell asleep next to him at 4 am with the egg still on his feet (I could feel his feet were especially warm) and at 7am, he woke me up bright eyed, happy, and rested. I was so relieved! It is almost 11am and he has been running a low grade fever this morning, but he's playing and happy so I'm not worried. If it gets up there again, I will repeat the process. Thank you EC, thank you folk remedies, and thank you everyone who left comments, they're the reason I gave it a try! So grateful this morning!

Egg Whites
Posted by Vimbai (Harare, Zimbabwe) on 07/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter has had a bad fever for the past 2days now & have been giving her paracetamol to no avail. Saw your web and tried the egg remedy. Within 15mins, her temp dropped from 39degrees to normal. Worked for me... There is no harm in trying. Thank u so much...

Egg Whites
Posted by Liz (Dallas, Texas ) on 07/26/2012
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Thank you!! Its 1am here in dallas, tx my baby has had a fever for 4 days!! I was looking for something to help me help her. And I came across this web site!!! From 102.3......... 20min have pass and she is at 98.7. Is that amazing or what!!!!!!!! ??? Thank you sooo much! Definitely keeping this advise.

Egg Whites
Posted by Itzeleptx (El Paso, Tx, Usa) on 06/06/2012
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My 12yr old nephew had 103fever, after 2nd dose of advil liquid gels, 2 bottles of pedialyte n ice pops. At 11pm, I put him in the tub w/luke warm water for 20mins n fever was 102.9. I looked up remedies n decided to try this one. I put 4egg whites in a bowl n soaked 2handkerchiefs in it. Wrapped 1 around each foot n put a sock on. I checked temp after 15mins n it had dropped to 99.3. By this time the handkerchiefs were already drying. I removed them n put cold washcloth on top of his head n temp was 97.3 for bout 1hr, then it spiked up again to 102. Did the egg whites 2more times through out the nite n by 1:30am his temp was 101.3. Did remedy again w/wet towel on his head n temp dropped to 97.3. Thanks for the tip. I will use this remedy from now on.

Egg Whites
Posted by Maud (Auckland, New Zealand) on 04/12/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My 13 month old was suffering from Fever/cold and had been up and down all night so at around 3.00am in the morning I found your website. Looked up fever and read about using Egg Whites on the feet. My husband was skeptical but our sons temp was rising and very distressed. I soaked paper towels with the egg whites, put his feet into zip lock bags then his sock over the bags. A bit of crying at the beginning but within 30 minutes the red flush had gone from his checks and he was not burning all over. I was unsure how long to leave it on so kept them on for a few hours just for good measure. His body temperature returned to normal and cooled enough to put his clothes back on and sleep for the rest of the night. Egg Whites worked wonders for my child and have passed on your website to others.

Egg Whites
Posted by Ksukat (Chicago, Il) on 03/01/2012
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Have an 8 y/o with strep. Ran such a high fever on Tuesday night he started hallucinating. Last night the fever started to spike again. I had tried to give him ibuprofen before bed, but he threw it right back up. I tried to wake him up and get him to drink some Tylenol. No luck, couldn't get him to take anything! Went searching on the web and found this amazing site!! Soaked to dish rags in 4 egg whites. Wrapped his feet. Made a HUGE mess.... Should of read on and saw the posts about using plastic bags... Oh well. He screamed and kicked and fussed, but I finally got him to leave them be for a bit. Added a rag soaked in ACV to his forehead for good measure. That pushed him over the edge though and he started screaming about the smell. I think in all we made it 10 minutes with the egg whites on his feet. But it woke him up enough that I got him in a nice tepid bath. Back to bed... Slept through the entire night... Woke this morning... no fever and felling 100 times better!!! I'm still is disbelief.

Egg Whites
Posted by Stephanie (Lindenhurst, New York) on 02/04/2012

This remedy worked for me when my daughter had a fever of 104.5 and had already been given ibruprofen and next dose was still 3 hrs away. Mixed up those egg whites and after 10 minutes on her feet the fever had already come down 1 degree... left them on for 20 minutes and the fever was 101.5.

Egg Whites
Posted by Imcinnamon (Orlando, Fl) on 01/16/2012
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My 4 yr old who is never ill, suddenly spiked a fever, so I knew it had to be an infection of some sort. When I questioned him, he said both his ears and his throat hurt. He was burning up. I put hyrdogen peroxide in each ear, and left it in for 1/2 hr each ear. In the past, when I have a raging sore throat, that has competely removed the pain. I also gargle with it, and make sure to spit it out. I did not let my 4 yr old gargle with it, as it was not food grade, and I didn't want him swallowing it. This removed his ear pain, but he had a raging fever yet.

I used the egg whites on paper towels and put a pair of my footies on over them. Within 10 minutes his fever was down. I then used the washclothes soaked in apple cider vinegar on his chest and head, and within 15 minutes he was down to a normal temperature. That was amazing! I then made him a organic black cherry tea, (simply bcuz that was what I had on hand) with Apple Cider Vinegar and honey and a bit of lemon (he loved it) just to aid things along. Love this site. Our ancestors had it right. We need to go back to those old fashioned ways.

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