Ear Infections in Children - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Ear Infections in Children. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Pam (Boston, Ma) on 05/07/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My mom used Hydrogen Peroxide on us kids since as far back as I can remember. Anytime we had an earache, we'd lay on our side with a towel around our face (from the ear down) and over our necks and she'd pour in the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. I'm used to it now as I've been doing it for over 35 years. I have perfect hearing and no ear damage. Now - I've never had tubes put in or anything like that, so such people may require special treatment. But on me and my siblings anyway, we love it. I have one ear that for whatever reason, is prone to infections. Whenever the pain starts to kick in, I do the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment. If you have an infection going on, it will bubble up like crazy - that's how you know it's working. When it stops bubbling, simply tip your head to the side and drain it out - whatever little Hydrogen Peroxide is left will evaporate. I've never had any trouble with it getting "trapped" in my ears - but that's me. Like I said though - I've been doing this for 35+ years. I also advocate an onion poultice for severe pain...used overnight. And avoid getting water in your ears at all costs. Also direct sunshine on the ears is great if possible. HTH! :-)

Garlic, Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Jasmine (Oklahoma City, Ok) on 12/31/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I am soooo thankful for the EC participants! My 4-yr old daughter suffered her first earache recently. I tried alternating mucinex and children Tylenol to help with the drainage and the pain. Even Rescon - which is specific to Eustachian tube drainage. A week later we are still dealing with the varying pain from the earache. I have been to this site before but this is my first time posting b/c your recommendations WORK!

While she was sleeping I used a note from Garlic "YEAs". Mixed a small SCORE of garlic with olive oil then dipped a small portion of toilet paper in the now garlic oil (didn't have cotton balls). I balled it big enough where it basically sat on the outer cusp of her ear - did not push it down inside. Left it there for 1 hour while she slept. In the morning she was CURED! Chipper and yelling her ear was better. Then said there was a lot of wax coming out. The ear infection had drained out - it was a watery yellowish substance. This was not from the garlic mixture as I only dabbed a small piece of tissue and did not even stick that all the way in her ear. I couldn't believe it!!!!

To remove some of the drainage of which some had crusted on the outside of the ear - I started with a warm washcloth to soften the crust and worked my way in. Then to get the inner drainage I diluted Hydrogen Peroxide with room temp bottled water and put a few drops inside. My daughter reported NO pain and said she could hear the bubbling in her ear (smiling all the while as if this were a science project). THE REMEDIES WORK!!!! Thank you ALL for your feedback (even the nays add valuable insight - don't overdo it).


Posted by Jackie.81 (Park Rapids, MN) on 05/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Our school nurse called me and said my 6 year old was in the office with ear ache which my children get every year. I ran to the store and bought a yellow onion and cooked in the microwave then squeezed out the juice and put about three drops in it and it took the pain away and she went back to class and never complained again. Her nurse was amazed by the remedy.