Natural Cures for Diaper Rash

Sunlight, Clean, Dry, Zinc Oxide
Posted by Caroline (Alexandria, Va) on 03/11/2010
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Sunlight, Cleaning, Drying, Zinc Oxide against Yeast

My five-yr old son had a yeast infection on the tip of his penis. The doctor wanted me to use Nyastatin, an anti-fungal. Instead, we bathed him. Used perfume-free soap. Dried the area well. Put some calendula gel on--don't know if that was necessary but I thought it would reduce the irritation--he stopped complaining that it hurt. Kept him in the sun (yeast gets killed by sun light.) The redness halved by the afternoon. That night, we cleaned the area again. Used a blow drier to really dry the area (yeast needs moisture)--tip from our fabulous pediatrician. Then used some zinc oxide (I used the expensive organic stuff.) The infection disappeared overnight. About 2 days later, he has developed a sore throat. So, his infection was a signal that his immune system was down. Wish that my attempts to put the children to bed earlier were successful. Will redouble my efforts.