Natural Cures for Diaper Rash

| Modified on Sep 22, 2017
Baking Soda
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 04/10/2017
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I read a fascinating (and scary) article today about baking soda for diaper rash. ( Liberal amounts of baking soda for diaper rash caused a baby to become dangerously over alkalized.

I have actually never used baking soda for diaper rash, but I can see why using a significant amount on the bum of a baby and then the baking soda being wet from the diaper...yes, a lot of baking soda would be absorbed into a little person.

So, I wouldn't recommend using baking soda for diaper rash. (Besides, I think it would burn a diaper rash.)

But, I have used baking soda baths often for a variety of health issues and have figured the baking soda had to absorb into the body and help to alkalize it, which improves so many issues.

I use 1 cup per bath of 20-30 minutes once or twice a day.

I would not go adding several cups and soaking all day - you may have trouble then.

Anyway, disturbing as the article is, it does confirm to me that baking soda baths will help to alkalize the body. I will keep on using it for poison ivy, colds, coughs, the flu, chicken pox, tick bites....

~Mama to Many~

Browned White Flour
Posted by Spikey58 (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) on 01/05/2012
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Hi, My husband's grandmother was changing my daughter's diaper yrs ago and she had at that time a severe diaper rash. Told her how I have tried many things but it seem to be getting a lot worse. She took some white flour and browned it up slowly in a pan and told me to sprinkle in on her bottom every time I changed her diaper and by morning it was near gone. I was shocked. Have used this many time for my grandchildren and it works like a charm. Hope someone can find this useful.

Baking Soda, Bentonite Clay, Salt
Posted by Jess (Nh) on 11/01/2013
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Baking soda and/ or bentonite clay has done wonders for any kind of skin irritation when added to the tub. When a child a used to care for had a yeast infection and screamed when the water touched him, I added baking soda and salt and he played like normal. My own son cut his penis with his nail and it was swollen and angry looking. I added baking soda and bentonite clay and the redness went away within minutes of being in the tub.

Olive Oil
Posted by Sunshine Mommy (Muscat, Oman) on 09/10/2012
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Our daughter is just over a year old and has suffered only once from diaper rash which was cured within 24 hours.

For the first year we used olive oil instead of any creams on her bottom before putting on her diaper. Every night a few drops of Olive Oil is put in her bath water. Her skin is fabulous. She had diaper rash once which we put lanolin on and the rash cleared up in 24 hours. Lanolin is known to 'stick' to broken skin / rashes / blisters and allows the healing process to continue, and most importantly give our daughter relief from the soreness she experienced.

Recently we have been putting Virgin Coconut Oil on instead of Olive Oil before putting on her diaper, which has eliminated a very minor rash patch, which I was concerned may have been baby candida - the VCO appears to have stopped this within 24 hours and skin is normal.

Our Dr was very surprised that our daughter has was not prone to suffer from any diaper redness - developing into rashes etc, so we showed the Dr what we used (Olive Oil daily and lanolin for the rash the one time it occurred or if we think a rash may develop). She kept the bottles we gave her at the clinic and then showed to other parents who's children suffer from nappy rash. This info has spread through the various local mums too as well as my sisters new baby and other friends. (Some mums will only use medical creams and do not believe in natural remedies! ).

Changing babies diaper often is very important to remove urine from skin contact.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/10/2012
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Last night I tried cocounut oil on a baby's diaper rash. This morning the difference for the better was astonishing!

Colloidal Oatmeal, Coconut Oil
Posted by Harms (Austin, Texas) on 05/05/2013
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I cloth diaper my son and for some reason every so often he gets this horrible rash. I think it's his over night diaper sitting on his skin for so long. He pees A LOT. But he sleeps 12 hours now (17 months) so I don't want to disturb his sleep. Anyway, about once a month this horrible rash that bleeds and makes him scream occurs. I started bathing him in colloidal oatmeal and putting coconut oil on his bum after baths and in the morning it is almost gone. So, I decided to make my own rash cream. I use virgin coconut oil, a few drops of witch hazel and enough colloidal oatmeal to make it a thick paste and voila! He is forever cured of the nasty rash. I keep it in the fridge, not sure why, but I think it helps it stay fresh? Try it try it try it!!

Corn Starch
Posted by Alt-rocks (Suffolk, United Kingdom) on 08/10/2012
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Using corn flour (corn starch in the US) in place of talc or cream on your little ones bum will stop nappy rash from occurring. A friend of my mothers gave me a huge box of corn flour when pregnant with my first, and told me to use it when changing little one, just dust some onto your hands and pat on clean dry bum. I have used this for all three of my children and never had to use nappy rash cream.

Corn Starch
Posted by Becky (Medford, Or) on 01/05/2017

Corn starch feeds yeast and will make a yeast diaper rash worse.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Sesame Oil
Posted by Feqa (Amman, Jordan) on 07/03/2012 66 posts
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Hi mothers, I used apple cider vinegar for my nephew bad diaper rash externally and when it dry I wipe sesame oil over it at night, the next day it disappear completely.

EC: Apple Cider Vinegar should be diluted with water (equal parts of both) when used on a baby's skin.  If skin is broken or baby has sensitive skin, it would need to be diluted much more.

Milk Kefir
Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 06/26/2012
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Milk Kefir is truly god sent. If your baby is having diaper rash, just apply real milk kefir and the rash would vanish the next day or two. Don't use doctor recommended steroidal creams on your baby's tender skin.

In fact milk kefir, will cure any type of skin disease when applied externally. It is good for Eczema, fungal infections etc. Hope this helps.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Robkathiguera (San Tan Valley, Az) on 03/22/2011
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My daughter constantly was getting yeast infections when she was a baby to the point where they would bleed. Nothing worked that the Dr. gave me. Then, I found the miracle! It's called grapefruit seed extract. I have a little spray bottle that I fill with water then put about 8 drops of it in. Whenever she starts getting a diaper rash or yeast I spray it on. You can even put a few drops in with a sippy cup so it gets in their system. You will see a difference overnight! Just make sure you follow the directions because you can use it for a number of things! It's a bit expensive but well worth it. And, one bottle has lasted me for a year and a half.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Olivia (Ny) on 09/21/2017

The only one I can find is 60% vegetable glycerin and 40% Grapefruit seed extract. Would this work too or would the vegetable glycerin be harmful or exacerbate the yeast diaper rash further? Thanks!

Posted by Grammie4u (Duncan, British Columbia, Canada) on 03/22/2011
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For my granddaughter's yeast diaper rash we put Plain Organic Yogurt on it and it gives relief in minutes. Just use a cloth to take most of it off and leave some on to fight the yeast. Works wonderfully well.

Sunlight, Clean, Dry, Zinc Oxide
Posted by Caroline (Alexandria, Va) on 03/11/2010
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Sunlight, Cleaning, Drying, Zinc Oxide against Yeast

My five-yr old son had a yeast infection on the tip of his penis. The doctor wanted me to use Nyastatin, an anti-fungal. Instead, we bathed him. Used perfume-free soap. Dried the area well. Put some calendula gel on--don't know if that was necessary but I thought it would reduce the irritation--he stopped complaining that it hurt. Kept him in the sun (yeast gets killed by sun light.) The redness halved by the afternoon. That night, we cleaned the area again. Used a blow drier to really dry the area (yeast needs moisture)--tip from our fabulous pediatrician. Then used some zinc oxide (I used the expensive organic stuff.) The infection disappeared overnight. About 2 days later, he has developed a sore throat. So, his infection was a signal that his immune system was down. Wish that my attempts to put the children to bed earlier were successful. Will redouble my efforts.

Coconut Oil, Garlic Capsules
Posted by Natalie (Tillamook, Or) on 02/23/2010
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I used coconut oil and garlic capsules (or liquid) to cure my babies diaper rash. After a week of her rash not going away we mixed 2 Tbsp. of coconut oil and opened 3 capsules (or 6 drops) of the garlic and applied twice daily. She is doing much better. I also use the same mixture on any cuts or scrapes she may get.

Egg Whites
Posted by Kathryn (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 10/05/2009
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A few months ago my littlest (then under 1) burnt his hand on the oven glass door. The recommendation of applying egg white from this site worked wonders. The pain subsided immediately after application. Anyway, about a month ago, and again, just a couple of days ago, my littlest (now 18 months) suffered a very red, raised skin rash in the nappy region. It was clear it was painful, as he cried and whinced whilst holding him on my hip. I remembered the relief the egg white had on the pain of his hand burn, so I thought, "why not?" I assumed he was experiencing a painful, burning sensation; something in his urine. I painted egg white on his bum with a small brush, and the pain relief was instant. Within 24 hours, the redness had subsided significantly. Lovely!!