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Posted by Shannara (Morrisville, Vermont) on 03/07/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to thank all the posters of the chicken pox remedies here on the site... you have my eternal gratitude.

My son, then 9 years old and unvaccinated, came down with the chicken pox around Halloween 2012. Here's what I did after researching the natural remedies on Earthclinic:

I immediately started him on 1,500 mg vitamin C and 1,000 mg lysine, both 3 x a day.

The lysine tablets were huge, so I ground them up into powder and mixed that into fruit smoothies (2 cups water, 1 banana, 2 cups of frozen berries). He loved the smoothies and they completely cover up the taste of the lysine.

For the first 4-5 days, I made him warm baths with 1 cup of Epsom salt, 2 x a day. For localized itching, I made a paste of bentonite clay and smeared it directly onto the blisters, which stopped the itching immediately.

I also let him drink only water and herbal teas for the week (no soda, fruit juices, etc. ) and gave him only non-acidic foods (no tomatoes, no spicy foods, no sugary foods, no dairy).

That's all... And it was an absolute miracle! From start to finish, there was almost no itching, pain or discomfort. Except for a pretty high fever the first night, which I brought down slightly with cold compresses (remember, fever is your friend -- don't suppress it entirely! ), he felt fine the entire time.

After about 3 days, he was basically back to normal, even though it took a whole week before all the blisters were dried up so he could go back to school.

I'd been really scared of having to deal with an itchy, whiny kid the whole week, but he just breezed through the whole thing, it was absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!