Bath Bombs for Fun and Health

| Modified on Jul 04, 2017
Bath Bombs for Skin Issues
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 07/04/2017

I have lots of home remedies that I love. One of my current favorites if bath bombs! Good for you and fun for kids. I have been making them and using them for a variety of purposes for a year. The ingredients within them I have been using for a good bit longer.

My favorite bath bomb combines baking soda, citric acid and bentonite clay. The baking soda I like for its alkalizing properties. It has brought relief to many skin issues in my family. For the record, I don't care so much for bath bombs with oil in them. They leave the tub slippery and that can be dangerous.

Baking soda baths relieve itching from chicken pox, poison ivy and bug bites for many hours. I sometimes use a bath bomb for my kids before bed if they have a number of bites to make sleeping more comfortable.

I also love to use bath bombs when kids are sick with the flu or a cold. They seem to feel better for a couple of hours after the bath, I am guessing from the alkalizing and oxygenation that occurs as a result of the baths.

A side benefit of bath bombs is that they are fun for kids. It is nice to have a happy distraction for a child that is not feeling well.

Bath bombs are also great gifts for friends when they are sick and you want to do some nice little thing for them!

~Mama to Many~