Bromelain for Inflammation

| Modified on May 05, 2021

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Posted by Eileen (Kansas ) on 06/23/2015
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For those that are using primarily organic foods to heal broken blood vessels and capillaries, I would like to report my recent use of raw, organic red beet juice. The beets I used were organic and sweet enough for me. Sometimes I add raw organic carrots to sweeten beets.

Clean the beets and carrots and then, slice them in medium size pieces. I do not peel beets. Put them in a good strong blender. The resultant juice tastes really good and is so good for the blood. In addition to healing blood vessels, raw organic beet juice is also good for building strong bones. Be sure to warn friends that this healing balm may turn the urine red temporarily.

Dr. Richard Schulze shared how he used to take a blender and raw beets into hospitals where he visited friends awaiting surgery to help strengthen their blood at a critical time.

A sweet reward after surgery may be an organic pineapple. Bromelain from fresh pineapple is a great-tasting way to reduce inflammation and lose weight. It is said that seven pineapples have enough bromelain to cause contractions and even premature childbirth during pregnancy. Most people do not eat seven pineapples at once, but it is a good to know!

Replied by Predicador
(Houston, Tx.)

On one of Ted's recommendations he said "bromelain 10%" I cannot find any bromelain 10%, only capsules and powder but no percentages. Please help!!! I so enjoy your site!!!

Replied by Timh
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Most digestive enzymes products are a balance of several different types, which are primarily protein or proteases which includes bromelain, lipases which digest fats, etc. So a good approach is to simply use a product that contains as many types of enzymes as possible, and for extra help one can chew sugar free Xylitol gum regularly which increases amylase, and eat lots of Pineapple or Papaya which contains lots of Bromelain.