Blackstrap Molasses Side Effects

Posted by Hupee (Austin, TX, USA) on 02/15/2009

ok, read this!! i'm one of these. Crazy about GOOD food!...I mean ALL NATURAL DIET most possible. So, I workout a lot (almost every day) since years. Eat extra lean proteins and #1 carbs and u know fruits, vegs ...etc. I'm the same size and weight sinse years but fit. Here's the things, I increased BLACK STRAP MOLLASSES in my daily diet lately....OUFF!!....AT LEAST 2 big spoons a day, the few first days was stable, but after like a week, I increased my weight almost at 70% more then use to be!!....I had way more endurance and all that!!....BUT!!!!....right after that week I felt very tired all the time and at the gym was very hard to be right on!!???....I was taking naps oftenly all the time??...not too much motivation...Then, I did search on that BLACK STRAP molasses and here I am doing....Wondering after all this reading then I did, if I did OVERDOSE the iron level or I don't know?????....Now I stopped since 2 days, and still don't know??...what do you all think??...let me know, thank. ?molasses is good or not???small dose or not at all???

Posted by Helen (Long Island, NY) on 02/05/2009

After taking molasses I have developed hives. I took molasses for two mornings and have more and more hives.

Posted by Fee (Melbourne , Victoria) on 10/01/2008

I've been taking blackstrap molass in my coffee every day for the last 3 weeks and haven't noticed any changes in reversing gray hair. I'll keep at it until the jar finishes and see how that goes.

It provides me with a lot of energy. After a run, i normally get tired but takign 2 teaspoons with a drink, i don't feel the need for a nap. However, the calories in it makes you very fat if you don't work it off and I noticed that it gives me a lot of phlegm when I take it.

Posted by Annie (Melbourne, Australia) on 03/05/2008

hi all, i have been takin 2tbls of bsm and have just stopped as my skin on my face looked like it was aging and dry i no it has a lot of sugar in it and i was just wonderin if anyone sle had same problem, im a bit dissapointed as i really liked it, would love to hear if anyone else had similar problems, cheers

Posted by Sania (Delhi, India) on 03/01/2008

I had used molasses for uterine fibroids. But unstead of lessening my bleeding I bled much more. Infact I had to take medication to stop this heavy flow . I would like to iquire if molasses thins the blood. Please let me know --or may be it was due to some yoga exercises.