Top 5 Natural Cures for Wrinkles

Emu Oil and Aloe Vera Gel

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Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 03/24/2006
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Emu oil and Aloe Vera Gel cures wrinkles, pimples, dry skin, flaky complexion, dull-appearing skin etc. 100% pure emu oil and concentrated aloe vera juice/gel moisten the epidermis of the skin and really make one's skin glow, the aloe tightening the pores and diminishing wrinkles. the EMU OIL has a very small molecule, almost identical the body's own sebum, which can reach deep within the epidermal layers and plump skin. both impove skin tone and overall texture.

Replied by Giny
(North Bay, Ontario, Canada)

Do you mix them together or use them separately?

Replied by Sirra
(Cairns, Qld. Australia)
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I do the same by mixing it but don't use a electric blender. It will give you great results. Been using this mix for 15 years.

Replied by Joyce
(Lansdowne, Pa)

What are the proportions when mixing the emu oil and aloe vera gel? Thanks

Replied by Lorraine
(Littleton, Co)
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I LOVE Emu Oil. Also fantastic on zits. Mine are nearly gone the next morning if I apply at night.

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Posted by Joni (Madison, Wi.) on 02/22/2011

O.K. I have read most of the subjects. All I would like to know from someone is what in time have they use and know for sure it works!!! In regards to sagging skin wrinkles etc. I just want to take care of this but everyone really doesn't sound sure theirs work. thank you, gjmayes(at)hotmail(dot)com
I just want to live a long life.

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Posted by R. A. (Olympia, WA) on 02/27/2009

I'm looking for the ultimate skin care/cure for wrinkles and aging skin. What really works to get rid of wrinkles around the face and eyes, etc. We all know that skin ages, and need to learn to be comfortable "in our own skin." However, I'm at an age where I'd like to stop the maintenance and go for prevention. I've researched all kinds of things on the web, but am more confused that ever. What really, really works to correct aging skin? Face lifts, botox, etc. are not an option.

What would a naturopath or physician recommend in terms of a complete skin maintenance routine? I've got the basics down in terms of living a healthy lifestyle (food, water, yoga, exercise, sleep, natural skincare products, etc.) , but with so many products, and so much hype, out there, what really works? What is the simplest, most effective product for the face and eyes?

My skin is in relatively good condition. However, I'm in the sun a lot, and tanned intensely when I was young. I want something that really works. I have tried natural skin care for years, Hauschka, Weleda,B.Bees, etc., as well as Dept. store brands, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Murad, etc. Has anyone really happened on to a real miracle cure, or what's all the hype about various products on-line? I really want to know what others have found out, product comparisons, and if there is something, besides basic maintenance that outdoorsy folks who prefer natural products can use.

Replied by Stephen S
(North Carolina)

In my case I've found that taking gelatin, which converts in the body to collagen (essential for smooth skin), has been the best way to get rid of wrinkles over time. You have to take it consistently, though. I learned about this from the book "Sip Away Your Wrinkles."

Replied by Wieas
(London, Uk)

Stephen S (North Carolina). You state gelatin is the best way to get rid of wrinkles over time. Can you tell me how long you were taking it before you got rid of your wrinkles? Also in what amount and how many times a day.

I bought some gelatin 2 weeks ago and have been taking 2 dessert spoons full each morning and evening. Probably a bit too soon to see any changes yet.


Grape Seed Extract

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Posted by Alice (Jacksonville, Fl) on 04/28/2008
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Grape seed extract cream from heath store is great for wrinkles.


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Posted by Jb (Birmingham, Al) on 03/17/2011
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Honey is a great skin smoother and it's a natural antimicrobial. Massage into the skin in circular motion (this is great for circulation) and leave on as long as you care to (very sticky and may run). Wash off with cool water and pat dry. You should notice immediate smoothing of the skin, including fine lines and pores. It's a humectant and draws moisture to it. You can also make a paste of shea butter and honey. Wonderful!

Iceberg Lettuce

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Posted by Angela (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 05/26/2008
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I had about 15 at least gallbladder attacks in 2 weeks -hospitalized one night as well and they wanted to take out the gallbladder for my "diamonds" gallstones which I'd had for 16 yrs. at least with no probs. except very sick in my 4 pregnancies because of excess bile... The attacks started due to taking digestive enzymes for 2 days and then going off them. The attacks began the next night with coleslaw, sausages, and saurkraut ..but continued for the next 2 weeks pretty much whatever I ate. In my worst attack I practically crawled to the computer to The 1/2 cup lettuce cure came up with 2 yeas. Sent son running to store for it and 20 mins. later after eating the 1/2 c. I had complete relief. As one writer speculated that it stimulated the liver to produce digestive enzymes that would stop the body from calling on the gallbladder to produce digestive bile.. So for the next 24 hrs. I ate nothing but iceberg lettuce -lots of it - and slices of organic apple. The next day I tried out eating whatever I wanted which had caused attacks throughout the prev. 2 wks. (except the cabbage/sausages -bad memory!) Even McDonald's failed to give me an attack. I am so thrilled with this cure of course!

Hearing once recently that digestive enz help people lose a lot of weight, I wonder if the stimulation of the liver a couple times a day with particularly iceberg lettuce (as it's supposed to work the best rather than other lettuces) would be a natural weight loss cure as well? I know it seems to make less of the slight puff around my ankles -more definition. So it might also help with fluid retention. As well my new pretty set wrinkles of 6 mos. ago have almost completely disappeared within a few days of ingesting 3x per day at least (vertical ones beneath my eyes -not the crow's feet). Try it and I'd love to hear your feedback as I'm a personal trainer and would love to see if it helps people lose weight -at least it brings down the glycemic index of each meal you eat it with some.

Jojoba Oil

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Posted by Cathy (Medford, Oregon) on 09/03/2008
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For acne, coconut oil is not recommended, it will actually plug your pores and cause more breakouts. Jojoba oil is a long known remedy for acne. It is almost exactly the same composition as our skin's natural oil, so when you apply it, it will actually slow the production of sebum, which causes acne. I didn't believe any oil could help acne..but jojoba does..and removes wrinkles too..try it on the frown marks!

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Violet Velvet (Oklahoma ) on 07/21/2016

Wrinkle Remedies

Here are a few which are tried and true. However, I would always be careful with these as I am not a Dermatologist and everyone has different skin types, allergies ... Etc... Vitamin C Vitamin E Salystic Acid Retinol Vitamin B3 Vitamin B5 Acai Geranium Purified Squalane And Sunscreen, Sunscreen & More Sunscreen... The higher the SPF, the better off you'll be. If you must get your sun on. Always protect your face and chest. You'll be thankful that you did the older you get. Retinol can be very very harsh too. It is best to have it prescribed if you have a lot of premature aging, as a licensed Dermatologist can help you with this and tell you what is best for your skin type.

With everything else in mind... A healthy diet full of leafy greens, exercise, Lots of water throughout the day, Green Tea and the sunscreen that I had mentioned multiple times above, along with a good nights sleep is going to definitely be your best friend when it comes to all of these things for the long haul. If you can can start this early enough in life and stick with it, you would not even need all of the ingredients listed above later on. Nothing more than just a mild cleanser and moisturizer to fit your skins needs. Such as Cetaphil, or any other mild non scented wash and moisturizer that is not filled with a lot of harsh chemicals and fragrances. I have seen recipes to where you can even make your own. I personally like Renova. I am older though and it's prescribed through my Dermatologist. If I were younger, I would have definitely lived my life like the suggestions that I had given above. I need more help than that due to the fact that I have a lot of sun damage since nobody realized just how terrible that too much sun could be for you when I was younger.

Good Luck!!!

Resistance Training for Eyes

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Posted by Jane (Mass) on 12/03/2014
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I do not have dark circles, however I also exercise my facial muscles. Under the eyes is a big one for me every morning, I use resistance to stretch these muscles so they are draining properly. With age these muscles lose elasticity. Copper/zinc supplements help with retaining elasticity and collagen production. I basically take three fingers on each side under my eyes and pull down while at the same time using those muscles to pull upward, creating resistance for the count of 7, repeat 12 times. This strengthens the muscle. I also do Dr Natura cleanse for parasites 1-2 times a year and drink dandelion root tea with organic cranberry juice (unsweetened) and lemon. This is to cleanse liver, because dark circles could be the result of a liver issue.

Wrinkle Remedies

Posted by Mary (Rusk, Texas, Usa) on 02/25/2014

I am a 55 yr old woman. Seeking wrinkle and skin corrective natural resources.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Mary, try organic coconut oil.

Replied by Courtney
(Granite Bay, Ca)

I am your age and after a lot of research, I recently tried dry-brushing the skin on my face with a natural bristle brush. You brush section by section, first horizontally, then vertically, then diagonally.

I know that it seems counterintuitive to brush the skin on your face, since we've always been told to be gentle with that skin, but the dry-brushing has helped to soften fine lines by plumping the skin (stimulates collagen/cell turnover) and it gives a nice glow. I follow it with a hyaluronic acid serum, then a moisturizer on top of that.

If you go to YouTube and put 'dry brushing face' in the search box, you'll find some tutorials and additional information. I've also found face exercises beneficial. YouTube is a good source for tutorials on those, too.

I am very pleased so far, and am looking forward to increased results with time because I just recently started. With both the brushing and the exercises, diligence is key. I read that it takes 6-8 weeks to see significant improvement, but I've seen improvement already and it's only been about 2 weeks.

For moisture, I know that many here suggest coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. but I haven't found them to be all that effective on my skin. I have tried many natural oils but always end up returning to a non-natural moisturizer.

Replied by Prioris

I would look into different types of collagen related supplements and 8mg to 12 mg astaxanthin.

Replied by Liz
(Boston, Massachusetts)

I've found that ghee works well for both moisturizing and for plumping up fine lines. I make my own; it's so easy and inexpensive.

I use it in the evening, so that I don't walk around smelling like a croissant all day. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) :)

I also take a teaspoon of ghee by mouth every day. I use it as a carrier for my turmeric/black pepper/ginger mixture.

I put about a teaspoon of the dry mixture on a soup spoon, then add a teaspoon of ghee and mix it right on the spoon. Then, down the hatch with a water chaser. Good stuff!

Replied by Dee
(Portland, US)

I'm also your age, and I'm here to tell you that there are many wonderful natural products that will truly help your skin and appearance. And techniques. Here is what I use.

1) hyaluronic acid, both as a supplement at night, and as a serum on the skin. Hyaluronic acid serums can be found at large online retailers for an inexpensive cost.

2) Facial smoothies, thin paper or rubbery strips that stick to your skin. I apply hyaluronic acid, sometimes add a drop of castor oil to the acid, smooth over my face, and apply the smoothies. When I awake in the morning, my wrinkles are gone (though they come back by the end of the day ... sigh).

3) Castor oil helps grow your brows back to thickness and helps grow eyelashes. Soothes the skin above the eyes and helps one to sleep. Always use pure grade unrefined castor oil! You can find this at your health food store.

4) Using a derma roller, a device with sharp little pinpoints, the proper way, has helped reduce deeper laugh lines. If you order one of these, use it correctly: once a week, no more than four or five swipes, and no more than ten treatments total before resting the face. You can read lots of testimonials about this device at our largest online retailer which begins with an A.

5) Facial exercises really do work! To make it easy, I ordered one of those products that you put in your mouth and use squeeze it back and forth using a puckering motion with your mouth. Also research facial exercises on youtube for more ideas.

6) Diamataceous earth. You MUST be sure to buy the food grade DE! This wonder food is pretty much pure silica. Since taking a tablespoon a day in water, I have seen my skin plump from increased collagen. My hair around my temples is growing madly. And I have nails as hard as diamonds. A true wonder (and cheap! ) supplement for beauty and health. Research on the web and read the dozens of amazing testimonials from people.

7) Liposomal vitamin C, which I make at home. Research how to make it. It's easy, inexpensive, and as good as getting vitamin C injections. It is wonderful for the skin, as it helps produce collagen, and is also great for everything else.

8) The Five Rites. This is a simple exercise program that is said to be the true "fountain of youth."

These are the things I try to do every day, and I am told I look like I'm twenty years younger. Keeping a young heart is important, as is being truly feminine. How to do this? Breathe deeply. Relax. Use your hips when walking, and keep your heart open to the world. Last but not least, smile! All of these little things help you to feel younger.

Replied by Liz

Great ideas - I look forward to trying them!

Replied by C
(Sacramento, Ca)
5 out of 5 stars

In response to Mary (Rusk, Texas, Usa) on 02/25/2014: "I am a 55 yr old woman. Seeking wrinkle and skin corrective natural resources."


6/12/2016, a Sunday Afternoon.

Male, 44 years old.

Not a Doctor.

Consult with your Physician or Expert before trying the information for educational purposes, below.

How to soften and eliminate the appearance of deep wrinkles within 5 - 8 week's time, after your favorite exfoliation (scrubbing) and cleaning of your face, every day and night, weekly and during the Holidays:

(Tip: The best exfoliation is to use a cotton cloth with your favorite facial exfoliation product, with warm water.)

1. Apply Retinol cream (ROC) or equivalent Retinol product on the deep wrinkles, let it dry for 10 minutes (CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart). Day and Night.

2. Apply a lite coat of Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil (CVS or Walgreens), let it dry for 10 minutes. Day and Night.

3. Do forehead exercises by raising your eyebrows, morning and night, 100 repetitions each set. No need to put resistance on your eyebrows or forehead. HOLD the last one for 30 seconds then release. Day and Night.

4. Do cheek bone exercises left and right by puckering your lips and shifting your puckered lips left and right, 100 repetitions for the left and right side. HOLD the last one for each sides for 30 seconds then release. Day and Night.

5. At night: Buy clear sports tape and tear it to tape your wrinkles flat before bedtime. When you sleep, your worries make your forehead frown automatically. You can total minimize this by tapping your frown lines flat when you sleep at night with sports tape (CVS or Walgreens). Make sure you take it off and apply a lite coconut oil to take out the glue from the tape from your skin, after. YOU don't want to get embarrassed and explain to your co-workers what you are trying to do when they see you with tape on your face! Night.

6. In the morning: Pinch your wrinkles OUT (not IN where you crease them) and hold it for 20 seconds. Doing this will train your skin to form thicker collagen in the trenches where your wrinkles have formed over the years, to fill and eliminate the form of deep creases. Day.

7. Supplement your diet with Hyaluronic Acid pills or drink gelatin with water to aid the formation of collagen creation for your efforts on your skin (Costco, Supermarket, Winco). Everyday if you can afford it, or Every Other Day.

8. Weekly, put 1 packet of gelatin in a shot glass and mix it with a teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide, microwave the mix for 15 regular seconds. Let it cool enough to apply on your face (sport tape or put coconut oil on your eyebrows to prevent peeling hair out, better with coconut oil), use this as a mask better than Biore by 500 times by letting it dry on your face for about 30 minutes, then pull off from your face. The peroxide will lighten your skin. The gelatin will dry to pull your blackheads out from your whole face! Weekly. Do your daily repertoire above as normal after.

9. (VERY OPTIONAL) Monthly peeling: Add four crushed aspirin to your gelatin mask mix above. (WARNING: This burns your face! The Acetic acid from the aspirin is Industrial Strength not found from your best Skin Care Products! You might want to go 1 crushed aspirin at first but 4 seem to be the burn I was able to tolerate enough to peel the top layer off my facial skin! ) This process will dry lightly burn the top layer of your skin on your face. You will see the scabbing of your top dermis of your face in about 2 days using this mix. YOUR FACE WILL START TO PEEL after. (Applying coconut oil will relieve the burn tingling sensations during healing.) YOU SHOULD ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO INTERACT WITH OTHER PEOPLE YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH. (THIS IS EQUIVALENT TO LASER or DERMAL NEEDLE TREATMENT). Monthly

10. Run everyday, even if you just run for a little bit just to get a sloppy sweat going. This will take the fat off your face when you sweat and will re-contour you face in-lieu of your facial exercises. Daily. Consult with your Doctor if you are healthy enough to run.

11. Optional: Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Water mix, 1 to 1, as a daily toner. This effort will tighten you skin with your new contoured face.



At your age, you have unconsciously formed your wrinkles over the years. You cannot expect to get rid of years of wrinkles from your face overnight or within weeks with any products or exercises, home made or from the Doctor's office. It will take the reverse exercises or Professional treatments to counter your deep wrinkles but it can be done if you are disciplined enough to know that it will take efforts to do so, sometimes painfully so.

-C, Successfully diminished the appearance of my deep frown lines formed by years of marriage and from worrying too much. :)

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