Top 5 Natural Remedies for Wrinkles

Castor Oil
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE TN) on 02/11/2022

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Castor Oil
Posted by Mike (Kent, Uk) on 09/09/2020 26 posts

I was using this on those annoying wrinkles you can get between your eyebrows. They seem to be fading fine. I tend to put it on before bed and stuff like that. As I say not 100% gone yet but faded tons and they'll definitely be gone soon I reckon.

I've only been doing this... a month or so, I think.

UPDATE -- OK it's about 12 days later. Much fainter wrinkles between my eyes now, but the skin there looks a tiny bit puffy when I scrunch it. Maybe I'll try to apply more oil to the surrounding area so it blends in better.

Definitely a complication, but I'd still rather this than looking angry all the time due to wrinkles between my eyes! I'll give another update when there's another change.

Castor Oil
Posted by Bombshell (Wa.) on 05/30/2015

I've been using both regular cold pressed castor oil, and Jamaican black castor oil around my eyes, laugh lines, and between my brows on the dreaded 11s every night after washing my face. The first thing I noticed upon waking in the morning was the skin under my eyes felt tighter and the small creases that were beginning to form have completely disappeared.

I also apply my own homemade Hyaluronic Acid, Liposomal Vitamin C, Argon Oil, Aloe Oil serum during the day before applying my make up. Every few weeks I switch my skin care regimen by using a homemade Black Rice Hyaluronic Acid and Liposomal Vitamin C serum.

My skin looks and feels great. I'm 49 this year and everyone guesses my age to be 32.

Every few months I do acupuncture facelifts on myself once a week for 4 weeks. I typically do the 11s and the laugh line areas to keep the wrinkles from showing up but I haven't done this in about 6 months, so I plan to again soon. You know, just as a preventative measure:)

My suggestion is to never use a drug store castor oil. Spend the extra few bucks on a good cold pressed organic castor oil from a reputable company. I'm not sure I can tell the difference between the black and the regular castor oil, so I don't really have a favorite at this point.

Just FYI: I wash my face with my homemade dry oat facial wash. I also use my homemade Japanese rice and powdered milk facial scrub. It keeps my skin super smooth, the skin tone very even, and I don't get as oily as I use to. I do this once a week. You don't want to scrub on a daily basis.

If you get brown spots on your face (or wherever), mix equal parts castor oil and baking soda together until it turns into a paste. If it's too drippy, add a little more baking soda and mix again. Apply it to the spot and massage in for a few seconds with the tip of your finger. Once you've done that, dab another bit onto the spot, cover it with a band aid and leave it on over night. It might take a few nights of this, but the spot will disappear.

My word of advice is to NEVER EVER us store bought cleansers or moisturizers. The chemicals are not only harmful, but they can actually age your skin. They may smell good and feel nice going on, but the damage they cause over time is certainly not worth it. Besides, not only are you doing your skin a world of good by using natural ingredients, but you'll be saving yourself a ton of money. I love making my own products and knowing what's really going on (and in) my skin.

Don't forget to use a natural broad spectrum sun screen every day, rain or shine.

I hope this helps.

Castor Oil
Posted by Ana (Usa) on 03/22/2015

Patience is the key. I use castor oil cold pressed and dab small quantities around my face. Also drink raw juices like carrot, grapefruit, pear etc. raw juices are great for your body organic of course. I like mainly Frankincense oil, a little pricey but very good. For my eyes I alternate castor oil or almond oil, though I use almond to clean my eye make up as needed.

Castor Oil
Posted by Mary (Moreno Valley, Ca) on 02/04/2013

Hi! I have been using castor oil on my wrinkles and let me say WOW it is working wonderfully. My crows feet are almost gone. I have had several people notice the difference. I have been doing this for 2 weeks. I love earth clinic ...

Castor Oil
Posted by Ergo (Concored, Nh Usa) on 07/27/2011

It takes a while but it *does* work!

I've been using this for about 6 months now for treating wrinkles and, surprinslgly, it has worked: the lines around my eyes are essentially gone and the ones on my forehead have substantially softened (they were much deeper than the baby crow's feet I had), so maybe there's hope that, eventually, they'll go away, too.

The only downside is, as noted, is that it took 6 months to see any real results, but, man, if you're in no rush and want something that is dirt cheap (it's about $2 for a bottle that will last you months at Wal-Mart) this will, eventually! , do the trick.