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Ear Mite Remedies

Last Modified on Apr 26, 2016

Ear Wash  
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Posted by Sara (Dayton, Texas) on 04/02/2008

[YEA]  Here is a remedy that really works, I got it out of the book called The Whole Pet Diet--
2ounces-witch Hazel
5-drops-tea tree oil
5-drops- clove oil
Mix all ingrediants together in a clean bottle.Warm the bottle with your hands first, because cold solution is uncomfortable for pets. Squirt half an eyedropper into one ear.Try to do it quickly, then fold over and massage for 30 seconds. Afterwards let your pet shake it out, then treat other ear.

Replied by Fawn
Monroe Center, IL
I would like to know if I can use this remedy on a bunny's ears? I know that their systems are very delicate and I do not want to threaten my rabbits health. Some things are better not used on rabbits. Thank you.
Replied by Arlyn
Needles, California
[WARNING!]   Please, stop using this ear wash on cats. Tea-tree oil is very toxic to cats.
Replied by Natasha
Olympia, WA
[WARNING!]   Just wanted to reinforce what another poster has already said: ALL essential oils are dangerous for use on cats, including tea tree and clove! Cats lack the enzyme needed to eliminate the build up of EO compounds in the liver. Terpenes in essential oils build up and create toxicity in the cats body.
Replied by Patricia
Idaho, US
[WARNING!]   Tea tree oil is toxic to cats and garlic will kill your cat. Good grief people, educate yourself about what is and is NOT safe for your animals!

Garlic in Olive Oil  
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Posted by Beverly (Usa) on 07/24/2015

I've treated ear mites in many rescued dogs over the years using neem oil added to garlic oil. Done daily, it will kill the mites rather quickly and there's no harm at all to the dog. Anything put in their ears gets out when they shake their head but you want the oil left in to kill the mites. Treat for a full 10 days to be sure nothing survives.

Posted by Wilby 2011 (Albany, Oregon) on 10/16/2011

[YEA]  I used a recipe from this great site for my eight year old Cat, who was starting to grow an ear mite infection. I have started the steps, using the Garlic with Grapeseed oil, and his ear is getting better. I need to go to the second treatment, yellow dock root extract, 9 drops with a Tbsp. Of water. Every three days for six weeks.

I will keep you posted. Wilby the happier Cat

Posted by Meg (Coromandel, New Zealand) on 02/25/2007

[YEA]  hi. I tried garlic olive oil on my puppy as I used it on myself for ear infection and thought it was worth a try when I got a pup with bad earmites and it just made it worse so I took him to vet who told me never, ever to put anything into dogs ears as they have deep ear canels and it has no way to come out again and can cause major problems for dogs. he said all medical dog remedies are alcohol based so that they evaporate over time - anything else will cause problems for dogs so if you want to try something at home perhaps use a light alcohol base? I am currently attempting olive oil and garlic on my 3 cats who all have earmites, one of them has them really badly - I have also tried resolution out of desperation and it did seem to work for about a week, but they are back (if ever gone) and the cat that has the bad problem had a reaction to the resolution and is constantly itching all over now. I will get in some apple cider vin. to try for him.

Have little faith in vets and I try to find things that work and have some luck - manuka honey is really good as antibiotic internally and externally for animals and they like it. Chamomile teabag soak for any eye problems. These are 2 tried and trusted ones for me.

Replied by Deni
Noxon, M
Hello everyone, just as nasty as those mites are, they are kinda like what lice would be to humans.... So make sure you WASH their bedding or spray where they mainly lay... to kill the bugs in the surrounding area. oh, and does anyone recommend peroxide to wipe the ear clean...than re-apply medicine... or whatever home remedy you choose that works best for you... I'm trying colloidal silver... I let you know how it works for her..

Posted by Theresa (Kailua, HI) on 02/20/2007

[YEA]  I loved reading everybodies remedies for ear mites in cats. We have been fighting ear mites in our kitten. The vet cleaned out the ears and said that Revolution would take care of it. It didn't. The next time the vet used a small amount of Frontline on a Q-tip to clean out the ears and reapplied Revolution. The ears still appear to have mites. They have the black crud build up. We are trying the olive oil and garlic, but different then one we read. In home remedies for humans too strong of garlic can cause blistering on the ear drum. Therefore with this in mind I warmed a couple of slivers of fresh garlic in olive oil then removed the garlic. Then using a q-tip dipped in the oil mixture I am cleaning out the ear. I understand this will not be aggressive enough should it be in the inner ear but am hopeful with the outer. I have also reapplied the revolution.

Posted by Lisa (Everett, WA) on 02/07/2007

[YEA]  We took in a kitten or rather young cat that was hanging out in our back yard. We bought a tag that said "Please call Lisa @ 555-5555 if this is your cat. She was really tame and we started letting her stay in our home longer and longer until she no longer sat by the back door wanting to get out. After two weeks we brought her to the vets for a check-up because there were other rather wild cats hanging around. We figured what they were hanging around for, but she really wasn't our cat, but then we said, to heck with it and took her in for shots and a check-up. The Vet reported that she was pregnant and had ear mites, but that he couldn't treat them without risking harm to the kittens. So we've spent the past month watching her struggle with ear mites. If only we looked at your natural remedies earlier we could have at least soother her discomfort with your recommended treatments. We will never neglect our pets again or wait for the local Vets to answer all of our concerns. Thank you so much

Gentian Violet and Rubbing Alcohol  
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Posted by eLissa (New Brunswick, NJ) on 01/21/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  A friend of mine, an animal breeder, gave me a remedy for ear mites: gentian violet and rubbing alcohol, I don't remember the proportions. She recently died and I took one of her rescued, feral kittens. He had ear mites, and it looked as though my older, beloved Oscar kitty had gotten them from the kitten. I found the mixture, had a friend helping me and things got crazy; I ended up accidentally getting a whole dropperful of the stuff in Oscars ear. The next day he lost his voice, it was down to a rasp. I am killing myself with guilt. This was 4 days ago and his voice has gotten only a little better. He is otherwise fine, playing and purring, and the mites are gone from both cats, with a second, vastly smaller treatment 3 days later. Does anyone know about this? I'm really worried that I might have done more harm and don't feel I can afford the vet right now. Thanks, eLissa

Replied by Jaime
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
I just chose to buy an ear wash and medicated powder from my local pet store. i've only used it for two days and already my dogs are doing better.

To the lady with the cat that has a raspy voice.... just as in people, the ears, nose and throat are all connected. you probably irritated his throat with the alcohol. next time take him to the vet unless you know the proper measurments.

Grapefruit Seed Extract  
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Posted by Stephani (Tallahassee, FL) on 09/25/2008

[YEA]  to Delores in Hobe Sound - ear mites:

09/22/2008: Dolores from Hobe Sound, Florida writes: "What is the formula for ACV? My cat has eye problems and also ear mites. I use a commerical ear cleaner but they keep coming back. I hate putting her through the ear cleaning so often."

I have used NutriBiotic ear drops with tea tree oil & grapefruit seed oil in my dogs & cats ears. They had a lot of scratching and black gunk (i think that is from mites). Their ears are clear now. I got the drops at vitamin shoppe, but you can find them online too. Hope this helps.

Replied by Pat
Ava, Mo
This is in response to "YEA" - Tea tree oil is TOXIC to cats! Do NOT use!!! Also, Grapefruit seed extract BURNS LIKE HELL. DO NOT USE!!!!

Green Tea  
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Posted by Serbella (Saint Louis, Missouri ) on 04/17/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Green Tea and Ear Mites:

My other kitten, Coyote, is about two and a half months old. Last night I noticed that he was moping around, so I picked him up and looked him over. The inside of his right ear was encrusted with the nastiest looking brown crap I have ever seen. I brewed a tea tag of green tea in a clean, empty baby food jar, took several cotton balls and carefully cleaned his ears out. I noticed that deep inside his ears was really cruddy looking, but I was afraid to probe down there with a Q tip, so I squeezed some green tea down there and allowed him to shake it out. I did both ears, but the right ear was worse.

I decided that if he didn't clear up we were going to the vet ASAP. The next morning I examined the little fella (had to pull him away from beating his mother up) and his left ear looked very clean. His left ear, which didn't get as much green tea, was now looking a little worse.

I warmed up the green tea I had left over from the night before and again carefully cleaned both ears out, treated the left ear just as equally as the right. I dripped green tea down inside both ears and waited while Coyote fussed and shook his ears out.

I've read that olive oil mixed with a little garlic works to kill the mites. I might try that. I also know that the ears need to be treated an entire month, because of the eggs. I have a bottle of that Mitricide but it states that it is not to be used on kittens younger than 12 weeks old. Coyote is ten weeks old. Might not make much of a difference, but I've had some bad experiences with meds that were vet prescribed, and I decided not to take the chance. There's a reason that caution was put on the bottle.

Green Tea and Olive Oil  
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Posted by Katie (Emporia, KS)

[YEA]  I have found using green tea and olive oil will cure ear mites in cats. You first take a cotton ball and soak it in green tea to clean the ear of debris and then stand back to let the cat shake out the rest. Then you add 2-3 drops of the oil for 2 days a week and then once a week as the condition improves.

Replied by Griselda
Gandia, Spain
I need to know more about the folk remedy for ear mites with green tea. The recipe is very vague. How do make the oil? Is the oil with green tea or alone ? What oil? Please send an urgent reply Iīm getting so worried. The vetīs remedies were horrific and caused more discomfort than the mites I have been cleaning the ears with chamomile and eufrasia tea and then putting in 6 drops of almond oil but yesterday the ears were much worse after treatment and were scratched so badly they were all inflamed and stayed itchy for hours.
Replied by Denise
Southport, FL
If you first use green tea to flush and wash out the ears, then follow with drops of olive oil w/garlic (I put minced garlic in a small dropper bottle and then fill it with olive oil and shake). Do this daily and it will cure the ear mites in cats and dogs.
Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
388 Posts
I have never heard of using almond oil, chamomile or tea used for ear mites I use sodium perborate or borax.

Hand Sanitizer  
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Posted by Megincsky (Highland Heights, Ky) on 09/04/2012

[YEA]  I read about using hand sanitizer for ear mites on EC and wanted to say that it truly works, almost miraculously. I use 1 or 2 squirts in each of my cat's ears while massaging the base and then close my eyes for the inevitable shake. No more scratching or head shaking after 2 days. I'm going to keep up the regimen for a month and then use it as a preventative once a week or so. It's easy, cheap and works fast!

Replied by Char
North Vancouver
Do you use it everyday at first and after a month go to once a week?
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Char!

You are replying to a post that is 2 years old, so the original poster may not be around to respond to you - so I will give it a shot!

It appears the hand-sanitizer remedy is used once a day for two days.

A couple of caveats, however.

This remedy should not be used on ears that have been scratched raw as the alcohol in the hand-sanitizer will cause painful burning and stinging.

Next, you should be certain that your pet has ear mites and not another ear condition as the wrong diagnosis will result in a painful ear condition prolonged and untreated.

And lastly, all the pets [hosts! ] in the family need to be treated at the same time. If all pets were not treated, begin again this time including all pets in the protocol. If all pets are not treated, they will simply re-infect each other.

Read all about ear mites:

Replied by Lori O'malley
Pulaski Tn
[YEA]   I used hand sanitizer on my dog for ear mites. It worked fabulously!! Didn't know if it would work on cats. We have acquired two kittens with mites. Thanks so much for all the posts on this subject. I will now feel comfortable using sanitizer with the kittens. Thanks ya'll!!
Replied by Judy
So, how many drops do I put and how often and she is depressed and I bought some Wal-Mart stuff but I've not been using it regularly and I didn't know till tonight
Replied by Abby
What kind of hand sanitizers have been used ??
Replied by Marie
How long did it take to work?

Posted by Carol (Zeigler, IL United States) on 09/02/2009

Ear Mites: I noticed yesterday that my indoor/outdoor cat was flicking his ear and holding his head down. When I looked, he had a lot of "crud" in there! I started checking the internet for home remedies and found this site with lots of different options that I had never heard of!! Like many, I can't afford a vet bill, but don't want my cat to be in distress. I am going to try the hand sanitizer first (I hope I don't have to try something else, but...) I put a couple drops on my finger and rub it in his ear as much as he would let me. Would it be ok to put a couple drops right into his ear? And how often a day and for how many days? I will definitely visit this site when other remedies are needed! It was very informative and helpful for remedies as well as things that are dangerous to my cat. Thanks for all the valuable info!!

Replied by Ginny
Las Vegas, Nevada
I have used mineral oil with success, also Olive Oil with some Vitamin E has healing qualities, equal amounts of each. This is safe and an inexpensive way to help your pet.

I have read it takes about a month to rid a pet of these horrible bugs and I used this oil every day, 3 times a day for one month.

Be sure to clean the pet's bedding often.

Good luck.
Replied by Ginger
Helena, Mt
I have three cats with ringworm. One popped a tiny vein in his ear. We are desparate. Does anti bacterial soap work. By the way my cats far is doing better
Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Hello, Ginger --- just use dry turmeric powder on and around the lesions as well as in the ear. I have been using this on many cats and it leaves in a day or two. If they are shaking it off, alright, enough stays on to do the healing and if they lick it, that is good for them, too.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Shay
As a foster for our local animal shelter, to clear up a couple kitten from ringworm, we found out using apple cider vinegar will dry the spots up. We were told to use lyme sulphur and do baths, but found apple cider vinegar to work.
Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada
Hi, Shay --- turmeric powder works like a charm, too.

Namaste , Om

Posted by Jamie (Port Orange, Fl) on 05/27/2007

[WARNING!]  I read that someone suggested using hand sanitizer to cure ear mites, I would be very careful about doing so because if your pet has scratched their already inflammed ear, that would really burn!

Posted by Marie (Sacramento, California) on 05/19/2007

[YEA]  My recently rescued male cat had ear mites so bad one ear canal was swollen nearly closed. He was delivered by a cat lover who's plate was full, but was kind enough to include an over the counter ear mite remedy. Wow that ear mite medicine made the gray skin inside his ears peel and and turn bright pink. Applying every other day was obviously going to cause sever damage in 3 weeks treatment. The long and short of this story is he arrived on Jan 4, 07 today in June 15, 07 and the problem is better but not cured. Olive oil, Vaseline, hand lotion any thing that wouldn't kill the cat and maybe smother the mites has been tried in addition to using a systemic flea/tick product. The current problem is the waxy discharge is sticky (it was bloody) and getting it out of his ears next to impossible. Thank you 4/1/2007: Lisa from Winfield, PA for suggesting Hand Sanitizer! The cat and I are very comfortable when I am treating his ears, the scratching stopped long ago, so there wasn't much danger of pouring Hand Sanitizer on an open wound. It cleaned him up better than any thing I have tried. I held him petting his favorite spots, for a few minutes until the Hand Sanitizer dried and I didn't have to worry about him getting it in his eyes or mouth. Great service you provide, bummer I didn't find you in Jan! I will send a progress report,

Posted by Cherri (NEWARK, NJ) on 04/13/2007

[YEA]  A lady here stated that she used hand sanitiser to get rid of ear mites in her cats' ears. She said it took "a few applications". My question is: how many applications did it take, and how long did you use this treatment? Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!