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Acid Reflux and Painkillers
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Painkillers & Acid Reflux Symptoms: Unhealthy Relations

Last Modified on Aug 08, 2014

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Posted by Kafi (Roanoke, VA) on 09/27/2006

Side Effects:
I took Rite Aid Brand Migraine Relief for 2 days to treat a migraine and after the second night, I began having acid reflux. I have experienced reflux before after taking Advil a few years in the past. This med does not have ibuprofen in it, though. I though it would be safe because the pain killer ingredient is Acetaminophen.

Posted by Cheryl (Queensland) on 09/27/2006

Side Effects:
I was prescribed NAPROXEN for a tooth infection. I had never had reflux before taking this medication. I felt like I had something stuck in my throat, I was constantly having to clear my throat and I would regularly loose my voice. I saw a specialist who stuck a camera up my nose and down my throat and he said all the back of my throat was badly burned. He prescribed medication that I will not take for fear of this getting worse. After finding your site I am off to buy some apple cider vinegar and will try that

Posted by Cheryl (Spokane, WA) on 09/23/2006

Side Effects:
I have used Ibuprofen for quite some time. I've used the name brands mostly Advil and some generic brands @ Costco. I have used them over periods of 2-3 months for back pain. Taking as many as 4 at a time as prescribed by my doctor. I just noticed recently that when I take ibuprofen, within 4 hours my symptoms of GERD are full blown. I couldn't explain the relation between the two until now. I have experienced an epiphany today.

Posted by Susan (Hortonville, NY) on 09/23/2006

Side Effects:
I think I have to agree with Rosemary. The acid reflux started right about the time that I started taking Motrin for arthritis from an automobile accident in the late 1980's. About a year or two later, the acid reflux was so bad, I constantly suffered from laryngitis. I went to the doctor for the laryngitis about 10 years later when my vocal chords were so infected and sore I was forced to seek help and it was then I found out that I had acid reflux and it was causing the laryngitis.

Posted by Denise (Bushkill, PA) on 09/18/2006

Side Effects:
I am not one to take medicine, but the only consistent medication I have ever taken is Excedrin for headaches. Usually, I would take it about once/twice a week. There were times that I have taken it about 2-3 days (one each day) due to headaches. I am baffled where the acid reflux came from. I had had what I believe to be heartburn before, but never took anything for it. The heartburn was not often. I usual drank milk and it would go away. However, once I became pregnant again in my late 30's, the heartburn became worse. I would take a little baking soda for relief. Once my child was born, I thought the heartburn would go away. It did not, and it got worse. It started to bother my right ear. Once diagnosed with acid reflux about 3 years ago, I have been placed on Nexium. As I stated before, I am not one to take medication. Now, I am looking for alternatives to Nexium. I too noticed an increase in amount of people suffering from the same problem.

Posted by Mary (Ontario, Canada) on 09/18/2006

Side Effects: 3.20 this morning I was awakened by burning acid reflux. Got an email from my sister in Vancouver on Apple Cider Vinegar ( I did not tell her about my reflux this morning!) On Sept 5 I had gum surgery and was prescribed Ibuprofen. 600mg every 4 hrs for the first day and 400mg every 4-5 hrs for the next 3 days. I rarely take pain killers and did not follow the periodontist's instructions but I did take the ibuprofen. when my gum was sore. I feel this has been the cause of my GERD and will get some ACV tablets. I'll keep you site now as a 'favourite'. Thanks

Posted by Arthur (Rego Park, NY) on 09/18/2006

Side Effects:
In High School about 8 years ago, at age 18 I was on the basketball team. I had a bad rotator disc in my back and took Ibuprofen for the pain for years. About 4 years after i stopped taking it I was diagnosed with GERD at age 22.

Posted by Precious (Pontiac, MI) on 09/17/2006

Side Effects:
I was just wondering if Vioxx caused my acid reflux? I was on it for a long time, almost 1 year

Posted by Lynnie (Darien, IL) on 09/16/2006

Side Effects:
i'm just reading your site and honest to god, never b4 made the connection between my heavy ibuprofen use, for years and years, with my heartburn! i've been taking generic store brand ibuprofen for headaches and body aches, and have had heartburn for years, but this last year it's gotten really awful. last night my Dr. friend told me that she drinks 2 tsp acv in water, 3 times a day and her heartburn is gone. even as a physician. she says she tries to stick with natural cures whenever she can. so i just drank my first acv, and i really hope it works. prilosec is expensive!

Posted by Nancy (Agoura Hills, CA) on 09/14/2006
1 out of 5 stars

I have never taken much ibuprofen, but I have been a rather regular user of Excedrin in the past (aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine). I don't take it anymore. My GERD started after I had been on a lo-carb diet for about 5 months. I had never had trouble before. I think the high fat/high protein diet wasn't the best thing for GERD. I went off the diet immediately, but the GERD never left (it's been two years now). Just for your information. I am not overweight and I exercise daily.

Posted by Megan (INPLS, IN) on 09/14/2006

Side Effects:

Posted by Carol (Salina, Kansas) on 09/14/2006

Side Effects:
I was diagnosed with acid reflux about 7 years ago. Mine came about from living in an abusive marriage. Rather than give into the fighting, etc., I internalized everything, which in turn caused me to have migraines. I was taking several different medications, including ibuprofen. I was so sick, I, too thought I had heart disease. After several trips to the emergency room, and having every test imaginable, I received my diagnosis, and my doctors advise to get out of my marriage before I did develop heart disease. I took that advise, and after a miserable divorce, I am single now, but the reflux is here to stay. I am a vegetarian, try to eat fairly healthy meals, no caffeine,coffee, or soda, alcohol, or smoking. I drink a lot of distilled water, and exercise in the morning before I eat anything. I recently tried protonix, which worked for about a month, and I am sick again. The only thing that seems to help some, is plain applesauce, made without sugar or absorbic acid. I am going to try the ACV to see if that will make a difference. Another thing that really rips up my stomach, is calcium tablets. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you.

Posted by Vanessa (Atlanta, GA) on 08/28/2006

Side Effects:
I just read your website on the information on GERD and the reader who makes claims about Ibuprofen. I would like to support her claim about Ibuprofen being the culprit to this problem with GERD or Acid Reflux. I started using ibuprofen about three years ago for uterine fibroids to reduce the pain of this condition. The three different hospitals I visited during emergency room visits for pain due this condition, prescribed each time an ibuprofen or recommended Motrin or advil. I used them to alleviate the pain but then started having problems with GERD. I have the medical bills to prove my claim along with the medical records to show these findings. Please be advised about this drug and warn others about these effects.

Posted by Maia (Seattle) on 08/19/2006

Side Effects:
Taking Prednisone for about a week (10 mg/day) for back pain (dr says inflammation), when I woke up with acid reflux at 2 am. I'm quitting the medication. Thanks.

Posted by Annie (Beaumont, TX) on 08/17/2006

Side Effects:
I am only 23 years old, but have had acid reflux since high school. I've been through a breast reduction once, and before and after the surgery my back has killed me. My doctor told me I should take ibuprofen to relieve it. So for years up until now that's what I've done. I never put two and two together realizing it was sooo bad because of the pain meds. Now that I look at it, it makes perfect sense. I started on the ACV and in two weeks noticed the pain was gone from acid reflux. Not only that but my family who has a history of diabetes was been using it and also noticed a difference. My weight is down, and I can actually go places without getting an attack. It's really amazing. The pickle Juice also works for me. Whenever i'm at work or something and I just forget the ACV, I'll keep the juice in a cup in my fridge. Thanks so much