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If you want to know where to buy the best molasses for use in home remedies, our readers can offer you tips on good deals, trustworthy brands, and where to find the right stuff. Blackstrap molasses is the specific formulation of molasses you should be looking for in terms of medicinal use. It is the triple-condensed version of molasses and thus contains more of various minerals by volume to improve the positive impact molasses can have on your health. Blackstrap molasses offers substantial amounts of the dietary minerals iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, copper, potassium, and selenium.

Our readers prefer several brands of blackstrap molasses. The one point of difference you will have to discover for yourself is whether to choose sulfured or unsulfured molasses. Added sulfur reduces the darkness of the molasses, and some health benefits can be derived from sulfur (antifungal, joint health, etc.). However, it can create allergenic sulfites. Make your own choice about sulfur in blackstrap molasses based on your own medical history and needs.

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Africa: Ghana

07/23/2013: Felli Gideon from Accra , Ghana: "Hi, please I am in Ghana and I am interested in trying blackstrap mollases for my grey hair. What stores can I get to buy especially in Ghana?"

01/29/2014: Gg Awuku from Koforidua replies: "Sir, I will like to purchase some shulphur free molasses but do not know where to get the product in Ghana. Can you please direct me to where it is being sold. Thanks."


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04/30/2008: Gee from Brisbane, Australia: "For those in Australia that are looking for it, try Pure Label Molasses, bought in one of those oversized supermarket corporations. Packed for Conga foods. Says it does not have any sulphate which is in everything. They say on the label that it is Black Strap Molasses. The only ingredient on the bottle is Molasses. I thought it was an American thing, but it seems its universal. Bought a 550 gram jar for a few dollars."

04/18/2008: Lana from Craigieburn, Australia: "Hi, I've been reading all the feedback regarding blackstrap molasses and all the benefits it has after consuming everyday. It got me really excited so the minute i got the chance i went out to buy some but was really disappointed when i could not find it. I've tried the health food store and the supermarket but they did not have any, they didn't even know what i was talking about. So my question is..Does anyone know where i can find blackstrap molasses in Australia or even if it is called balckstrap molasses maybe it is called something else here???"

[YEA]  05/26/2008: Robin from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia replies: "Lana from Cragieburn, Australia- You can find molasses, really you can! Go to Woolworths- in the section where you can buy honey/spreads/jams. Look for Pure Label, but there could be another brand as well. If you do not find it, go to the health food section of Woolworths or even Coles and look for it there. I buy my molasses at either shop and have had not problem. As a last resort, ask the manager at either shop if they can get it in for you- usually they are very helpful.
Cheers, Robin"
06/04/2012: Nicole from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Hey Lana, I couldn't find it at woolworths but I did fnd one called Blue Label BSM and I found it at Go Vita which is like a health food store. Good luck with it and I hope it works for you."

Australia: Melbourne

06/21/2009: Lorraine from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: "Hi Fee,

Could you please tell me where you were able to purchase Black Strap Molasses (unsulphured I hope) in Melbourne?


10/16/2010: Kim from Melbourne, Australia replies: "In Melbourne you can buy Melrose brand Organic blackstrap molasses which is unsulphured. They are in short supply at the moment but ask at your local health food store."
06/04/2012: Nia from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Hey Lorraine you can find some at Go Vita health food store. Good luck :)"


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[YEA]  11/07/2006: Rod from Burnaby, BC: "Re: Blackstrap molasses for gray hair. I don't know what the problem outside of Canada is in obtaining inexpensive blackstrap molasses. In British Columbia, a one pint carton at Real Canadian Superstore is $2.29."


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[YEA]  03/27/2008: Reyale from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: "Dear; mr /mrs We have Blackstrap Molases for any quantity in our stock in Addis Ababa,if you have interess the our Blackstrap Molasessy we can prepare any quantity that you are requesting or that you make oder.Also we can show you the example(illustration) for our product if you are request. The Quantity available per month is about 10 000MT. The origin of the product is from Ethiopia,and the price $ 105 USD /MT FOB Djibouti Port. by interesting or more information for our Blackstrap Molases you can take contact to our representative in Europe(Belgium) mr: Reyale and his tel nr 00 32 487 17 17 64 best kind regarding"


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[YEA]  01/20/2008: Sonia from Paris, France: "For those of you looking for molasses in France:

- Organic molasses is available from the Naturalia chain where it is sold as mélasse noire.

- Black treacle (the British name for molasses) can be found at Galéries Lafayette Gourmet."

05/09/2007: Katya from Paris, France: "]amazing! where can i buy blackstrap mollasses ? does anybody know the name of it in french?"

[YEA]  Francoise replies: "OK. If I am not mistaken blackstrap molasse is a black kind of sugar made from sugar cane or beet, right? It has a strong smell and is very dark, almost black which is why it is called blackstrap molasse. If this is what you're talking about it is called "melasse noire" and can probably be found in a "epicerie Antillaise" (grocery store from Guadeloupe/Martinique) or any store that sells exotic products."

Hong Kong

06/13/2009: Ruth from Hong Kong: "I wonder where I can find BSM in hong kong. I tried to search from the major grocery stores here but couldn't find one. I am quite anemic & hv very low hemoglobin count. When it attacks, I could not get up because the world is spinning like hell. thanks for ur help!"

Vineet from WanChai, Hongkong: "Hi All, Can anyone tell me from where can I buy Blackstrap molasses in Hongkong?"

07/25/2009: Ruth from Hong Kong replies: "this is for vineet,who is looking for BSM like me in Hong kong which I hv found at Taste/Park N Shop hopewell cetre in wanchai, but it's the sulphured one RAYNER's crude black strap molasses around $12+ for 340g near those maple syrup items. just found it this week. Another one is in CAuseway bay one good/concerned reader named Collin read about my post from EC & lead me to Causeway Bay I haven't been there yet but they sell unsulphured BSM from Plantation..maybe try to find yourself RM 1103, 11/F Causeway Bay Com'l Bldg, 1-13 Sugar St, Causeway Bay-tel. no.25773663."
07/28/2009: Sunita from Hong Kong replies: "BSM in Hong Kong: Found it in City Super. Brer Rabbit Brand going for HK$29.00. The unsulphered version."
10/12/2009: Khan from Shenzhen, China replies: "The above information is wrong, it has been checked on all these places but blackstrap molasses unsulphered is found no where. Please do not waste your money and time."
10/09/2011: Ria Khan from Aberdeen, Hong Kong replies: "I am also in Hong Kong and looking for bsm, park n shop don't sell it, any other places??"


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03/22/2011: Vandy Kuk from Mumbai, Maharashtra / India : "Vandy Kuk from Mumbai, Maharashtra / India writes: "I sell Blackstrap Molasses in Mumbai. Kindly contact me @ vandy.kuk@gmail.com"

06/11/2011: Rita from Delhi replies: "I just got 100% Organic Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses for goindiaorganic.com. I had been looking for this product for long and atlast I got it India.

I contacted many of other as published here for Blackstrap Molasses but in the end got it from GoIndiaOrganic.com. You can contact them at 91-11-47566727, 91-9958599911."

04/28/2012: Rahil from New Delhi, Delhi replies: "We are India based Blackstrap Molasses production unit. contact for your order ( easy_rahil@yahoo.com)"
08/01/2012: Vani from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh replies: "For Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar in Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad contact veeraorganicproducts@gmail.com or call at 04040130633"
10/16/2013: Vignesh from Chennai, India replies: "Hi, please let me know where I can purchase Melrose unsulphared blackstrap molasses in Chennai. Thanks, Vignesh"
10/16/2013: Ed2010 from Canada replies: "You can contact nuts and spices. At least they can get it for you. Good Health."
10/18/2013: Vignesh from Chennai, India replies: "@Ed2010, I checked with Nuts and Spices in their Gopalapuram branch a month back. But they are not selling that. So please let me know if any other stores are selling it in Chennai.



03/04/2014: Dinesh from Mumbai replies: "I want to buy blackstrap molasses. Does anyone know where to buy it in Mumbai?"

08/15/2010: Budhaditya from Bangalore, India, Karnataka: "Wanted to procure blackstrap molasses..... Tell me where do I find it? Or can you ship it to India?"

EC: Please read the other posts in this section (Where to Buy: India) for more information.

07/27/2012: D from Bangalore, Bangalore India replies: "Organic BlackStrap Molasses is now available in all the four stores of Natures Basket in Bangalore I. E. Kormangala Store, CMH Road store, Whitefield Store and Richmond Town store.

For a complete listing please go to www.globalhealthsupplies.net"

09/02/2009: Ranjana from Arlington, Tx Usa: "Does anyone know what blackstrap molasses are called in India? Is it the same as gur? If it is how would one take it for arthritis? Thanks."

EC: Check out the thread from Vineet in this "where to buy blackstrap molasses" section.

03/29/2010: Rahul from Mumbai, Maharashtra replies: "Hello Everyone, If you need Blackstrap Molasses in India, you can email me on organiics@gmail.com"

07/09/2009: Kaloni from Guwahati, India: "Cant find black strap molasses in india especially from the state I come from (assam)...will gur or jaggery do as a substitue? I need for treatment of grey hairs.please advise....is it true that if you rub your finger nails against each other for 11-12 mins it stops hair greying and additionally turns the grey hair into black..."

05/18/2009: Anita from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: "I read the remedy used by karthik from Mumbai. He had good relief of his problems with black strape molasses. Please let me know what is black strape molasses. What is it called in Hindi or Marathi and where can i get it in Mumbai. I have severe vericose vein problem..........please help me"

05/21/2009: Satish from Sydney, NSW Australia replies: "Anita,

If you are in Mumbai it will be hard to find Black Strap Mollasses. If you can visit any Sugarcane crusher or small farmers in Rural areas where they crush sugarcane to make jaggary you can easily get it. It's last residue of the process of making jaggery. Hope it helps.


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