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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy for Improved Health

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[YEA]  02/28/2012: Erin from Nantucket, Ma: "Just to add a bit to the conversation about h2o2- do your Research on this miracle product please!! All it is is a water molecule with an extra oxygen attached. It easily breaks down into water and oxygen, so use of this product introduces more oxygen into your environment/body. This extra oxygen makes for an unsuitable environment for germs and bacteria. There's more to it than that, but there's the short version. Why won't you ever hear of h2o2? It's cheap. Naturally occurring. Can't be patented. No money making potential really. H2o2 is found in rainwater and breast milk ( especially the first meal a nursing baby gets) can be used to replace literally hundreds of household, personal care, petcare, garden, cleaning, laundry, on and on products. It can be taken internally, but you need to buy a food grade product ( available online) and dilute it yourself. It is very important to read all precautions when using h2o2. There are very successful treatments for many many diseases of the body including cancer, centered around h2o2. Please do your own additional research, but I feel it is one of the healthiest switches I have ever made in my lifestyle. Namaste everyone :)"

01/22/2012: Janine from Gold Beach, Oregon U.s.a.: "I had a medicated stent put in a coronary artery and am on Plavix. I've read that people with transplants and on anti-rejection meds cannot take hydrogen peroxide, does anyone know if I can still take HP?"

01/13/2012: Euler from Holly Hill, Fl: "Just want to know if shipping hydrogen peroxide in your suit case in an airplane is legal and safe. I need to take 35% hydrogen peroxide food grade to a remote area in the Amazon to treat a fellow that has parkinson's disease."

01/13/2012: Carolyn from Abilene, Tx replies: "Euler, you can find out for sure by contacting the TSAContact Center at: 1-866-289-9673 or to see if it can go in checked baggage. Good luck!"
01/14/2012: Courtney from Granite Bay, Ca replies: "I highly doubt that you will be allowed to travel with hydrogen peroxide. One of the main ingredients in the bomb that killed 52 people in London in July of 2005 was hydrogen peroxide.

No harm in contacting the TSA, of course. But, I wouldn't think they'd allow it."

01/11/2012: Callie from Torrance, California, Usa: "I want to start the hydrogen Peroxide therapy. I have 'well' water, no flouride, is this acceptable to use?"

02/23/2013: Ibeta from Skovlunde, Denmark replies: "No. Only distilled water should be used."

01/05/2012: Lucie from Falher, Alberta: "Hi there, I own/manage a health store, and am wondering if you are able to mail hydrogen peroxide when someone makes an order. I'm looking for the food grade peroxide, and have been told that suppliers can't mail it because it's a dangerous goods. Please let me know what info you can share. Thanks. Lucie"

01/05/2012: Zorro from Milwaukee, Wisconsin replies: "Hello

They can send hydrogen peroxide through the mail. I just got some a while ago. Zorro"

02/01/2012: Nickie from Ruislip, Middlesex England replies: "I believe 35% strength H2O2 cannot be shipped by air but can certainly be shipped by surface carriers and the supplier should be aware of who can do this. You can purchase 3% or 6% food grade which should prove no problem."

12/20/2011: Rudy from Lucena, Quezon, philippines: "To Bill of San Fernando, Philippines---I saw the video of Bill Munro regarding 3% hydrogen Peroxide for inhalation which he bought from drugstore and is not food grade. Is that the same as h202 10 volume that we can buy in our local drugstore?"

12/14/2011: Rudy from Lucena, Quezon, philippines: "Hi Bill, how can I use the 10% and 20% volume h2oh orally and what is the dilution? I can't find the 35% h2o2 food grade here in our place. I'm 63 yrs. old, feeling tired always, hypertensive, PSA is 6.1. Would you please help me? Need your advice."

12/16/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Rudy, For future reference, the food grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide and chemical grade Borax can be bought in Manila here:

Chemi-Source Corporation
Meliton Street, Sucat, Paranaque
Mobile: 09179558746

To turn 10% HP to 3% then the equation is 10/3 = 3. 333 which is about right. So just add 3 parts by volume of water to 1 part HP. So, by example, you would add say 100 cc of HP to 300 cc of water.

Also, be very careful and bear in mind that they have a weird method of volume measurement in the Philippines -- so "10 Volumes" on their HP bottles really means 3% HP strength(red writing, RHEA, Telstar) and "20 Volumes" really means 6% strength for phamacy grade.

Use the 3% strength or "10 Volumes"(with the red writing).
I'm 63 yrs. Old, feeling tired always, hypertensive, PSA is 6. 1. Would you please help me?
Regarding your problems I would almost definitely say that you need the Lugol's Iodine protocol. The few symptoms you have given me all indicate this. Feeling tired, brain fog etc are classic symptoms of low body iodine levels and low thyroid. Low PSA levels are also an indication of iodine deficiency. You may also have candida though I can't be sure -- iodine is also anti-candida. The protocol will also help to cure your hypertension.

You can buy lugol's iodine here in Manila (my source):
Light Infinity Wellness Center
1039 Banawe Street
near Mauban corner, Quezon City
Tel: 3622024 or 4758212

And, when you buy the lugol's there do not mention that you will be taking it orally like I did -- they nearly refused to sell it to me!!

Here is the protocol:
Lugol's Iodine - 2 drops taken orally in a glass of water 4 times a day outside mealtimes. Take more than ths if you can.
Vitamin C(Ascorbate form) -- 1000 mgs three times a day.
Niacin -- 500 mg three times a day at mealtimes. Niacin usually causes a hot blushing or flushing effect on the body when you first take it but this dies off later. You can also take aspirin dissolved in water with the niacin to reduce this effect. Niacin is very good for heart problems, nerve problems, digestion etc.
Selenium - 200 mcg twice a day at meals. Detoxes mercury from the body and is also beneficial for the heart, bones, liver and thyroid.
Magnesium Citrate -- 250 mgs taken twice a day. Used in over 300 body enzymes.
Zinc gluconate -- Take 25 mgs everyday for a week then reduce to 25 mgs once week. Helps the immune system.
Use Ted's ACV or Lemon/Lime and baking soda remedies twice a day given here:

Prostate problems are similar in nature to fibrocystic and fibroid problems in women and so the remedy is similar. From the research, taking just 12. 5 mgs of lugols a day(2 drops) will cure uterine fibroids in one year. But if 50 mgs of lugols(8 drops) is taken daily then the fibroid problem resolves in about 3 or 4 months. And this is the same for prostate problems. See this link:

Both Vitamin C and Niacin together are extremely effective against hypertension and arteriosclerosis at higher dose. From the research of Dr Abram Hoffer:

Apart from the lugols iodine, all the other supplements can be bought at the Healthy Options stores in the SM malls as I have mentioned to you before. And the sodium bicarbonate or baking soda(Arm and Hammer brand) can be bought at any supermarket in Manila.


12/16/2011: Anon from Anon, Anon, Anon replies: "Hi Bill, thanks for posting your supplement "protocol. " This protocol here will probably work for a variety of probelms. The only thing I'm curious about is the mixing of them. If I got it right...

....Don't take Lugols or H2O2 -oxidizers - at the same time as Vit C -anti-oxidants-.

Don't take too much ACV and H2O2 together unless it's just a few drops of H2O2?

Lugols, H2O2 (few drops), AVC/lemon/lime, niacin, selenium, magnesium and zinc can be taken at the same time?

Is magnesium citrate sometimes rough on tummies? If so then take the magnesium chloride?

Zinc can cause some upset stomach so maybe take it with or after meal. And don't take H2O2 with meals or you might get an upset stomach. And the Lugol's were taking about here is full strength, if not double the drops. Thank thee!

Finally, I take it that all these are only take severals days out fo the week - including the Lugols? Thanks."

12/17/2011: Anon from Anon replies: "Is non-flushing Niaicin effective? Thanks."
12/17/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Anon... Whenever I take 5% lugol's iodine I generally use it on its own, in split doses, with a glass of water. I used to have only the 1% lugols and I used to take about 8 to 10 drops of this a day. This may sound a lot, but you have to take account of the difference in strength between the 5% lugols(the original stronger form) and the 1% lugols. The 5% lugols is 5 times as strong as the 1% lugols. So that's why I took 10 drops of 1% lugols per day. I now have the 5% lugols iodine -- so I only have to take 2 drops a day as an equivalent dose. The 1% iodine was golden brown and I could see through it in the dropper, but the 5% lugol's is almost black and you cannot see through it. And for a 2% lugol's iodine solution I would have to take 5 drops which approximates to 2 drops of the 5% lugols iodine. I am only mentioning this because most descriptions on the older and successful historic use of iodine refers specifically to the stronger 5% lugols iodine solution, which can be hard to obtain now and I think this must confuse people -- regarding proper effective dosages.

I tend to take Hydrogen Peroxide (HP), Iodine, Methylene Blue and Sodium Thiosulfate (ST) on their own because they are quite reactive. I add ST to water or take it with fulvic/humic acid drops in water. I always take drops of Methylene Blue mixed together with vitamin c in water. I sometimes take the lugols iodine mixed in with vitamin C as Ted advises -- but this seems to convert all the the elemental iodine to iodide. However, this is useful to convert the ascorbic acid to the dehydroascobic acid form -- which helps the vit c to more fully penetrate the blood/bone and blood/barriers. But as I've said, your body needs both iodide and iodine because these two forms must be present for whole body iodine/iodide sufficiency(not just thyroid sufficiency).

For instance, the thyroid needs only the iodide form for sufficiency whereas the the breasts and prostate need the the elemental iodine mixed with the iodide form as well, to create the triiodide or atomic iodine form necessary for their sufficiency.

That's why I always use the Lugol's form rather than the SSKI form -- which can also be very useful for specific things on its own as well.

I sometimes also mix 3% HP with the Borax Water as Ted has advised -- but I don't mix it with any other chemical generally although I do use it to wash veg and fruit to get rid of outside toxins. I use the HP a lot externally to regularly wash and disinfect the sweatier areas of the body. I also use it as a mouthwash and aftershave everyday now.

Lugols, H2O2 (few drops), AVC/lemon/ lime, niacin, selenium, magnesium and zinc can be taken at the same time?

I would take the HP on its own at another time. The rest can be taken as I have already advised. Please notice that some of the above nutrients are taken with meals and others are taken outside meals for specific reasons.

Is magnesium citrate sometimes rough on tummies? If so then take the magnesium chloride?

I've never found Magnesium Citrate to cause stomach sensitivities unless incorrect doasages are taken. But I've also found that, in some makes of all nutrients sold, they use large amounts of fillers and additive powders. Blame Codex for that.

Magnesium Chloride is fine to use instead of the magnesium citrate. But there are availability issues for mag chloride which can be difficult to obtain. I also have magnesium chloride but I don't use it everyday unless I must. Usually I use the mag citrate and mag sulfate(epsom salt) forms for sufficiency because they are much more available where I live.

Zinc can cause some upset stomach so maybe take it with or after meal. And don't take H2O2 with meals or you might get an upset stomach.

Zinc is like Calcium -- a bit tricky -- because it depends how much you get from your diet. Ted advises high dose -- 25 mgs, if needed, for about a week then cut back to taking the zinc just once a week. Simlarly, B complex should be taken 3 times a week for sufficiency unless there is a specific reason or problem. You should also never take HP orally anywhere near meals or with food.

Finally, I take it that all these are only taken severals days out for the week - including the Lugols?

You should regularly take a break from all supplements as you say. In the case of taking Ted's Borax Water, this is a must -- take it for 5 days and then always have 2 days off from the remedy at the weekends."

12/17/2011: Anon from Anon replies: "Thanks Bill for your time, this is very healthy info for many."
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  12/22/2011: David from Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland replies: "I've been taking Ted's borax water (plus two half-glasses of baking soda separately) remedy for demodex mite infestation for 12 days now without a break and only now do I read Bill's advice to take it for five days, then take a two-day break (Bill from San Fernando, Philippines). This is not mentioned anywhere on the mite infestation section here at EC as far as I can see.

(Ted is a saint and his remedies work wonderfully but he can sometimes tend to omit important details like treatment durations, frequencies, and proportions of ingredients).

His mite remedy is working for me, but because I'm impatient to be free of these pests ASAP, I started the 35% food-grade internal hydrogen peroxide therapy yesterday - specifically, the 21-day detox program which starts out with three drops of 35% HP in 150ml (5oz) of distilled water.

I took it as soon as I got out of bed (11am - I have chronic insomnia) and there was no overt taste. However, within five minutes I started to feel nauseous. I waited an hour and five minutes, then had breakfast (bran flakes and milk, yoghurt drink with plant stenols). I started sipping my borax water, took my half-glass of baking soda, plus my half-glass of warm water with three tablespoons of ACV.

I waited till 2pm, still nauseous but OK, then had lunch - an apple, a clementine, and a banana. The nausea immediately got worse and I started to get really uncomfortable stomach pain. But I had to go out to get some homeopathic remedies to try for my chronic insomnia. This took some time and my next HP dose wasn't until 6pm.

This time, it tasted very strongly of hydrogen peroxide and was difficult to drink (it took me an hour of tiny sips). Nausea and stomach pain increased to the point where it hurt if I bent over. I waited till 7pm, then forced myself to have four small slices of pizza because my appetite was practically non-existent.

At this stage I was starting to become frightened, so I went back and re-read the booklet that came with the hydrogen peroxide. And I found I had somehow overlooked this:

"Never take hydrogen peroxide with food in your stomach. Always leave at least an hour before or after food to be on the safe side. Vitamin C, Iron and fats in the stomach change hydrogen peroxide into super-oxide free radicals. THIS CAN SEVERELY DAMAGE THE LINING OF YOUR STOMACH. The same is true of iron, copper, silver, or manganese so if you are supplementing on these DO NOT TAKE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE INTERNALLY."

I've been taking a supplement every day with dinner for two months. I looked up what it contains and it includes: 200mg of Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), 10mg of iron (as Ferrous Fumarate), 5mg of manganese (as Manganese Sulphate), and 1mg of copper (as Copper Sulphate).

I failed to take account of two vital factors: my supplement is the slow-release kind, and I've been taking baking soda as part of Ted's remedy - which acts as an antacid. So an unknown quantity of these compounds were still in my stomach the following morning when I started the hydrogen peroxide. Plus, the yoghurt and the clementine also contain Vitamin C which was still undigested due to the baking soda when I took the second dose.

Needless to say, I didn't take the third dose of hydrogen peroxide.

Today, I'm feeling slightly less sick and the pain is slightly less, but now, for the first time, every sip of borax water makes me nauseous, so I'll have to stop it and the baking soda for a few days. I pray this will not affect the significant progress I've made with the mites.

The moral of my story is: before you start taking hydrogen peroxide internally, KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE ALREADY PUTTING INTO YOUR BODY BOTH FOOD AND SUPPLEMENT-WISE AND MAKE ANY NECESSARY CHANGES WELL IN ADVANCE OF STARTING - three to seven days before would seem safest to me).

You will also have to live by a strict timetable and ensure you keep track of it carefully.

Vitamins in food:

Minerals in food:

Hydrogen peroxide is wonderful and very powerful stuff but it can bite you in the a** if you don't know exactly what you're doing. And - always - RTFM (Read The Fine Manual) carefully.

Fortunately, I don't think I've done significant damage to myself (no vomiting or bleeding, but all I passed this morning was a lot of clear liquid with a few small flecks of solids and I have to force myself to eat even small amounts of food).

I do intend to ingest HP again but not until this pain and nausea subsides completely and I've done all the preparations I should have done in the first place.

By the way, the two homeopathic remedies I bought for chronic insomnia didn't work and they cost me a fortune - Dr. Bach's Night Rescue (contains Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, and Rescue with White Chestnut), and the homeopathic store's own brand, Peaceful Sleep (contains Chamomilla, Arnica, and Kaliphos).

So if anyone can point me to a remedy for severely disturbed sleep (caused by the anti-psychotic injections of Risperidone I received for my so-called delusional parasitosis), I'd be very grateful indeed.

I'd also appreciate any comments or insights on my experience.

Stay well and take care."

12/23/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "David, as for the sleep thing, here is a list of supplements that can help w/ that problem: Magnesium, Valerian, Passion Flower, Melatonin, 5 Hydroxytriptamine (5HTP), and Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA). Take as recommended on lables.

As for rebuilding damaged tissue and even nerve tissue, Chlorella & Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids ---Fish & Flax Oils and be sure to take at least 400iu Vit-E to protect the EFA's.

If you find yourself at the doctors office soon, discuss or ask about the synthetic prescription form of GABA called Gabapentin or Neurotin (maybe only U. S. brands I dunno), to help with the bad side effects of previous meds; this can help with the nerves.

Also try some relaxing music or better still relaxing and healing music. Check out the Harmonic Solfaggio Frequencies especially Love 528 (Love 528 Radio that has the same resonance as the heart of God. Also it seems you may need some chakra balancing and healing as disease, stress, and negative energy can and does affect our spirit or chakras. There are Harmonics on all I mentioned on Youtube.

Hope this helps and good luck."

12/24/2011: David from Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland replies: "@Timh from Louisville, Usa: Many thanks for your kind help. I've been taking a magnesium supplement now for four days. Last night I woke after the usual four hours, felt wide awake with racing mind and utterly exhausted as usual, took 10mg of Valium and fell back into a proper sleep, not the usual light doze I get with Valium. Slept for nine hours in all - a record for me. So I think the magnesium may definitely be helping.

All the shops here are now closed until next Tuesday or Wednesday, so I won't be able to source the other things on your list till then.

I've got Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules (no flax oil in them though). My pharmacist told me I didn't need to take them while on the Sona Multiplus - but I've just taken 2 capsules now and I'll take another two tomorrow.

My Pain Specialist put me on Neurontin a year ago (which is what it's named here - it's gabapentin all right) for my back pain. It didn't work, so I doubled the dose (his instructions). Still didn't work, so I tripled it. Worked for a week, then stopped. So I gave the remaining capsules back to the pharmacy for disposal.

I need a prescription for it though and my doctor is not back on duty till the New Year. So I'm out of luck yet again (story of my life). What a Christmas I'm having. I hope yours is a lot happier.

I tried the radio station (528) briefly. I was hoping to hear just the frequency itself and fall asleep to it. But apparently it's always mixed into rock music. Couldn't sleep to that (and I used to compose rock and other types of music for a living). I'll try leaving it on all day tomorrow though. Or I might try making my own 528 tone loop and copy it onto my iPad.

Thanks again for your kindness and assistance. Happy holidays!"

12/25/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "David, thanks for your reply and it seems you are on the road to recovery. As for the Love 528 Records, there are several channels, not just rock Mixed 528 Music All this music has been digitally converted from our normal frequency (can't remember the f number, but it is supposed to be a bastardized form of the original Solfaggio) to Solffagio scale. If you want simply harmonic music in Solfaggio go to YouTube. I listened to the entire scale last night w/ good results in the middle of an hypertension crises."
12/25/2011: David from Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland replies: "Timh, many thanks for the clarification - much needed thanks to brain fog from lack of sleep. I might be able to fall asleep to Ecstatic Dance. My absolute favourite for falling asleep to is the "Lush" channel on SomaFM. Wonderfully calming stuff - I highly recommend it. If you have an iPhone/iPad, you can get the free SomaFM app on the App Store in iTunes.

Thanks again for the info and happy New Year to you."

11/30/2011: Jpchris from North Hollywood, Ca, Usa: "Hi Ted,

I've been reading the EC site and I'm confused. I've read that some people use the FGHP in their coffee. Starbucks? 7-11? Home brewed? I take my H202 in 8oz of distilled water and then I drink a couple of cups of coffee. Is this OK? Or, am I negating the effects of the H202?

Some people say they mix the H202 in "juice. " That's pretty nebulous as there's tons of "juices". Is apple juice (frozen mixed with distilled water) OK, or is there one you'd recommend?

I've been at 25 drops twice a day (I can't do the third dose because of my schedule and meds) for 14 days now and I find that my stomach gets really queazy with the afternoon dose. Will adding 14 teaspoon of Baking Soda help? Or will it negate the effects of H202?

Thank you, Ted"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  11/29/2011: Hirize from Nashville, Tennessee, Usa: "HELP... I need a quick answer on this... Is it safe to use a 3% HP mixture in cool mist vaporizer? I have used this mixture for about a month at night but the cough and feeling of fullness in my lungs is not improving and may be some worse. I have stopped using it altogether but need to know if I may have done more damage than good. Any information would be appreciated along with any advice if I need to do anything further. Thanks...Cam"

11/30/2011: Jo from Campinas, Brazil replies: "3% straight is too much. I dilute mine down to 0.5% at most with saline solution, and do it twice a day when needed. It takes a day or two for your lungs to start expelling all sorts of nasty things!"

11/14/2011: Yow_whaz_up from Chinatown, Singapore: "I am reading about the effects of hydrogen peroxide on tumors, cancer and heart diseases as I type this post. It is called The Oxygen Prescription: The Miracle of Oxidative Therapies by Nathaniel Altman found at Google Books.

There are many interesting texts of investigative studies and experiments by actual experts like doctors. The extra oxygen indeed help circulation and the heart as well as killing germs and tumors.

Please do read it."

11/09/2011: Char Kueh Tiaw from Ang Mo Kio, Singapore: "I searched high and low for hydrogen peroxide to use for detox.

The only one found is Wellmex Hydrogen Peroxide Solution B. P. 60ml, made in Thailand, distributed by Wellmex Sdn Bhd from Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.

It is in a small brown bottle with a yellow label sticker, containing 6% w/v of Hydrogen Peroxide equivalent to 20 volumes of available oxygen. It says for first aid, dressing wounds, gargle and something called catarrh.

I don't dare to use it. I don't know how to use it. I am not sure if it is safe to put in water to drink too. Anyone has use this product before? Do you know how to use it for detox? Is it safe? Ted, what do you have to say? It is made in Thailand."

11/09/2011: Imcinnamon from Orlando, Fl replies: " for purchasing 35% food grade peroxide.

This website has excellent info regarding using peroxide for detoxing:

Per Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's site at"

11/07/2011: Patrice from Nashua , Nh/usa: "I would like to know from Mr. Munro after inhaling the 3% HP, do we rinse our mouth out after. Thank you."

11/06/2011: Jeffng from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: "Ted,

I had an angioplasty done about 2 years ago. Can I consume H2O2 and if can what dosage do you think is safe?

Thanks, Jeffng"

10/27/2011: Bodulica from Barrie, Canada: "For everybody using (or wanting to use ) Hydrogen Peroxide internally, find out everything about it (don't use the one from your drugstore shelf) on this website, that explain it all - a MUST READ!:

For example: there are foods that are absolutely not allowed within the 3 hours window while ingesting Peroxide!

Good luck!"

10/24/2011: Douglas from Richmond, Va: "I have a very basic question on the internal use of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Since H2O2 supplies extra oxygen molecure to the cells, is it possible that it might cause oxidative damage to the internal organs?
Does it in anyway increase free radicals in the body?

Is it safer to take some anti-oxidants also when doing the H2O2 therapy (a few hours later)? Some universal anti-oxidant such as R-ALA might help, perhaps?
I want to start drinking H2O2 but am a little concerned about the possible oxidation/free radicals issue. I do not have any health issues but want to start taking H2O2 for extra energy and as a preventative measure.

Thanks in advance."

10/25/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "Douglas, the human body has a number of enzymes that do nothing but protect cells from oxidative damage. If you had a congenital disorder where you could not produce sufficient enzymes (superoxide dismutase being of great importance), you would be in trouble. This is why it is recommended to start with 2 drop dose and slowly work your way up. To boost your natural defense enzymes, consume raw sprouts as they are loaded."
10/25/2011: P from Middle, Fl replies: "Here is a link that I found doing a google search. it is interesting, I too am curious and researching so the day I finally buy it; I know what to do.

Plus go to the remedy section on this page and read up on it too!"

10/26/2011: Douglas from Richmond, Va replies: "P from Middle, Thanks for the link."
10/26/2011: Douglas from Richmond, Va replies: "TimH,

Thanks for the reply. Does it mean that if you start off with high dosage of H2O2, it could damage the enzymes and be counter productive? 2 drops of 35% three times a day and increase by a drop everyday, correct?"

10/27/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "Douglas, extra oxygen won't "damage" enzymes, it could only reduce their number. To be safe, you could start w/ 2 drops "once" daily. Don't be fearful, H2O2 use appears to be quite safe for everyone. Most modern human illnesses seem to stem from "lack" of Oxygen. Dr. Mcabe's book Flood Your Body With Oxygen is devoted to the use of Ozone as well as H2O2. His journalist style could have used more pragmatic approaches, but it is an informative read. There are other books devoted to oxygen theropies. For health maintenace use antioxident supplements like selenium, vit-C & E, then include small dose H2O2 for daily use. If you don't have any major illness like cancer, you don't need to go large H2O2 daily."



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