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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy for Improved Health

Last Modified on Apr 06, 2014

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03/03/2014: Jessica from Leicestershire: "Hi I'd like to know if you are able to drink alcohol whilst on the hydrogen peroxide therapy? Thank you."

03/04/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Jessica: I am not familiar w/ any contraindication or interaction of alcohol & H2O2. H2O2 basically increases oxygenation of tissues that are not otherwise affected by normal cellular respiration. Alcohol, consumed in large quantities, actually decreases oxygen levels and increases acidosis (among other things) causing headache & hangover.

If you are a regular drinker, it would prove beneficial to take 50mg Zinc and 500mg Niacinamide daily so to help your body detoxify the alcohol."

01/06/2014: Rick from Long Beach,ca.: "Hi, After Taking H2O2 35% Diluted, can you do Exercises ?"

08/28/2013: Shon from Memphis, Tn: "I would like to know if you can use h202 therapy if you currently smoke?"

10/22/2012: Lizbeth from Milton Keynes, Bucks/uk: "My Questions are:
1) How can you eat anything when pumping HP 5-6 times per day?

2) What kinds of foods don't make you feel sick if you eat them near to taking or having taken HP?

I firmly believe in this but cannot eat within 2 hours either side of taking it."

12/10/2013: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Lizbeth, this is an old post but I'll answer anyhow: it seems that the inhalation of h2o2 does not have to be taken far from meals like the ingestion method does."
12/10/2013: Rebel from Somewhere Usa replies: "I would still wait a while, because with the inhalation method you may still swallow some down."

10/14/2012: Sue M. from Worden, Il, Usa: "I read this article this morning from Dr. Mercola's website and found it so interesting and informative, that I thought I would post the link for everyone to read. I learn something everyday on alternative measures for one's health.

Towards the bottom there is a link to a YouTube video of a senior who has back pain and what Dr. Robert Rowen did for him.... fascinating stuff."

09/28/2012: Herb from Paulden, Az: "Can I put my H2O2 in herb tea? Will it sustain its integrity? If not what kinds of juice can I use?"

09/14/2012: John from Hobbs, New Mexico, Usa: "My nephew has low oxygen levels in his bld, he is only 3 years. What is the procedure for this method."

07/26/2012: Marcus from Atlanta, Usa: "After 30 years of pulmonary clinics, Mayo and many others I have found the best, for me, solution for my coughing, COPD, bronchitis, problems. I first read Politics in Healing by Daniel Haley, which is the first read for all of us having upper respiratory problems. It has a forward by a congressman that had Lymes and cured it. Then read DMSO, Nature's Healer by Dr Morton Walker. Must Read! The other book which is a must read is "Flooding your body with Oxygen" The last is Hydrogen Peroxide by Dr. Dougles. All available on

I now have a Ozone Generator to which I feed Pure O2 and meter for proper flow to produce O3(OZONE) to bubble through olive oil and have finally found (Oxygen therapy) which has improved my condition more than all other allopathic medical pharma solutions. You have to educate yourself. Google all of the above you will find UVB(ultra-violet blood irradiation) administrated by MD's as well H2O2 IV's done by local Dr's. All of which are Oxygen Therapy's!!!!!!!!"

07/27/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Marcus, good to hear of your positive treatment w/ the big Ozone. I say big because O3 is the most powerful of the Oxygen therapies. Of course the problem is getting the unstable O3 in the body. Ozone Air Purifiers at just under the irritant level are definitely recommended.

To boost O levels orally I am currently in the habit of 5 drops Sodium Chlorite (NaCl) 2x daily; or rotate to 5 drops H2O2 (35%) 2x day. Also I begin my day w/ a warm footbath dosed w/ 1/2 scoop of Sodium Perborate (otc Oxyfree™), 10 min w/ noticeable results. In an attempt to boost O levels even more, tonight I repeated the footbath as normal but dropped the little hose of my O3 generator into the water and felt immediate energy boost (beyond the normal f-bath). I have tried the O3 bubble before without the sodium perborate w/ less results; so I am, at least for now, convinced that this combination approach is working; Suffering from both Parasite Infestation AND Black Mold infection any progress w/ this combo therapy will certainly be noticeable. Will continue this combo on a daily basis and post results on E.C."

07/23/2012: Cody from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: "How many parts per million of H202 is there in breast milk from humans? And how many parts per million in the colostrum from humans?"

07/19/2012: Susan from Los Angeles, Ca/usa: "Hi, Ted and thank you for the all the informative help. I have been using 35% HP in the way of ingestion. Started 3 drops per 8 oz of distilled water three times a day. The dosage adds 1 drop a day for 23 days. So far I am up to 10 drops 3 times a day. The taste has not bothered me yet.

Want to know if it is safe to keep up with this as long as I can handle the taste?

I am a smoker and suffering from Arthritis in my wrists and knees. I also have gum disease & been a candidate for gum surgery and have a severe case of varicose vein too. I heard that use of HP and the regimen I mentioned above would take care of these problems. I would like to know if the program I am following would help me with these conditions or if there is a better way of different dosage that would work better with these conditions. Also been reading on the posts about usage of regular filtered water would be a better alternative to distilled water and adding of baking soda or salt?

I cleaned my teeth and gums with the 3% solution and that caused flu like symptoms for the past 3 days with a bad cough of mucus.

I would like to know how to get rid of all the residue in my lungs due to years of smoking. Also been using 16 oz of 35% in bath tub full of water, would this help with arthritis?

Also if using HP would help psoriasis? And if so what would be the dosage? Thank you so much for all the help."

06/23/2012: Maggie from Calgary, Alberta,canada: "Hi. I found a product in the organics section of the grocery store. It is called Oxygen Bleach by NatureClean and it states it is 100% natural. The list of ingredients is deionized water and hydrogen peroxide. Just wondering if this is safe to use instead of food grade hydrogen peroxide. It does not list the percentage of hydrogen peroxide."

06/24/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, USA replies: "Maggie, it would help if you state exactly what you are using it for, I. E. Oral administration? Does the label say "not for human consumption"? What is the product marketed for?

I begin my day w/ a warm water footbath plus 2 spoons of OxyFree (which is a course powdered, stabilized form of Hydrogen Peroxide marketed for use as a laundry detergent as a safe alternative to chlorine bleach). Sometimes I take a whole body hot bath w/ added Sodium Perborate to boost oxygen levels and help kill pathogens w/ good results."

06/24/2012: Maggie from Calgary, Alberta, canada replies: "Hi Timh, I was looking for a product that would be okay to ingest in water like food grade hydrogen peroxide. The product is called "Oxygen Bleach" and has a caution: irritant warning on it. It states "our oxygen bleach is created from hydrogen peroxide which biogrades fully into oxygen and water. It removes tough stains, deodorizes, whitens whites and brightens colours. It also states it is 100% naturally derived ingredients. Ingredients: deionized water, hydrogen peroxide."
06/25/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "M, The greatest possible danger is added industrial grade scent/fragrance to make cloths smell good, but are indeed highly toxic to biological organisms. From what you state there appears to be no added fragrance but this is questionable. Smell the product for scent, and then dissolve in water and smell for scent or fragrance. Otherwise the product should be safe for human consumption, it's simply a matter of potency; so if you decide to try use this formula "start low and go slow".

As for alternative to FG H2O2 I would recommend "Stabilized Oxygen" / Sodium Chlorite drops in daily water as recommended on label."

06/26/2012: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Hi Maggie - If you are looking for 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide in Calgary, try Community Health Foods (you may want to phone first to see if it's in stock). They keep it in the back so you will have to ask for it. I'm sure other health food stores have it too. Just add 1 ounce of 35% HP to 11 ounces of distilled water for 3% solution. NatureClean is best used for laundry purposes. Here is the Material Data Safety Sheet from their Web site: Liq.pdf

Since it's formulated for cleaning, the grade of hydrogen peroxide probably isn't the purest. I wouldn't ingest it. Hope this helps!"

06/28/2012: Maggie from Calgary, Alberta,canada replies: "Thanks Timh. I've been researching sellers in Canada. Finding out about the ban in Canada because of it originally being named miracle mineral supplement. I am trying to understand why it is sometimes sold with an activator. Is it advisable to get the activator as well or will the water purification drops work on their own? Also, do you know if all sellers are legitimate if they mention sodium chlorite or if I should beware of anyone selling it under a false pretense. Hope you are well. Thanks for the suggestion. I greatly appreciate it."
06/29/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Maggie, I have made only one purchase of the MMS 28% 4oz bottle @ and am satisfied w/ the entire process. A quick search shows many co.'s want to also sell the citric acid activator thus boosting the price. I use ovc lemon juice concentrate from the grocer as an activator, or add a few drops MMS to Lemonade w/ good results. If you smell or taste chlorine then you know you've created the Chlorine Dioxide, which, according to Jim Humble, is a superior oxygen donor compared to sodium chlorite or hydrogen peroxide.

Another oxygen supplement worthy of interest is "Cellfood" and "Cellpower" both of which contain active oxygen plus vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. "Revive Organics" sells the same product in generic form for use as a supplement to revive the health of your pets and plants. My purchase from them was completely satisfactory. "ATG Products from All Things Good" looks like a high quality product and upstanding wholesale/direct seller, but I have no personal knowledge w/ ATG.

Sorry I don't have any more knowledge of vendors. Let us know of your personal progress and the accessibility of MMS inCanada; and thanks for your encouragement as I am in a semi-crises mode of recovery from 20 yrs bad health."

06/22/2012: Billieboy from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Candna: "Lots of info at

The Author is James Paul Roguski

He has a book on his site entitled The Truth about Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

It is a 56 page book, giving complete instuctions, and lots of other info. You can download this book at no charge. He also has a phone number you can call for more info, and any concern you have.

Well worth checking out."

06/16/2012: Carmen from Grand Junction, Colorado: "Hello, I was wondering if it would be safe to use a digestible gel cap to place the drops of hp in once I get closer to the 20 to 25 drops? I could swallow the capsule and then drink the normal water? A friend said if that capsule dissolved in your throat before hitting the stomach I would be burning for sure.... What are your thoughts? Carmen in Colorado"

05/24/2012: Jen from Bordeaux, Bordeaux, Fr: "I'm about to start H2O2 therapy but I have one concern. I am a transgender girl, with that being said, I'm currently on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and I really need to know if there are any known adverse reactions or problems with H2O2 and HRT.

Any information will be much appreciated."

03/29/2012: Joann from Columbia, South Carolina: "I am mighty glad I found out about 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. My body is healthy but I still use it to prevent any disease from attaching to my body. Several people I know personally have avoided open heart surgery through the use of 35% fghp. If your body is not healthy, you should never use 1 oz of fghp to 11 oz of water! That is entirely too strong! Please use a droplet! Five droplets in an 8 oz glass of water three times a day is a great place to start. Please also beware of damaging information being put out by the ones that will be most harmed by the good knowledge of 35% fghp, and that would be the medical industry. Oxygen, when used properly will destroy any disease! We have a loving Creator don't we!!! His name is Yahweh!!!"



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