Diatomaceous Earth Natural Remedies

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02/03/2012: Veronica from St Louis, Missouri, Usa: "Hi, thank you for your diatomaceous earth information. I wondered if after the post you noticed further health benefits. I am thinking of starting DE as you have and am a bit frightened of it.

Thank you,


[YEA]  09/02/2011: Dede from London, Ont., Canada: "In response to the Detox with DE, I can personally say that after 2 weeks on DE I feel great, it has detoxed me and is working on my energy level as well as some other ailments I suffer with. I found the first few days I was going to the bathroom more frequently.... But that only lasted a short time.... this product is amazing, I use it everywhere, for insects, in my garden, and around my home...."

08/21/2011: Annie Mae from East Coast, New England: "Hello. I use a tablespoon of DE in simple water, not juice... Just pure liquid to get it down. The next day I felt only mildly different, not negatively. But looking in the mirror I said ok, no makeup today. My eyes were stunningly 'nice', I usually put a touch of liner, and usually darken my brows. Small touches. So I left it at just using moisturizer, and went out. A woman and I were chatting and eventually she said "you're so beautiful'. I tell you this because I had not heard this in decades, and it was day 1, following use of DE. The down side for me is that on the 2nd, 3rd day I am a bit constipated...."

07/28/2012: Vreed27 from Seattle, Wa replies: "Yes you need to take in more water as DE can act like a diuretic."

06/24/2011: Ebru from Indianapolis, In, Usa: "First of all, i'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this wonderful site. My question is about the human consumption of food grade diatomaceous earth. I've been reading some very impressive feedback on its use, however I am sceptical. Has anyone tried it for detox or any other reasons? Thank you."

[YEA]  09/29/2013: Madeleine from Pawtucket R.i. replies: "Doc has told me that I have gastroesophageal reflux disease. I was taking omeprazole 40 mg a day and even that at times didn't help at times no more bad heartburn. Well it’s been for 32 weeks with diatomaceous earth ~ I have now made this a big part of my life ~ I eat it, bathe in it, I give it to my birds, dust it on there cages ~ Love it ~"

Diatomaceous Earth Side Effects

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01/06/2013: Granny from Ruidoso, New Mexico: "Does Diatomaceous Earth kill beneficial bacteria, OR NOT? If not, WHY NOT? If so, what can be done about it? I would think taking probiotics with it would be a waste of money if it kills them, too."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  09/30/2012: Cat from Tauranga, New Zealand: "Has anyone else noticed their bowel motions change to the point of not wanting to go for a few days at a time upon first taking DE? Along with this no bowel motion comes of course, a bloated stomach which is very uncomfortable. I still eat good food and naturally drink lots of water because of the DE but does this stuff clog up your system as well as benefit you in other ways? I'm sure it'll come right but how do I kick start myself again? Anyway, I have noticed my notoriously weak fingernails take off in the last few days but then again, we're into spring now and heading for summer so it may just be the winter respite is over and like all things, they are blooming again! *Food grade DE of course*"

09/30/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ USA replies: "I'm going to assume the DE is for "cutting up" the Morgellons beastie things, that that's why you're using it. And for that, it does seem to have some effect. I used it for quite a long time, and the magnetic charge of it does seem to help also. However, the only way it didn't seem to cause me problems was on a small bowl of cereal and milk, stirred in, or in a cup of hot herb tea, where it just looks like creamer! I have guinea pigged myself alot however, in search of relief from many health disasters, and have come out the other side from many, many things. Don't go overboard with DE. One small tablespoon in tea 1x per day is more than plenty. Dr. Hulda Clark says not to use it at all. Hope that helps. --T."


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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  04/20/2010: Six from Phoenix, Arizona: "Thank you so much for this website! After searching the web for a cure to my decades-long battle with self-diagnosed eczema, I have found that diatomaceous earth has shown great promise! For years I've suffered from diagnosed dertmitis nervosa. My skin would errupt in red spots that would itch almost nonstop, bleed, scab over, spread a bit and continue this pattern. The cycle would usually end with another trip to yet another dermatologist for stronger and stronger steroid medications (usually topical creams, but too often oral meds also).

Eventually the rash would turn from red to brown and begin to dry up leaving a very dark brown large area of discoloration. This would take months to clear up with the help of retin-a creams.

After searthing Earth Clinic's site for more natural cures, I found several entries noting 100% pure diatomaceousearth to cure fungal infections. I had about 2.5 pound of this stuff on hand and decided to try it. Well, the reviews suggested ingesting it. I'd done that in the past when dealing with other issues. This time I was trying Borax and baking soda as suggested by Ted and didn't want to mix it up too much. So, I tried applying the earth topically, straight from the bag. It's a fine powder just like talc. It immediately soothed the itch, and after a few hours the redness had decres by 50%. The eczema rash on my face has dissappeared!! My facial acne is history. The eczema is still on my neck but it is undercontrol and when I am diligent and apply it several times daily, it will go away. The dark blotches remain, and this is where I got into trouble last week, I began applying the retin-a much too soon and irritated my skin and the redness itch and rash returned. I'm back on the mend using the earth and will wait about one month after healed again before using the retin-a.

I hope this helps.


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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  09/14/2011: Laura from Asheville, Nc: "I have fibromyalgia and have been taking Diatomaceouls Earth for almost 2 weeks. It is definitly doing something positive for me. First I noticed a huge change in my foot problem that has plagued me for 4 years. I have woke up stiff, but that is different too. I don't know how to describe it except that the stiffness is not to the bone and all encompasing as before. I am so hopeful that I may continue to improve. If it is possible different factors contribute to Fibro for different people, I guess different results could be experienced from individuals also. My experience would lead me to suggest, try it and see how your body responds if you suffer any joint or fibro pain. Good luck to you all!"

11/16/2013: Karen from Toronto, On replies: "My feeling is that people with REAL fybromyalgia (70% of "sufferers" are misdiagnosed) THAT'S A LOT!! If they take it long enough WILL see the results! You need to take at least 4 tablespoons a day for 6 or more months to see what your hoping for...(little to NO pain) Healing takes time. I have had fybromyalgia (tested 18/18 for trigger points) for almost 20 years! In horrible pain and terrible chronic fatigue with many food allergies that went with it - like the nightshades and sugar. I began the DE 1/2 year ago. Started at 2tbs a day and upped it a few weeks later to 4-8 tbs a day. I now have such little pain anywhere in my body that I have to concentrate to see if I can feel anything! AND along with that the food allergies dissappeared as well as the chronic fatigue. I can even eat nightshade vegetables...and anyone with real fybro knows how painful the sligtest amount of one of those are.

If you've been told you have fibro but your doctor has not done the 18 point pressure test....then he doesn't know what he's talking about. You could very well be suffereing from something else and not getting the proper treatment. People ALL the time are being told they have fybro when the doctor just can't figure out why they have pain. A pain in your hip is not fybro, you have to have at least 11 different spots to have mild fybro. The reason I mention this is b/c people try to cure themselves of fybro who don't really have it - then tell others it doesn't work! IT DOES WORK. Drink it only with water on empty tummy - do it right and be patient. It CAN work for you too! =D"

11/17/2013: Prioris from Fl replies: "The 18 point test for fms is very very subjective. The doctor presses some point and then asks how the patient how they feel. how does the patient objectively judge the pain. of the patient does answer, how does the doctor judge the answer. different doctors may pressure the points with different amount of pressure also. if one answers only to 9 points, does that mean it is less painful than 18 points. this test needs to be retired into the dust bin at some point.

fms is a very murky disease with not any symptom that really stands out. there is a spectrum of severity where many fms people can easily be diagnosed with lyme or cfs or gws or ms or lupus ot other things. they have most of the unknown muscular skeleton problems under this label. even lyme tests can a murky area.

what is it about fms that really stands it apart from other chronic diseases in terms of symptoms. I would be really hard put to point out a truly distinquishing symptom. like many chronic diseases, it is in a syndrome category.

the whole area is a mess. trying to untangle this entire area can be difficult. this makes research on it very difficult since fms may end up being multiple diseases. this may even invalidate many studies on fms especially prevalence.

they have made an effort to water down the diagnosis procedure for cfs to mix non cfs people with cfs people so studies can be subverted to whatever they like.

i'd get the ciguatoxin test to rule out me/cfids/cfs because it is objective.

your right, many people are walking around with wrong diagnosis."

11/18/2013: Prioris from Fl replies: "... "Estimates are that 60% to 70% of us with FMS have symptoms very similar to costochondritis. No one is exactly sure whether it is true costochondritis or why it occurs with FMS, especially since FMS doesn't cause inflammation."


Notice the contradiction in FMS definition says FMS does not cause inflammation while costochondritis which most people with fms is ignored. Costochodritis inflammation was the most painful part of the fms condition. The sleep disorder is caused by the physical pain.

Tiredness or difficulty exercising is not distinguishing. Stiff muscles - what does that mean. People can get stiff muscles by just being inactive.

They have fms - "classified as mild cognitive disorders". many fms labeled people would not agree with the word "mild".

One person talking about fms may be world's apart from someone else who has fms. I think the fms label needs to be broken down further. I think infections (inflammation) vs non-infection groups may need to be separated especially symptom wise along with cognitive aspect."

[NAY]  11/22/2008: Pamela from Houston, Texas: "I have suffered with fibromyalgia for years. And I have takens lots of Diatomaceous Earth. The DE works great for parasites but does nothing to relieve or get rid of fibromyalgia. I also know several others with fibromyalgia who used DE with no relieve. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and keep up the good the good work."

11/21/2008: Cindy from Kansas, USA: "Fluoride remedy? I'm wondering if anyone has tried diatomaceous earth for fibromyalgia? I stumbled upon some references to its ability to capture and bind fluoride and its use as a water filter. I consume food grade DE occassionally but I don't suffer from fibromyalgia. I'm not suggesting it but I'd like to know if anyone has tried it for this particular problem."

General Feedback

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03/03/2013: Ann from Brevard, , N.c., U.s.: "Would like some info from people who have used or know much about Diatomaceous Earth/food grade for human health in particular but also for outdoor use as natural insecticide. Am puzzled, as I have read that moisture renders it ineffective but if used in soil, etc. outside, doesn't it naturally absorb moisure from earth, morning dew, air humidity? Please send me all you can on this product. Thanks tons!!!"

[YEA]  03/10/2012: Sheri from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA: "I was surprised to NOT find food grade diatomaceous earth on this website. Can be used for all sorts of issues, with great results on arthritis, parasites of any kind (internal or external) pet issues, and much much more. Has even been reported to regrow hair in balding spots and restore color to graying hair. Do a web search on FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth. This is NOT the same as pool grade (swimming pool) or for filtering purposes. The food grade is NOT the same as you would use in your garden or lawns, however it will still give the same results for any flea infestations, or any other bug problems. Do a search!! Well worth your time. This product is all natural and very very inexpensive. If you can find it locally, great! (Shipping will be at least as much as the product itself, because it is very dense. ) Send your results!! Sheri"

EC: Quite right, Sheri! We've seen enthusiastic support for diatomaceous earth (DE) as a remedy for all sorts of insect and general health issues. We've created a new page to gather all the remedies together. Thanks!

[YEA]  03/12/2012: Tahiti from Baltimore, Maryland replies: "Hi! I started using DE about two months ago and really like the results! My hair is growing in where it had thinned out or was missing altogether. I take it two to three times a day (one heaping tablespoon in a full glass of water). I use it in my shampoo for my hair. But you must drink a lot of water during the day or you can run the risk of severe constipation! This happened to me in the beginning and I won't let that happen again! I read that it takes up to three months to rid your body of parasites using DE. I'm anxious to find out! I also use it in the bath and in my facial cleanser as a mask. Thanks for opening up a page for it! I'm sure you'll get a lot of positive responses. I have neither heard nor read of any negative effects of using DE. I am anxious to hear of other people's experiences in using DE. Thanks again, EarthClinic."

12/23/2011: Sheila from San Diego, Ca: "I would not recommend consuming DE to anyone with Mercury/Amalgam fillings in their teeth. DE will chelate.

When I took DE for the first time to cleanse, I immediately had a metallic taste in my mouth, at first I thought it was the taste of the DE, but I did some reading and found information on DE's chelation properties. I have since had my fillings removed, so I'm interested in trying DE again."

07/18/2012: Nancy from Allentown, Pa, Us replies: "I'm trying to understand you- does this mean in drinking de will loosen or take out the mercury in my teeth? Because I have lots of old fillings and the dentist won't take them out because I'm allergic to anesthetics and my medical coverage won't approve oral surgery to remove them and fix the teeth I need to fix. I been drinking de for a month now. Hoping n praying due to many medical problems I have. I did read on ehow.com that de causes kidney problems n lung silicosis, cancer, has any1 read this b4. And I'm talking about food grade de perma guard. I really need miracles due to severe n many health issues. but if I must stop due to mercury in my teeth then I must stop it."

[YEA]  08/16/2010: Kari from Stephenville, Tx Usa: "Diatomaceous Earth is completely safe to use, as long as it's human/food grade and NOT pool grade. Most garden stores sell it as well as a plethora of websites. My only suggestion is to not put it on your carpet. Some people have a lot of luck with this, it mostly just made my vacuum cleaner sound [permanently terrible. It still runs fine, there's just a terrible noise when it's running and I can't seem to figure out the real cause (I've taken it apart down to the motor). Also, it's not healthy to breathe in ANY dusts, so wear a mask and remove your pets until the dust settles. Otherwise it's okay for you AND your pets to consume, it's okay to put some on your pets coat (although use caution, it can dry them out). It is a natural dewormer and will rid your animals of every worm EXCEPT for heart-worms. You need about 1 tsp for cats and small dogs, 2 tsp for bigger dogs... 1 tbsp for humans. It really has a lot of benefits. I strongly urge you to research it. I've found the best remedy for fleas is this... Make sure you've found a successful treatment for your animals. I had to switch spot-on treatments because the one I had been using for years was no longer effective. Then you need to treat the infected areas.. Best method for me? Frequent vacuuming. 3-4 times a week, every day if you can manage it. Make sure you throw the bag out or empty the canister outside. I also recommend NOT bathing your animals in chemicals... If you feel it's necessary to bathe them, try to use something like the original Dawn soap, and make sure the first place you get wet and put soap is around the neck... Fleas will always try to travel up to escape... You should never put soap or lots of water on your pets face, so treat the neck FIRST and get it good and lathered. If you wouldn't use it yourself, you probably shouldn't use it on your animals."

11/28/2009: Dewan from Waxahachie, Tx , Usa: "In response to doglover in NC, NATURAL diatomaceous earth does not emit a poisonous vapor. All it contains is ground up diatoms (fossils). It is about 86% silicon, so you don't want to breathe the dust (like any other dust). However it can be very drying, and may cause dry skin. It is included in some dog foods at about 2% by volume. Swimming pool DE is another story, it IS toxic. Do NOT use it anywhere except in the pool filters."



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