Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Remedies

Last Modified on Apr 17, 2014

Home Treatments for FIP in Cats

Feline infectious peritonitis is a viral infection found in cats around the world in both domesticated and wild cats that attacks the cells of the intestinal wall, causing an intense inflammatory reaction. Cats carrying the virus are at risk for developing FIP, depending on the immune system; but the coronavirus that causes the disease is not highly contagious and is only truly virulent in the saliva and feces when a carrier cat has an outbreak.

Initial symptoms of FIP include sneezing, watery eyes, nasal discharge, and sometimes diarrhea. As the disease progresses a cat may lose its appetite, weight, lower energy and exhibit depression, fevers, and develop a rough coat. FIP has two forms: “dry” and “wet”. The dry form is more common and exhibits the symptoms above, but the wet form has a faster onset and is characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. The fluid may cause a potbellied appearance and can interfere with your cat's breathing over time.

Home Cures for Cats with FIP

This page is for user-submitted remedies and discussion of feline infectious peritonitis. Currently we are looking for more home and natural treatments for FIP, but some Earth Clinic readers have discussed the use of aloe vera, raw diets, and apple cider vinegar. Know of a treatment for FIP? Please don't hesitate to let us know about it!

Aloe Vera

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[YEA]  06/03/2009: Ellen from Fort Collins, CO: "Black Spots: About 15 years ago, I had 2 cats (still have one) who endured the dry form of FIP. Being an immune system problem, one of the cats developed a number of tiny black spots under her chin. I used aloe vera gel that I applied topically and the fungus resolved within a week or so. Both cats recovered from the FIP but the Siamese lost her hearing. She lived to 16 yoa. The long-haired yellow cat is still living and is quite lively. She's about 17 years old. Both cats are/were on a raw food diet. Except for the time, early on, when they had FIP, neither has ever had fleas, ticks, or any parasite and they were outdoors in a protected area for much of that time. My yellow cat developed, first, a sebaceous cyst on her left shoulder where she received a rabies injection in 1994 (she's never had any more rabies shots since). I gently squeezed it and expressed a waxy substance and it disappeared for a number of years. It is back now and there is a rather large serous cyst below it as well. Am going to try the turmeric by adding it to her food. We just began using apple cider vinegar yesterday. I have a 2 year-old Siamese male as well. He received numerous multiple injections (just criminal) from the pinheads who sold him as a 4 month-old kitten. But, that's another story."

01/01/2014: Diana from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia replies: "My cat have FIP dry form and at the same time she have neuron problem.She's taking medicine from vet as well (peridnisolone, b complex and also supplement pills).I tried to feed her with dilluted ACV but seem like she dislike the taste and refuse to drink it. Any advice on giving her ACV? Is it any side effect if I use those medications with ACV?"
01/02/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn replies: "Hey Diana!

I am sorry to hear about your cat :(

Conventional treatments indicate your cat is a dead cat walking and it's only a matter of time before you have no choice but to PTS to end his suffering. Read up on the horror stories to prepare yourself for this battle:


Another good source of info on FIP: http://www.2ndchance.info/fip.htm

Death sentence aside .....

This website has information posted by Irene de Villiers, B.Sc, D.I.Hom/D.Vet.Hom, who has effected cures of FIP cats; is very indepth and contraindicates the steroid your cat is currently taking - **read it**:


There are many homepathic remedies suggested, far too much information to post here.

This is one success story by the same author:


And new techiniques and rubrics for treating FIP by same author:


01/02/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn replies: "Hey, Diana!

DOH - I sent too soon!

To dose your cat with ACV, try adding 2-3 tablespoons of the raw, unfiltered, "with the mother" ACV to 1 cup of purified water, then dip your cat's paw in the ACV water so its saturated and sopping wet. Chances are your cat will lick his paw to dry himself off.

I do not know if ACV is contra indicated with your cat's current medications; to be on the safe side dose the ACV 2 hours after you give him his meds or at least 2 hours before you give him his prescribed meds."

01/02/2014: Diana from Kuala Lumpur,malaysia replies: "Dear Theresa,

I try my best not to give her PTS, as now I can see quite good improvement on her movement, the way she walk and eat, she also even can climbing up to her upstair level in her cage! For time being, I used to give her ACV (dillute with clean water and feed her by syringe) in the middle of the time of her meds.Means like she eat meds during morning and night.So, during evening I give her some dilluted ACV. Please pray for my cat to recover. Anyway tons of thanks for your advice. (^^, )"

01/02/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn replies: "Diana, do consider the homeopathic remedies as outlined on the links below.

Some tried colloidal silver, some MMS, but none reported cures except the homeoathic vet.

And yes of course! Sending prayers for the recovery of your kitty! "

Remedies Needed

09/02/2012: Nur Aida from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: "Please help me, my kitten persian 8months diagnosed wet form of FIP. Bella is very sick now and admited. What can I do to get her better. I dont want to lose her."

11/29/2012: Winnie from Hampshire, Il, US replies: "re: FIP, Nur Aida, how did your kitty cat come out?

I had to have mine put to sleep last week. Vet said it could have been FIP, or a tumor, or heart disease that caused her to fill up with fluid - so I don't know if she actually had FIP or not. But, the vet did tell me that none of them are curable - only treatable, and just to a point. Unfortunately, Bubbles get very sick very quickly, and just couldn't make it. (only 2 ys. old) I do hope you were able to have a successful outcome with yours. All the best, Winniekate"

04/17/2014: Kaylyn from Co replies: "Colloidal silver can cure FIP or ANY virus, bacteria, fungus without worry of the germs adapting or mutating. Google FIP and Colloidal Silver for quite a few videos and articles successfully treating infected kitties."



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