Urinary Tract Disorders in Cats

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Apple Cider Vinegar

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[YEA]  06/07/2009: Eqn from Orange County, CA: "Thank you to all of you for taking time to share your experiences and writing down the dosage used. My cat was suffering from a UTI this afternoon and I quickly conducted an internet search for natural remedies to alleviate her discomfort and cure her infection. I was thrilled to find this site and all of the feedback from other cat owners. I was also thrilled to find a bottle of ACV in my pantry. This remedy seems to have worked! I had a syringe and used it to administer 1/4 teaspoon ACV with 1 teaspoon water. She did not like this at all (who can blame her for the taste?), but she took it like a champ and within 3-4 hours was taking a nap, able to relax at last. I went to the pet store and found some feline urinary tract cranberry tablets and also purchased canned cat food (she normally eats a dried food diet). I mixed one tablet in with a small can of cat food - she ate this happily. And, once 5 hours had elapsed, I mixed a second dose of 1/4 tsp ACV: 1 tsp water in with some canned/soft cat food and was happy to see her devour it as she normally would do ( I was worried the smell of vinegar would offend her, but it did not appear to). I am happy to report that as I type this, she is napping comfortably! Thanks to all of you once again for sharing your experiences; I hope this continues to assist other cat owners facing this crisis."

[YEA]  04/10/2009: Yann from Phuket, Thailand: "My 3yr old male cat Jang suffered from UTI..he struggled just to urinate..One morning, i found him lying on the floor ...very weak...ive rushed him to the vet...and guess what...my total bill is $700....but thn to see Jang back on his feet makes me happy...Was told by the vet that this might happen again unless i changed his diet....I stumbled upon your website....ACV works wonders....its been 4 months and he is a healthy cat...no mor UTI...His diet include 2 capful of ACV, cooked in brown rice, mix veg and minced chicken....he love it so so much...Thanks Earthclinic!"

[YEA]  02/15/2009: Cathy from Subang Jaya, Selangor / Malaysia: "Cosmo, my neutered 8 month old cat, had his first case of UTI (frequent urination with little urine) sometime in November 2008. The vet prescribed Cystone which is a herb that encourages drinking. I did not really believe in this but I gave it to him anyway. It didn't work. His UTI became worst and he started to have blood in his urine and he licked his privates with a vengeance.

I took him to another vet and he was given a course of antibiotics which cleared the infection.

However, I noticed there was again blood in his urine 3 days ago. As I felt that the UTI will become pretty constant in his life (and he's still so young!), I figured that I would need to consider a holistic approach to this. And that brought me to this site.

I bought a bottle of ACV last night and gave it to him (1/4 tsp ACV to 1 tsp water). I repeated that this morning and by this evening, his pee is a healthy flow with no sign of blood! PLUS! He's not going in and out of his litter box. :)

I intend to continue giving him the ACV for at least 5 days and to monitor his progress after that.

I am really grateful for this website. It's relieved Cosmo's discomfort, and saved me tonnes on vet bills! Keep up the good work!"

[YEA]  02/03/2009: Renee from Sonora, CA: "I am so thankful for this website! My 13 year old cat has had UTIs a couple of times in his life. And about $150 each time I take him to the vet. Well last week I noticed him going to his box often. Then he went into the bathroom & went on the rug. The urine was bloody. So now it's 9:30 at night & we don't have 24 hour vets here. I felt so sorry for my cat - he must have been in alot of pain. So I planned on calling the vet first thing in the morning. Then I got on this website, & read about the ACV. Now it's 10 at night, and I get dressed to go to the store, because (of course) I didn't have any ACV. Well, when I got back I mixed about a half capful with some tuna. He didn't eat very much, but by the next morning he was better! I kept giving him the ACV for about a week, and now you would never know he has a problem. I am so happy to find this remedy I am recommending it to everyone I know who has cats. Thank you so much!"

[YEA]  01/19/2009: Apryl from Hooks, Texas : "Last night hubby and I noticed that our cat was acting very odd. He wasn't using his litter box and would "squat" every few minutes all around the house like he was trying to urinate. His coat didn't look so good and he was having trouble walking and he couldn't sleep. It was a Sunday night and today is a holiday. There wasn't any place open to take him. He was trying to go to the bathroom and let out the most horrible crying noise. It brought me to tears. I just felt so helpless. I came across this site and decided to try acv. We went to Wal-Mart at 3am to get some as we didn't want to wait and watch him suffer. It's been less than 24 hours and he's already feeling better. He isn't squatting all the time and he actually has been able to urinate some and is using his box again. He's finally able to sleep as well. I gave him a lot more than what was suggested from the people on this site because I was terrified he wouldn't make it through the night. I honestly have no idea exactly how much I gave him. He won't eat wet food at all, so I bought his favorite treats and saturated with with full strength acv. I also used a dropper and gave him a bit mixed with water (not sure how much of each as I was in a panic and wasn't using measurements). I also added some to his water. I think I will keep doing this until he is better, then I'll just continue to add some to his drinking water. I'm so thankful to have found this site and so glad that our kitty is feeling better. I know he has a way to go, but the improvement was almost immediate. To be honest, I had my doubts at first but decided it was well worth trying and was really the only option I had at 3am. Don't hesitate to try this. It really works and works fast. I will still take him to our vet just to make sure he's ok, but this may very well have saved his life as he was looking so horrible I was afraid he wouldn't live through the night. Thanks!"

12/05/2010: Dallas from Atlanta, Ga, Usa replies: "Of importance, I saw a post regarding ACV being dangerous to kitties with renal disease -- which was critical for my household of 4 cats, (Maggie has early kidney disease -- which subQ fluids are maintaining). I was going to put ACV in the water bowl (as Isabella has UTI and is a somewhat wild rescue getting used to housemates and being inside - and she would NEVER let me give her a ACV by mouth as catching her to get to vet took an hour... With much disarray and a few wounds (me) :) She was given an antibiotic shot 10 days ago. She is better but still not peeing as much as she should.

I have given her 1/4 tsp ACV in wet food 3 times now, and also Vitamin C powder and will continue to do so. Thanks to all fellow kitty lovers for posting (and check out "Simon's Cat" on You Tube if you want a laugh)! He has really nailed kitty behavior in his animation. And one last tidbit -- anyone who has outside cats they also take care of in cold weather, check out Snuggle Safe discs that go in microwave and stay warm for 8-10 hours. Heat according to your microwave wattage and tuck in their bed/blankets. They will LOVE you even more. God speed --"

04/30/2011: Crazy Cat Lady from Cookeville, Tn U.s.a. replies: "My female Manx has had blood in her urine. Funds are low here and I had been treating her with human antibiotics that can be used in felines. I hope this works. She has been feeling really badly.

Also used this on my male dsh cat. He has been acting like something has been stuck in his throat and vomiting a LOT in the early morning. I have suspected it was a hairball. Tried mineral oil, Vaseline, and a store-bought hairball remedy with no success. I used the mixture that people used here 1/4 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 tsp distilled water via oral syringe. I felt bad because immediately... He got sick. Out came the GIANT hairball he has been gagging on. Strange, but neat! My other female dsh has been acting as if she has the start of a UTI as well. She got the same as the others. Both females spit just a little out. Will update on the worst case, which was the Manx. Thank you so much for the advice. I take Apple Cider Vinegar daily myself."

01/07/2009: Rosy from Orlando, Fl: "Female kitty peed on herself:

I am concerned about my female kitty Mora, she is about two years old. We are in the middle of switching her to a more natural diet. She was on Solid Gold's Indigo Moon formula, which it grain free, but I had wanted to switch her and my male to a raw diet. The male seems to have switched fine. It has been about a week with the raw only. Right now we are struggling, as she only wants to eat the kibbles. I have it put up in a spare bedroom. I have been feeding her a freeze dried Venison formula, and when I think they may eat it, some raw chicken that was frozen in a tube. I feed them both about an ounce, at first and if they are still hungry I will warm up more. I do not heat in the microwave. Well now that I have gotten through the current situation, my main concern. This morning they were hungry and I was defrosting some raw and it would be a while before I could feed them. So I gave both of them a treat. It was a cranberry treat that they have both eaten for over a year. Shortly after that I saw her walking around the house with a wet bottom. I went to dry her off and noticed it was urine. I cleaned her with a damp washcloth, she wasn't too happy, but not as upset as when I cleaned her bottom when she got poo on it. So I don't think she is feeling to spunky. I went to look up on line females peeing on themselves and noticed a really rancid cat pee smell. I went to the littler box, and it wasn't there, she had peed in a tent that I had put up for them in the corner. It was thicker than normal and very yellow. It had also got part on the carpet. So now I think she had been going to hid in her tent cause she didn't feel good and ended up peeing with out knowing it. What makes this more upsetting is yesterday she was great, and we played all day! The urine smell isn't normal, it is very stinky, I am not sure how to describe it but it isn't like a strong pee smell, it is just strong and stinky, but still pee like. Has any one else had this same thing happen? I don't have a regular vet, and I don't want to deal with finding one that won't think I am a nut case with the raw food."

01/07/2009: Mary from Regina, Canada replies: "Hi: I don't have cats but 2 small dogs. I have been told to fast them for 1 day anytime i switch over to raw. If for example we go on holidays and have to drive. I do not pack raw, they eat dry for that time. Regarding your female cat, I have a trick that I use. I have 2 miniature pinchers that have been on raw most of their lives. When I have an issue, I feed them live yogurt that I have cultured myself with milk and acidophilis. They get this until problem resolves itself.

Hope this helps,
[YEA]  01/09/2009: Rosy from Orlando, Fl replies: "Update on my fur baby Mora,

I mixed together 1 tablespoon of organic ACV with 1/3 cup filtered tap water. I gave my kitty 2 tsp by syringe 2 times a day. At first she was ok with it, which isn't my kitty, She then slept for a couple of hours and ate. She peed in the litter box one more stinky pee before bed. So bad I had to empty it for the second time that day. In the morning she put up some fight with the ACV mix, but I got it in her :)~ She ate some no grain canned food and was frisky for a while then slept most the day. That night I gave her one more dose and I had to chase her and got part of it on the wall, so she must be feeling better. I haven't noticed the stink, and she is much friskier. I will try the fast when I start her on raw again, see if that keeps her from getting too dehydrated in her protest!"

[YEA]  12/15/2008: Jeannie from Houston, Texas: "Thank you so much for the apple cider vinegar remedy! I had a male cat who recently developed a severe bladder infection. I came on this site and read about the apple cider vinegar cure. He would not eat or drink so I put one capful of organic apple cider in a bowl (cat bowl)then filled the bowl with water. I then took a dropper and filled it, wrapped him in a towel tightly, and gave him the dropper slowly by mouth. I waited several hours and did this again.There did not seem to be much improvement first night, but by next day he was perky and he could urinate without crying. I continued ths same treatment the next day, making sure he was able to pee even a little(as I did not want to keep giving water if the urine flow was completely blocked)Slowly but surely each day he was better and better. Today it is like it never happened.The strangest thing though is yesterday he went into the kitchen, and started trying to get oil out of the olive oil bottle....so I poured him some and he lapped it up.

I am going to be adding both apple cider vinegar and olive oil to his diet from now on. I think the apple cider vinegar was a life saver when my kitty needed it. Thank you!"

[YEA]  12/02/2008: KG from South Brunswick, NJ: "Hi all.Our 3 yr.old cat Tum was lethargic when we came home on thanksgiving night,after seeming to have problems peeing for a few hours earlier.I took him to a 24 hour emergency hospital at 11pm,being the only place open at that time,especially on a holiday.I was told upon entering there was a $120 "cover charge" just for walking in.Fine.Ijust want my cat to live,I thought.Well when the vet called me in to discuss the problem,I found out he had a urinary blockage and they wanted to unblock him and do testing to find out exactly why,due to the tune of $1200,also while telling me he may need surgery on top of that.Being pretty strapped for money,like anyone else nowadays,I couldn't afford their testing.I started crying hysterically,not wanting to have to watch my cat suffer infront of us helplessly,and watch him die.The vet told me she'd unblock him,thankfully,but then we were sent on our way.He seemed ok for a few hours afterwards,but then started going in and out of the litterbox every 2 minutes or so.We knew we couldn't afford to take a trip to the vet or hospital,just because we already knew what it was and what it would cost.That's when I started frantically searching the net for a home remedy type solution,and the apple cider vinegar treatment was the 1st I came across.I was EXTREMELY weary and hopeless,but thought,hey I have nothing to lose.My husband immediately ran to the food store and bought a bottle.I gave Tum some WET food mixed with about 1.5 tsp of acv immediately,and the same amount at every feeding.I am so happy to report that out baby is almost completely better.He is not only making less than half the trips the the litter box than before,but it active again after only 3 days now.Sure he didn't like it at 1st,but mix it with food and if they're hungry,they'll eat it!We didn't force it down his throat(we've tried before with other meds and it was just us getting scratched and bit by him)but administer it by any means if you have a fussy cat!It is SO worth it.I just want to speak on behalf of all the loving animal owners who can't afford expensive treatment...please give it a try!There's NOTHING to lose.It has kept one of our family's best friends around!

Thanks a MILLION ten fold for those who have made testimonials and who have informed us on the use of avc for urinary problems for our cat,as it has saved his life and gave us such great hope,as well as returning our Tum to his lively,crazy young self!Please,please try it-if not now,as a last option.We did and we are so thankful.Thank you all so much."

[YEA]  11/29/2008: Anne S-K from Innisfil, Canada: "First of all, I would like to thank the owner/founder and independent contributor for this wonderful site, along with all those those who have provided valuable feedback concerning folk remedies.

Our senior cat Pepper who is about 15 years old developed problems over a year ago, which started with listlessness, loss of appetite/drinking and vomiting. We took her to a Vet and was informed that she was not drinking enough and needed to be rehydrated, so she was kept overnight at the clinic for tests and was rehydrated by IV. The Vet later informed us that because of her age her kidneys were failing and tests showed they were in poor shape, he also said she would need to be on medication and a low protein diet which could only be purchased at the clinic.

After the awful ordeal of having to pop a pill down her throat every day, she showed no improvement and her symtoms actually got worse and she was deteriorating faster and was looking like a bone rack. I tried every kind of food to try to tempt her to eat but she would only eat about a teaspoon of food. It was very upsetting to see her so ill and thin so I returned to the Vet who told me that the kindest thing I could do was to put her to sleep. :( My family and I decided not to go that route and brought her back home.

After extensive researching on the net I found that others pets had gotten worse from this medication so I stopped giving it to her.

I also learned online that dandelion leaves were great for flushing the kidneys and body of toxins, so I started giving her a fresh one from the garden and chopping and mixing some through her soft food.

With the help of organic baby food and a fresh dandelion leaf daily, she slowly regained her appetite and stopped vomiting and was drinking lots of water.

A year later she has now fully regained her weight and is eating her regular crunchies and soft food and has a healthy appetite. The only thing now is she drinks huge amounts of water which I was told was the bodies way of flushing toxins out of the system which is due to her age and failing kidneys.

Two weeks ago she got a bladder infection and was straining to uninate but was only passing small drops, so I reseached the net and found EARTH CLINIC, after one day of giving her organic apple cider vinegar in her soft food and drinking bowl she started to unrinate and has been fine since.

"Another one of mother earths natural remedies"

We are now keeping Pepper on the apple cider vinegar perminately and our new kitten also.

Quess what? she is now also starting to drink normal amounts of water. :D

Thank you again for this wonderful site.
I hope my feedback also helps others.

P.S In winter I add dried dandelion root to Peppers soft food which I purchase in my health food store.

We add 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to her soft food and 1/2 a teaspoon to two cups of her drinking water every day.

fresh dandelion half of one small leaf from my garden chopped up fine and added to soft food three times a week, in winter 1/2 a capsule of dried dandelion root.

If you can't get your cat to eat the fresh leaf, try putting about 5 drops of dandelion liquid tinture in a full bowl of drinking water.

Don't ever administer full strenth cider vinegar or dandelion root directly into your pets mouth.
This would choke them."

[YEA]  11/23/2008: Krista from Jarvis, On, Canada: "My Cat Binx had been suffering from a Urinary Tract infection 1 month ago. Of course at that time I had no idea what to do and It was 1am on a Saturday, so I made an Emergency call to my Vet. Within 2 days he was good as new! To the tune of $429. Then 2 weeks later the same occured again, so back to the Vet. This time it cost $189 plus he had to be put on Expensive canned food. I thought all would be fine after that.

The next week he was sick once again, and my hubby and I could not afford to spend another dime on vet bills, so I searched high and low on the internet and came across this site...A TRUE GOD SEND!!! As soon as I read all the testimonials I knew it had to work. I rushed out and bought a jug of ACV. I gave him 1/4 of a tsp, mixed with 1 tsp of water, and put in syringe. I pinned him down and made him swallow it. He hated it and gagged, so i filled up the syringe with water to help with the bitterness. Within 4 hours I noticed a difference already. After 24 hours he was able to urinate normally, and looked great. Now Two times a day I make the same mixture and put into his wet food, he takes it like a trooper! LOL It has been 3 Weeks, and I have my old cat back. His fur is shinnier, his eyes are brighter, he is spunky once again. This is something I will keep him on for a long time. IF YOUR SCEPTICAL, IM TELLING U IT DEFINITLY WORKS, AND IT SAVED MY 6 YR OLD CAT'S LIFE!!!!"

[YEA]  11/05/2008: Pat from Brookings, OR: "ACV works! Kitty, who is 7 was suffering from a 3rd round of urine problems in past 2 years. Displayed blood in urine, discomfort. Vet would only prescribe antibiotics again if extensive tests done so found this site and thought we'd give it a try. Blended 1/2 tsp. ACV into her wet food at each feeding, 3 times a day and 1/4 tsp. in her 1-1/2 cup water dish. Same day there was improvement and 4 days later under this regimen she is sleeping peacefully, and appears to be urinating normally. Give it a try, using unfiltered ACV bought at the health food store, don't know if that's necessary tho. Thanks again!"

[YEA]  10/02/2008: Janet from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri: "Recently, my cat Gracie started running to her litter boxes constantly with little urine being deposited. The vet was closed for two days. I wanted to help her & found your web site via web search on "feline UTI home remedies" and was so happy to find the Apple Cider Vinegar suggestion from other writers. It worked in 24 hours she was almost back to normal and after 4 days she is now urinating normally and fully. We're also putting her on a special dry food that will hopefully help. Thanks for the help everyone!!"

[YEA]  08/13/2008: LAURIE Z. from HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA: "Okay,i am writing about the apple cider vinegar, my cat gary was showing severe signs of having uti and we were giving him small doses watered down in the morning and at night it took about five days and believe it or not my cat was up and being his usual self and going to the bathroom like he never had it. i was so happy because he was in so much pain and i just wanted to give it a shot before having to spend the money at the vet and it worked i am so amazed thank you sooo much for this website..."

[YEA]  08/05/2008: Jay from Florissant, Missouri: "I used apple cider vinegar to cure my cat's urinary blockage after a 1500 dollar visit to the vet the first time this occured. A neighbor suggested trying a home remedy. I found this web site and learned about apple cider vinegar to cure cat's of urinary blockage.I had a syringe from the vet for giving my cat water to help him swallow his medicine I used this 6 militer syringe to give my cat ACV BY MIXING IT WITH ONE CUP OF WATER AND GIVING HIM 1FULL syringe in the morning and 1 at night the 1st 3 days then 1/2 a teespoon of ACV to his water dish which holds 2 cups.

I am pleased to report that MAX my male cat is doing fine and is urinating normally now will keep him on this for the rest of his life. my thanks to Earth clinic"

[YEA]  05/04/2008: Tonya from Houston, TX, USA: "Outstanding information on this site.

Why isn't Apple Cider Vinegar a staple in every household? Truly a life changing remedy the doctors sure don't tell you about. Thanks a million to everyone who took the time to provide VALUABLE information on this site. I'm using it now for my cat who almost died from crystals...a urinary blockage. The vet wanted to perform a painful $1,500 surgery, but the ACV is doing the trick to regulate his PH levels. Unbelievable..."

05/27/2008: Aynne from Liverpool, NY replies: "I am reading about the ACV helping kitties with crystals. I've spent thousands of dollars on my kitty, usually rushing him to the vets and having him stay about 3 days. This is tough on all of us. He only eats specially ordered wet vet food, yet he still gets sick and I have to watch him all the time. What is the dosage for the kitties who have crystals? It would be a relief to finally get this under control. He has lost alot of weight since he can no longer eat grains. I am now retired and now longer have the financial resources I did, so I need better solutions."
06/09/2008: Cindy from Mount Shasta, CA replies: "Apple Cider Vinegar Regarding ACV and urinary blockage in cats, how do you administer it to kitty?"
01/02/2011: Beverly from Spartanburg, Sc replies: "I cured one of my tomcats with apple cider vinegar earlier this year. Just spent $100 dollars to treat a second cat who developed a sudden complete blockage. Someone mentioned on a different thread here (bladder problems in cats) to PUT THE AVC ON THEIR PAWS and let them lick it off. This is a much more efficient way to treat than trying to administer with a syringe. I am going to start doing this regularly to prevent future problems. Earth Clinic is WONDERFUL!"
11/15/2011: Gerald from Columbus, Ohio replies: "I haven't seen anybody mention putting some ACV in the drinking water of your feline friend. Thats what we have done for all of our pets and it works great for cats that have urinary problems.

As far as the amount, you will have to experiment with how much they will tolerate.... start with a teaspoon in a bowl of water and increase from there."

10/03/2012: Marcella from Yelm, Washington replies: "Avoid feeding kitty with urinary track issues foods with any ash content in it. especially if you have a Simase kitty who seem to be more prone to urinary problems than other breeds.

Wile Ash is not the only cause of urinary problems it is a major contributing factor of flare ups and infections since the ash blocks the urinary track and makes it harder and very painful to pee.

You may be suprised how many dry and [wet] canned foods have a very high content of ash in them. The list of ingredients begin's with the highest amount contained in the food to the least amount on the bottom of the list.

hope this helps some. Marcella"



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