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Skin Cream

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[YEA]  07/15/2006: Douglas from Toronto, Ontario: "I found that skin cream helps to reduce or get rid of stretch marks. It works better if you can put it on right away. It may work for old stretch marks, but you will probably have to use it for awhile."


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[YEA]  11/30/2008: Shon from Charleston, South Carolina: "I must say that I too have been using the Vicks vapor rub. And after only 5 days my husband says that they are fading. I have really long stretch marks from my first pregnancy (and my son is nine now) across my stomach. WOW!! Thnx EC!!!"

12/06/2008: Shon from Charleston, South Carolina replies: "I recently posted a comment about the Vicks vapor rub, and still the results are getting better and better. They are still visible, but not as light as they were before. Its truly amazing!! If I'm lucky I'llbe able to fit back in the two pieces without shame."
03/26/2009: Susie from Murrieta, CA replies: "HI, just wondering how it's going with the Vicks, are you still seeing improvement?"
03/28/2009: Shon from Charleston, South Carolina replies: "Hi Susie! I stopped using the Vicks last month and my stretch marks are really small, but they didnt 100% go away. I would say 85%, which is better than before. I am content."
04/03/2009: Lisa from Lowell, MA replies: "Hi, just wondering if the Vicks remedy worked on the white kind of stretch marks or if they were the dark purplish stretch marks."
04/28/2009: Someone from Somewhere, Someplace replies: "I'm pretty sure vicks only works because it puts a layer of petroleum jelly over your skin. I think vasoline or anything like that would have the same effect, because it fills them in. I suppose it's a quick fix, but it doesn't really heal your skin. The menthol, camphor oil and eucalyptus would be good for increasing circulation (great for stretch marks), but I can't help but think your blocking your skin's pores and it's not healthy. So I think you should work on healing them with natural remedies and exfoliation, and when you have a special occasion coming up, use the vicks or vaseline. This is only my opinion though, try everything and anything, it might work for you, but you have to stay committed."
01/03/2010: Nora from Union City, New Jersey, USA replies: "Hey Shon i was just wondering i am 17 yr old n i have stretch marks since i was 8 yrs old. do u think it will work after 9 yrs of gettin those stretch marks??"
08/05/2010: Qiana from Richmond, Va replies: "Hi Shon, I was just curious (desperate) to know if you simply rubbed vicks vapor rub on your stretchmarks? Is it that simple? Or did you incorporate something else into the regimen?"
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/07/2011: Mariah from Cicero, Il replies: "I have to admit that VapoRud help me out more than the Cocoa Butter Formula. After the 3rd use I started seeing immediate results. I taught I was doing wrong because I taught it would damage my skin but no it resulted that no. Excellent Choice! There Not 100% gone but I've only been using it for 3 Weeks and there 50% gone."
09/19/2011: Angel from North Charleston, Sc replies: "Hey everyone, I was looking for some type of treatment to help cure my stretch marks and I heard that vapor rub may help. After reading Shon's post I'm just excited to try it to see if it would make my stretch marks look any better than it already does. It's embarassing that I cannot where a bathing suit because of it and I'm only 23 years old. When I was 8 months pregnant with my first son this is where it all began. I wished I could have gotten through one more month without it because now it's very hard to get rid of."
05/29/2013: Brandi from Van Alstyne replies: "Do u leave it on? I've been leaving mine on. Do u mix it with anything?"
12/12/2013: Tlg from Georga replies: "I believe the key is exfoliating the skin before using. The skin has 3 layers and all layers need to be treated. if you're only treating the first layer you may not see results. Get rid of the dead skin (top layer) by exfoliating. I have not tried Vicks yet but have been researching and gained some knowledge."

[YEA]  06/13/2008: Kat from San Diego, CA: "I have stretch marks on my thighs and for a week now I've been using Vicks at night before I sleep and notice a huge difference it is fading, seriously it works and I'm going to continue it and give another update in a week or 2 :)"

11/04/2011: Briannap. from Seattle, Washington replies: "I am 17 years old and I have stretchmarks from gaining weight. People told me that they would reduce the more I lost weight, they said the same thing about my boobs but those just got bigger and my stretch marks were even more visable. I lost about 40 pounds. I have been looking for simple home remedies for weeks to reduce stretchmarks and I have finally found one that doesn't have an extreme amount of directions and stuff. I am on day 1 of using Vicks and I am hoping I get some sort of results out of it. Wish me luck!!"
[YEA]  03/27/2012: Joy from Athens, Greece replies: "Well I have strech marks since I was 13 and I'm 23 now.. I have strech marks on my hips, buttocks, thighs, inner knees.. You name it... Beacuse they're old now they have this silvery/white color.... My natural skin tone is light brown, so the difference is rather noticeable.

Recently I was searching for natural remedies .. I've spend money on drug store expensive treatments with no results... I heard about Vicks on this site... and I I gave it a try..

Well this is week 3 and I m very content with the results :) My stretch marks are gradually fading:)

This is what I do: every night after exfoliating (and morning sometimes) I apply vicks on the strech marks and on top of it a layer of olive oil (which sometimes I switch for karite oil ). I noticed however that on my right side the strech marks are fading faster than the other side.. I guess this is because I rub the mixture more vigorously on the right side.. Well I will continue and post my results.. God bless!"

[YEA]  12/15/2007: Tatiana from Round Rock, TX: "Vicks vapor rub is amazing for stretch marks! I use to have really dark thick long stretch marks all over my belly. I have been massaging vicks on my belly twice a day for two weeks. Already I see a drastic improvement!! The stretch marks are much thinner and lighter in color!! My husband is in shock too!!"

11/23/2009: Claudia from Lakeland, Florida replies: "I have been using vixs for about a week now right after i saw it on the internet that it worked miricales i decided to try it for my self and damn does it work fast..... my stretch marks are barely even noticable u can't even tell I had that many!!!! love it I'll keep posting my updates in week 2"
01/26/2010: Donni from Indianapolis, Indiana replies: "I am now starting to use the Vicks! I have not seen any improvement yet. Maybe I am using it wrong. I rub it on my belly every night after i get out of the bath/shower. It has only been about a week. About how long do I have to use Vicks? How many times a day should I be putting it on my belly?"
03/25/2010: Mommy from Colton, Ca replies: "I've been using it for 3 days now (my sister suggested it, thanks sis!!!!) and I see the difference. I use it twice a day and use a pad that's for exfoliating. My sister and my husband were both surprise. I have also been working out on top of this. We were thinking that working out tightens my stomach and Vicks helps it as well. I will post in 2 weeks."
06/29/2010: Annonymous from Cheshire, England replies: "Hi, ive noticed a lot of really good reviews about v.i.c.k.s vapour rub, but im wondering is everyone using them on newly formed reddish/purple marks or the white/ silvery ones? i have a lot of silvery stretch marks on my upper arms, thighs and lower stomach, im only 18 and got them from going a little bit too chubby then losing a lot of weight fairly quickly, i hate them and would be so pleased to find something that made them less noticeable, thanks x"
07/15/2010: Girlfriend from Kansas City, Mo replies: "Does Vicks work on dark skin? I used it a while ago and noticed a difference. I am brown skinned and notice they were getting lighter, I wonder if they only get lighter which is something I don't want because mine are already light so that doesn't blend in with my skin. Yet another product that doesn't work on brown skin. Can anyone help with any other product?"
07/24/2010: Paustretcs from Huntington, New York, Usa replies: "Hi, I have a question for the people that posted for the vicks vapor rub. I have stretch marks on my inner thighs some of them are white and some of them are red, does it work for the white ones or the red ones?"
[NAY]  07/29/2010: Susan from Cleveland, Ohio replies: "Vicks doesn't work, the smell is so intense, and its the worst thing to use postpartum especially if your a breastfeeding mother because of the smell and stickiness of the gel, and you wouldnt want your baby smelling that. The smell lingers."
09/13/2010: Lexi from Orland Park, Il replies: "Hey I'm lexi, Im 19 I recently just started working out, eating healthy etc. , I have a small pudge and it grew on me during the summer from eating bad, but I've lived with a few stretch marks on the sides of my stomach for about 4 or 5 years and I've been using vicks vapor rub for about 3 days now and I notice that they are getting smaller and lighter, to answer someones's question yes it does work on dark skin- vicks does not discriminate on stretch marks lol & to answer someone elses question on the blog in order to get maximum results use a wash cloth or paper towel to exfoliate and put some vicks on it and firmly massage the strech mark, take about a good three minutes for each side. This stuff works but with different skin types it might take longer for some than others i'd say keep it up for month and see what happens :)"
12/13/2010: Cindy from Austin, Tx replies: "One more question is this safe if im pregnant to put vicks in my belly because I am dying to try this already???"
03/11/2011: Shweta from Bergamo, Italy replies: "I have one question about how to apply vicks on stretchmarks. With wash cloth I just have to exfoliate my skin and then massage vicks with my finger tips or I've to massage vicks with washcloth into my skin?? N how many times a day should I apply it??"
06/04/2011: Kara from Aurora, Ny United States replies: "Hi I'm 16 and I have really bad stretch marks on my sides I'm just wondering if instead of using the vicks vapour rub you could use something like the same just not the same name so like a different brand? Will it matter? Thankyou."
06/05/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Kara, stretch marks are caused by a zinc deficiency. Also Vitamin C is good for collagen (skin elasticity)."
09/02/2011: Tesalonica from Buenos Aires, Argentina replies: "has anybody here tried vicks vaporub for more than a couple of days? I have read lots of testimonies about how good vicks is, or any remedy for that matter, but people only try it for a couple of days and already they are seeing improvement, which I suspect, it's not true. I would love to read a post about someone with really old stretch marks, more than 10 years, that has tried VICKS or any other thing for more than 6 MONTHS. There is no way one can see improvement in 2 days or 2 weeks."


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[YEA]  09/15/2011: Kenz from Phoenix, Az: "From what have learned from living in a dry climate, water is the most essential tool in stretch mark prevention. I drink a gallon daily. Another thing most women don't know is that most body washes contain chemicals that dry out the skin, causing susceptibility to stretch marks ( sodium laureth sulfate). This chemical also causes mutation of the skin cells and overactive sweat glands (from the dryness), leading to acne of face and body. Keep your body moisurized with oil ( I would recommend grapeseed oil because it doesn't clog pores), not lotions because they clog pores. I am prone to stretch marks and when I just rinse my body with warm water, it stays moisturized just fine! I don't get stretch marks when I do these things, just when I stop and my skin gets dried out. I hope this helps! Good luck to you!"

01/06/2012: Lauren from San Marcos, Tx replies: "I agree. Water is a key component to maintaining skin elasticity. A good diet with lots of fibrous vegetables, using mild or natural cleansers on the skin and not showering every day are also important."
02/14/2012: Mtlguy from Montreal, Quebec, Canada replies: "Yes water is super important!

Can someone explain to me a good way to heal scar tissue? It seems impossible without lasers I'd like to do it naturally. Thanks!!"

03/23/2012: Mmmm from Annapolis, Maryland replies: "I drink a lot of water a day, shower daily, all that stuff, but my stretch marks were brutal and did not go away at all. I even poured it on myself to see if it would work - no difference. I have huge dark ones on my breasts, stomach, crotch, arms, buttocks, and handles.

You're going to need a lot more than water to prevent them."


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