Spinal Stenosis Remedies

Last Modified on Feb 19, 2014

Generally characterized by severe pain in the lower back and neck, spinal stenosis involves the narrowing of the spine. While no finite cure for the condition exists, several aspects of treatment have been identified. Exercise and natural supplements are among the most effective treatment options.

What is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis can be defined as narrowing of the spine that involves the small spinal canal. The condition often results in the “pinching” of the spinal cord and nerve roots, resulting in pain, weakness, numbness and cramping. Pain can be so severe that walking becomes unbearable.

Natural Remedies for Narrowing of the Spine

Treating spinal stenosis focuses on eliminating symptoms of the condition as well as strengthening the bones and spinal column. Regular exercise the builds and helps maintain strength in the back, arm and upper leg muscles is an effective treatment option. Additionally, supplements including glucosamine, MSM, fatty acids and others are also important for maintaining health.


Glucosamine is a natural chemical compound that aids in the maintenance of healthy cartilage and joints. Often used as an arthritis supplement, the compound also helps treat spinal stenosis by replenishing the cartilage in the spine and supporting joint health. The compound also aids in the reduction of inflammation.


MSM is another effective treatment option used for reducing pain and replenishing joint lubrication. The compound is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, which reduces swelling and pain associated with the condition. The compound also protects the spinal column from further deterioration.

Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids, including omega-6 and omega-3, are crucial for the proper function of the body in a variety of ways. In regards to spinal stenosis, these compounds reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis. These supplements also help replenish the natural cushioning between the vertebrae and alleviate pain associated with the condition.

Spinal stenosis is generally a painful condition that involves cramping, weakness and numbness in the back, legs, neck, shoulder and arms. Natural treatment options, however, offer relief from pain and replenish the body’s cartilage and bone composition to alleviate the issue. 

Enzymes and Glucosamine

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[YEA]  09/14/2007: Bill from Chattanooga, Tennessee: "Reply to: SPINAL STENOSIS -- NEEDS REMEDY 9/13/2007: Desiree from Putnam Valley, New York writes: "Any suggestions for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis? The only info I am getting is drugs and surgery, I have been taking ACV and doing the "Oil Pulling" but I can't seem to alleviate the numbness in my feet and legs. Does anyone have any suggestions?"

Desiree, Having recently been told that I had degenerative arthritis that might require back surgery, my immediate mission was to avoid the surgery. And, I have so far done that. Without going into great detail, I began to research and finally decided to take two items in fairly heavy doses compared to the recommended dose on the labels. Enzymes and Glucosamine. Important! All supplements are not created equal!!I will be happy to share the exact product names and amounts with you, but cannot place them on this website. There are specific proteolytic enzymes that can be very helpful. There are also some simple exercises that can help relieve stress on the spinal joints."

EC: We wrote Bill asking to please send more information...

09/15/2007: Bill from Chattanooga, Tennessee replies: "Let me say that I have no connection with any supplement company or reseller. I purchase my supplements from a local health food store. The supplements that I use are these: Glucosamine Sulfate (crustacean shellfish) 1500 mg. Celadrin Fatty Acid Complex 1500 mg. (providing 780 mg of esterified fatty acids) MSM (methylsulfmethane) 200 mg. The serving size for the above is 4 caps and I took 6 caps AM and 6 caps PM (note, the three items above are in one capsule)

Proteolytic Enzymes Serving size 1 tab (all items below contained in one tab) Pancreatin 8X 100 mg. Papain 30,000 USP/mg 60 mg. Serratia peptidease 200,000 SPU/g 26 mg. Bromelain 1,200 SPU/g 25 mg. I began with 2 tabs 3X daily between meals (minimum 1 hour before or after). Then moved to 3 tabs, 3X daily, then to 4 tabs , 3X daily and would have gone to five but pain began to subside. Stayed at this level until pain was greatly diminished. Now I take (total) 4 glucosamine per day and about 6 proteolytic enzymes per day. As I go forward, I will probably further reduce the amount taken but will continue.

Additionally, I checked my ph level and used AVC and baking soda to maintain a 7.0 ph level. I am doing oil pulling but cannot at this time really give a qualified report on oil pulling. I also do the following exercises which can be found at www.egoscue.com/htdocs/Pains/painefree_back.asp

I do E-Cise 2 Static Back and a bit more which may not show up on the website. The exercises were important to recovery. Yes, when I first tried them, I probably turned a bit pale. However, with time they are amazingly helpful and become less "noticeable". If there is interest, I will give more details later.

A personal comment. I am thankful for doctors, medicine, supplements, natural remedies and of course EARTH CLINIC. Most importantly I am thankful for the Internet as without it... I would probably be at this time recovering from back surgery!"

09/27/2012: Faina from Buffalo Grove, Il, Us replies: "I was following this protocol with the great success for about a week. Thanks a lot! Pain greatly diminished, but walking is still very difficult. Would like to know how long do I need to stay on this protocol? I did not have to go to 4 enzymes table 3X a day. I am taking 3 tabets 3X, but would like to know when it is appropriate to lower the disage and for how long I should take smaller dosages."
12/30/2012: Lucy Bolton from Charleston, SC replies: "will you tell me please if you have continued to have relief from your pain. The site that you recommended for the excercises is not functioning. any further advice? thank you.


04/21/2013: Allen from Brooklyn, Ny, Us replies: "Hi, I have the same problem and I am looking for answers What is the name of this products and who is manufacturer? Thank you."
08/09/2013: Desertpunky from Socadesert replies: "I am lucky, I don't have much pain from my spinal stenosis. I have numbness on both sides of my knees and experiencing toe numbness, some burning and some pain. I would like to know if there is any help for me. Stenosis is calcification and if I took calcium, would the calcification stop as I believe it is caused from your body robbing calcium from your bones. Now they warn about too much calcium and your heart. I don't want surgery, but is there anything holistic that can 'break' the calcium up?"



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