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Beautiful Skin: Remedies for Healthy, Glowing Skin!

Last Modified on Apr 18, 2014

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Hydrogen Peroxide

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[YEA]  07/08/2010: Joseph from Chicago, Illinois: "Hello,

I have a quick question but one that's serious for me. I am using hydrogen peroxide as a toner and it has done wonders to my skin. But I keep hearing about how it is an oxidant and that it will cause my skin to age; is this true? Should I stop using it on my face? This is my fear thank you."

[YEA]  02/04/2007: Ragweed from USA: "I mix 3% topical hydrogen peroxide with salt and a little bubble bath as a wetting agent and apply it to my skin. This has been incredible! With the added salt it is absorbed into the body, but does not burn the skin at all. It seems like the salt should make it burn more, but it helps the body absorb it and does not burn the skin. Even if it gets into a cut with the salt and wetting agent it does not hurt anywhere near as much as straight hydrogen peroxide. I first started using it to treat a facial condition, but I was so impressed with the results that I began using it on larger areas of my body. Now about once a month I mix about a half pint of this solution and sponge bath my entire body with it. I have been doing this for about two years with no adverse results, and my body seems to have a more youthful appearance. I believe it kills a wide range of organisms that reside within the body, yet does not harm the body's own cell tissue. I know it sounds wacky, but I believe that anyone who tries this treatment will be amazed by the results."

Irish Peat

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[YEA]  04/28/2011: Patrick from Maspeth, Queens: "I cant believe that Americans do not know about 100% natural Irish Peat mask for treating eczema. psoriasis, acne. The Irish Peat mask is the best because Ireland has the only raised bogs in the world. It only takes a little research. There is countless studies in Europe from Labs Professors, University's all over. Peat is one of the most potent natural healing Substances. Its not hard to get it here in America now. I am not in a position to let a lot of people know about this But maybe you are drug Companys will hate you for it Kindest Regards Pat O carroll"

11/21/2011: Unknown from Dubai, United Arab Emirates replies: "I have eczema on my both hands from 3 years. Can you please tell me where I can get this IRISH PEAT in united arab emirates? And how can I use it? Thanks and regards."

Jojoba Oil

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11/26/2012: Heathenpower from London, Uk: "Hi, I'm new to this website, I have to apply a mosituriser on my penis head and inner foreskin a couple of times a week to keep it hydrated and stop dry skin building up. Im only comfortable using natural products, and bought some Jojoba oil and was wondering if this is safe to use to moisturise the area? Thanks."

[YEA]  06/25/2008: Killer Bees from Brisbane, Australia: "The best thing for beautiful glowing skin is jojoba oil. I used to use coconut oil and that was fantastic for a while. But jojoba oil is finer and absorbs more readily into the skin. I've also been told about rosehip oil, but I haven't tried that yet. I might give it a go if I can find any.

As for the jojoba oil, it's made my skin smooth, wrinkle free and the rosacea around my nose and chin has disappeared. Plus if I get the odd pimple at "that time of the month", the jojoba oil gets rid of it within a couple of days without it becoming a horrible whitehead pustule. That is, if the pimples actually even show up at all!

I use it on my neck too. I'm 41 now and I definitely don't want the "turkey neck" look that so many women get at my age. It's working because I have no excess skin there at all - just smooth beautiful skin and people can't believe it when I tell them my age.

I also use sunscreen every day without fail over the top of the jojoba oil. Prevention is still better than cure after all. I bought mine from the health food store and it's cheaper and lasts longer than any commercially prepared product. Plus, it's all natural and that's the biggest drawcard for me. I'm not interested in putting chemicals on my face any more.

Jojoba oil is also really good for treating eczema and psoriasis. And it's a beautiful hand moisturiser as well. Absorbs immediately with no greasy after feel. Try it, you'll love it."

Korean Glove

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[YEA]  06/10/2009: Jonna from Los Angeles, California USA: "I've been going to one of the Korean spas in Koreatown once a week for the past month, mostly to dunk in the hot and cold baths that they have. One of the daily rituals that I noticed the elderly Korean women at the spa do is to to scrub their skin vigorously, every inch of it, with one of those cheap exfoliating gloves (sold in asian markets for $2). Their skin looks incredible, very youthful. I decided to try it at home and every day at the end of my shower I scrub away. Then I end with a one minute cold shower. It works, my skin is glowing! I don't do this on my face, I think the glove is too rough for that, but everywhere else on my body that I can reach.

I am very curious to know if, because of this daily ritual and staying out of the sun, Korean women don't get age spots. It would be very rude of me to siddle up to someone at the spa and inspect their forearms to check for age spots, lol, so I hope someone on Earth Clinic will be able to answer that!"


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[YEA]  06/21/2011: Shine from Gabz, Botswana: "My 8 month old daughter had horrible diaper rash that got raw and was peeling and at some point was itching. I tried coconut oil, collodial silver gel from my "toolkit" (Read: Earthclinic) but they didnt work. I also tried some OTC treatments and they worked for a little bit but it wouldn't clear.

This weekend I decided to try lanolin that I had bought for my cracked nipples that I got when I started breastfeeding. It is working like a charm, her bummy is getting smoother, is healing and not itching at all! I used the type that was intended for cracked nipples and it works so well. So after wiping her bottom during a nappy change, I smear the stuff on and thereafter put on some zinc oxide cream over that. Its working quite well."


11/28/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa: "Happy Holidays Everyone! While searching for homemade gifts, I came upon a great page for "13 Magical Things To Make With Lavender"! I love lavender and since it's a healing herb and most of us who come here to Earth Clinic are interested in natural remedies/ herbs, etc. , I thought this would be perfect. Personally, we have lavender all over our yard we planted, after being inspired by a trip we took a few years ago to the south of France. So, this is an easy one for me! Anyway, there are some fun and easy recipes that are beautiful gifts to give for the holidays.

Enjoy! Lisa"

Lemon Juice Exfoliator

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11/23/2008: Laurie from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada: "I would like to know about the use of Lemon Juice and honey. As anyone ever tried this as I heard it on Oprah (beauty secrets) I Can't seem to find any of that on the site. Please let me know if this was ever tried. Thanks"

[YEA]  11/30/2005: Kerry from Saraland, AL: "I exfoliate my face with lemon juice every other night. I also use a moisturizer and most importantly I eat lots of veggies, nuts, and fruit. I also take cod liver oil every other day, plus vitamin/mineral supplements. I don't smoke, I drink very little alcohol, and I use sunscreen. I'm 42 and people tell me I look like I'm in my late 20's"

Lifestyle Choices

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05/28/2008: Desiree from Tampa, FL: "I am 42 and people say I look like I am in my early 30's and some say late 20's. I think this is partially in the genes. I am Indian origin and the women in my family age gracefully. I use sunscreen daily in my moisturizer (30 SPF). My daily regiment includes an eye cream, moisturizer with SPF and cleansing with a foaming cleanser. I use Aveeno products to moisturize and cleanse. I drink lots of water. I also wear good sun glasses and never expose my face to direct sunlight."

02/16/2011: Soph from Los Angeles, Usa replies: "The best skin softner, virgin coconut oil. I take flax seed oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Which does wonders. I think inner peace and low stress in life is important. I have a yoga ( which reverse aging process according to my teacher) & meditation practice. Studies indicate stress is known to be one of the main reasons for premature aging and disease. Womens health is compromised when under stress. Studies show that men benefit more from marriage, than women. The generalized statement, "you haven't lived till you have had kids, " is not applicable in this day and age. Studies show higher the education of a women, the less likely women are to have children perhaps education opens doors to new found opportunities that once remained shut to women. Many times these thoughts may not enter your mind about the worlds carrying capacity being exceeded and social responsibility.

Until you travel to places where the population has exceeeded the billionth mark. And you see children living in filth, poverty, uneducated, begging and having to work in factories. I once worked in field where I saw a high percentage of people that should NEVER ever be allowed to have kids. I will not go into the details but the end effect was children suffering. Children are beautiful gift and they deserve love, stability, security, and both a mother & father that are healthy, employed and present.

It is an interesting fact that a new generation of women are not choosing marriage or motherhood. Many are focusing on building meaningful lives in other ways. I think to me life is all about making the right choices for all of the right reasons. Women are very fortunate today that we now have choices, it wasn't that long ago that are choices were severly limited "

07/10/2011: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "hmmm. so the ones who CAN give a child what he needs, are having less children, and the next generation might be populated by those children who grew up NOT getting what they need..."

[YEA]  05/25/2008: Carolita from New York, NY: "Why I look younger than my age: I don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs, never got married or had kids, only worked full time for a total of 5 years before going totally freelance in something I love: I look younger than I am because I didn't waste my life!"

06/14/2008: Kim from Red Deer, Canada replies: "I have had 3 kids and married, divorced too lol, everyone is different, I don't mean to be rude, but was reading your post and just in my personal opinion, you haven't lived till you have had kids, life wouldn't be much without mine and if I look older because of it, they are soooo worth it! Just my opinion anyway, I think you haven't lived life till you have had kids, not a waste of life for sure. Life honestly would be less fullfilling for me."
04/20/2009: Rebekah from Jax, FL replies: "In defense of the previous lady, how rude for someone to say another person hasn't lived until they have kids. That's great your life is enriched by children but you need to join the rest of us in the modern world. Women don't need to have kids to be happy and fullfilled. Traveling, pets, career, etc. are all things that deeply enrich my life. For now (and maybe forever) I don't want kids. Why? Because my life is perfection and everything I ever wanted in life, I have. You ARE being rude and judgemental. Shame on you."
04/20/2009: Linda from York County, Maine replies: "Rebekah, It seems that Kim made it clear that she was offering an opinion only, not trying to tell anyone how to live.

Modern world? It ain't so great - some of us long for a simpler or NO what makes you happy - sounds like you're a bit defensive for some reason?"
04/21/2009: Rebekah from Jax, FL replies: "I agree, I sounded defensive about someone giving their opinion...didn't mean to do that. My point was that each person should follow their own bliss and don't let anyone tell you what your bliss should be....only you know what you want for your life.

Happiness = beautiful skin! (and coconut oil) :)"

[YEA]  05/31/2009: Dove from Ashland, Oregon replies: "People are truly stunned when they discover my age -- look at least 20 yrs younger than my age. I also have never married or had children, knew that wasn't my thing even as a kid. FOR ME, the thought of having children in my life is, at the very least, unnerving. I simply don't want that experience, I don't need to have a child to know that. Freedom is my primo passion, I love being FREE to come and go as I choose. FOR ME, having to care for children would feel like a prison. That doesn't mean I don't think children are sweet and all, I can enjoy that aspect of it via another's child...but it's a rare child that I feel a lot of joy being around. That's just me. I'm not "abnormal" because I don't want that experience. People are different, yay ;) Mothering just isn't part of my "purpose." I know that. We know what brings us joy, and that is key to our purpose.

And it is true that the marriage/children life is a more stressful life, and consequently a more aging one -- studies do show that single women who never have children live longer as well. There are also studies indicating that the happiest ppl are single women :) Interestingly enough, single men are the least happy. Marriage has historically not been a good deal for women... I'm very happy with my life choice to not have children, no worries here about any clock ticking ;) I love being free to follow my passions and joy as I choose -- no one to answer to.

Also, I must add to the person who said her life would not be that great without children, eesh, that sounds very sad. Because those children will not always be there to fulfill you. You should really try to see the amazing things this life has to offer you beyond motherhood. Love yourself, find your joy and peace -- just for you, and in doing so you'll teach your children how to have much more joyful lives, with or without children :)

09/21/2009: Kerry from Portland, Or replies: "WELL EXCUSE ME! I've earned every last one of these wrinkles and I'm proud of every last one of them too. In my honest opinion- accomplishment is the best feeling on earth. But how can you have that feeling until you've actually accomplished something: work, marriage, and/or kids all fall into that category; in fact, they ARE that category. If you don't have any of those, then what exactly have you really accomplished in life? Some little "freelance" article on how to defeat wrinkles by spending every minute consumed with yourself? More power to you. Excuse me while I go earn some more wrinkles with my "burdened" lifestyle. How selfless of me. Oh, and BTW- my life IS perfect. I have a full-time job which I love and a daughter I love even more. Geez, how terrible."
11/29/2010: Jane from Portland, Oregon replies: "Good God, don't get me started!! The selfless-ness in having children I believe is what gives you character and depth of soul. I have relatives that come and go as they please and there is a barren feel about them. They do all the things to make themselves "happy". What monotony. I find them outlandishly opinionated about child rearing. Bottom line... Unless they are unable to conceive, I find them as dry as a leaf in the fall and all their "choices" have to be made, What else would they do?

I will come and go as I please and learn better about myself because I have "stepped" aside for my children's well being and learned I am not all that matters. Wisdom is gathered in times of deep sorrow. Children can bring the sorrow because the tie is so strong. Are you avoiding sorrow? You are either fragile or selfish. It sure isn't made for wimps!! I am 55 and weigh 130 lb and I look 35 and have a better body naturally than most teenagers. I'm a health proponent and getting through life on life's "terms" makes you dig deep.

Okay, back to the REAL subject.............. I don't use soap and I dry rub my entire body with natural bristle brush and use my face, neck and chest I use a gentler natural wash cloth, also dry rub in cirles. I hop in the shower and rinse dead cells off. Then I use Sweet Almond oil on face and cold pressed virgin Olive oil all over my body. Fresh squeezed lime juice as a deodorant. I have more to learn about my skin and thank you for sharing substances rather than circumstances..."

12/22/2010: Mesem from Toulon, France replies: "Hi, Jane from Portland. You said you are 55 and look 35. Great! Have you had, are having menopause? I have gained weight for no other reason than the start of menopause. I exercise (and always have), Lately not touching cheese, pasta, rice, potatoes, desserts but my body does not respond. I have recently started taking Lugols for my thyroid and assoc. Vit and minerals for metabolism. Is this just a phase or forever? Menopause websites don't tell you anything. I have no other symptoms except weight gain. Would appreciate your help (or anyone else's for that matter)."
12/30/2010: Lisa from Waynesboro, Virginia replies: "If your hormones are in balance you won't gain the weight. Have the spit test; if you can't afford that right now, try progesterone cream and see if it helps."
08/25/2012: Resilience from Cottonwood, Ca replies: "If your thyroid/adrenals are not balanced you will start to gain weight especially as you go into your 50s. Dr Brownstein has a wonderful book, "Iodine why you need it". Also what really helped me was forgetting what the media is saying and start eating real foods. Lots of healthy animal, dairy, and coconut fats and lots a of clean hormone free pestecide free natural foods. Eating less carbs and no fructose and no junk food. My weight leveled off and my energy rose. I use coconut oil as a moisturizer and yes my skin is still wrinkle free.

On a lighter note, I am happily married with kids and am a homemaker. I am thriving in my world with lots of real friends. My best friend is a career woman with no children. There are lots of reasons to have or not have a family. Freedom and support to whatever decision is best for you."

Lightening Skin

05/19/2013: Vanessa from Caracas, Venezuela: "Hi everyone! I want to whiten the skin all over my body including my face to even out my skin tone and make it lighter. What do you recommend?"

11/16/2010: Anindya from Hyderabad, Andhra, India: "Hi
I am from India & have wheatish/blackish skin. The skin color below my neck is a bit fair. I want to have fastest home made remedy for skin lightening. Can I use ACV Besan mixture on my face? Also I wanted to ask can I use this daily? And how long will it take for me to see the results? I have been reading about the tips for quite some time now and wish to avail the benefits. Thanks -Anindya"

Lye Soap

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04/30/2011: Rebel from City Street, Ga / Usa: "Has anyone had experiences with lye soap for skin conditions? And what results to expect? Any info would be appreciated."



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