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Peeling Skin Remedies

03/17/2014: Jason from Kuala Belait, Brunei: "Can someone explain this:

1. My skin peels when I take warm water to shower.
2. My skin peels when I use soap.
3. My skin dry and peel when expose to sunlight.

Its painful itchy, like a sore wound.
I only bath twice a week or 2 weeks.
I come out only at 5pm.
Chinese medicine says yin deficient.

Anyone has gone through the same thing and found a cure?
Please share with me, I want a cure a.s.a.p.

TQ n God Bless."

Photosensitivity Remedies

12/16/2013: Jen from Australia: "Hi,

I am hoping some one can help ....My husband has become photosensitive after taking a specific type of antibiotic he is in his 60s.

If he is in the sun for 5 min he becomes bright red and itchy until the redness disappears. He looks like he has been in the sun for hours.

This creates difficulty for doing anything out side and he used to love the beach....As we live in Australia we have a lot of sun ...

Would anyone be able to tell me if the borax can help him or know of any thing that may be available without causing other side effects.

It would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


12/16/2013: Nanowriter from Hotspot, Texas replies: "Check out a book called "Drug Muggers". It details common drugs and the vitamins that they deplete. Your husband may be missing a vitamin that is causing the sensitivity. He might also try taking probiotics/yogurt since antibiotics kill good digestive bacteria as well."


09/11/2012: Tara from San Diego, Ca: "Please help! My daughter has pilomatrixoma on her cheek. Doctor recommended surgery to remove it. There is not much information online as to how to handle this in a more natural way. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Tara"

03/11/2013: Annie from Berkeley, Ca replies: "Hi Tara, I would love to know what you found out. My 8 yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with pilomatrixoma on her eyebrow. Again, the Dr has suggested surgery, but I would like to try a natural remedy before we go down that route. Many thanks"

Remedies Needed

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06/10/2014: Allia from Fl, US: "I've had very loose stools for several weeks now, not any better, but now I'm getting these bumps on the roof of my mouth. Not ulcerated, but they hurt. I've held salt water in my mouth, swabbed the spots w/ peroxide, nothing works. Then, last night, I noticed that I"m getting the same kind of bumps on my head and face--not pimples/whitehead zits, but bumps that hurt when touched. I soaked my head w/ borax water, then rinsed w/ water, followed up w/ Apple Cider Vinegar which I let dry on my entire head. What else should I do?"

06/10/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Allia, check if there is something you are eating that your body doesn't like."

05/24/2014: Kay from Destin, Fl: "About a year ago I began getting randomly occuring red swollen spot(s) on the top/center of my cheeks (one or both cheeks, about the size of a dime). The swelling has broken some capillaries (which seems to get more prominent/extensive, with each inflamation). Occasionally when the swelling subsides, it leaves a very thin surface layer scab. (There are no bumps, pimples or anything like pustules; never itches or hurts, etc). I'd like to treat it, and also prevent more capillary damage. (It is not related to sun exposure, and I can't decipher any allergy)

Any idea what this could be; and what I could treat it with?"

03/13/2014: Racquel from Queens, Ny: "Hey EC....I need your help desperately...since last Tuesday, the weirdest thing started happening to me...I noticed small spots appearing on my skin that are light green in color. The very strange thing is that I can just wipe it off and it comes off. Anyone knows what is causing this? I am 18 years old and scared to!!!"

03/13/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Racquel, check your clothing. Are you wearing something new in that color that is shedding?"
03/13/2014: Courtney from Granite Bay, Ca replies: "The green you describe sounds like mold. Maybe something in your room is moldy and you're touching it without realizing, and it's rubbing off onto your skin?"
03/13/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Racquel,

About the "green" color on your skin. This keeps returning...correct? And you are certain it is growing from your skin? Scary! No wonder you're frightened.

Probably a mold in you. Look on the EC site under Ailments (mold/ yeast/ fungus) and you'll get lots of suggestions;

First, get off sugars. Look carefully at your diet.

Second, look at the housing you live in; could be a mold situation in your room or in home in general...does it "smell" musty? Proper ventilation is critical. How about where you work?

As a topical cream application there are lots of possibilities to use. I'd first go for the liquid form of the herb Echinacea. Apply to effected area and reapply...over five days three applications daily. AND I'd use same Echinacea of five drops in glass of water and drink...three of those daily for five days at least. In a severe case I'd drink that amount for a month until I knew the infection was out of my body.

If you want to get very certain about what this is, you could have a dermatologist look at the "green" item under a microscope. And I think you'd find it is fungal."

03/14/2014: Racquel from New York replies: "To: Dave/Courtney/ Mmsg....Thank you guys so much for your response. I think I am going to have it checked out by a Dermatologist. And I am going to have to figure out a way to stay off the sugar. That's going to be hard but I am going to try. Thank you everyone again...."

02/15/2013: Float-on from Lahaina, Hawaii, Usa: "Hello, I'm an 18 year old female, and since I was about 12 or 13, from time to time, I've been having these little hard things coming out of my skin. They tend to start out looking like a zit on my skin, but bigger and harder, and not easily popped. The first one I got in the 7th grade, and it took days before it finally came out. Before it came to a head, though, I noticed a hard substance beneath the skin on my right arm a few months before. When it did come to a head, the skin around it was red and swollen, and when we I tried to squeeze it, little bits of what we assumed was pus came out around the hard thing. After a day or two of trying to squeeze it out, my mom finally took a pair of tweezers and was able to pull it out by force. It was a grayish color, smaller than a pebble and bigger than a grain of sand, and hard, like a rock. Since then, I've had about 4 more come out of my skin, including the one I discovered on my back two nights ago, which came out last night. This newest one came out of nowhere. It wasn't like the very first one, which started out beneath my skin and then came to head. One day there wasn't anything, then late Wednesday night, I felt this sore, swollen bump on my back. I've had outbreaks of MRSA for the past 2 or 3 years, and at first I thought it was another outbreak of that, except I haven't had one in over 7 months, so I was a little surprised. Then last night, I was trying to look at it in the mirror when I noticed it had the same dark, hard head as these other things I've been having, so I squeezed and the little thing popped out. The other places I've had these are my arms, the top of my head, and my left leg. I also currently have one beneath the skin of my left breast, which has been there for over 2 years now. Only the first one on my arm and the one on my breast were/are visible beneath my skin, the others would just appear one day.

I really just want to know if anyone has had, heard of, or knows anything about this or something similar to this. I'd like to know what these things are and if there's anything I can do to get them to go away. Please let me know."

02/15/2013: Jane from Alameda, Ca replies: "Hi, I would recommend a dermatologist to help you diagnose this skin condition. If you can't afford one, then perhaps someone on this forum will be able to help you. I do know that most skin conditions are helped with the spice turmeric. The recommended dose is 1 teaspoon in water or rice milk (etc) twice a day. You might also try some herbs to cleanse your liver. Please keep us informed of your progress!"
02/16/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Float-on: You seem to be getting some type particulate matter into your body somehow. There are essentially 3 routes of foreign substances to enter the body: Skin or dermal, lungs or respiratory, and oral or digestive. Do an in-depth historical analysis of environments that might have exposed you to something. The most likely route would be one in which there is compromise. Any kind of lung disease would compromise the integrity of its defenses. Leaky gut syndrome would allow otherwise harmless substances into the bloodstream.

As for treatment. Hot Epsom Salt / Baking Soda bathes should help clear that stuff out. Steam or sauna sweat treatments will hasten the removal of foreign matter.

Hope this helps and let us know of your progress."

03/03/2013: Lisa from Las Vegas, Nv replies: "This sounds so much like what my mother, age 80, has suffered for many years, but it's just her scalp, which she constantly scratches and picks at it. Several dermatologists have claimed it was seboric dermatitis or something like that, all prescribed the same type of ointments and shampoos, and she experienced no relief whatsoever. Cortisone ointment offers some relief. She believes it's a neurological disorder not dermatalogical... but no doctor will agree or pursue the matter."
03/05/2013: Diane from Framingham, Ma replies: "You may find it hard to believe but Urine therapy will resolve the issue... I had the same thing... Read, Your "Own Perfect Medicine, " by Martha Christie.. It's on the web site... Real deal stuff better than shampoo... BTW Most all shampoos have urine in them... Murine eye drop is made of urine hense the Murine name... All expensive cosmetics have urine in them... You have to use HER urine.. Try it once for an hour and you'll see."

12/07/2012: Lorraine from Stortford, United Kingdom: "Hi, my 16 year old daughter got the occasional sore on her face from the age of 11 which healed quickly and was never a problem. Then last year she got sores on her legs that looked like impetigo, but without the crusting, and redness spreading out from them. The doctor said it was cellulitis and she had antibiotics for the very first time in her life. Since then the sores on her face have gradually become more of a problem, and especially so in the last three months, they are many and constant. A sore starts as redness beneath the skin and then surfaces, mostly overnight. They occurred on her nose and forehead but are now appearing on her chin and cheeks. They vary in size, remain flat and raw looking then scab and flake.

The doctor said it is a bacterial infection in the skin caused by the same bacteria that causes acne but she doesn't have particularly oily skin, blackheads or whiteheads and these don't seem like cystic acne... They are not swollen and painful. She has also had a very clear runny nose for the last three months. The doctor wants her to use an antibiotic lotion but she wants a more natural solution and a lotion won't deal with internal infection. Any ideas what could cause it and suggestions for clearing up the infection? Thanks Lorraine"

12/07/2012: Ginny from Boise, Idaho replies: "Lorraine, Does your daughter have a gluten intolerance? You could take her off all gluten for a few weeks and see if the sores get better. If you give her an item with gluten in it after she has been off a while, It could cause digestive discomfort. This will be a tell tell sign."
12/11/2012: Lorraine from Stortford, United Kingdom replies: "That hasn't been suggested before so I'll look into it. Thanks"

10/29/2012: Sue from Sheffield, United Kingdom: "Hello I suffer chronic fatigue syndrome, have dry flaking skin on feet, hands, legs, but got very sensitive body to any medicine this is common in M. E. please can you help to get non-greasy quick to soak in cream/lotion. thanks sue."

09/26/2012: Radiant Goddess from Klang, Selangor, Malaysia: "First of all, this is just an amazing website and I would like to express my gratituted for all the tips i've learned from here so far. I must say oil pulling has seriously helped my cold or continuos leaking nose problem , what a relief :) Thanks a million for sharing.

However, I would love to hear your feedback on hypopigmentation(i think that's the condition I have, the doctors dont even have a name for it but its definitly not vitiligo) and how can I solve this problem?

Condition explanation:
My skin doesn't seem to recover its natural skin colour pigments back whenever there is an injury, for example, say if I fall, then my skin has a wound or cut or etc. After that a scab is formed, then the scab dries and drops of naturally. After that, I dont get my skin colour back, basically my skin has healed throughly but the injured part of the skin is white in colour. And some of it stays white for years, and some of the white scars seems to be healing and regaining its colour at the slowest speed after even 15 years.

Your advise will be deeply appreciated, because I've been struggling as girl, and now a lady by hiding my face and body with makeup to cover up these scars whenever I go out. And by the way I am a beautiful indian lady, but once the make up goes off I still look beautiful but these marks really changes my appearance, making me look like I have vitiligo.

Awaiting to hear from you. Thank you. God bless"

08/25/2012: Em from Bristol, Uk: "I have just started getting very dry, scaley and wrinkly skin on the front of my neck and jaw line but nowhere else on my body. I have no idea what's caused it and have tried creams for exema. Would you have any ideas to causes and treatment.

Many thanks, Emma, UK."

08/27/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "Sounds like something might have disrupted your thyroid. Try increasing your iodine intake. Do iodine painting on that area, and add drops of Lugol's iodine to your tea, soup or other food. There is a lot of information here on EC about Lugol's."

06/30/2012: Patty from Gilmer, Texas: "Forgive me if I am wrong, but I can't find anything on the site for oily skin. I have been using ACV on my face for several days, and while my face looks great, I still have really oily skin. Please help!"

06/30/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, USA replies: "Milk of magnesia is great and I have heard of people using it for oily skin for a long time as a mattifier and for oil control. As a bonus it kills acne bacteria with its alkaline pH. Bizarre, but I have heard this several places. I use it occasionally with positive results. It doesn't zap every last drop of oil, but it definitely helps and mattifies."
07/01/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Patty, Congratulations on the apple cider vinegar making your skin look really nice. If you feel you are still dealing with oily skin, I would suggest bentonite clay. You can either use it topically as a mask which is very good for the skin (also French green clay works) besides detoxing it. When using it as a mask, if you have oily skin you can mix the clay with ingredients other than water. You can also ingest it which would also benefit your entire body. Or you could do a combination of both.

I believe there are people who have posted regarding this on EC but can't tell you under what heading! Sorry. Perhaps do a search for bentonite clay here on EC and see what comes up. Hope this helps, Lisa"

07/03/2012: Jennifer from Sunrise, Fl, Usa replies: "I second the Milk of Magnesia for oily skin. You can also use it as a makeup primer. Just apply on a cotton square and smooth all over your skin, then apply your makeup over it.

Make sure to buy the unflavored kind and a brand that has ONLY magnesium as an ingredient. Additives like mineral oil or sugar/artificial flavoring can make you break out."

07/03/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "My bottle of CVS milk of magnesia has magnesium hydroxide and purified water. It is sugar free and stimulant free. You can typically get a shop's own brand which is just as well for less than the leading make. Keep in mind it has a very high pH, close to 10, so apply it at a different time of day to ACV, or other tonics."

04/29/2012: Dianak.tx from Houston, U.s.: "Over these past few years I have noticed my beige hands turn tan and dark on the knuckles. Also the knuckles have turned slightly more course from the rest of the skin on my hands. My elbows have done the same. I am 46 and have been going through menopause. I don't have diabetes or any other disease or ailment that I am aware of. Strangely, when my hands are cold or wet and cool, the discoloration is not obvious and my hands look normal again. Also I noticed that for a period, the discoloration (darkening) of my hands went away for a while, but has since returned. I experience a lot of stress and wonder if this has anything to do with the discoloration."

05/02/2012: Bonnie from Abbeville, Al replies: "Same thing was going on to a girl here at work, everwhere her body crease it was like she had a dark tan that looked dirty. They (drs) could not figure it out. She lost weight, throwing up, weak, she would come to work and lay her head on the desk. Went to hospital twice sent her home after fluids, would be better for short time then relaps. Dr. put her symptoms in his pad and came up with addison's disease. It was too late, she had burned out adrenal gland. Please seek help. She is on cortisol for life her body does not make it anymore."
05/06/2012: Dianak. from Houston, Tx replies: "Thank you Bonnie. I have taken into consideration your post above. I had a nutritionist who had been helping me with supplementation and she was giving me specific nutrition dealing with the pituitary and adrenal glands. I felt great after the protocol was given and come to think of it, when my hands had returned to their normal coloring. I have pulled out my supplements again that she gave me and have a scheduled consultation with her to re-evaluate my condition. I don't believe that I have Addison's but now I know that my adrenals and pituitary glands are playing a role in my current condition along with stress in my life that I need to get under control. You have helped set me on a path that needed addressing. Appreciate the help. :-)"

04/24/2012: Petunia from Warrenton, Or, United States: "A couple of years ago I developed a sensitive burning spot on the bridge of my nose when I wear sunglasses. I finally went to the dermatologist and had a small cancer removed surgically and then treated with nitrate/nitrogen?? sorry can't recall what it was a type of spray. After 6 months it was really bothering me again and she said the skin is very thin there and glasses bother it, both reading and sunglasses. So now we have had a few days of sunshine here in Oregon and I have this back again. Any suggestions as what to toughen the skin? I was thinking of some of this barrier film, nose pads on glasses???. I sometimes wonder if it is a reaction to the glasses but once it starts all my glasses bother it. It just started with the sunshine again and wonder also, if it is perspiration. So thanks for any suggestions as to what others have done. Love this site!!"

04/24/2012: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Can I suggest comfrey cream/salve. Comfrey has something in it which should regrow your skin there after a while (and even stop or reverse cancer on skin). You can research Dr. John Christopher and comfrey for more info or search on youtube for comfrey. It is also called knitbone because it repairs broken bones amazingly quick. An amazing herb used for thousands of years."

04/20/2012: Holly from Austin, Texas, Usa: "I am a 60 year old woman, a lifelong Texan and enjoy rediscovering folk cures I grew up with, but "forgot", as well as learning new info on EC. I've used treatments from EC, and 0. 000825am impressed. However, ive been unable to find any problem like mine. I've had scaly (appearance) skin on the backs (tops) of my hands as far back as I can recall. Childhood friends compared its appearance to that of chicken feet (ha! ) but I've found no info about it. It doesn't itch or peel or bleed; just looks shiny and scaly-like chicken feet. My hands have never been plump or smooth-always thin, bony and scaly looking. I've used 2-week courses of ACV, H2O2, VCO, Vaseline, EVO, Epsom salt soaks/mag. oil sprays - all to no avail. My cuticles stay dry and rough, and my nails are either soft, thick and strong or flaky- each nail is different. Can EC or Ted or a reader help identify the cause, or a cure?"

04/20/2012: Lilly from Houston replies: "Apply glycerine mixed with water, that will remove the scaly appearence."
04/23/2012: Holly from Austin, Texas replies: "Lily, Thanks for the glycerin tip. I tried it 2 nights in a row, but no change yet. I read where ingesting coconut oil helps skin so I'm doing that, too. Time will tell..."
09/12/2012: Monsoon from Pune replies: "Hi Holly, my mom used this and it worked wonders. Take half of glycerine and half lemon juice in a bottle. Use it every night on your hands and feet. She saw the difference in a week, though she uses it forever now. God Bless!!"

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