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[NAY]  03/28/2013: Abc from Jakarta, Indonesia: "Hi BILL, I am having severe scalp psoriasis with seborrheic dermatitis for the last 6 years. I came across this website and I have tried all the below TED remedies for 4 weeks but I am not seeing much sign of improvement.

1. Applied borax on my scalp and then rinse with diluted with ACV.
2. Took extra virgin coconut oil, borax with water
3. Alkalized body using ACV and baking soda.
4. Cut down all yeast diet.

The itching has been subsized to some extent but the flaking hasn't gone at all. Big clumps of skin is still coming out along with my hair. Should I continue the above treatment further or switch to different treatment? Please advice. I have really lost all patitience and I don't know what else should I do. Nothing is working for me. Neither medicated shampoo nor natural remedies. If I apply tea tree oil my scalp become more scaly and more flaking happens.

PLEASE PLEASE HELP BILL with my issue!!!!"

03/28/2013: Ella from Chicago, Il replies: "Hello, the best treatment for psoriasis is grapefruit seed extract. You should put un diluted extract on your scalp for a few hours, then wash your hair as usually( don't allow GSE to get to your eyes). You should also drink GSE according directions on the bottle( always in a full glass of water or juice). GSE is very bitter and strong. Do it as long as you have symptoms of psoriasis."
03/28/2013: Ejules from Woodbridge, Va, Us replies: "I'm not Bill, but suggest you try oil of oregano in a carrier oil, such as olive, sesame, coconut, etc. Don't use OofO straight."
03/28/2013: Barbara from Yerington, Nevada replies: "I cured mine with a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and beer. Put it on like shampoo. The itching instantly stopped. I had been going to the DR. And it only got worse. Worth a try!!"
03/29/2013: Louwrence from Rustenburg, North West, South Africa replies: "Hi Abc, Best ever remedy for psoriasis is your own urine, just put it on, leave a while & then rinse, costs nothing & works."
03/29/2013: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Abc... Whenever I use borax topically, I dissolve a few teaspoons in water with some hydrogen peroxide(a capful) and I put it in a simple garden sprayer. Sometimes I also add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate as well. Then I just spray my whole body including my head with it. I usually do this after I have my shower at night and smply let this dry on my body before I go to bed. Then I just go to bed. Next morning I wash off the borax etc.

Just rinsing off the borax straight away after application will not allow enough time for the borax/hydrogen peroxide to kill the fungal/bacterial problems which may well be deeper under the skin.

You can also use the following essential oils(diluted in a carrier oil like coconut oil) during the day: Lavender oil, Sweet Orange oil, Pine Oil, Tea Tree Oil. Use 5 to 10 drops in a teaspoon of coconut oil is the way I do it-- just rub it into the scalp and leave it on.

Indonesia is quite a wet country -- it has high rainfall. Fungus and mold love these wet, humid conditions so human fungal problems can also therefore easily arise and abound because of mold or fungal infestations in the house or at your place of work. So your problems might have arisen for these reasons and if this is the case then either you must remove the fungus or mold from the walls/roof of your house(or move house) and/or remove the fungus from your place of work. The reason I say this is because your scalp problems may have arisen due to fungal/mold spores settling and infecting your skin and body from the fungus in your house or place of work.

I live in the Philippines and, in the wet season later in the year, I have noticed that Filipinos do not like going out into the rain. They believe that the wet season brings sickness like leptosporosis, malaria, dengue as well as fungal problems. Mosquitos are also a big problem in the wet season. My small shaded terrace was a haven for these mosquitos and I was always being bitten all the time which worried me. In order to deter these mosquitos from biting me, I bought a small Rose Geranium plant in a pot -- this is what some Filipino friends told me to do. That one small plant changed everything -- no more mosquitos anyhere near my garden or terrace. Unfortunately, the rose geranium plant died because it could not survive the lowland hot season (it's more of a mountain plant in the Philippines). So I bought Rose Geranium essential oil and mix drops of this with drops of essential pine oil and coconut oil(carrier oil) to keep the mosquitos off me. No mosquito ever bites me now when I go outside."

03/29/2013: Abc from Jakarta, Indonesia replies: "Thanks a ton Bill for replying back!!

When I use Borax, I keep it for around 20 min and then wash it off with ACV. However, like you have suggested I will try to apply it overnight and then will wash it of next day in the morning so that it remains on the scalp for more time. Will keep you posted with my results.

You have mentioned that you also add few drops of hydrogen peroxide with borax and keep it overnight. Is it safe to do that? I came across one article in this forum where somebody has mentioned that keeping hydrogen peroxide overnight has lead to serious hairfall.

Also, I don't have great success with the oil application remedy (mixing tea tree oil or other oil with carrier oil). It's not like I am sensitive towards oil but I have seen from past 6 years (From the time I have the scalp problems) that whenever I have applied oil it created lots of problem for me. Itching, scaling and hair fall has increased to many fold. Not sure why that happens. Is it due to some kind of allergy or deficiency?"

03/30/2013: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "I'm not Bill but I have some recommendations for you. Massage coconut oil into your scalp. Also, rinse your scalp with a cup of white vinegar under the shower. Also consider tea tree oil and neem oil as topical treatment (add to a carrier oil), you'd be surprised what's in those bumps sometimes. I'd alternate these, doing one of these daily."
04/22/2013: Abc from Jakarta, Indonesia replies: "Thanks Bill and everybody for their valuble comments.

Dear Bill - As suggested, I tried applying borax overnight then washing the hair in the morning using ACV H202 (1%) combination for almost 20 days. I have seen that my itching has been reduced but my scaling has increased and it's not getting cleared from my scalp. Also hair fall hasn't been stopped. I also tried to applied the tea tree oil lavendar oil along with coconut oil on my scalp. My flakes have become more sticky and greasy and it doesn't loosen up and come out easily during washing. I have to pick them manually which causes more hair loss.

I don't know why application of oil makes me more uncomfortable though these oils are antifungal in nature. Also, borax is giving me a relief in my itching but is not clearing up my greasy flakes.

One thing that helped me a bit is my new medical shampoo that I apply twice in a week (having Ciclopirox (1%), Zinc Pyrithione (ZPTO) (1%)). This lifts up my greasy scales and reduce flaking to some extent on the day of the application but the symptoms comes back next day.

Please let me know what should I do know. Should I continue using this medical shampoo for my scaling and flakes since application of borax and oil application isn't helping me out ? Please advice

If you have any other remedy for my problem please do suggest. Thanks again for your help in advance."

04/23/2013: Bill from San Fernando, Phillipines replies: "Hi Abc... A greasy scalp and greasy skin may indicate a lack of Zinc in your diet. To remedy this you should supplement zinc gluconate on a daily basis to get rid of the scalp greasiness. Zinc also improves the immune system to help fight pathogens in your body.

When I had systemic candida, which is a fungal infection inside the body, I also had psoriasis as well as eczma and other skin problems. To me, psoriasis could well be a symptom which indicates a fungal infection from mold or candida deeper inside your body - an infection in your intestines and in the blood. And when I eventually got rid of my internal fungal candida problems -- all my skin problems just disappeared.

So if you are unable to cure your scalp problems with just topical skin or scalp remedies then this strongly suggests to me that your infection -- a candida or mold fungal infection -- must be a systemic one inside your body and in your blood. That may be why the topical remedies aren't working.

The specific protocols needed to get rid of candida or mold from the intestines and from the blood are shown at this link: Fungal Infection Treatment"

04/23/2013: Leah from Philadelphia, Pa replies: "Hello, I just came across your post so I don't know if you have tried dietary changes yet? I have a feeling you would benefit from a liver detox, since I've read skin conditions indicate liver problems. There are many to choose from on this site. You may also like to try an alkalizing diet. Have you seen the documentaries "fat, sick and nearly dead" (very funny) or "the gerstein miracle". Both outline the benefits of raw vegetable juicing for skin or other more serious ailments."
04/24/2013: Louwrence from Rustenburg, North West, South Africa replies: "Hi ABC, best solution to your problem that I know of is to put urine on your head, leave for a while then wash it. All else has failed so try it."



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