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What Is Lewy Body Disease?

The second most common type of dementia, Lewy body disease is a progressive form of this common mental health condition that causes the advanced deterioration of mental capabilities. In addition to the general decline of cognitive abilities, Lewy body disease may also cause visual hallucinations, leading to unusual and sometimes uncomfortable behavior. The disease itself is characterized physically by the presence of “Lewy bodies” in the brain. These bodies are clumps of alpha-synuclein and ubiquitin protein located in neurons that have been identified in patients’ brains post-mortem.

Lewy body dementia is characterized functionally by several common symptoms. Generally, Lewy body disease is identified with visual hallucinations – often the first sign of the condition, movement disorders including stiff muscles and a slow or shuffling walk, and poor regulation of bodily functions. Likewise, individuals with Lewy body disease often experience cognitive issues, difficulty sleeping, inattention and depression.

The cause of Lewy body disease is unknown; however, the disease is believed to be connected to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Individuals affected by Lewy body disease generally possess a protein commonly associated with Parkinson’s disease as well as the plaques and tangles in the brain related with Alzheimer’s disease. Also, individuals with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s possess similar brain compositions as those individuals who have been diagnosed with Lewy body dementia.

Natural Lewy Body Disease/Dementia Treatment

A holistic approach to dementia treatment is typically the best option for individuals. Many individuals respond well to therapeutic treatments including music therapy and other recreational therapies including pet therapy and cognitive fitness strategies. Additional options include aromatherapy and herbal supplementation. Lavender and lemon balm can help calm and relax the affected individual and support better cognitive performance. Vitamin B-12 is also known for its ability to support brain function and treat cognitive issues. Chelation therapy also helps many individuals. This can be accomplished by taking MSM daily, omitting sugar from the diet, and drinking plenty of water daily for a period of at least two weeks. This process removes build-up of toxins in the body that may be causing the issue. Ginger root, turmeric, and cayenne are also supplements that support cognitive health and are of help for treating dementia.

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Remedies Needed

05/06/2011: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia: "Couldnt sit up for more than a hr over the whole day. So allergic I couldnt eat anything not that I had the energy to make anything or even get it up to my mouth but still doctors told me it was rubbish, even just go back to work. Work was always 1000 times better than this. I felt like telling them to do their work. 15 yrs for a fms diagnosis and I had to find out myself I had addisons and hypothyroid. How do I find your email address?"

04/29/2011: Connie from Slc, Ut: "Hi Robyn, I'm here to throw my support behind Joyce's and Carly's suggestions to you, and to press further the suggestion for you to consider B-12 supplementation. I'm coming out from a deep smog into a clearing of thought because of the actions of this supplement, so I do favor the use of it. I've searched natural treatments for CFS, MCS, and Fibromyalgia; they all include B-12 among their protocols. B-12 is also recommended for osteoporosis, any sort of brain dysfunction, and the full gamut of neurological problems including Pain.

I have found that B-12 has relieved nearly every pain for me, from head to toe. It has taken a lot of time, though, and I may have some permanent nerve damage from a long time deficiency, I've read, but I'm hopeful. So I urge you to either get your levels tested, if you have good medical care, or consider trying it for yourself. Good results may take 1-6 mnths. to manifest. I began my first month with 5000 -10,000 mcgs. daily, and then reduced to 1000-5000mcg. afterwards. I'm at 2500 mcg. Now, and I'll continue to observe results. I take a sublingual methylcobalamin because it absorbs into my blood more easily. I also take a good B-complex. Good Wishes."

05/03/2011: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Hello, thanks - I have had b12 injections for quite some time. Because of Ted's posts about Bs especially for fms I got a good quality B supplement. No change. Had doc test my levels and they are 10 x what they should be. Because of the absolute fatigue I thought they might help me along a bit but I guess I overdid it. No help with not being able to sit up for more than an hr a day and none for the pain. I try everything on here but I havent nailed the real problem/s. You helped me a bit with the addisons which I havent nailed yet either. Obviously, the fatigue and pain is HUGELY disabling. I lie around like a vegetable. I can barely see the point of it. Thanks to you I do realise the pain can increase when I change the sodium/potassium ratio."
05/03/2011: Michelle from Cambridge, Cambs / Uk replies: "Dear Robyn, I read your letter with a little alarm, as you were describing my symptoms and mental state 2 years ago! I finally got diagnosed with a pituitary tumour. And lo and behold I kept reading and saw your diagnosis of a pit tumour. May I suggest most if not all of your terrible and debilitating symptoms are caused by this tumour, as were mine. You really need to get this origin of your problems dealt with. Have you had all the relevant endocrine tests done ? And the Dexa test ? My tumour has been operated on, and I am taking Growth Hormone every day, which has improved my mental outlook no end, even if I am still struggling physically, I am better equipped to deal with it. So my advice to you is to get the proper treatment for pituitary disease, as it all stems from there. Good luck. Michelle"
05/03/2011: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "thank you for your interest. All doctors had refused to treat me as I have addisons also and become so allergic I would pass out in their waiting rooms. I pressed that dr for a brain scan because all my hormones were nil which found the tumor when they werent looking for one. The doc decided to do nothing about it nor the very advanced calcified arteries. I went to another doc who looked confused but no one wants to treat me. Im in the bad fms, cfs, mcs label and hence a lost cause. I tell them I get terrible migraines along with the bizarre symptoms but ?? When I went to a neurologist yrs ago she spent 5 mins testing my reflexes and that was it."
05/03/2011: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Michelle, do you know the cause of your tumor? Does it have anything to do with the accumulation of calcium? and Ted mentions the bacteria that can hide in ca. And the flouride. Im trying to control this addisons and copper toxicity at the same time. thanks for your post."
05/03/2011: Spiritmom from Fayetteville, Ar Usa replies: "have you done any research on chelation theapy? what I've read in several books is this needs to be done in the vein not just with food."
05/04/2011: Gavin from Manganui, Northland, New Zealand replies: "Get some Ginger root from the vegie shop.. Cut about a square centimeter off it and cut it up very finely and swallow.. Do this three times a day and keep it up by about the third day you will start to experience relief from your pain. You can fry it a bit in the wok with some olive oil but use a bit more. The only thing to watch out for is if your pregnant smaller doses are recomended. Otherwise take as much as you can practically stand. In long usage it acts like cortico steroids but without the side effects. You can add Tumeric and Cayenne as they compliment it. But Ginger is the main ingredient. Failing that buy some capsules but the raw root is cheapest."
05/04/2011: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, Usa replies: "It could be yeast, possible candida. I sugest taking MSM, and a few weeks of nothing sweet while you take the MSM, and 2L of water each day. Merryanne in Central FL"
05/04/2011: Michelle from Cambridge, Cambs / Uk replies: "Hi Robyn. They really don't know what causes pituitary tumours to grow. Mine is a non functioning pit tumour, and there are 4 main different types. I know how dreadful you feel, mentally and physically, and the pain you are in, and the exhaustion caused by some of your endocrine systems running on nil, whilst your Cortisol levels are probably soaring, making you stiff and leaching the calcium out of your bones! Ted has helped me beyond calculation, but I had to get properly diagnosed first, because so much goes wrong with this disease.

I will try to post the advice Ted gave me, after I check with him, when he is better.

I'm appalled you are not being properly treated for this. Go to a site called Mary o/ cushings, and join all the hundreds of people sharing their symptoms and treatments, and how to get treated to start with! So many doctors cannot understand this illness, and you can find sympathetic and knowledgable doctors who treat it, through this site. Your muscles are wasting away, this is just one of the horrible effects of a NFT, (non functioning tumour ), you will be feeling depressed, and isolated. All side effects as well. I know it is difficult to motivate a body so achingly weak, but you have to stop the disease before it gets any worse and things become harder to do.

You have to get correctly diagnosed by a sympathetic doctor, as the different tumours require different treatments. Then Teds protocols will keep the interloper at bay. Please e-mail directly if you want, and I will talk to you about my ongoing treatment. Michelle"

05/04/2011: Michelle from Cambridgec, Cambs / Uk replies: "Robyn I have just reread your post, and it seems if you have addisons that you don't have enough cortisol ? Is this what your tests showed ?

I have to have blood tests every few months now, and I have to inject myself daily with growth hormone, because due to the tumour, I lost my muscle mass. It is now beginning to come back, but it takes a long time. I still can't walk very far, but I feel so much better in myself, and can take some interest in things again. Each of us who has an endo system failure, manifests many different symptoms, all unpleasant. We deal with each one as they come up, which is why you need to get the correct help as soon as possible, and with Ted's help, get on the road to recovery, from this life threatening disease. God bless, Michelle."

05/05/2011: Bill from San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Robyn... Michelle is right. The primary cause of all your symptoms and other problems is a hormonal pituitary problem. The pituitary gland is THE Master Gland in the body. It controls and regulates growth, the adrenals, the thyroid and indirectly controls bone growth. There is no one herb or group of herbs that can substitute for these complex pituitary secretions and functions. So if the pituitary is insufficient, then it logically follows that the adrenals, thyroid etc will also be insufficient because they will be unregulated and uncontrolled by the pituitary gland.

If the pituitary gland is insufficient, then it will have widespread effects. You lack energy because you are probably hypothyroid as well as hypo-adrenal(Addison's Disease). Your thyroid controls your metabolic rate as well as bone formation by releasing calconin and the parathyroid hormone dissolves bone calcium into the blood. This should be in balance. With loss of pituitary function, and consequent depression of the thyroid, excess bone or calcium is being removed and released into the blood. This is what is causing your calcium build up and artery problems.

Bone formation is promoted by calconin from the thyroid -- which also promotes release of osteocalcin hormone from the bone. From recent research it has been found that osteocalcin also promotes the secretion of insulin from the pancreas as well as reducing insulin receptor resistance in the body. So if the pituitary is insufficient, then the thyroid will be insufficient, so bone building is not promoted together with insufficient osteocalcin and insulin -- which can lead to diabetes as well as osteoporosis.

The reason I'm describing these effects is to show how complex this pituitary hormonal problem is and to show some of the effects and relationships arising from just a depressed or insufficient pituitary gland.

The reason for the cyst on your pituitary gland is very likely because of excess fluoride and an excess build-up of calcium over the years. The best way to get rid of calcium from your body is to use a clacium chelating agents like EDTA or MSM or DMSO or Vitamin C(high dose) with magnesium. This will help to reduce the pain in the tissues, reduce the brain calcification in dementia, improve the fibro and address all the other excess calcium issues in the blood. Ted's alkalizing remedies will also help here.

Secondly, fluoride can be removed using borax(see the borax cures section on EC) or high dose lugol's iodine(2 - 4 drops/day of 5% lugols). Really, the only thing you can do is to try and resolve and reduce the root cause of the cyst problem by removing the excess calcium and the fluoride from your body and particularly from your brain.

Your cyst/tumor is probably growing on the anterior(front) part of the pituitary because this region governs the thyroid, adrenals etc. But there is another danger here -- because if your cyst/tumor is also growing underneath the pituitary, then this can result in pressure on the optic nerve from the cyst as it grows. If you also have blurred or double vision, than this is confirmation of this problem which can normally corrected by an operation.

Therefore, above all, you must have a proper diagnosis from your doctor. Don't just ask for a specialist diagnosis -- INSIST ON IT. And don't take no for an answer. Find a proper endocrinologist who knows his business. Ordinary GP's wont have a clue about such a complex pituitary problem."

05/06/2011: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Hi Bill, thank you. Hair analysis says adrenals, thyroid, liver, pancreas, metabolism all struggling. Toxicities - lab even rang me to tell me worst copper they'd ever seen. My spine was calcified. Ca in tissues etc. The brain scan shows the ca in the arteries. I was worried about the pituatory because I have no hormones. I am menopausal but most menopausal women I know have some hormones. Mine are almost nil. However, when we altered the cortisol replacement the acth did go up so the pituatory is still doing something. The brain report apart from very advanced calcified arteries for my age and dementia on left frontal lobe (which I disagree with - I can remember too much) says basilar artery is quite dilated and there is an aneurysm at the tip. But its only small.

Ive been doing the borax and everything on here except the alkalisation - makes me severely ill & increases pain to unbearable levels. Because the aneurysm is so small I got myself a liver profile - doesnt look good, says stage 1 is ramped up way too high, stage 2 is too low and too slow. I guess that is why I am so allergic I cant go into a building. When I google my liver profile it says stage 1 makes minorly toxic material into very toxic even carconigenic and then stage 2 not working to carry it out of my body. So that gives some explanation as to why I pass out if I come into contact with another human being that has deodorant on or washed their hair in shampoo. Still, I have to get all this ca out of my arteries. Does excess ca lying in your tissues cause severe pain?"

05/07/2011: Bill from San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Robyn... The most problematic factor that you have -- the one causing the most problems -- is the excess calcium. Here is a post I wrote a while ago which illustrates the importance of magnesium in calcium regulation in the body tissues:


And the reason you are unable to take alkalizing is perhaps because of all the calcium in your blood anyway. I would suggest that you start taking 500 mgs magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate twice day. Take this for a week then, if you start getting loose stools, cut back to 250mgs magnesium twice a day. This should greatly improve your calcium balance as well as reduce the tissue pain. By regulating and promoting the bone enzyme, osteocalcin, this will also have positive effects on your pancreas(as I described in my last post to you).

Since you have a problem with your liver and kidneys, I would also advise that you take some sort of protein enzyme to help clear the trash from your blood. Enzymes formulations such as those containing pancreatin, bromelain, papain, serrapeptase and nattokinase will help you tremendously here. This will help clear blockages in arteries and veins, are anti-inflammatory, help reduce pain, help to fight pathogens and should also help to reduce and clear your aneurysim problem. Take these enzymes outside mealtimes -- you want them absorbed and working in your blood and not used for food digestion.

The other fairly critical problem you have is you liver and kidneys -- which are insufficient in doing their job of clearing the trash from your blood. There are several options here. First and perhaps easiest is to just take 1000 mgs of Chanca Piedra three times a day at mealtimes. CP is a diuretic that will gently help to clear your blood of trash safely. CP is also highly protective for the liver, intestines and kidneys and will also help to lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Containdications for CP are that you must be careful or at least consult your doctor if you are already taking heart meds, blood pressure meds or diuretics now.

The reason you have so many allergies is because your liver cannot deal with the allergens and toxins in the blood properly. My extended explanation, which will help you understand the problem better, is here:


The above link provides a more complete therapy for your liver. If you do this therapy, ensure that you drink plenty of water as well as take mineral supplements as well -- due to its diuretic effect.

Taking two tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil per day will also give you extra energy and help protect the liver as well as help to fight viruses such as Epstein Barr -- which relates to your Fibromyalgia problems. See this link:


But don't forget to take the various calcium removing protocols I suggested in my last post. I would also detox heavy metals from your body -- another main caue of Fibro and glandular problems. This can be easily done by eating cilantro three times a week in salads or taking sodium thiosulfate drops everyday or simply supplementing with spirulina/chlorella everyday. This will all help to remove many of the causatve factors for your hypo-pituitary condition.

Lastly, your excessive copper problem can be helped by taking zinc acetate or zinc glutanate supplement. Zinc competes directly with copper in the absrbtion pathways in your body. The resultant outcome of excess copper intake is a sluggish thyroid, reduced body metabolism, with a consequent significant reduction in body energy. Taking 10 mgs zinc per day (or 25mgs every two days) should more than help to reduce your copper load, improve thyroid performance as well as act to considerably spruce up your immune system as well."

05/09/2011: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Bill, thank you. You are so kind. I had studied all your posts and have been taking mg, enzymes, cilantro, spirulina, chlorella, zinc for a yr. Ive been oil pulling but because hair analysis suggested no oils as my liver is so bad I havent been taking any vco. And when I eat anything with any fat I am seriously ill. I guess its a good oil so I could try. We are backward here and chanca piedra not so easy to get. But I will. Ive been doing lugols and potassium - we have trouble getting that too. Also edta, Apple Cider Vinegar and lots of antioxidants. thanks again. In 27 yrs I havent been able to get a doctor interested. Just been left to scream in pain and live on morphine."
05/09/2011: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Bill, just the high doses of mg Im worried about. The hair analysis says high metal in tissues except mercury but especially toxic ca, mg, copper. Blood mg is normal. So I was worried about taking any more mg. I opted for K2 for helping to get the ca out of my tissues and hopefully arteries and back into my bones. Yes I do have osteoperosis."
04/19/2014: Julie from Spencerville, Md replies: "Hi, just wondering...i was reading today that at least 1/2 the people that have CFS also have parasites, have u been checked? If so, all you'll need is a zapper, an electronic device that stimulates the killer cells back from atrophy to kill the parasites that are stealing all the nutrients from your food before they can get into the small intestine thereby starving you and your immune system. 8 out of 10 people have parasites and don't know it. Hope u are blessed by this info, take care"

04/27/2011: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia: "Dear Ted or Bill, Im only 50 yo with a brain scan that shows severe dementia left frontal lobe. I had a scan 10 yrs ago that showed the same thing. Memory loss I dont have. Weird bizarre, severely painful symptoms they like to call chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity but it includes everything natural as well. I do have toxicities. My liver isnt working well according to a liver profile - ramped up phase 1, phase 2 a bit slow, my arteries are blocked but I dont have a memory problem. I also have a small tumor near the pituatory. But does what looks like dementia mimic something else? With all these excruciatingly painful and disabling other symptoms memory loss isnt one of them. Ive been diligent in following your remedies. But to little avail - a very small improvement in allergies. BUT the pain and Im pretty much disabled is still the same. To tell the truth Im sick of swallowing all these supplements and drinking all this acv, the enemas and the rest of it. Its hard work for such little result."

04/27/2011: Joyce from Joelton, Tn. replies: "Hi Robyn from Melbourne,

Some of the weirdest symptoms apparently occur with systemic fungal (i.e. Candida albicans) infections. There is a site (I believe it is called "Know the Cause" which has some excellent information on this. Also look up baking soda for cancer therapy as baking soda is supposed to kill off fungal infections which the Italians believe the cancer disappears after the fungus is killed off.

Of great dietary requirement is the leaving off all sugars & sweets. You should also be checking your foods/drinks for monosodium glutamate and aspartame.

There is also a good book on systemic candida albicans infections titled "The Yeast Connection" by Dr. Crook."

04/27/2011: Carly from Seattle, Wa - Usa replies: "Hi Robyn -

That sounds really rough. Have you looked into the Linus Pauling (google it) vitamin C therapy thing...?

Also, the brain is made up of a high percentage of fat - If I were trying to help mine, and my liver were compromised, I would research virgin coconut oil. It is supposed to be good for everything, but it does not make the liver work to assimilate it. I take 2 tablespoons a day.... but if you do decide to use it, start slower, at a teaspoon a day, and work your way up or you will have heavy detox symptoms to deal with.

Also - CoQ10 - look at that too. And maybe astaxanthin, B-12 and a good b-complex vitamin.

Just some random thoughts as to what I would be taking in your situation.... things you might want to look in to.

Good luck!"

04/27/2011: Robyn from Brisbane, Australia replies: "thank you. Good point, my toungue has the white coating (for 18 yrs). But that can be liver too apparently. Ive done everything suggested on this site for candida and read that book. Except I cant say I have eliminated sugar for good. I dont have any other carbs but a piece of choc a day, working on getting rid of that."
02/07/2013: Sandra from St. Peters, Mo replies: "Just wanted to comment regarding Robyn from Melbourne, Australia. She said among her many problems that she has very poor liver function. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I took 7 to 12 capsules of milk thistle a day and now I am negative for the disease. The milk thistle heals and totally rejuvenates the liver!"
02/08/2013: Neukoln from Edinburgh, Scotland, Uk replies: "Sandra from St. Peters - That's a great result. Can you please tell me what dose each capsule was, and for how long you took them? Thanks!"
02/08/2013: Art. from Vancouver Bc., Canada replies: "I feel it neccesary to comment here on milk thistle as it can be dangerous to some. I realize people come here to look for a cure when they need help, but some times can be mislead by others who feel they are helping. I found out about milk thistle here years ago and took it without looking into its side effects and toxicity. After having little results and struggling with other medications I found milk thistle to be suspect. After I stopped taking it, I found my medications to work better and felt less overloaded.

Read here at the bottom of the page. http://www.hcvadvocate.org/hepatitis/hepC/mthistle.html

fair warning.


02/09/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "This one lab or in vitro study is certainly not enough evidence to make broad scale human population recommendations; but it is enough to base further studies on.

The tiny amount of enzyme change found in this milk thistle study is fairly common in many foods, herbs, and spices. Almost nothing in nature seems absolutely perfect. This is why variety and moderation are important in our diet. Maybe why I keep recommending herbal and nutritional "complexes" over single. I take Milk Thistle along with Turmeric, and Artichoke, plus two entirely different herbal liver "complexes"."

02/09/2013: Atul from Sterling, Tx replies: "Can you please suggest the herbal supplements you take for liver. I'm trying to find some for liver cleansing as I'm on statins for the past 2 yrs. Thanks"
02/10/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Milk Thistle along with Turmeric, Artichoke, Dandelion, Burdock, Yellowdock. Eat a large serving of Beets 2 or 3 times week for a couple weeks. CoQ10 is highly recommended for use with statin drugs. Lemon water daily will increase bile flow."
02/10/2013: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Hello Sandra, I do take milk thistle but certainly not that many. With so many organs failing and so many supplements to try to help all of them & others to try to produce some energy + then lab tests say I have renal ammonia loading and phase 1 & 2 of the liver aren't working so more supplements to try to boost all the detox pathways that aren't up to par I'm overwhelmed with swallowing that many supplements a day I think my liver is overwhelmed with trying to get all these high levels of metals out. Perhaps that's more of a reason I should be taking more??? thanks for thoughts."
02/25/2013: Sandra from St. Peters, Mo, Usa replies: "From the research I have done I have found no toxic results for milk thistle. You don't have to swallow individual capules. Just order the loose powder and put a few spoonfuls on something you are eating. It does not taste bad. It is make of seeds, I believe."
02/26/2013: Art. from Vancouver Bc., Canada replies: "To Sandra. Warning:

Maybe you should read this. http://www.hcvadvocate.org/hepatitis/hepC/mthistle.html

..."Many medications taken by people with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) - such as protease inhibitors and non-nukes - are processed by this liver enzyme. If milk thistle is taken by someone using protease inhibitors or non-nukes, it has the potential to raise levels of these drugs, causing unpleasant or even dangerous side effects. Below is a short list of some other medications that are processed through the CYP3A4 enzyme. Levels of these medications may increase if taken by people who are also using milk thistle. This list is not exhaustive:

  • methadone
  • heart drugs
  • antibiotics
  • anti-seizure drugs
  • antidepressants
  • antihistamines
  • antifungals
  • gastrointestinal motility agents
  • ergot drugs
  • anti-psychotics
  • sedatives/sleeping pills
  • lipid-lowering drugs (statins)
  • transplant drugs

Milk thistle also has the potential to lower levels of the following drugs:

  • anti-parasite drugs
  • sedatives/sleeping pills
  • hormones - estrogen..."

You don't have to suffer from aids related diseases to be affected by what Milk Thistle will do to you. I have to take Oxycodone for pain related symptoms and found the Milk Thistle to make the Oxycodone less effective. When I took more Oxycodone I got sick untill I figured it out.

I just thought you should know.


02/27/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "This really makes the most beneficial herb for liver health look bad, only against pharmaceutical drugs; as if the drugs themselves do no harm. Many of the drugs on this list actually cause liver problems like elevated enzymes, and even cirrhosis. Statin drugs in particular are quite toxic to liver cells.

Always read drug precautions, warnings, and contraindications. Wellness Dr's recommend a variety (not just Milk Thistle) of herbs for liver "health" and minimal pharmaceuticals."

02/28/2013: Art. from Vancouver Bc., Canada. replies: "To Timh, I do not want to climb on anybody's back here but after reading a post from Sandra from St. Peters, Mo saying she takes 7 to 12 capsules of Milk Thistle and that it will heal heal and rejuvinate the liver is very alarming. It is know that Milk Thistle blocks pharmaceuticals and supplements from the liver as it is fighting to protect an already diseased liver. Sandra did this to cure her hep-c but my money is on a relapse and she probably still has not tested negative for antibodies or she would have posted her lab results. This is like one of the horrendous posts on hydrogen peroxide that I read here years ago where some one posted it is so good that he drinks mouthfuls straight from the bottle. Another issue is that ailing people don't take the time to read the warnings at the top of the page as they are hurridly trying to find a cure. So again I post a warning that Milk Thistle will block pharmacuticals and supplements which will build up in the blood stream and can be dangerous. So if you are taking meds for heart problems or blood pressure be for warned. There have been more studies about this and just because you take it with artichoke and tumeric doesn't mean it is not blocking them. There is a recent study on Tumeric as well that has been problamatic for some. You can't deny the studies. If you look for them you will find more than just one lab or invitro study.


03/01/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Art: We are striving for clarity here: and skewed studies by greedy corporations, and generally misguided folks missing correctness, makes for a blur. Dr. Murray has a free e-book out (I-herb has it on their site), which exposes some of the deceitful tactics used by the big pharmaceutical corps to boost their quarterly profits. He has a previous book What The Drug Companies Won't Tell You And Your Doctor Doesn't Know that also exposes the falsities in this business.

So, please don't generalize the subject w/ wording like "Milk Thistle will block pharmaceuticals and supplements". Your previous post gave some scientific specifics, and it is our best interest to heed those findings, with the understanding that there is a large curve of error due to the greed factor.

Grapefruit we know is a somewhat major liver p-450 inhibitor, so anyone taking any pharmaceutical (prescription or otc) needs forewarning.

As I said in an earlier post, many, if not most, common herbs and spices used by millions of people everyday, have all kinds of physiological changes in the body (agonizing this, antagonizing that); it's what they do. These Milk Thistle Studies are simply showing this. Did they use "standardized extracts" in their studies? There is that "dose factor" to account for.

Rule-of-thumb is to use herbs, spices, and supplements as recommended on labels. And be very educated on the "extract" versions of these naturals."

03/01/2013: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Art and Timh etc. : My own idea of healing is "slow and steady wins the race". "Bombing" out one's system with ANYTHING, even the healthiest item, doesn't seem sensible to me."

01/08/2010: Gary from Macon, Georgia: "Ted or anyone with information:

I wanted to know if anyone might know of a cure or promising treatment for lewy body disease. My Father has been diagnosed with this disease and the medications that have been prescribed do not seem to be helping. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God Bless."

01/09/2010: Joyce from Joelton, Tn. replies: "Hello Gary from Macon, Ga.

Sorry your Dad is sick, but since Lewy body disease overlaps with Alzheimers and Parkinson's disease, perhaps you should look up the references on earthclinic.com the use of methylene blue for Parkinson's disease that Ted recommended. The lady who was using it on her father sounded very happy with the results and she also gave a list of helpful vitamins she was giving him."

EC: The posts from Jane of Fort Worth, Texas that Joyce is referring to are located here: http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/parkinsons.html#MBVC

02/03/2011: Enjoi74 from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "I never quite know how to post or find out if I got an answer to a post, but I'll go for it and hope for the best. My grandmother seems to be exhibiting signs of early dementia. I looked under brain food, and looked for a section on memory loss. I wonder if there is something I can start doing now to decrease her chances of succombing to dementia, or is it a losing battle. Any help would be greatly appreciated."
02/03/2011: Rob from Manhattan, Ny replies: "A daily glass of beet juice will help will increase blood flow to brain and reduce blood pressure


also include Turmeric.. tincture may be easier to get the daily value.

also increase omega 3s... by either supplements or eating wild salmon, sardines, walnuts.

also consider a Pycnogenol & or Ginkgo supplement... tell your doctor if you do..."
04/05/2011: Sharon from Sebastian, Fl replies: "I have heard great results about suplementing coconut oil into your diet. I believe I read/heard that 4 tbs a day. My mom has just been diagnosed with Differential Dementia w/ lewy body and I am hoping to convince her to try it."


DISCLAIMER: Our readers offer information and opinions on Earth Clinic, not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.


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