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Multiple Remedies

11/12/2013: Feelinhopeless from Fernley Nv: "Please give me any advice you believe will help. I acquired a new Chihuahua 4 months ago and to make the very long story short. She had deep scratches on her face which attributed to heat, but after treatment with oral prednisone and antibiotics the scratches looked better but the itching and scratching never stopped and soon spread to my other dogs and then myself.

I have tried pyrethrin shampoos, one dog was treated with oral ivermectrin, I have used frontline plus on them. I got a prescription for permethrin creme for myself and I showered using the pyrethrins dog shampoo on myself. Nothing worked.

Then I tried diatomaceous earth, and neem oil inside and out and on me and my dogs. I treated my yard, house, driveway, furniture, curtains, everything with insecticide, did nothing to stop the itching.

I spread cedar shaving and pine shaving everywhere. I've bleached everything possible, even spraying some on myself one day.

I've dipped the dogs in apple cider vinegar, which seemed to relieve the itching for a couple of hours. I soap up and shower every night followed by spraying diluted apple cider vinegar on me keeping it on for a few minutes, then rinsing it off. Then I rub skin so soft all over me, followed with antifungal cream or powder. In the mornings I put on more skin so soft and antifungal medication. Nothing really works this just enables me to sleep a little while (if I take a sleeping pill).

Hydrocortizone creams, antifungal creams, menthol lotions all seem to help temporarily, but nothing gets rid of this.

I soak the clothing that can not be bleached in peppermint oil. I've showered with several differnt kinds of antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial soaps, tea tree shampoos.

I sprayed myself, my dogs, my house twice now with cedarcide 4 days apart. The first spraying seemed to help, so I was pretty assured that this would work, so I tried it again. before I could even finish applying the second round the itching was increasing on me and my dogs, my heart sank.

I am desperate. I am on disability and so money is a real problem getting any treatment along with the embarrassment of hearing my doctor and my vet calling it parsitetosis. I raise Chihuahuas, like all my dogs have parasitetosis also.

So my son suggested your site but I am very confused which treatment will work for me. I have itching, burning constantly. I feel pin prick bites. My skin feels like fiberglass is rubbing against it. No bugs of any sort have been found on me or the dogs. My vet has done a black light inspection of my dogs, a deep skin scraping, and checked the skin flaking under the microscope. I have no visible bite marks. My skin feels constantly irritated, everywhere. I mean absolutely everywhere, no part of my body is itch frre. I feel the itchy burning sensations from my privates to inside my nostrils. Ther only place that is not affected as much is my scalp. I figure that is due to hairspray, which must stop it a little. Oh even my eyes itch, the eyelids and eyeballs.

I no longer have the orginal Chihuahua that started all this. I sent her back thinking she may be a carrier of something...that did no good, the bug is still here. I am the only one who itches. My eldest son stays with me alot and he has no itching.

So I am lost as to what to try next. I have used borax in my laundry, but I didn't use it with peroxide and I am confused as to how much borax and how much peroxide to use and do I use it in how water with detergent and bleach?

Please help I am feeling so hopeless. Thank you so much for listening to me and thank you in advance for any advice you can give me."

11/12/2013: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Feelinhopeless from NV,

What a distressing situation!

The first two things that come to my mind are turmeric and garlic. They are both inexpensive and very effective for many things. I hope that they will help you.

Turmeric is great for healing skin problems and for itching related to bites. We have used this sucessfully. Take 1 teaspoon twice a day in milk or water. (Better in milk with some fat in it as the fat helps it to work better. So does some black pepper.) You can usually get bulk turmeric at an Indian grocery store or health food store.

Garlic in an anti-parasitic herb (and anti lots of other stuff, too.) Ideally, get a few bulbs of garlic. Four times a day, chop up one of the cloves (one section of the bulb) and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then spread it on some toast with some honey or butter. You will not smell the best while you do this.

Give the garlic and turmeric at least a week try before deciding if they are helping.

I would also add Raw Unpastuerized Apple Cider Vinegar to what you are doing. It will improve the PH of your body, which should be helpful. Try 1 Tablespoon in 8 ounces of water once or twice a day. (You can dilute it more if desired and just sip all day.)

1 cup of Epsom Salt in a very warm bath at night might be helpful for your sleep. You can add some tea tree essential oil if you have it on hand.

If I come across anything else that might help, I will pass it along.

Please keep us posted. I will be praying for your relief.

~Mama to Many~"

11/13/2013: Mike 62 from Denver, Colorado replies: "Feelinhopeless: The problem began with the arrival of the new dog so a pathogen is probably involved rather than an allergy. The pathogen can maybe hide inside the body when ointments are applied. You can try healing from the inside. Online you can get hawaiin spirulina, black chia seeds, expellar pressed coconut oil, raw cocoa powder, nondenatured whey, and raw wildflower honey. These can supply the cells with all the best nutrients they require to function at peak performance and interfere with the pathogen. You can mix the coconut oil and honey with some water and apply to the skin. You can feed these to the precious pets also."
11/13/2013: Caitlin from Austin, Tx replies: "Wow! I can sooooo relate to the itching. First things first, have you checked your diet? Have you added anything to your and your dogs diet that your son does not eat. I found that grains, and eating high carbs make me itch. I itched so badly at one time, that I scratched all night; couldn't sit down without itching from my scalp to my toes. Dropping milk and all grains relieved that problem as well as bad periods. One thing about grains, they increase fungus and mold, so, I'd stop eating them. 2nd thing that helped was coconut oil. I use it for mite relief and this could be what you have as you say the hair spray keeps your scalp from itiching. My daughter and her friends melt virgin coconut oil and smear it into the skin of their pets after washing them down in ACV. Coconut oil is great for fungus, extreme dry flaking skin conditions but, you must be persistant about applying. I would stop using any soap and wipe down with VCO everyday; then lay in a tub of baking soda (1 box per tub -- it is cheap) or use only baking soda to wash with. I so hope you get better! Knowing how excruciating this can feel, I'll be sending a whole lot of prayers your way. CAT"
11/20/2013: Feelinhopeless from Fernley Nv replies: "I'd like to say a very special thanks to Mama to many and Mike 62 and Caitlin from Austin for replying to me. Your thoughtfulness and time are so very much appreciated. It is so nice to hear from people with empathy and understanding and have a desire to help others. It is so refreshing and inspiring. I will try every bit of advice I received from each one of you. This letter is just to keep you posted and to let you know I have read your advice and I thank you all. And I will post to let you of my progress.

P.S. I know what a pathogen is, I just can't imagine what kind of pathogen may have caused all this itching and scratching. I guess it doesn't matter what kind of pathogen, but it has me curious and a little nervous. Any thoughts on this?"

Remedies Needed

10/27/2013: Mia from Pretoria, South Africa: "Hi, my family is at its wits' end, so sorry for the random email, I'm taking chances. My parents have suffered from this for years after dirty carpets at work made the whole office itch. It spread to my dad, 25 years ago, and suddenly, 1.5 years ago, us 3 kids started experiencing the same symptoms. Severe itching, all over the body, worse at night. No rashes or any visual symptoms. The itching increases, some of the itches would escalate to "stings" that feels like something biting me under my skin. Also permanent feelings of something crawling on our skin. Scratching helps, but the itching permanently jumps from spot to spot. My mom found out bathing with a bit of eucalyptus oil relieves it for a while ( she bathes 3 times a day now) and I found out covering our matresses with plastic makes sleeping bearable. Is it bugs living on our skin, in our furniture, on our clothes?

This is ruining our lives. Any help is appreciated.


10/27/2013: Debbie from St Louis, Mo replies: "Research Morgellons at morgellonsexposed dot com"
10/27/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Mia from Pretoria,

This sounds like a mite infestation. Most mite species are microscopic. There is a lot on Earth Clinic on remedies for attacking such infestations. Look under Ailments: Mite Infestation...much discussion on Apple Cider Vinegar, Boron and others.

From your description the problem does not ring of fungal, but go to the section under Ailments and look at fungal infections just to make sure the symptoms do not match. The fungal "surface" infections can manifest with not only itching and crawling sensations but outcroppings of the fungus itself...and shows in colored growth from the skin! (Sounds like a horror movie...but you made no mention of such symptoms.)

That is why I think the cause is a mite infestation rather than fungal."

08/29/2013: Cat from Tauranga, New Zealand: "Every 6 months or so for the past five years, I've had a very intense, deep itching sensation in my upper arm, just below the shoulder. It only lasts about half an hour but when I attempt to scratch the area, the itch feels like it is right down inside my arm and it's very hard to stop the actual itchy feeling. So I'm scratching at my arm every 15 seconds or so and it's becoming very red but I never see any signs of anything else as the redness dies down once the itching has subsided. It got me wondering last night if this could possibly be mites under my skin? It's never been in any other area except my arm and it does go away after about 30 minutes but is VERY irritating and I only wish I knew what was causing it. Any ideas as from what I've read on Earthclinic, other peoples mites seem to be more near the surface and others can see them. Hmmm help?"

08/30/2013: Sabita from Orlando, Florida replies: "I had intense itching on forearm and I feel it was due to food allergies. I used a product with Stabilized Oxygen with Colloidal Silver and Aloe Vera. It is an anti-microbial and immune system booster. Follow directions carefully."
08/31/2013: Lloyd from Charlotte, Nc replies: "Hello Cat,

I'd try two "ointments".... Echinacea which is wonderful for spiter bites or any pathogen sub cutanious. Apply directly onto the skin where the itching is taking place. Re apply ten minutes later and repeat again. It should be sticky after the third application but continue applying five or six drops over a five hour period. So apply gradually perhaps thirty times.

If that doesn't work use borax... From Twenty Mule Team Borax. Take forefinger and touch into water and then dip finger into the borax; rub vigorously onto the skin; re apply three time in twenty minutes. By the third "rubbing" the surface will be wet and a strong solution will be on the surface of the skin. But the initial rubbing is mainly dry and feels so good on itchy skin."

08/29/2012: Kamla from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India: "My mother aged 71 is having itching problem all over the body. She is very thin and weak and cannot digest allopathic tablets. Her groin region, genitals and thighs are the worst regions and the skin while itching is separated and removed like foliates. Her urine test showed presence of bacteriua E. Coli. Please inform the cause of the disease, what foods she should avoid and what food she should take."

08/29/2012: Reader Of Ec from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "I'm so sorry to hear about you mom. At her age, shingles or mite infestations such as or similar to scabies should be investigated. If she itches more at night it may be a mite presence.

An Epsom salt bath may help with 5 tablespoons of baking soda. Soak for 20 min. Use unrefined cold pressed coconut oil after the bath. If the skin becomes extra dry, add baby oil to the coconut oil. I find that baby oil though not the healthiest oil around, does last longer than coconut oil alone on severely dry skin.

I would recommend taking olive leaf capsules if it may be shingles.

Also, direct sunlight exposure will help if its mites, shingles or fungal - as does sulfur soap.

As far as foods to eat, freshly juiced organic apple with 7 carrots and one whole lemon peel and all. 16 oz twice a day. You can juice 32 ounces at once in the morning and consume 16 oz but the other 16 should be refrigerated and consumed with in 5 or 6 hours.

Raw brazil nuts contain natural selenium. Selnium will give power to the immune system. Also vitamin D will help heal the skin.

With each glass take the olive leaf capsules. Do this every day. Relief will begin a few days into this protocol.

Look into neem oil. In your location, it should be easy to find a high quality neem oil freshly produced. It will kill bacteria, fungus and mites on the skin.

Avoid eating surgars."

08/30/2012: Anonymosaurus Rex from Somewhere, Alone, Listening To Radiohead replies: "Hi Kamla, Your mother needs to be eating lots of fresh yoghurt that has live culture in it (the kind that you can add to milk to make more yoghurt with), as well as plenty of lahsun, lal mirch, and haldi. Lots of amalaki, fresh or powdered will help your mother's immune system too.

She needs to avoid any meat for at least a few weeks, and you need to make sure all her vegetables are scrubbed and rinsed clean of any dirt.

Make sure that she is washing herself and her hands regularly, and replace her toothbrush with a new one. Also, make sure that her drinking water is from a clean source. If you aren't sure, you will need to use water purification tablets.

I hope that helps. Good luck!"

09/25/2011: Rakesh from Mokokchung, Nagaland, India: "I would like to know that what would be the best medicines for my itching palm, soles and skin. I have been under treatment with cetrizine and Hydrazine for the last 4 months, but to date nothing has improved. It starts from palm and soles and spread in the whole body having a pin head swelling. Please advise me, I need the answers for early treatment."

02/06/2013: Reader from Eau Claire, Wisconsin replies: "Reply to Rakesh, India

I had/have similar problem for 30 yrs. Started out with itchy palms, then soles started itching, then entire legs itched. No skin surface issues. Dr. Prescribed different antihistamines over the years. They all worked. Eventually I was on Claritin D, which became available over the counter. For many years now, I just use an inexpensive store brand of Allergy Relief 10 mg Antihistamine. As long as I take one tablet every 24 hrs, (I usually take in evening) itching is non-existent. However, if I forget, my palms will start itching before morning."

09/15/2011: Sasha from Toronto, Canada: "I need help because my skin keeps itching me. Im 19 and Ive had this itching for probably 2-3 weeks now and I've had itching before but it goes right away but this doesn't seem like it's going away. Everytime I put on tight fitting clothing my thighs and legs even vaginal area start to itch really bad especially when I'm outside I have to run in a bathroom and itch my skin or I have to go right back home and itch my skin because it's so bad. Then my whole body starts to itch. I went to the doctor and he gave me a shot which put me to sleep and gave me a cream to rub but I didnt buy it yet I'm very desperate in what I should do this itching is taking alot out of me. I take hot hot showers alot and I take showers alot in general I thought it was a soap I was using but I cut that out and still the itching. I cleaned my room because I thought it was my dirty room. Then I washed all my clothes but still itching I dont know what to do anymore."

09/16/2011: Rashika from Durban, South Africa replies: "Hey, Sasha I know it sounds simple but do you think you could just have dry skin. Try using a good moisturiser or possibly a medicated one. Also you said you shower a lot. This causes the skin to dry out. My legs and back used to itch a lot, now I use a good moisturising lotion frequently and my problem is solved. If I come out of the shower and don't apply lotion I start itching. The other possibility is an allergy so watch if there is reactiion after certain foods."
09/16/2011: Jay from Toronto, Ont, Canada replies: "To Sasha from Toronto, Canada: Your ichiness is most likely caused by the common yeast/fungus called Candida. You can read many postings on this site about Candida. The quickest way to reduce the ichiness is to use diluted organic Apple Cider Vinegar to wipe the area down and to apply organic virgin Coconut Oil liberally to areas most affected and let the oil get absorbed into your skin. Coconut oil is good for your skin and hair and you can eat and cook with it. Coconut oil is naturally antifungal and it is absolutely safe.

Candida can be difficult to get rid of and feeds on any type of sugar necessitating a fairly strict diet along with taking a strong probiotic(not yogurt) to fight this fungus. There is a lot of information on a Candida diet on this site as well as others."

09/01/2011: Leo from Ottawa, Ontario: "For past 3 months, the crown of my scalp is getting incredibly itchy along with burning sensation. A month ago, I switced to a sulfate free shampoo and no change. I also have hair loss in that area.

What is causing my scalp problem?

Please help."

09/02/2011: Linda from York County, Southern Maine replies: "Leo, if you're not taking probiotics and/or enzymes you may want to consider doing so. I had a very itchy scalp and, while it may not be the same as you're suffering from, once I began probiotics the itch went away. I've suffered from eczema for MANY years and thought this was just another spot on my body that was being affected as it seems to migrate... Probiotics may be your answer. Best to You, Linda"
10/04/2012: Straycat from Minneapolis, Mn, Usa replies: "I've had an itchy scalp for more than two years now. When I run a comb through my hair the teeth of the comb will catch on something, yet when you look at it there is nothing to be seen with the naked eye, but it does feel rough to the touch. My Dr. perscribed Hydroxyzine for the itching, but it did nothing for it. I have tried just about everything I can think of from cidar vinegar, tea tree oil, vitamin e oil, vitamin e capsules, fish oil, pure aloe, nothing helps or even provides any relief. I even stopped using any hair care products like hair spray and gels and I switched to tea tree shampoo which is all I use now. I've stopped taking my medications (1 at a time) to see if it was an allergic reaction to the. , but nothing improved. I have tons of sores on my scalp from scratching and they get bigger, the more I scratch at them (I don't even know I am scratching anymore). It does seem to get worse when I get warm or in hot weather.

Many years ago I suffered a head injury and the hematoma never bled and caused the tissue on my head to broke down and left open wounds after the hair and skin were gone. At times some of the patchy areas, those I can see that is, remind me of that time, but I really don't think they are related especially reading that others have similiar conditions.

Any remedies will be greaty appreciated. I'm willing to try anything just for some relief. I'm desparate."

10/05/2012: Squiggley from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Usa replies: "I had this too until I stopped using any shampoos at all. I wash hair daily with a conditioner (yes, it does cleanse). Follow with a rinse of a few drops of GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) in about 1/2 cup of water (do not get in your eyes)."
10/05/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "Coconut oil is fantastic for scalp issues. Massage it into your scalp, and leave for 30-60 minutes (or even overnight if you can). Do this daily for one week, and see how you feel. Do 1 more week at a time, judging improvements. I would also recommend a sulfate-free Tea Tree shampoo. Thereafter, keep away from shampoos/conditioners with sulfates. Now the market for those products is really expanding, so there is a wide selection now, even in regular drug stores."
10/20/2012: Straycat from Minneapolis, Mn, Usa replies: "Thanks for the suggestions. I actually just bought some coconut oil and am going to give it a try. I've also started taking tumeric and the itching is almost non-existant and my head is actually starting to heal. In addition to the tumeric capsules I also make a tumeric smoothie everyday. Here's my smoothie recipe if anyone wants to give tumeric a try.

plain or vanilla yogurt
1 - 1 1/2 tsp tumeric
a few dashes of pepper
tangerine juice
coconut milk
lots of ice
a banana, cut up

Blend until smooth

Thanks again for the tips. I was going out of my mind"

02/07/2011: Christal from Kyle, Texas: "Where to begin... I have had an itchy scalp for as long as I can remember. I had a baby nine months ago, I won't go into detail but I had thought I was in labor the week before I was induced due to SEVERE PUPPS (google it) and it turned out I had some sort of infection, Vomiting diareah and I was so dehydrated they couldn't get a needle into my arm, felt like I was getting a huge chunk of skin pierced... Anyway, They pumped me FULL of Antibiotics. I didn't want them but they said it was the only thing they could do besides being pumped full of water... Anyway, My scalp got itchier and itchier since then, I got rid of all shampoo and have been using borax and it worked at first but now its not and I also take Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda, and magnesium and iodine. I stopped the iodine though because I have a rather large cyst on my wrist and its been there for 5 years, anyway, my hand started hurting really badly, almost like a burning sensation.

I would keep doing these remedies but I am breastfeeding and I don't know if that could affect my son, he started having looser stools the two days I was doing baking soda and borax... I am not willing to put him at risk, although I am pretty sure he probably has a pretty bad candida infection... I don't know what else to do but I will not go to a dr for this so someone PLEASE help me. I prefer you to email me because I never know if I am getting a response on here."

02/07/2011: Tommy from North York, On, Canada replies: "Hi,
I think you might have ringworm infection. It's not candida. Candida infection in the head or the heart can kill people in 24h. A lot of people think it's candida when it's other fungal infection. Candida usually infects the guts ( epithelial cells) and the groins.

You have to reduce your carb intake. Avoid strachy food ( starch is a polymer of glucose).

Drink Ozonated water.

Best regards, Tommy"

12/14/2009: Jest from Montello, Wi, US: "Hello, my father is suffering from severe itching from sclerosing cholangitis and his doctors are doing nothing. His itching is so severe he cannot sleep at night. He tries bathing in baking soda and/or oatmeal but it is not that helpful. I also recommended taking fish oil caps but, that has not been helpful either. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!!

PS. He had a liver transplant 15 years ago"

EC: To our members:

"Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is a chronic liver disease caused by progressive inflammation and scarring of the bile ducts of the liver. The inflammation impedes the flow of bile to the gut, which can ultimately lead to liver cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. The underlying cause of the inflammation is believed to be autoimmunity. [1] The definitive treatment is liver transplantation."

01/15/2010: Arlene from Jekyll Island, Ga replies: "Transplants are not the only option....It sounds like your father is suffering from an acid body which can cause many problems. An alkaline vegan diet is what I would recommend - and I have seen it work on myself and many others. I am now a vegan for life and at 64 have never felt better or been in better shape. The problem here is most people are not willing to change their lifestyles but if your father is fairly flexible, maybe he should give it a try. There has been much research done in this area and all you need is a computer to verify it. Staying healthy is not hard once you eliminate all animals products and the animals will appreciate it too."
01/26/2010: Jest from Montello, Wi, Us replies: "Thank you! I will pass the info on to my father."

09/29/2009: Leelannee from Sussex, Nj: "question/remedy needed for itchy eyelids

For many years I have had itchy eyelids. Specifically, the eyelash line on the upper lid and sometimes the inner corners of my eyes. There is no swelling, redness, or flaking whatsoever. I don't think it's any sort of pollen or pet allergy. I do not wear makeup or mascara--even if I wanted to, i'd end up rubbing it off! Occasionally I may irritate it if I have lotion or hair products on my fingers and I rub my eye, but they're not the primary cause.

My useless doctor recommended cortisone cream. When I went to the pharmacy and looked at the packages, they all warned not to put it near the eye. I asked the pharmacist about it and he was outraged, he said getting cortisone in your eye can cause blindness!!!

Thanks in advance for any help & suggestions."

09/29/2009: Annie from Old Greenwich, Ct, Usa replies: "That sounds like sebhorrheic (sp?) dermatitis to me. Look up remedies for that condition. Something like topical apple cider vinegar or coconut oil may help. Also oil pulling."
09/30/2009: Candy from Fort Madison, Iowa, Usa replies: "try putting coconut oil on your eyes at night. it worked for me. gets rid of pink eye too! and it doesn't hurt to get it in your eyes either."
09/30/2009: Candy from Fort Madison, Iowa, Usa replies: "try putting coconut oil on your eyes at night. it worked for me. gets rid of pink eye too! and it doesn't hurt to get it in your eyes either."
09/30/2009: Jane from Sierra Madre, Ca replies: "Strange you should mention this! I have the same problem too. Always in the inner corners of my eyes. Feels like a very deep itch. Started a few months ago, I can't really recall. It DOES happen to me when I remove makeup, and I use coconut oil. But I've been doing this for years now without issue.

I then attributed it to my mascara (although it's just about all natural; I've used it for over a year now (not the same bottle!); and I've never had this issue from other, synthetic/chemical-laden mascaras over the years)... But it could be that mine has something to do with makeup or the removal process.

It's concerning because I am trying to be good to my skin, and don't want to be itching my eyes, especially this rough. So any ideas as to the cause and or remedies would be most appreciated."
09/30/2009: Bessie from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "For Jane and others with itchy eyelids: I've had the same problem lately (although it may be because it's incredibly dry where I live). I used a Q-Tip, dampened it slightly and put a drop of a liquid castile soap (comes in a bottle with a lot of writing on, has a lot of uses - you probably know which one - but I'm sure any gentle soap will do). Then I close my eyes and lightly run the Q-Tip over the lashline and eyelid several times. Then, with my eye still closed, I rinse with lots of water (I use a washcloth just to make sure I remove all the soap - you don't want to get soap in your eyes). Then, pat the area lightly to dry and take another Q-Tip, dampen it, add a few drops of castor oil and run it over the same area (complete eyelid and lashline - don't forget the lashline). I do this last thing at night and in the morning before my shower. So far, it has worked. Good luck!"
09/30/2009: Lita from Sanford, Fl replies: "I am not sure if what you have is what happen to me some time ago, but I started getting itchy on my eyelids, they became pink and the skin harden in that area. I stopped using an eyeshadow that I had bought and that solved my problem. After that I was afraid of buying that brand eyeshadow thinking it had an ingredient that I was allergic to. But after a while a have bought that brand again with no problems. But I know it was that specific eyeshadow because if I stop using it the problem would stop. So maybe one of your make up items is to blame. I would try one at a time in order to eliminate the one. Hope this helps! Good Luck!"
10/01/2009: Nonni from Cleveland, Usa replies: "I had this same problem years ago and there is a natural eye cream with royal jelly in it on the market that completely healed the rash and itching. Wish there was a little leeway on this site to let you know which one it was, but I recently posted another post on a certain type of Calcium that I had hoped would be helpful to people and it was never posted. I do understand Earth Clinic's concerns, but it is hard to help people when it is a specific product that worked for you and other product brands did not."
10/22/2009: Leelannee from Sussex, Nj replies: "Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been using castor oil; I don't remember to do it every night, but it is helping! I want to try the royal jelly cream but I had coincidentally ordered the castor oil anyway because I read that it is good for increasing eyelash growth."
11/19/2010: Kathy from Santa Fe, Nm replies: "I had something similar to this and it seemed to be brought on or made worse by exposure to dust mites or mold. I was treating it with borax and water on a cotton pad which initially helped a lot but when it came back it wasn't helping as much. I prayed and then thought to try egg whites which I already had in the fridge (used the egg yolks with lime juice for a liver cleanse). Before bed I just dabbed some egg white on each eyelid including the lashes and then went to bed. Also did this during the day a couple of times. It stopped the itching and really helped. Maybe it suffocates the mites, I don't know."
02/26/2012: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: "Egg yolks and lime juice for a liver cleanse? Were the egg yolks raw or cooked? How did you do it???"
09/24/2012: Leelannee from Sussex, NJ replies: "reply to: question/remedy needed for itchy eyelids

Hey everybody, thanks for your suggestions! Turns out I have diabetes... It went undiagnosed for quite a while due to my labs being misfiled at the doctor's office (lesson learned: always ask the lab to send a copy of the results directly to YOU! ). Lowering/controlling my blood sugar (via a low-carb diet diabetes medication) has helped tremendously. Slipping up and eating sugar results in itchy eyelids again. Weird but true! :)"

06/24/2009: Vi from Saskatoon , SK: "Red, swollen, itchy toes - four month infection

I have been to three doctors about this and hope someone can help me! Four months ago I developed a severe itch on the tip of one toe. It spread to the tips of most of my toes on both feet and the tips became red, swollen and agonizingly itchy, in some spots purple (it looks just liked chilblains but doesn't respond to recommended treatment for chilblains). Wearing shoes and socks was agony. I put my feet in ice water for relief! The first doctor said it was eczema and prescribed cortisone cream but it was so itchy I couldn't keep it on, made the itch worse. The second doctor said (after I told her I'd had it three months) that it looked like an early form of athlete's foot (!) and prescribed an antifungal which again made it worse and I couldn't keep it on. The third doctor said it looked like a viral infection with bacterial co-infection and prescribed an antibiotic cream (the antibiotic, however, is a type that doesn't actually kill bacteria but only keeps it from replicating). The cream has controlled the itch, which makes me think it is a bacterial infection, but after two weeks I can feel the itch coming back and my toes are still very red, though not swollen. I have been taking garlic capsules, soaking in Epsom salts, I had tried soaking in garlic-infused water but while it controlled the itch it didn't seem to heal. Can anyone help?? Tomorrow I will pick up some turmeric and try taking that as recommended on this site. "

06/25/2009: Betty from Philadelphia, PA replies: "For what its worth, if this was happening to me, I would throw out all the shoes I've worn since it started in case it is a case of scabies (or something like that) in the shoes, just in case you are re-infecting yourself with something that is living in your shoes. For a fungus, I would try soaking my feet in a solution of half vinegar and half water, or put yorgurt on your toes and feet (cover with socks) before bed each night. If it is a possible bacterial infection on top of a fungal infection, I would try swabbing the areas with colloidal silver, let that dry, and then swab on some yogurt and put on socks. The silver you can do more than once a day on all days of the week, and the yogurt you can do at bedtime on work nights and morning and night on the your days off.

Another off-the-wall thought: too much B-6 can cause peripheral nerve damage (tingling, burning, itching), so if you are taking large quantities of B-6 you might want to cut back and see if that helps. Good luck."
08/27/2009: Christine from Montclair, Kzn South Africa replies: "Hi, for bacteria on feet or damp parts of the body, the only thing that worked for me was hydrogen peroxide diluted in water, and soak the feet for about 10 to 20 minutes. I use about two tablespoons with two litres of water. I bought it from our local pharmacy, it was very cheap.

I also put bi carbonate of soda in shoes and socks to kill fungus and bady odors. I live in a very humid place, so the bacteria all love it here - we have to be very harsh and kill it quick!"
10/09/2009: Leelannee from Sussex, Nj replies: "To Vi or anyone with similar unidentifiable itches...yesterday I discovered a skin treatment product, containing sulfur, at my local feed/farm supply store. I used it on my scalp, which is usually very flaky and always very itchy, and today I haven't scratched at all! Also, my forehead and the skin near my hairline is unbelievably soft & smooth. Sulfur is regularly used in acne creams and is supposed to be great for your skin.

The product was originally marketed for humans, but is now marketed for animals. I recently did some research on using sulfur topically/internally, and read tons of testimonials about this particular product* and there are a lot of glowing reviews about how it heals all sorts of rashes, itches, infections, & fungi.

It has a very strong smell (due in part to the sulfur, but mainly to the cade oil) which some people describe as bacon but reminds me of creosote. It washes out easily. You may wish to come up with your own mixture using sulfur & a different type of oil, or sulfur in a foot bath or foot powder.

I have also had good results with a bentonite clay paste on a mysterious, very itchy bug bite/rash that I had for months. I tried painting it with iodine and applying pastes of charcoal & turmeric (separately) but the bentonite clay cleared it up within hours!

*I can't include the name here but if you google "cade oil, sulfur" you will probably find it. If not, feel free to email me."
10/29/2009: Vi from Saskatoon, Sk Canada replies: "Regarding itchy toes post - Thank you for these suggestions, I'll give them a try. Even all this time after my first post I'm still using the same old cream which keeps the itching down but isn't curing the problem. I was good for the summer (probably bc I was able to go barefoot all summer) but it's coming back now that I'm wearing shoes and socks again. I was already bleaching my socks which made no difference, and I can't afford to replace my shoes but I'll try putting baking soda in them. Thank you and if anyone else has any experience with anything similar I"d love to hear what worked for you!"
11/22/2011: K In La from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "I've heard that if you think you may have fungus or bacteria in your clothes (e.g. socks, underwear) you should dampen and then microwave them to kill off all the little critters hiding in the fabric.

Tossing them in the washer and dryer often doesn't do any good. Stronger strains can be immune even to bleach. But a 2 minute nuking is said to be pretty deadly. If you really want to be certain, do it for 4 minutes but watch carefully. If it's not damp enough the fabric can catch fire. So try it at your own risk. :-)"

06/02/2009: Terri from Woodland Hills, CA: "I have been experiencing itchy skin and when I itch it turns red sometimes with bumps and I go nuts, my chin breaks out with bumps and I use cortizone and iam sick of using it. Doc. says I have a high immune system with hystimine and he gave me drugs which the side effects I WONT TAKE. Anyone have anything to help this. It effects my feet, hands, face, arms and sometimes legs. I can itch till I bleed.

Thank you, Terri"

06/02/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn. replies: "Hi Terry, Could your soap be causing the itching or possibly some lotion or other cosmetic preparation you are using?"
06/03/2009: Tavora from Brooklyn, NY replies: "Hi Terri. Recently I had an allergic reaction to a vegetable based soap I used. I had what looked like small, red and clustered bumps (resembled hives) that started spreading along both my arms. I treated it with whole aloe vera gel from the leaf/plant. I cut off a piece (maybe 2-4 inches) slicing it down the middle and rubbed the gel on the inside all over the bumps. I would recommend cleaning the area first w/ peroxide to neutralize and clean the infected area. I did this once a day....could be after a shower or just before bed - whatever you choose. I made sure not to put any lotion or moisturizers. Let the aloe gel dry and throughout the day or whenever you decide to do a new treatment - the bumps should start to dry up. I did this for about 3 days and the bumps disappeared. Only now I'm left with some mild scarring due to the scratching....I'm treating this with ___ ointment.

I hope this helps....many blessings!"
10/12/2011: Unnatstb from Nairobi, Kenya replies: "My son has had eczema since birth & is now 18. Recently have started him on Apple Cider Vinegar which is helping plus flaxseed oil capsules. The other thing I started him was on good portion of lettuce & other vegetables based salad with minimum dressing daily. The above have not worked miracles as yet but have definetly helped plus given some good needed relief. All the best"

Severely Itchy Skin Remedies

12/06/2013: Kumar_pp123 from Kerala, India: "Hi, I have Hep B since 2009, I was taken so many treatment not to the control the virus replicate but finally I got one doctor no from Earth clinic, H advice to take BHT, I am taking since last three month it is quit egood and my viral load are completely came down and the ALT, AST seems to good, but I hve the itching in whole body and it is mange to terrible the doctor said to take BORAX with baking soda it not to control fully the itching is running the hole body and I having the brain fog also any one can suggest the medicine for this would be appreciate.please. Regards, Ranjith"

04/25/2013: Beth from Lexington, Kentucky: "I have been having itchy skin and a rash on and off for almost a year now. It started several months after I broke my leg, (have a titanium rod and screws). I'm almost insane because of this and very fatigue from lack of sleep do to the itching. I'm a 48 year old female (perimenapausal). I have been to the dermatologist multitudes of times, but no relief. I have had many blood test done, not sure what they all were. I had two skin biopsies which said I was negative for fungal forms. Lab report said I had vascular changes and mixed cell dermatitis with focal fibrin, also hypersensitivity which can be secondary to drug or anthropod bite reaction and possibility of urticaria vasculitis. Basically the lab report wasn't clear on a specific diagnosis. The Dr said that I didn't have urticaria vasculitis. I had allery test done which showed that I'm allergic to mold and cockroaches. I have tried different steroid creams and shots. I was prescribed allergy medicines including hydroxyz.

The remedies I have done on my own are oatmeals baths, aloe vera, drinking APV which I stooped after getting mouth ulcers. Baking soda paste which helped temporarily plus applied adv directly to skin which helped very little. I've used tea tree oil and coconut oil, my skin feels soft but still itching. Four days ago I started borax peroxide baths and scrubs. I have checked my mattresses for insects and nothing. I vacuum my mattress and cloth furniture on a regular basis. Yesterday I cleaned my sofa and chairs with borax peroxide mixture which has helped a little. I clean my bedding weekly.

I have an indoor cat and I check and clean his ears on a regular basis. I don't bath him often, but I never see him scratching and his fur looks healthy. My dog comes in for a few minutes in the evenings. She looks healthy as well.

My itching started on the leg I broke. It then went to my lower back shoulders breast and abdomen, also my hips but there is never a rash there. I have showed the rash to several other doctors and they don't know what I have. I wonder if this could be some sort of parasite. I have stopped several of my medicines including bio identical hormones to see what happens and so far nothing. I eat a lot of sugar so that's a concern. I am running out of ideas and don't I can live like this. Please help. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated."

04/25/2013: Sara from The Beach, Canada replies: "In all your tests that you had done, were any of them for metal allergy? My problems are similar and my reaction is to nickle. What if yours is to titanium."
04/25/2013: Angel from City Of Lights, Rainbow State replies: "There's a test called MELISA to establish titanium allergy according to a site called titanium exposed. This a blood in vitro test used to diagnose delayed hypersensitvity to metals.

Hope this information will help you so you can sleep, rest and recover."

04/26/2013: Rosanne from Toronto, Canada replies: "My mom went through an awful time of intensely itchy skin for no apparent reason. Long story short- when she got her thyroid tested and began to take appropriate medicine to correct the imbalance, her skin condition cured up quickly, never to return. Perhaps you could get that checked out."
04/26/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Beth: For strong and healthy skin you will need to supplement Zinc/Vit-A and Vit-E. This should help."
04/26/2013: Beth from Lexington, Kentucky replies: "I discusses the titanium with several dr's and they didnt seem concerned about it. The allergy dr said it was highly unlikely that I would be allergic to titanium and I wasnt tested for it, maybe I should be and will look into it.

I'm seeing the gyn dr today and will discuss hormonal issues which could possibly be a cause for the itching. If I don't get help soon I'm gonna lose it."

04/26/2013: Concerned from Oz, Rainbow State replies: "HANG IN THERE! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Go to this website:

There you will find information that may help with your situation with info on a blood test. There are patient stories to read that may be similar to yours and give you hope and guidance.

Not saying this is what you have but here is more information to consider:

Removal of metal implants for treatment of an allergy to metal is rarely performed. While it is nice to know that metal implants rarely cause allergic reactions that require implant removal, it has been reported, and some individuals have found resolution of their symptoms after removal or replacement of their implants. Your doctor can help you determine the cause of your problems and the appropriate treatment to consider. Fortunately, for those patients who truly have metal sensitivity causing their implant problems, removal of the implant will often provide immediate relief of symptoms."

04/26/2013: Beth from Lexington, Ky replies: "I was never tested for metal allergies. Sarah, did you get a joint replacement? I already take magnesium. I may add vitamins A and E. TimH, will these vitamins help itching? I have always had nice skin, but after all this who knows. I just know that I'm miserable and my quality of life has went down hill.

I checked out the Melisa website and its impressive impressive, maybe my body is slowly being poisoned. I feel that my dermatologist will think I'm crazy" but seeing a different one in May.

I have to take charge of my own health and see about getting this test done asap. I already called Melisa and someone should be calling back. It may not be this, if it is it will be terrifying but I will know and can fix it. If its not all hope is gone for me. Thanks everyone, you are all great."

04/27/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Beth: The antioxidants I recommended will greatly strengthen the epithelial and dermal tissues, which should, by reason, at least help with the itching."
08/02/2013: Sl from Ky replies: "For Beth from Lexington. There is a wonderful naturopathic doctor in your city. Dr. Perkins. She is amazing. Try her."
12/03/2013: Grace from La replies: "Many MD'S are not educated in heavy metal poisoning or testing ...find a specialist that knows about heavy metal testing. or just have the test sent to you and take it. Never wait around for a doctor to figure it out, it could take centuries... There was just a case recently with a famous actor that had titanium fillings every time he would lay down to go to sleep he would have a migraine, well his doctor was baffled, Well I believe he asked his fans if they had ideas of the cause and BINGO the answer came! The metals gives off energy like a battery the dentist said the titanium filling was like a lightening rod going through his head! He had the filling removed and all the migraines vanished. There are several studies about human reactions to having metals under the skin."

Shower Filter

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[YEA]  09/18/2010: Candy from Ofallon, Mo: "I found if I use a shower filter that filters our water it stops my skin and scalp from itching like crazy. If you think about it, look at the shower doors and how they build up all the gunk from the water, so does our skin. Perhaps you should have this listed as a remedy. It really makes a difference."



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