Hyperthyroidism Treatment and Remedies

Last Modified on Apr 16, 2014

Hyperthyroidism treatment varies depending on the reason causing the over-active thyroid. A natural diet including foods that lower thyroid activity will be beneficial. Vitamin D and herbal supplements will also help support the thyroid and immune system.

What is Hyperthyroidism?

When the thyroid (a gland in the front of the neck) is over-active, making too much thyroid hormone, it is called hyperthyroidism. Since the thyroid controls the metabolism (how the body turns food into energy), it has a profound effect on muscles, bones, the heart and even cholesterol.  Hyperthyroidism is a case of too much of a good thing. Some people experience no symptoms, but many feel their heart beating too fast, become anxious and depressed, lose weight and sweat unexpectedly, Fatigue and muscle weakness may also be experienced. This is a genetic condition, more common in women than in men.

Hyperthyroidism may occur as a result of Plummer’s disease, Graves’ disease (an autoimmune disorder), toxic adenoma or thyroiditis (a chronically inflamed thyroid) which are all characterized by the overproduction of thyroxine (T-4). The long-term outlook for hyperthyroidism depends upon the cause. It may get better without treatment, but those with Graves’ disease usually get worse and can have life-threatening complications, If someone has Graves’ disease or a serious heart problem in addition to hyperthyroidism, this can lead to a potentially life-threatening condition called a ‘thyroid storm’. A large quantity of thyroid hormone is released, causing the person to feel very ill or as if they are having a heart attack. Seek emergency medical help.

Natural Remedies for Hyperthyroidism

Treating the underlying reasons for the hyperthyroidism may need to be a long-term regimen. Avoiding iodine-rich and processed foods is important. Vitamin D and herbal supplements are also suggested home remedies.

Proper Nutrition

A well-balanced anti-inflammatory diet will be beneficial. Avoid sugars and processed foods.

The below foods are good for an over-active thyroid by helping to lower thyroid function and aiding the thyroid to stop producing excessive thyroid hormones. The anti-thyroid properties are strongest when eaten raw.

  • Nuts: almonds, pine nuts, peanuts
  • Any vegetable in the broccoli family: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage
  • Green leafy vegetables: kale, mustard and spinach
  • Fruit: pears, peaches, coconut products, berries
  • Misc.: Turnips, corn, millet, soy (isoflavones block iodine) and canola oil

Vitamin D

Many people have Vitamin D deficiencies. One of the benefits of Vitamin D is that it helps the immune system to recognize the difference between foreign and self-proteins, reducing auto-immune problems and inflammation. This home remedy is especially useful if Graves’ disease or thyroiditis is involved.

Herbal Remedies

Turmeric is one of the most useful herbal cures; it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Ginger, rosemary, cinnamon and oregano are also useful alternative remedies for fighting inflammation and strengthening the immune system.

Hyperthyroidism means that the thyroid is producing too much thyroid hormone and is caused by another underlying disease, such as Graves’ disease. Proper nutrition, Vitamin D and herbal remedies are useful in treating this condition.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

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[YEA]  06/03/2013: Dixie Pearl from Tracy, California: "Apple cider Vinegar cured my constipation problems caused by hyPERthyroid. I take a tablespoon full once a day in a glass of water."

02/04/2014: Tricia from Union City Ca replies: "I am also hyperthyroid. I hope this could help my (c) problem. My endo told me it was odd to be hyper and not have loose stools."

Eltroxin, Supplements

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[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  02/22/2014: Monique from Sudbury,ont: "hi, I'm Monique from Sudbury Ont.

My concern is that I been cured from hyperthyroidism. My treatment was radiation and followed by Eltroxin 0.1 mg, now after several years on this medication to control the hypothyroidism in which I'm being treated now. From 35yrs to now 46 yrs. I still suffer from fatigue, mental and physical fatigue, I find myself absent minded, loss of concentration, low libido, lack of confidence and not to mention weight gain. I keep fighting these symptoms as much as I can with daily supplement, vitamins, and herbs...they help thank God. My question is I liked to stop taking Eltroxin because it's not natural substance but a chemical. I been looking for answers for a long time for a natural and healthier way. Along with these supplements I also take "zinc and copper balance" at one capsule per day. My doctor is uncertain about this method since they have little study on homopathic and holistic therapy. I refuse any medical medications for the symptoms mentioned. I am a total believer on natural approach for my health. Any suggestions....is Apple cider vinegar, Potassium idione, kelp or any other approach is greatly received. If I'm taking off the Eltroxin, to be replace with the alternative, this would so great. If the other approach is to stay on Eltroxin and to take other supplement like kelp or other is also welcome. thank-you"

02/22/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Monique: Search desiccated thyroid/yahoo group and raw food videos."

General Feedback

06/14/2013: Sam from Knoxville, Tn: "Everyone with hyperthyroidism--this is serious. Actually, I think the length of time of symptom to cure was 5-years and 10-months. Let me tell you that my body cured itself. I have one strange body. The day of May 28th, 2013, I had sky-high anxiety/claustrophobia. Every step taken felt like my heart was not getting enough oxygen and I was about to pass out. Took the bus home most of the way and had to get off after a few miles because of that high anxiety feeling. Then, I called a cab and took it the rest of the way home.

After sitting around my home for a few hours, my body just couldn't take it. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest strangling me--my brain was on fire and it felt like 10 hotspots lit up in my brain. I called an ambulance and was admitted to the hospital's emergency room.

The emergency room technicians took my blood samples and it came back TSH: 0.577 and Free T4 Thyroxine: 0.82. The doctor walked in and said, "Everything is normal. Your thyroid is normal, your liver is normal. I see no anomalies in your blood."

My reply was, "What!? How can that be? It felt like someone was sitting on my chest strangling me and my heart was starved for oxygen." The doctor shrugged his shoulders and walked out.

And that my friends is how my hyperthyroidism was cured. A painful experience and I don't wish it on anyone but after living for 5-years and 10-months with this ailment--I'm sure my heart is probably somewhat damaged. It's a miracle of course. All of the health stuff I took, the iodine painted around the neck, L-Lysine, Co-Q10, Selenium is all fine and everything but you should see a professional.

Here is what I took from a doctor:

Tapazole/Methimazole: 2 X 10 MG, once a day.
Digoxin: 0.25 MG, once a day.

What put me over the top and sent me to the emergency room was the:

Metoprolol: 100 MG X 2, once a day. I was prescribed 150 MG but I took 200 MG and then started walking around and caught the bus. This forced my heart to slow down and sent my body into a little shock. First the back of my legs felt like they atrophied, then my back and then my shoulders and chest.

Somehow this forced my brain to reset the areas of my brain that control the thyroid. Anyway, it's been confirmed by two different doctors that my thyroid is normal. Don't do what I did to cure myself, you get professional assistance."

02/19/2012: Racumyah from Fort Lauderdale, Florida: "Hello all, i just want to say thank you all so much for you all postings. there is so much wonderful information that will hopefully cure me. i have suffered from hyperthyrodism since 2000, i am 28yrs old. in 2007 they did radioactie treatment, but it never went completely hypo. when i found this site it gave me so much hope, and belief that i can be cured. i was put on methimamazole until i went hypo, two weeks ago i went hypo so the dx suggested to come off the meds to see if my thyroid normalize (i have been doing this battle or on meds and off meds for 12 years). my body has been feeling bad, but from reading this page im currently looking for a naturapath and im going try some of the remedies on this site.

thank you all so much, i can't wait to be cured!"

04/18/2012: Debby from Monroe, Ct replies: "Hi, I just read your post and I hope you get this. The thyroid is not to be taken for granted. I know because I now have thyroid cancer. Not to really to get into it, but make sure your doctor does an ultra sound to make sure there are no nodules - this is very important. Also I want you to purchase the "The Complete Thyroid Book by kenneth ain, Md. If you have any questions you can email me."
09/22/2013: Debra from Omaha Ar replies: "What information can anyone give on thyroid cancer. Are nodules always cancer?"
09/22/2013: Tom from Fort Worth, Texas replies: "Hello Debra, No, nodules on the thyroid do not always indicate cancer. Great article on Wikipedia www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thyroid/nodule"

12/17/2009: Jen from R: "bad tooth, hyperthyroid

hello again earthclinic readers,

first thank you to all who answered my last question.

2nd i have a bad tooth, it broke 2 and a half years ago when i was preg and they just put a temporary filling in and it is gone now and the tooth is turning dark, it is my very last tooth on the top on the right side. Does anyone think that this could be the cause of my hyper thyroid and if so what will help, i read all of the infected tooth posts, but my tooth doesnt hurt and i dont think that it is inflamed but maybe. So i dont want to start messing with it if i can wait a while longer until i have money to go fix it. Do you think that the garlic or something would help if this is the cause of my thyroid problem? thanks in advance again.

p.s. sorry for the spacing in this letter, my space bar sticks sometimes
Jen in ca"

04/14/2010: Serena from Los Angeles, California replies: "When I have bouts of hyperthyroid (I do not have it all the time and I am convinced it is in a big way because these supplements help to calm it down!) I am not on any meds. When I feel like my hyperthyroid symptoms are bad, I take these supplements:

1.) Magnesium Chloride - LIQUID form - 2 Teaspoons of Magnesium Chloride 3X a day with food - if my symptoms are really bad I take it 4X a day. Whatever your stomach can handle. Too much magnesium can make you go to the bathroom.
Within a few days I get total relief of my heart palpitation and anxiety.

2.) L-Tryptophan - 500mg up to 3 times a day. I am not 100% sure of the correct dosage so be sure to check with your doctor."
06/27/2010: Joyful from Lawrence, Ks replies: "Jen in CA,

Do you drink tap water? If so, STOP, and switch to distilled water! Fluoride messes up your thyroid, and fluoride buildup in the body can cause calcium deficiency, which leads to weak and discolored teeth. Drink distilled or reverse-osmosis water. Take calcium supplements to replace the fluoride build-up in your body. It takes awhile to flush fluoride out of your system. If you want a faster flush-out, you'll have to eat all organic foods in addition to drinking distilled water. I know that can be expensive, so I have had to compromise sometimes on the organic food. At the very least, avoid processed foods.

I had a chipped tooth during pregnancy as well, and I'm also dealing with thyroid issues. In researching about how to help my thyroid, I found scary information about fluoride. I have noticed a difference after 3 weeks of removing fluoride from my diet! Good luck!"

08/19/2010: Grobust from Torrance, Ca, Usa replies: "Lemon Balm has worked great for absorbing excess hormones and helps relax a hyperthyroid."
11/06/2010: Sam from Knoxville, Tn/usa replies: "Whatever you had been doing before onset of symptoms should be stopped immediately. You need to take into account everything that has been done to your body over the last couple of years; every vaccination, food eaten, water drunk and your environment. Let's go over the source from brain to thyroid to the body cells: The pituitary secretes TSH (Thyroid Simulating Hormone): high TSH is hypo, low TSH is hyper, and today's normal is.35 to 5.5. From the pituitary's secretion to stimulate the thyroid, this is a negative feedback system because low TSH makes the thyroid create more T4 (hyper), high TSH makes the thyroid create less T4 (hypo). From a military perspective, the pituitary is the General and the thyroid is the Corp. The general sends the command to the Corp to release T4 (the Division) into the bloodstream, and is picked up in the periphery of the body where it is picked up in the cells. Within these cells, T3 (the Brigade) is produced. T3 is 3 times or 300-percent more active than T4: this is the case in real life between Army Corp and Army Divisions. Now that I've painted the picture for you in military jargon, you can see the General, Corp, Division and Brigade in action!

The first step, I had to eliminate the body's Opposing Forces of vaccinations, fluoride, aspartame, table salt, genetically modified organism foods (corn, soybean, fish), high fructose corn syrup, bromine, chicken mcnuggets. If you don't read the labels and steer away from those Opposing Forces, you can forget about curing yourself. Note: I never took the thyroid medicines given to me because I paid strict attention to everything entering my body. The medicines were steroids, Methimazole (Tapazole), Metoprolol Tartrate (Blood Pressure). Here are the listed of vitamins I had originally taken:

Co Q-10 (1 x 100mg per day)
Selenium (1 x 50mcg per day)
L-Lysine (1 x 500mg per day)

My heart began acting up near the end of my total cure so I drank:

Ground Cayenne Pepper (1 teaspoon of pepper in a cup of hot water): stops any heart attack in 30-seconds. After feeling better, all vitamins and the pepper intake were stopped. Here are the final two things I've taken:

Celtic Sea Salt (1 teaspoon per day, sprinkled over my food)
Heart and Body Extract (10 herbs, clears out 75, 000 miles of blood vessels in 2-minutes)

It has been a long fight but I sleep like a rock every night, have lots of energy, my skin is as clear as a bell, my heart is cool/calm/collective, eye pressure is normal (7.0); everything is looking good. If you have any questions for me, ask! You are in the battle for your life with hyperthyroidism and for those of you who have it, you know what I'm talking about. Trust yourself and in yourself. Don't let anyone mess with your body. Do your own research, I have and it was a huge battle. You take everything the doctors tell you and tear everything apart by studying anatomy for yourself. Good Luck!"

11/07/2010: Sue from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada replies: "Please research coconut oil. Coconut oil cures not only thyroid disease, but heart disease. My 16 year old cat had a significant heart murmur and after feeding him coconut oil for 6 months, his heart murmur was completely gone. I have also read and heard first hand about how coconut oil helps the thyroid balance itself so it can function properly. Good luck,
11/10/2010: Lauren from Queens, Ny replies: "Hi Sam from Knoxville:
I read yr post with much interest. Can you tell me the name of the heart and body extract that you used? Thank you for this wonderful post. God Bless."
12/16/2010: Jen from Randr , Ca replies: "Sam
I have been on my own quest for about 2 yrs now and am really getting frustrated. I take everything I can that is good for my thyroid with out making it hyper (which is not an easy task, I reasearch anything new before I even get close to it food wise. Which is no fun at all. For example party at a friends house: here try this dip its good. I reply hold on wait whats in it let me use ur computer first while I google that ingredient. I mean really its no fun) I know my thyroid is getting better but my eye(s) are not. It is the worst part of this disease so far. Any extra info you have on thyroid eye disease would be greatly appreciated. And what is the heart and body extract. I want some. Lol"
04/02/2011: Rachel from Regina, Sk, Canada replies: "How do you get fluoride out of your diet, and what's the risk with it? What does it do that is harmful?

Also, this is from the kuwaitipharmacy site. A very different perspective. After medicinal and nutritional suggestions they add:

External/Physical Therapies: Regular thyroid function requires plenty of sleep and exercise.
Water stepping regulates thyroid function. Create a daily exercise routine that incorporates one minute of water stepping (with knees high up like a stork) and barefoot dew walking.
Induce perspiration through exercising, saunas and steam baths.
In case of shaky hands, increased unrest, apply clay wraps around the neck to soothe the thyroid. Alternate clay and cabbage poultices. Leave on for five minutes and increase time gradually

Interesting, isn't it? :) Peace, Rachel."
04/29/2011: Fxdiva from Atlanta, Ga replies: "Sam, I'm writing to verify that the Selenium, CoQ10 and lysine work perfectly! I was on Methemizole and PTU for about 5 years, when they decided it was time to "kill" my thyroid. Well, I wasn't ready for them to "kill" my thyroid. I had been searching for a cure, but hadn't had any luck. Needless to say, the doctor's decision was enough to make me step up my search.

I logged onto earth clinic and found your combination of suppliments. Let me tell you, from day one I felt a difference. My urine was cloudly the morning after I started taking your combination. I later read that that was an indicator that the selenium was actually removing [chelating] the floride from my system.

My thyroid was sooooooooo fast that I actually had to take two doses of your combination, once in the morning and once in the evening, before I could come totallly off of my meds and I haven't looked back since.

I do drink the distilled water, but I've also read that over 50% of the floride we take in is done so through our skin [bathing and showering]. I've been lazy in getting the shower head filter, but your combination DOES WORK.

I would like to know how long was it before you were able to come off you the supplements?

Thank you a gazillion!!!!!"

01/02/2012: Gloria from Mexico, Df, Mexico replies: "Hi Sam,

I think I may have a thyroid issue- acne, very dry skin and Raynaud's disease). I've always been very thin and I like it.Would these supplements that you recommend make me gain weight? Thanks a lot in advance! :)"

Hyssop Tea

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[YEA]  06/08/2011: Amanda from New York, Ny: "Hyssop tea has helped my hyperthyroid symptoms stay in check. It is high in Iodine, so check with your Dr. first. It has quiteted down the heart palps & much of the anxiety, along with greatly improving the length and quality of my sleep. You may have to take a lot of it, though, so I suggest buying organic loose Hyssop tea."

01/29/2012: Chirod from Marietta, Georgia replies: "I have found that Kelp is also high in iodine and eating that helps a lot! It takes a few days to kick in."
[YEA]  02/10/2014: Matthew from Boston,ma replies: "Oddly, the Hyssop tea has helped my hyperthyroid, but iodine makes it worse - as did coconut oil. Hyssop Tea and Magnesium all the way!"
[SIDE EFFECTS]  03/04/2014: Sara from Miami, Fl. replies: "I have hyperthyroid and hyssop tea made me feel sped up & jittery."

Iodoral Iodine, Magnesium and Selenium

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[YEA]  02/11/2013: Sara from Crescent City, Fl: "My husband was in the hospital a year and a half ago thinking he was having a heart attack (he was only 38). Turned out to be hyperthyroid/possible Graves Disease. Endocrinologist put him on methimazole. All of this time through monthly changes to meds, his TSH level stayed around 0.006 (range should be 0.270-4.200 according to the lab report) and T4 around 2.01 (should be 0.93-1.70). Nothing ever moved!

I had run across info about taking iodine for this, but was scared off by the wrong info that iodine was the worst thing for hyperthyroid, but at my wits end, I dug deeper.

In the meantime, doctor told my husband to consider killing his thyroid, as something should have happened by now. He told hubby to up meds to 30. Also said that iodine would do nothing. For some reason he set his next appointment for 3 months away, which he never had done before.

So, on our end, and behind the doctors back, my dear hubby agreed to try iodine therapy for 3 months, which was 50 mg Iodoral (normal daily dose is said to be 20 I think). Also took magnesium for better absorption and selenium to bind the heavy metals the iodine collected. We did nothing different for 3 months accept for the iodine and company. He did continue the 20 mg. of methimazole, but now I wish he had not.

So, time for lab results after the 3 months. We were nervous because his neck was swollen, he was having swallowing trouble and hubby was convinced he had thyroid cancer. Awesome news! For the 1st time in a year and a half, movement in his levels! Now his TSH is 7.590 (to HIGH) and T4 compensated by switching to low .79. Doctor got excited and said " we have movement". He thinks he did this with the poison meds. Really?

The swelling in his neck was because the med was too much. I also now know that we should have upped his selenium along with the iodine. We are so excited and feel confident that he will be able to discontinue his meds. We also know that when hubby started to sleep better was when his range was "normal", so now we don't have to rely solely on lab results to know how he is doing."

06/26/2013: Jayhyper from Paphos, Cyprus replies: "Hi, can you tell us how your husband is after the iodine treatment?"
02/04/2014: Tricia from Union City, Ca, Usa replies: "I have been doing so much research this year trying to find a way to make my thyroid get back to normal. You post gave me hope that this might work for me. My tsh is -0.000 and my t4 is in normal range I am priscribed 40mg of methemizole a day told highest dose available. I was also told stay away from iodized and shrimp. Endo is pushing e to have surgery or radio active iodine and that scares me because I researched radio active iodine and it increases cancer risk by 20% according to studies done in the uk. I know this is a long post but any advise you could give me I would love!"

Lemon Balm, Bugleweed

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[YEA]  05/30/2011: Sc from Me, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: "Dear Folks,

I was having acute hyperthyroism with one of the days getting into almost a coma due to raise in one of the T (t3 or t4 raised to 22 normallly is around 4?. I was told... by the doctor...)

Started taking twice per day 30 drops of melissa lemon balm and 30 drops of bugleweed. After 45 days I did blood test. Totally cure as per doctor. He was amazed. Didnt take care of diet too much. I like veggies, yogurt, nuts, etc. healthy."

07/14/2011: Vem from Daly City, California replies: "Hi.. I would like to ask an update regarding your hyperthyroidism.. My husband is scheduled to have RAI next couple months, and I am actually anxious about the procedure.. I would like for him to try a natural remedy first before going (or seeing if he still needs RAI).. We will try this remedy of lemon balm and bugle weed.. But can he take this with his PTU also?

And will lemon balm alone, without the buggleweed be enough? thank you, I hope you can reply :)"

07/15/2011: Joan from Kansas City, Mo replies: "I would encourage your husband to seek other advise. I regret having the RAI procedure done. Now I have many (small) but very irritating issues."
12/30/2011: Maryanne from Winthrop, Massachusetts replies: "Sorry this is months later, but is there a difference between "melissa lemon balm" and regular old lemon balm? I have lemon balm in my freezer now, and I can easily make a tincture. Just wondering, since I thought that Melissa was an entirely different herb than Lemon Balm. I've had Grave's Disease for 5 years, and I'm so sick of them trying to kill my thyroid with RAI! So far I have vehemently refused, and I've switched over to a naturopath. We'll see how it goes. I appreciate any other tips you guys can give. I'll try them all!

Thanks! Oh, also - how long did you have to take this combo to see results? How are your thyroid levels when you don't take this?"

04/10/2012: Sc from Dubai, Uae replies: "Dear folks, after exactly one year of the first diagnosis of ht my tsh has gone to 0.243. Diagnosis was subclinical ht. So first thing I did was buy mogwort lemon balm and bugleweed. Don't take any medicine other than herbs for your ht. There is another formula lemon juice with baking soda. Ted has shared it long time. Say no no killing medicines. Never remove your thyroid. Do your best with herbs."
04/11/2012: Sc from Dubai, Uae replies: "Dear folks, after exactly one year of the first diagnosis of ht my tsh has gone to 0.243. Diagnosis was subclinical ht. So first thing I did was buy motherwort, lemon balm and bugleweed. Don't take any medicine other than herbs for your ht. There is another formula lemon juice with baking soda. Ted has shared it long time. Say no no killing medicines. Never remove your thyroid. Do your best with herbs."
04/14/2012: Sc from Dubai, Uae replies: "It has been okay until recently I have tsh low level. After one week of taking it u can feel better. Not sure about the melissa lb or lb."
12/04/2012: Leila from Uae replies: "After 2 years with this problem, now got tsh down to 0.03 :( lowest ever. i realize that Melissa lemon balm doesn't cure only correct. Once you leave it problem comes back again. i would like to know about the selenium and l-lysine. is the problem gone forever?"
02/17/2014: Cag from Ocean County, Nj replies: "These herbs are used to treat the symptoms. The underlying issue is usually autoimmune. So work has to be done to find the trigger."

Lemon Balm, Bugleweed, Motherwort

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  03/13/2013: Needing Answers from Dubai: "Dear Folks! After 3 years of having issues with my thyroid this is my current situation: Hot toxic nodules and ths: 0.06 ft 3:256 and ft 4:0.9

Internist mentioned hyperthyroidism. How can it be when ft3 and ft4 is so low?

I have tried lemon balm and bugleweed motherwort. TSH and FT3 seems to improve but not ft4.

I really need answers. I am planing to go to 2 different endo but I know already their answers. To remove or to take RAI. This is not an option for me. I really need answers. First how can I know the right diagnosis? Second, what will it the be the right protocole? Thanks in advance. Regards, Needing answers"

03/14/2013: Joy from Battleground , Wash replies: "There is a new book at the library, I like to read to quench my curiosity. My sis has these issues, so I wanted to understand more about it. There is a woman who has had this for a long time, Mary Shomon and she does research into all the available programs and meds available. Her book is a review of what helps and what doesn't, she has a facebook page too. I don't do facebook."
04/28/2013: Needing Answers From Dubai from Dubai replies: "Thank you so much, still very much struggling."

Parasite Cleanse

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[YEA]  06/02/2013: Maryanne from Columbus, Oh: "I cured my " hyperthyroid" condition using a parasite cleanse! My symptoms had begun rather suddenly with chronic, explosive, watery, yellow diarrhea. My doctor sent me for a stool test, at my request. It came back negative. The next 8 months were so difficult. I lost almost 30 lbs, my eyesight was going downhill fast, and any time I ate the smallest bit of sugar, my heart would pound and race so badly I thought I was going to die. I eventually had to wear adult diapers if I left the house, and I couldn't work. I had to run to the bathroom 30 or more times in a 24 hours period. It was so scary. I was finally tested and diagnosed with hyperthyroid and put on methimizole. During the first 10 days of taking it, I just decided to go ahead with a parasite cleanse, even though my stool test had come back negative. I took a good one, the one that costs about $40 at Whole Foods Market. From the first dose of the wormwood tincture (one part of the cleanse), I could feel a significant calming in my body. I think it was stunning or paralyzing the parasites, just as sugar caused them to have a party! As I continued the cleanse I observed 3 different kinds of parasites leaving my body. Within another week I went off the medicine. I completed the cleanse, I think it was a 30 day cleanse, and I have never had another symptom.

Those stool tests are sometimes absolutely worthless, as in my case. I later realized that if parasites came out in your stool, you wouldn't have parasites! I am so happy to be well again and have decided to do a parasite cleanse at least once a year from now on, just as a preventative from ever being so sick and scared again. I had read and tried almost everything mentioned for hyperthyroid conditions here on Earth Clinic and I had nothing else to try. I only wish I would have followed my first instinct and taken the parasite cleanse at the first sign of problems. I believe that if I hadn't fixed the problem, it would have eventually been fatal, as I was not getting any nutrients from what I was eating. The parasites were getting it all. I looked like a walking dead person, and I'm sure other people thought I had cancer. I have waited 5 months to post this so that I could be sure I am cured. I have regained almost all my weight, my eyesight is back to normal, and I never have the racing heart anymore. If parasites can do what they did to me, I believe they can cause numerous other problems in the body. Anyone can get parasites. I have read that everyone has them. If you eat out and your food is prepared by someone that has parasites and hasn't properly washed their hands, you will get them. I guess the symptoms you develop depend on the type you are infested with. I am almost 62 years old and this is the 4th major health issue I had to fix myself, as the doctor's couldn't or didn't help me."

06/02/2013: Kt from The USA replies: "Thank you, Maryanne, for this post. Parasite infestation is a reality even though there are many who deny it. I appreciate your report and hope others will take the advice because there are parasites that are not always visible."

Potassium Iodide

08/01/2010: Jen from RnR, California, Usa: "Hello EC,

I am inquiring about potassium iodide for hyperthyroidism. I have read that potassium iodide is a cure, this is what the antithyroid drugs are. But I have also read that hyperthyroid people should avoid iodine at all costs. I'm confused. Any clarification would be appreciated. And also, if potassium iodide should be taken how much, for how long. Thanks. Peace, love and life, Jen."

08/02/2010: J from Santa Ana, Ca replies: "A little iodine juices your thyroid up. A lot slows it down. And I do mean regular supplemental iodine, not the radioactive stuff. Somewhere on the net is a protocol for doing this but I can't recall where I saw it. An afternoon surfing should turn it up. Be sure to get a scan first to make sure you don't have a nodule or some kind of toxicity issue causing the problem."
01/07/2011: Marisa from Halifax, England, Uk replies: "There's lots of contradictory advice out there on the net. One of the people who seems to know what he's talking about is Dr Brownstein - though I don't have a scientific background, so I'm just trusting his judgments. From what I've read some people fear iodine because the thyroid needs iodine to function properly and if there is too much iodine in the system, this could cause the thyroid to go hyper - according to one viewpoint. Brownstein contradicts this and says that one of the causes of both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism is lack of iodine in the diet. And far from needing the recommended daily dose of 150 micrograms, we actually need roundabout 13 miligrams a day, which is what the Japanese consume, to maintain a healthy system. If we're deficient in iodine, Brownstein claims we need booster doses (of something like 50 mg a day with other mineral supplements) for around a year to restore our depleted stores. After this, the amount needs reducing.

If you google 'Dr Brownstein and iodine' you should be able to research more. According to this doctor, he's had patients who can testify to being cured from cancer and fibromyalgia as well as thyroid conditions by taking iodine supplements. Hope you find a cure soon. I'm hoping to start an iodine supplement routine for my goitre and hyperthyroid condition as soon as I recover from a virus. :-)"

11/13/2012: Anomale from Winchester, Virginia replies: "Hi everyone. I have not been diagnosed with hyper yet but Last year I was taking a supplement called chlorella. This is great stuff on the whole but it sent me into some sort of metabolic overload. I shook for 3-4 months. My body shook from the inside out and no one could see it. I was an absolute mess. My anxiety dwarfed anything I have ever experienced or ever read about. I honestly dont know how I survived. I think it was a thyroid storm. I am still not well and after a year they did an US and found a nodule. I go in tomorrow to see what treatment to do. As a nurse I will probably go holistic. I just wanted to warn those about taking supplements. Not that supplements are bad but DO BE careful. Take them slowly to see how they affect you. THe chlorella had lots of iodine in it. I know there is talk on the web that iodine helps hyper but I experineced it differently. I will continue to search for herbal remedies. JUST BE CAREFUL! GOOD LUCK TO ALL SEARCHING!"

Remedies Needed

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YEA (1)

01/20/2014: K.b. from Usa: "I am experiencing many different symptoms and I have HYPER thyroidism. I would like any advise as what would be best to take. I am a bit confused with all the info on the site. I am currently having heart palpitations, shortness of breath, trembling, mind fogginess, nervousness, anviety, and the list goes on."

01/20/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "K.b: I want you to be aware that all the very serious complicated issues have to be treated. The info that I am going to give you is going to take care of everything very rapidly. I was very sick myself so I understand this is going to be hard so try to get a loved one to assist you. Take 1g colostrum, 1g Hawaiian spirulina, 2g black chia seeds, 1g expeller pressed coconut oil, and 2g non denatured whey isolate, every hour with 12oz spring water. For carbs you can take raw honey, organic whole cane sugar, and activated barley. Make home brewed water kefir. Take 1 cap 17 mushroom extract blend from Washington with 20g organic strawberries 4/day. The c assists in the absorption of the polysaccharides. Take organic cabbage, horseradish, and ginger. These are high in goitrogens that interfere with the thyroid. Stop taking them once you get well. Take 3ml/day skate liver oil. If you have not been taking a d3 supplement then you are probably low in d and this is necessary for recovery. Take 5000iu/hour. If you feel an adverse reaction stop taking. Some people have taken 500, 000iu this way. Once the tissues have been saturated with d then stop doing this treatment. The skate liver oil has the maintenance dose."
01/20/2014: Thehandyman1947 from Ohio replies: "This is a little expensive, but used as directed it works: Indium (sulfate). Indium-XL from Life Extension, I've seen it shrink goiters,"

03/31/2012: Scg from Dubai, Uae: "On april 2011 I was diagnoses hyperthyroidsm reason was a hot nodule. Took bugleweed and lemon balm and got health back. Now April 2012 my THS is 0.24 my t3 and t4 are ok. Doctor is telling me I need medication and remove thyroid. I feel chaos because they need to remove a horrible varicose vein from my leg. Is getting bigger and bigger. Please Help advise,

Please Ted if u know about the relation of these 2 sickness appreciate if you can give the cure"

04/21/2012: Sheila from Concord, Ca replies: "I don't believe doctors any more! They cause harm and suffering and death! I don't think your thyroid causes varicose veins either! Research natural cures for your veins, etc. There is an herb that help with that too."
07/01/2012: Mc replies: "Scg, After the bugleweed helped you originally when you were first diagnosed, did you continue taking taking the same dose even after your levels had returned to normal? Did you ever figure out why your TSH levels had dropped? I hope you're doing well now."
12/05/2012: Leila from Uae, Uae replies: "Dear ladies, i stopped bugleweed and lemon balm. Is not curing the condition. But I just start yesterday again. 1 month ago started to take ferritine. it may be that the reason now I have tsh 0.039? my ft3 went to 3.2 and ft4 1.2 please help"

05/04/2011: Meadowsweet from Halifax, England, Uk: "Hello,

Just wondering if anyone has a success story to share regarding thyroid nodules with hyperthyroidism, sometimes called 'Plumer's Disease', or toxic nodules? I tried lowish doses of lugol's iodine but my blood levels worsened (though my physical symptoms didn't worsen for some reason).

I can't take Black Strap Molasses at the moment as I'm trying out the low foodmap diet to try and cure a mild IBS problem, although when I did take BSM I felt brilliant ... Must have been the mineral and iron content. Thanks. Meadowsweet. :-)"

[YEA]  06/02/2011: Silvia from Dubai replies: "lemon balm and Bugleweed is really good remedy. 30 drops of each in water twice per day for about 1 month. Don't take medication from doctor..."
11/05/2011: Lani from Dubai, Uae replies: "Where can I buy the lemon balm & bugleweed here in Dubai?"
04/28/2013: Needing Answers from Dubai replies: "You can order from iherbs.com"

05/03/2011: Zeen from London, England: "I have hyperthyroidism and would like to control/cure it naturally, has anyone found a natural remedy for this condition?"

05/05/2011: Bill from San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Zeen... I beleive you can help your hyperthyroidism by supplementing larger dose lugols iodine. Read these article from Drs Abrahams and Howenstine from the Iodine Project, which is currently the only independent research that is ongoing on the benefits of iodine:



The only other route left open to you is to take the medical radioactive iodide route which is very destructive and hardly a cure at all -- you will then end up being hypothyroid, having to rely on taking synthetic thyroid for the rest of your life."

05/11/2011: Lory from Tarlac City, Philippines replies: "Hi Bill... Where can we buy lugol's iodine here in the Philippines? My friend has hyperthyroidism and she is currently on meds. Since discovering this website, I've become a believer to natural remedies, and trying to spread the info I get from here. Can you tell me about the dosage of taking lugol's iodine as well? Thanks a lot."
05/12/2011: Bill from San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Lory... I bought all my lugol's iodine in Bangkok Thailand. Not easy to find lugols iodine in the Philippines. However, when I typed "lugol's iodine sulit" in Google Search, there is an address in Manila for a firm that sells lugols. Here it is:

930-G Del Monte Ave (Frisco), Quezon City (near Seaoil)... Tel # 411-6692, 211-7792

Read more:

http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/view classifieds/id/2516468/Medical Supplies Wholesaler (Genericsking Trading Inc) - ORDER BASIS ONLY

Another possibilty is to go to your own local hospital and see if you can buy lugols iodine directly from their own pharmacy. Hospitals still use tincture as well as lugol's iodine as a preparatory disinfectant for patients having operations.

Or perhaps try a vet clinic for animals. Lugol's iodine is still regularly used for animals."

03/03/2012: Madmadanthony from Indianapolis, In, Usa replies: "Hopefully someone can help here. I had a "comprehensive Metabolic Profile" blood test in October of last year to check mainly for thyroid levels. My Doc insists the profile suggests I'm normal... yet my mind/body suggest otherwise.

My results were: 3rd Gen. TSH (0. 696) Reference 0.270 - 4.200 uIU/ml.

If it means anything... Albumin 4.7 (high) and A/G Ratio 2.0 (high).

I've always had severe anxiety, explosive temper, social anxiety, mood swings and occasional depression. I was on Clonazapam at (.5mg) 2X per day (Teva Generic) for six years and Metroprolol XL 50mg a day, which seemed to control most of the fast heart rate and anxiety. I eventually took myself off both (nightmare that was) only to end up back on clonazapam last year.

Everything I try seems to aggravate the anxiety and fast heart rate especially B vitamins, and for some reason Magnesium, the Oxide kind. Although soda or caffeine seems to lower my heart rate but makes me irritable later. Am I wired backwards or something? An alien???!!!

My basic physical profile is, always have had severe dry skin on face and head, yet nowhere else. Low appetite and lucky if I weigh 170lbs. I'm 5'10", male age 43 now. I've tried practically every OTC and herbal out there with either no effect or a worsening.

My Doc suggested an anti-depressant. After three years of trial and error that didn't seem to help either. In fact, most just made me extremely aggressive and irritable. As of now, irritability and mood swings are my main enemies. I don't know what else to do.

Side note: I do not drink alcohol or use recreational drugs, although I've tried marijuana and drank occasionally -- just worsened symptoms in the long run.

There are days (maybe 1 day out a week) where I feel symptom free. However, I know this is always a brief break from the normal. I'm fed up with Docs telling me to get on meds. BTW I do not have nor have I ever had high blood pressure, if that counts for anything.

I'm at a total loss. I've been reading and trying things since I was in my early 20's and haven't got anywhere really.

Thank you in advance... This site seems to hold some promise!


03/03/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Anthony, have you tried Niacinamide (vitamin b3) or vitamin c as per Dr. Hoffer? Or Magnesium as Epsom Salts in a bath or Mag. Chloride?"
03/03/2012: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Have you thought of copper deficiency? Violent outbursts and thyroid are both implicated.

You may be able to build up your copper with juicing lots of green/purple vegetables. Stay away from red meat (iron makes the copper unavailable) and onions/garlic (sulphur depletes copper). Stay away from processed foods/sodas and try to eat organic.

Symptoms Associated with Copper Deficiency

- White hair
- Gray hair
- Dry brittle hair ("steely wool" in sheep)
- Ptosis (sagging tissue - eye lids, skin etc. )
- Hernias (Congenital and acquired)
- Varicose veins
- Aneurysms (large artery blowouts, cerebral artery blowouts)
- Kawasaki Disease (congenital aneurysms with Streptococcal infection)
- Anemia (especially in vegan and high milk diets)
- Hypo and hyper thyroid
- Arthritis (especially where growth plate is involved)
- Ruptured vertebral disc
- Liver cirrhosis
- Violent behavior, blind rage, explosive outbursts, criminalbehavior
- Learning disabilities
- Cerebral palsy and hypoplasia of the cerebellum (congenitalataxia)
- High blood cholesterol
- Iron storage disease (abnormal iron accumulation in liver)
- Reduced glucose tolerance (low blood sugar)
- Neutropenia (low neutrophils)"

03/03/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Anthony... The first thing I would do is look up up all the side-effects of all the drugs that you are and have been taking. These seem to be contributing quite substantially to your aggression problem. Here are some examples:

* Clonazepam... Here is a description of the side-effects from this drug:

"You may have thoughts about suicide while taking clonazepam. Your doctor will need to check you at regular visits. Do not miss any scheduled appointments. Call your doctor at once if you have any new or worsening symptoms such as: mood or behavior changes, depression, anxiety, or if you feel agitated, irritable, hostile, aggressive, restless, hyperactive (mentally or physically), or have thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself."

* Metotprolol... Side-effects can occur as defined here

* chest pain, pounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chest;

* feeling light-headed, fainting;

* feeling short of breath, even with mild exertion;

* swelling of your hands or feet;

* nausea, upper stomach pain, itching, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes);

* easy bruising, unusual bleeding (nose, mouth, vagina, or rectum), purple or red pinpoint spots under your skin;

* wheezing, trouble breathing;

* depression, confusion, memory problems, hallucinations; or

* cold feeling in your hands and feet.

All side-effects definitions in these excerpts for these drugs are taken from www.drugs.com -- which is an FDA approved site.

So the first thing I would do is speak to your doctor about, perhaps, coming off these drugs -- which would appear to be possible major causes for both your anxiety and aggression and other problems.

My other recommendation is to not, under any circumstances, take anti-depressant drugs. They are filled with fluoride, bromide, mercury and goodness knows what else. If you don't believe me -- just look up their constituents and side-effects on www.drugs.com.

To help you -- First it would be useful for you to get a hair analysis as well as a blood check -- with full emphasis on your liver condition and health. I suspect that you have possible bromide or heavy metal issues causing some problems not only with your mental state but also with an over-stressed liver -- which is the main excretory organ(along with the kidneys) for the removal of trash, heavy metals, bad halogens and drugs from the body.

The hair analysis will tell you what minerals you are deficient in your diet and also will reveal what excess heavy metals, halogens and other toxins you have in excess in your body which are causing you problems. Once you know these excess toxin problems, then you can detox these safely out of your body naturally. But first we need to know exactly what toxic substances need to be detoxed from your body. Similarly, from the hair analysis, you will learn of all the minerals your are deficient. Once we know, we can help you more.

I think, from the drugs you have taken for so long, that it is almost certain that both your liver and kidneys are stressed (possibly adrenals also) because you have reduced appetite and because you have taken medical drugs for so long. Therefore you should work to strengthen these organs by taking Alpha Lipoic Acid(300 mgs twice a day), Milk Thistle(1000 mgs twice a day) and Selenium(200 mcg twice a day). Take Chanca piedra(1000 mgs twice a day) which will help protect your kidneys. Take all these nutrients at lunch and dinner. These will help to assisst and recover both the liver and kidneys and will purify the blood.

To assist in heavy metals detox -- Take chlorella. To get rid of fluoride -- take boron or borax. To get rid of bromide, iodine and fluorine -- take lugol's iodine(aqueous iodine). You can also take 10% Sodium Thiosulfate drops -- this will get rid of heavy metals, chlorine, arsenic and cyanide from your body. I will leave you to research these on Earth Clinic, since we are not sure yet what your problems are until after the hair and blood analysis.

Bye the way -- TSH checks for the thyroid are notoriously innaccurate. Next time ask your doctor for both a Free T3 and Free T4 check and also get the Reverse T3 and Reverse T4 check. Just look these up on Google Search for clarification. These thyroid checks are far more accurate than just TSH checks -- they tell you much more. You may well have a thyroid condition as well, so its better to get more accurate thyroid checks.

I would also lastly advise that you get in touch with a good naturopath(one with a good rep) and ask his/her advice or help for your condition."

03/04/2012: Madmadanthony from Indianapolis, In, USA replies: "Thank you for your replies. Not sure (though possible) on the copper deficiency... I have no gray/white hair. I believe the anti-depressants are bad, I took them and know first hand. Interestingly, even a small dose (. 50mg or less) of Sam-e induced wild rage for 3-5 days. Powerful stuff.

As for toxicity (liver/kidneys/adrenal) that is something I want to get checked, however the cost is prohibitive at the time.

Something I forgot to mention... Anything containing MSG sends me into the same hyper rage/irritability state followed by severe depressive thoughts. I've tried glutamate blocking agents with some success; since avoiding MSG completely, seems impossible since it's hidden under so many names. Thanks FDA!!

Another suspect (bipolarism), further complicates, as I've had such drastic reactions to anti-depressants especially Sam-e. The flip side is, L-Theanine, Benadryl or any other anti-histamine slams me into a state of depression within hours of ingesting.

L-Phenylalanine though does lift my mood but even a little too much and I'm over-stimmed and right back where I started.

Also, I've had severe anxiety and rage/anger *since* early childhood... Long before meds were ever introduced. Though certainly not helping me now, they could not have been the original cause since I was in my 20's when I began the meds route. I'm not currently taking Metroprolol, just Clonazapam at (. 5mg 2X per day). It has helped (I stopped getting into so many fights) but certainly not a long term solution.

What gets me is the days when I don't have to try to be happy or calm... It's just there. I've tracked mood/food for almost two years with no idea to any connection. Again, makes me wonder about bi-polarism. Especially when I can be in the foulest of moods and suddenly snap right out of it... not often, but it does happen.

When I can afford to, I will get a hair analysis. Thank you again for the great feedback! I look forward to any further insights/idea's... Thank you!


03/05/2012: Pyroluriac from Alamogordo, Nm replies: "Maybe get tested for pyroluria (kryptopyrroluria or pyrroluria, it seems to have so many different spellings) or porphyria?"
03/08/2012: Kay from Destin, Fl replies: "To Madmadanthony: Are you blood related to the family/surname "McCoy"? If so, Google "Von Hippel-Lindau disease", a rare, inherited disease that can lead to hair-trigger rage and violent outbursts, high blood pressure, racing hearts, severe headaches and too much adrenaline and other "fight or flight" stress hormones. If you are a McCoy read the articles they mention several current studies, genetic testing info, & possibly free treatment at world renound medical schools. Best of luck, and may blessings be upon you!"
03/22/2012: Mom from Ok City, Us replies: "To madmadanthony: my son has the same symptoms, he just came from a naturopathic dr using kinesiology. She said he had hyperthyroid which was suprising. He has been testing at 20 in the emergency room for tsh many times. All show normal. He has been hospitalized for mood swings many times in past year. Dx of mental illness. B vit's will do the same thing to him also. Adep's same thing, klonopin & xanax his choice but only helps with anxiety and not the mood swing. He will have physcosis also. The natural dr gave him vitamin with kelp hops. We just started. She said he had no iodine result of hyperthyroid, in turn will cause all of the symptoms due to the body running on adrenals, then they poop out from over use. Hormones are affected. Drink water without floride, also shower without floride. Research a natural vitamin/herbal product for balancing the thyroid. My son's rage is always triggered by mania with depression a mixed mood. It is a bipolar issue term, but is also a symptom of hyperthyroid due to hormonal imbalance, hence hyper is how it will treat your body. He also has sleep, memory concentration issues. Will also dip into depression. Good luck and feel free to ask questions."
03/24/2012: Mom from Ok City, Us replies: "To madmadanthony, found this website that tells you how to test for iodine deficiency, hyperthyroid. All the info is there. Hope this helps. My heart and prayers know these symptoms well. by the way the natural dr was 45.00. But a bottle of iodine could be a cheap test and guide. Good luck. Post if you have any success.


06/16/2012: Melissa from Los Angeles, California replies: "To Madmadanthony. Go to ithyroid.com. It explains how you can get a hair analysis kit and send it yourself. But you need to make sure you send it to a lab that doesnt wash the hair sample. The ithyroid website will give you great info on the labs. Even though the website is old the information is valuable. I believe its inexpensive to do. Good Luck!!!"
08/03/2012: Ranford from Calabasas, Ca replies: "Thyroid signs in women tend to be more typical compared to they have been in adult men. Thousands of ladies throughout the planet experience some kind of thyroid gland condition and a lot of these individuals are uninformed that the signs and symptoms tend to be thyroid correlated. It is documented that One in Seven men and women have problems with some type of thyroid illness. Why don't we examine just what the thyroid gland genuinely does and also which kind of thyroid disease symptoms promote themselves if it is not necessarily working effectively.

Even though there are numerous ailments linked to the thyroid gland, the pair of most typical tend to be Hyperthyroidism along with An underactive thyroid.

Hypothyroidism can also be generally known as the underactive thyroid as well as takes place when it has an underproduction of T3 and also T3 thyroid gland bodily hormones. It is usually because of the thyroid getting extracted so as to deal with extreme hyperthyroidism or perhaps cancer malignancy. Widespread thyroid signs and symptoms in women tend to be: Lower energy, Unusual Body Weight, Hairloss, Deficiency of Sexual libido, Dermititis, Sleep problems, Your inability to tolerate Chilly temperature.

A widespread solution for An underactive thyroid gland is actually the usage of 'beta' Blockers. They can reduce anxiety, tremor, irritations and lower quick cardiovascular pulse. The medicine Methimazole is additionally accustomed to prevent thyroid bodily hormone functionality. For further extreme instances, Radioactive iodine healing is implemented."



Our readers offer information and opinions on Earth Clinic, not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.