Remedies to Cure Bloating and Fluid Retention

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Remedies Needed

10/12/2009: Shaunie from Saginaw, Michigan: "I am a 40 year old woman, My stomache started to become overly extended 4 months after the birth of my second child in August of 2002, My weight and my stomache size increased to the size of a 9 month pregnant female much of the weight started disappearing without effort in the summer of 2008 I lost 30 pounds without trying, I wasn't doing anything different. I had complained to my Doctors all my life about different problems i was having with my stomache. The Doctors had done many test over the past 4 years and just noticed this year that i had many enlarged lymphnodes and an enlarged spleen . What can i take or do to decrease the size of my stomache ? I still look like I may be at least 6 months pregnant now."

10/13/2009: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA replies: "Hi Shaunie, I had my fifth child at 42 and had never had this experience until then. I had been a ballet dancer all my life and was very fit so I took it for granted when my body would just return to its fit state after my births. This time it was different- I completely lost my waistline, had a stomach that felt distended and no matter how much exercise, it would not go down. My husband would say to be patient, after all, it took 9 months to make the baby it was my fifth and she was the biggest baby I'd had- almost 10 lbs and I am small, 5'2". A year passed, then two, then three... I finally resigned myself to the fact that many women have this even after their first and I had been lucky... Then, after 4 years, I went to an acupuncturist of which I had not done in years. I went for totally unrelated reasons to this. I was actually going for my hips and how much mobility I'd lost after this birth. After the third session I was dressing and caught my reflection in the mirror- at first I thought I was imagining things and I went closer. My stomach had gone flat AND I had a waistline to boot! It is 5 years later and I have retained my waistline but I will periodically return to the acupuncturist when my stomach begins to feel that bloated feeling. My acupuncturist is really great and he has explained that it is the stomach that can cause so many seemingly unrelated problems. I just went 4 days ago after about 5 months of not going for this very reason. Anyway, I hope this info helps and that there is hope. Ask around and check the acupuncturist sites to find a well-qualified acupuncturist. Good luck."

10/04/2009: Redgypsey1 from Phoenix, Az, USA: "Bloating, fungus in throat

I was wondering if someone could please help me. In dec of 08 I had started gaining 3-5 lbs a week until I had gained 35-40 lbs. I can not seem to loose this weight. I went to see a Doctor and she did blood work said my thyroid was a little low. I am now on meds for that and I have HBP due to the weight gain.I feel this is not just a weight issue because I gained it to fast. I get so bloated. I noticed its worse when for instance I eat a piece of wh bread. No matter how hard I try I have not been able to loose even a lb. I stopped smoking 3 months ago with the help of chantix. But about a month ago my voice got very hoarse. I went to the doc the other day and he said I've got a fungus in my throat. I also have a problem with heartburn and sour stomach. Somehow I feel this is all related. After reading Earth clinic the majority of the day I feel possibly I have candida? The doctors just want to prescribe and perscribe. I did do ACV a couple of months ago but it bothered my stomach to much so I quit. I felt great but it didn't help with the bloating. Can you please help me try and figure out what could be wrong. Thanks Darlene"

10/04/2009: Carolyn from Christchurch, New Zealand replies: "Lose Wheat...lose weight. Grains are fed to cattle to put weight on them. Grains are hard for humans to digest. Also, try taking 1 oz of colloidal silver 10ppm (parts per million) twice a day. Amazing for all sorts of difficulties. Also organic virgin coconut oil is another wonderful health treatment. You can look up both items on the web to find out the benefits."
10/04/2009: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, usa replies: "Without a doubt, you are dealing with some serious candida. Cut out all breads and sugar from your diet right away. That would be one way to begin. Go to the health food store and ask about some very good probiotics. Look at the ways people have gone about it on this site. You can go through some difficult times as you get rid of it but in the long run, your health will improve immensely. I'm a great believer that there are many people with problems due to candida but they don't realize that is the stem of the many problems it manifests. They can be extremely serious problems to including such things as ADD, mental problems, continual illnesses on a regular basis, etc. You can also google a lot of information. There are excellent sites on this subject. Hope this helps. And good luck."
10/04/2009: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, usa replies: "Hi again, your post was the first one up and I responded immediately since I have helped others rid themselves of this dreadful experience. But upon, scrolling down and reading there is a post about bloating from Rebekah in response to Saffi. She gives some very sound advice on this subject and I think you will feel relieved that she too had some of your problem. The other thing I would really try to do is get yourself off meds- that alone can help this condition fester. The medical community doesn't give much thought to this terrible condition. I had to help my own 23 year old daughter out of this dilemma when a doctor kept giving her antibiotics for a throat condition that you describe. I knew what it was but the dr. used such scare tactics on her she kept listening to his idiotic advice. Finally, she was so distraught since she was seeing no change that she gave into my advice. She insisted she stay with the antibiotics so I made her promise that she, simultaneously follow what I would recommend to see a change. It worked and now she understands the deep connection between what you eat and how you feel healthwise. She no longer eats dairy or sugar- something she craved desperately before and for many years in spite of my advice. Sometimes the worst experience is what it finally takes to make a change. Especially when the advice is coming from mom..."

EC: Rebekah's post to Saffi is here:

05/16/2012: Billy from Winnipeg replies: "I don't think it's candida, but I think it might be H. Pylori. Try 1000 mg of Mastica Chios every morning on an empty stomach. My $002"



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