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Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method

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[YEA]  10/31/2007: Christiane from Los Angeles, CA: "I have been experimenting with several rememdies. I have been doing the HP inhalation for a few weeks now but only when fatigued. I use a throat spray bottle and spray a few times until I cough while inhaling, that seems to be the only way that I can determine that it's not just coating the back of my throat. I notice that it works almost immediately to get me out of that "desperately need more sleep" haze. It lifts that "heavy" feeling. I tried it again 2 days ago when I only got 4 hours of sleep with the intent that if I did the HP inhalation and it worked AGAIN then I would be convinced. I'm completely convinced for fatigue purposes at this time. I intend to increase my usage soon.

Also, I read where someone mentioned using iodine on cysts. I am using it on a cyst (may be caused by an ingrown hair or not!)on my shin, about the size of the circumferance of a sharpie marker. I started this a few weeks ago and was applying the iodine once a day for about 3 days straight. Then I forgot about it. I just happened to look this morning and it has shrunk by about half and the skin on top just peeled off. I will be starting up again today to see if I can get rid of it completely over the next week or so.

I have Candida but no insurance and I was trying a product that has been rated as the number 1 recommended product. Unfortunately, it felt like my kidneys were not happy about it so I had to get off of it. I am going to try some other methods to see if it helps. I'll post when I know more."

11/15/2013: Sunny from Ca replies: "How much Hydrogen Peroxide do you use? How much water? For the spray bottle Mix... Thanks!"

Jet Lag

09/04/2012: Robyn from Perth, Western Australia, Australia: "I know this is not strictly an ailment that needs treatment but I was hoping to get some feedback on Jet Lag treatments/remedies that may be beneficial. I will be travelling from Australia to Europe, so as can be imagined the times zones will be extreme. While any responses will benefit me, I know many Earth Clinic officianados must travel and I won't be the only beneficiary. Thanks"

09/05/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Robyn, I was told to sit in the sun WITH EYES TIGHTLY SHUT for about ten minutes at a time (once a day?) after landing. It seems to readjust a person's circadian rhythms."
09/05/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Robyn, Melatonin helps the "circadian rhythms" in the brain, among other benefits."
09/06/2012: Pete from Brazil replies: "My trick is to take melatonin. Once you arrive at your destination make sure you stay awake until local night-time. 30 minutes before going to bed take your melatonin. It's not a total solution but it helps. Good luck!"


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[YEA]  02/23/2012: Ish from Kansas City, Mo: "I am a 55 year old male in good health. From time to time I experience fatigue and have used Kelp and almost immediately I feel alive and with lots of energy. I have decided that I need to take Kelp on a regular basis. I am currently taking 150 mcg. Another option avaialbe is to simply buy a Centrum or any of other brand that contains Iodine.

If you exercise on a regular basis and feel tired I would recommend taking Kelp or Iodine."


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[YEA]  11/17/2006: Karen from Lucedale, MS: "After reading the molasses cure, i realized that this is what has cured my sugar cravings and constipation after 25 yrs of i have lost weight in the past 2 or 3 weeks. my sugar cravings have stopped. i use the bathroom after taking the syrup. i have also been taking enzymes since i have no gallbladder so i wasn't sure how i lost 7 0r 8 lbs. but now i know.and my fatigue is gone. i've been fighting fatigue for the past 4 yrs. i feel better now than i have in 4 yrs. I have been battling a lot of things. but everything is getting better. and i'm also sharing this information with my brothers and sisters cause we all have digestive issues and degenerative's wonderful."

[YEA]  01/30/2006: Jan from TX: "One teaspoon daily dipped and dripping with Blackstrap Molasses (House of Herbs 70% iron content) totally eliminated my anemia, dizziness and fatigue. I drink it in hot water or eat it straight off the spoon. If I forget to take it or run out, all symptoms return within days."

Power Nap, Eye Massager

03/26/2009: Max Nass from New York, NY: "Fatigue: Power Naps and and Eye Massager get me home at the end of the day. I have a very stressful job working with little children. When I drove home I was so tired my eyes with see double on the road. Very dangerous. I know take a 15 minute power nap (close my eyes for 15 minutes and think about nothing in a quiet place).Then I put on an eye massager I bought on the net. I use it for three minutes. I am reguvinated. It's a miracle. Now I can drive home and have energy when I get home. Hope this helps some of you out there. P.S. look up power naps--there incredible."

Remedies Needed

04/16/2014: Kyle from Denver,co: "I have been feeling tired and lethargic for over 8 months now. I wake up in the morning and feel like I had no sleep Its making me very depressed and moody and when I get home from work I go straight to bed. I am on 90mg of methadone and not sure if that's causing it but I've been on that for 3 yrs. I've had all kind of tests ran and they cant find anything. And at times I seem to have short dizzy spells. AND Also my body feels like I have flu symptoms just weak and do good to get out of bed. Can someone please help!"

04/16/2014: Lucas from Nyc replies: "Your complaints are listed in methadone's common side effects (of which there are many). See the list here:"
04/16/2014: Lucas from Nyc replies: "Your complaints are listed in methadone's common side effects (of which there are many). See the list here:"
04/17/2014: Anna from Saint Paul, Mn replies: "I t0o was having fatigue and I then I started taking Vitamin D3 1000mg and also Vitamin B12. This has helped a great deal and my mood has greatly improved also. I also have been taking ACV for the last year and have not been sick since starting the ACV."

10/04/2012: Vanessa from Savannah, Ga: "Hello, I have a serious problem. I am having mental fatigue. I am am educational interpreter I work with the Deaf/hard of hearing. I interpret off and on the whole school day 7:15 am - 3:15 pm and at least four days out of the week I interpret either football, volleyball or tutoring mathIV. I eat healthy just real food I exercise, which I have not been doing as much because of my late hours. Today while interpreting MacBeth my brain shut down. I could not interpret my processing stopped, I had to swap out with my team and go to the school nurse. She took my blood pressure and it was normal. She suggested I go home and get some rest. Which for me I took an hour nap and had to continue on because I had tutoring and volleyball. Anyway is there anything I can take to help with my mental fatigue? I don't see an end to my long days. We have basketball season right around the corner."

10/05/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Vanessa, a few items should help you much. First, take a whole food, high quality, high potency, multivitamin/mineral w/ every meal; this will boost your metabolism. Now, to correct what seems like a not-so restful sleep take the hormone Melatonin 3-6 mg before retiring. Now, to nourish your brain take Fish Oil or Flax Seed Oil daily. Take the amino acid Taurine one day and Glutamine next day (rotate) as directed on labels. Take the amino acid Tyrosine daily several hrs apart from previous aminos. Finally, to further enhance energy production, boost immunity and detoxification take the nutrient DMG 250-500mg once daily.

This protocol will get you back in the game for now, BUT if you don't sustain your wellbeing for very long a time, it means you proly have some underlying disease process that needs addressing, which in many cases is a chronic fatigue syndrome like illness usually supported by either parasite infestation, pathogen infection, or both.

Hope this helps and check back here as to your results."

10/05/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Vanessa, you have to choose between your health and your income. Sometimes lowering income and increasing rest and health is a good swap."
10/05/2012: Tinydancer from Dayton, Ohio, Usa replies: "Vanessa, Sounds like it could be b12 deficiency to me. I've had it, and it reads identical to what you are going through. Check out vitamin B12 under Earth Clinics supplement tab. Check your local library and see if they have a copy of "Could it be B12". I wear a Vitamin B12 patch once a week and it has made a lot of difference in my like.... check it out."
10/05/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Vanessa, You're going to have to try to find some balance in your life. This is not always an easy world to live in and can be very demanding. I'm glad to hear you eat real food but you also need some rest. What happened to you is your body giving you a warning. Take heed!

I too live a very busy life but, over the years have learned balance. In between teaching ballet, I rest and spend alone time. I do some things I enjoy to restore myself. I love my work and that sustains me. Hopefully, you love yours too. If that's the case, re-frame how you see "work". Think of all the people who do things to "just make a living". I know I am fortunate enough to love my work and recognize how much it feeds me rather than drains me.

Also, consider Chinese herbs to build your chi. They make a real difference! Best to you, Lisa"

10/06/2012: Vanessa from Savannah, Ga replies: "Thank you for all of the wonderful suggestions. I have sent an email to fellow interpreters to see if they can help lighten the load. My wonderful husband, has really been helping with cooking and other house hold things. I am going tomorrow to my local health food store to fine the vitamins that were suggested. I will chart my progress and report back in 30 days to see how it goes. Again thank you all. THE SITE TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!"
11/04/2012: Vanessa from Savannah, Georgia replies: "It has been about 30 days. So I am sending out an update. The vitamins helped, as well as cutting back work in the short term. I know we're gonna get slammed again but this time I am better prepared. I have slotted Sunday as FUNDAY for me and my husband and that has helped. Still get tired, but not nearly as it was before. I even stared to run again. However, I may be pushing too hard again because now I have a twitch over my left eye. It only happens when I blink it feels like my eye lid is stuttering trying to open. Any thoughts?"
11/05/2012: Rox from Deland, Florida, Usa replies: "You might look into Magnesium chloride oil. It is woderful helps sleep, muscles, and overall health. Most everyone is deficient."
11/05/2012: Heather from Leicester replies: "Magnesium! Epsom salt bath- relax for 20-30 mins x"
12/02/2012: David from Fountain Inn, SC replies: "You should be tested for adrenal fatigue. If you are low you can take two tablets of "adrenal" bought at any health food store. You could take two twice daily in fact, until you start feeling a surge of energy. Take with meals. You are in a high stress job and always on the go, so those like you will be typically low in much of the endrocine system and the key is the adrenal. A simple saliva test is where to start. Again, those test kits can be bought at most health food stores. As you find your energy comes back (sometimes quite suddenlly) then you can cut back to two a day."

07/09/2012: Summer from Jacksonville, Fl, Usa: "I am working night shift (from 6:45 p.m. To 7:45 a.m.) three nights a week. I am always tired when I have days off. (Fortunately I am not tired when I am at work.. I make sure to jog before my work) Is there anything I can do to feel better?"

06/04/2012: Idahomom from Hayden, Id, Usa: "I am DESPERATE!! I have had the worst time getting my body to like working out. I work out for 1 week, extremely light, and then end up sick. I have kept up with it for a few months but keep doing the same thing. I am taking a whole foods supplement, adrenal glandular support, ACV, BSM, B-12 and B complex shots, chromium, I keep a GF, dairy free diet. I would love to be able to exercise w/o getting sick. I have talked to multiple doctors and Naturopaths who cant seem to tell me what is off. I have done 2 liver/ gallbladder cleanses also. I also take greens drinks. I know exercising is suppose to help your immune system not make it weaker. I hope someone will have some insight on what can help. PLEASE!!! ~Eleasha~"

06/05/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Eleasha, from what I gather, if this happens, you are NOT supposed to exercise until your body gets "back to itself". So maybe take a couple of weeks of a break. The regular daily movements might be all you need for right now."
06/05/2012: Lisa from Rabat, Morocco replies: "Have you ever done a saliva test to check for low cortisol? I have very weak adrenals now and if I do any exercise it will take days to recover from it. You said you are taking adrenal support, but that may not be enough. You should be able to get the saliva test through a naturopath or you can order one online for a reasonable price through Canary Club."
06/05/2012: Idahomom from Hayden, Id, Usa replies: "I only just started working out again and I only did light cardio twice, that's it! I haven't worked out much in my lifetime because this has happened to me since I could remember. I have gone through multiple tests through the Naturopath but not one specifically for cortisol. I have been taking the adrenals for years now along with kelp and thyroid glandulars off and on when my body tests that it needs it. I am just fed up with my body. I am so health conscious because of all the auto immune diseases that run in my family so I am very aware of my body and it's needs but I am stumped on this issue. I've been praying and hoping like crazy that something comes to me or someone else that will help. Thanks for the suggestion! I really appreciate any help!"
06/05/2012: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: "Idahomom, What does your diet look like? Are you eating enough protein and carbs? How much of each? Do you eat a vegan or vegaterian diet? Are you taking the adrenal support because you were tested or because you think it will help? What is in the adrenal support? There are some adrenal supports that are for high cortisol and some that are for low cortisol. It sounds like you might need the ones for low cortisol. What does your stress reaction look like? Do you have anxiety attacks or have a short fuse? or Do you deal fine with stress on the outside? Also are you taking in enough electrolytes? Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, and Magnesium? Your muscles need these to be able to function."
06/05/2012: "I eat a diet of mostly veggies some fruit (berries mostly, not high sugar fruits) I eat Gluten free and sugar free(most of the time) I eat meats lightly in the Spring and Summer and it's mostly wild game and fresh caught fish. I don't drink sodas or eat boxed processed foods. I have diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis in my family and I am very strict on my diet. I was tested with the low adrenal and take a product that contains adrenal glandulars and supporting herbs and vitamins such as... Vitamin A, C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacinamide, B-6, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Licorice Root, Astragulas Root, Siberian Ginseng Root, Calcarea phosphorica 6X, and Kalium 6X. As far as stress is concerned, I am a pretty calm and collected person under stress. I am very much a "If I can't fix it or change it, I need to move on" type of person. I don't tend to dwell on issues. I take a product the helps me absorb water into my cells well, hydration gold, and I also add trace minerals to my gallon water jug that I drink down every day. I really need to look into the cortisol end and see what that is all about. I hope that gives some more insight on my issue. Thanks for all the help!!"
06/05/2012: Heather from Leicester replies: "Hi, have a blood test you could be anemic. Have a hair analysis done. Let us know how you get on."
06/06/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Anything affecting metabolism can result in Lactic Acidosis, so its definitely worth trying some buffering before and after exercise. Magnesium Malate or a good Magnesium complex would definitely boost enzyme levels as well as energy. After some time off daily DMG and now every other day I can definitely tell a difference. DMG, like Magnesium, is involved in sooo many biological processes that it could easily rank in the top 10 all time most beneficial nutrients imho. Read the book Building Wellness With DMG for more info. I also take a 200mg SAMe prior to DMG as it also is extremely useful to many biological processes, and it boost the "methyl magic" along w/ DMG. Definitely worth trying for folks who aren't getting the results they should be getting from a variety of nutrients."
06/14/2012: Sue from Portland, Oregon replies: "I have experienced this same exact situation with "exercise leads to exhaustion and illness". I remember being able to work out on the tread mill or ellipitical trainer in my 20's and 30's, but in my 40's I begin to get sick, a virus, everytime I pushed my self with exercise. Then it would take 3 weeks or so to heal from the virus, regain my strength and resolve, to exercise and the same thing would happen, I would get sick again. It was so frustrating and no one could tell me why. I read in a magazine once that if this was happening to you that you were working out "beyond your fitness level". I tend to side with the author of this, that there is something lacking in my system or there is a variable that is created by working out that causes a virus to take over.

I am now 58 and I know how important exercise is, but I can only do small short spurts of walking and some yoga/stretching otherwise I set myself up for the possiblility that I will be in bed for the next 2 to 3 weeks. I'd love to get more information about this."

06/14/2012: Gavin from Manganui, Northland, New Zealand replies: "I think you only need a thirty five min. Walk a day. Ive reached the conclusion that much of the problem with feeling lousy as you get older can be put on past bad diet and other problems clogging the bodily systems. Unclogging the system is just simply the constant, use of natural internal cleansers. Its no accident that Lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and bicarb. along with Cream of Tartar, will clean the most stubborn stains off of just about anything. Used internally they do the same. Simply take the juice of one lemon, add a capfull of ACV. Take it in a glass of Orange juice. Everyday for the forseeable future, around mealtime. The first thing that happens is all the dead calcium that clogs the system up gets dissolved, like it does to a furry kettle, or dirty jewellry. It doesn't take long to notice a change in bodily functions and skin tone.

The next think to mention is Cayenne pepper, which even a small amount makes an immediate difference to the oxygen supply to the body, if its rubbed into the butter on a sandwich, the butter takes the heat out and makes it palatable. After awhile, these simple, cheap steps do a lot to stop the tediousness of aging. Just as an addenum a couple of cloves of garlic, with the cayenne regime clears the lungs up very quickly. It also stops the skin aging. Im 65 years old, I smoke, drink moderately, and feel better than when I was forty."

06/15/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Sue, why isn't what you can comfortably do, enough?!"
06/15/2012: Karina from Munich replies: "Hi Sue, Just an idea. What you describe might be caused by deficent nutrition - if too much mucus is present in the body exercise can awaken too many toxins and at the same time the major detox organs are already overloaded this could cause the flue you describe. This is a healing crises and is actually a good sign - but it would mean that you look into food as a cause of this situation (too much dairy, or sugars?).

Just from my feeling I would do the following in your situation - check out proper food combining (so that the colon gets relive and can work well - in short eg. No protein (cheeses, poultry etc) combined with starches (bread, potatoes etc) - vegetables are neutral and can be eaten with both - it takes a while to get used to it but it recovered me! ). Or/and get on 30 days Green Smoothie challenge to detox. You might even wish to check out that you do not have candida. Find a Wood's Colon cleanser... if you feel adventurous and have looked into the dietary adaptions.

During this phase I would test methods such as calanetics which is low impact and absolutely safe for injured backs, knees etc. - it will help you to slowly build up stamina but safely. Even just the am. / pm. 10 min. training can bring you to the next level. If that is as well too much, start with dry brushing and deep breathing every day to bring up the circulation! If you have a sauna nearby use this.

All the best!"

04/14/2012: Ayenaneh from Conyers, Georgia: "Greetings! I am posting a question for Ted. I'd like to know what can a mom of 4 do to increase energy and health. I have low energy, low stress tolerance, pms, (which is better with taking primrose oil) and hair loss and itchy scalp. I am 31 with a wig because the long hair at my nape is now gone. I found a book about eating for your blood type. To feel better I started the plan. I have blood type b and avoid chicken and other foods that were listed in the book for my type. Do you recommend this? Very desperate because of my little ones. What else would you advise? Thank you very much!"

04/15/2012: Jennifer from Sunrise, Fl replies: "Ayenaneh- sounds like you have either a thyroid, hormonal, or adrenal imbalance (or a combination of all three, which is also very likely). Ask your doctor to check for these. Until you identify and address the underlying issue to your fatigue, it will be hard to resolve it.

I have hypothyroidism and taking 1 tbsp of coconut oil daily (I put it in my tea), taking rhodiola, and a shot of ACV for a quick pick-me-up helps me with fatigue."

04/15/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Ayenaneh, I was in a similar situation and what helped me was taking a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses a day. At first I took two: one in the morning and one in the evening. Very helpful for energy and more.

I made it into my "coffee": One tbls. BSM in boiling water, mixed to disolve, then added soymilk and mixed. Voila! My version of coffee!"

06/15/2012: Karina from Munich replies: "Hope you are better! Nevertheless, really look into food combining (no protein combined with starches) - and always use just one oil per dish (women have a finer hormone system and can bring this out of balance by too much oils and dairy). Start every morning with fresh lemon juice in warm water... Then a green smoothie. Best to go on a 30 days Green Smoothie challenge and look into books for detoxing with food! You will see how ingenious nature is once you listen to her and the proper nutrition. Check out that you do not have candida as an underlying cause (I was constantly tired and had strange symptoms which all left once I started a candida diet with detoxing on clean well combinded food). I feel so good now that I am getting more energy everyday and that is incredible that one can get younger whilst growing more mature!

And for the hair you might like to google Fo Ti or He Shou Wu - this is a plant which might be helpful for a 100 days build up which not only helps with your hair but as well building up stamina. Wishing you so much luck on your journey and most of all listen to your intution - you will get better - but gently check what feels right apply and check again and you surely will find solutions!"


04/21/2014: Sherry from Chicago: "I have just started taking Rhodiola and I think it is helping with my constant fatigue. I'll keep you posted."

Tomato Soup Tea

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[YEA]  04/20/2011: Jc (siafulinux) from Savannah, Georgia: "Hi everyone. I had sinus pain over the weekend and tried the tomato tea listed elsewhere on this site to see if it would help. It didn't help for the pain, but I had no congestion - which is what it's supposed to help with. However, what I discovered though was that the next morning I felt quite a bit better than I normally do.

I usually suffer from a constant "drained" feeling no matter how much or little sleep I get. There is normally this heavy feeling in my eyes. My day goes by with sitting on the couch, laying in bed later than I need to or sitting in front of the computer dreading having to go out or do anything around the house because I just feel so drained. Before going to work I take an energy pill to "get going" and to help me think clearer and that's after a number of doses of coffee.

Since the weekend I've been drinking tomato "tea" made with tomato soup, about a half a cup, with hot water. I am enjoying the taste! I'm going to start adding some Cayenne to it as well, but not a lot. So far though I've noticed no more energy pills to go through my day and I'm able to get more done. I feel normal again!

I don't want to describe this as it is when drinking an energy drink or taking a pill, but there is this mostly steady feeling of "capability" to get things done I didn't have before. Not sure if there's just something in the tomato that I've been missing, but it does include some B vitamins, vitamin A and C as well as Iron and Potassium It's like a natural multivitamin that's actually working. :-)

I drink two to three of these drinks a day; halfing a cheap 54c can. Going to look for organic without any High Fructose Corn Syrup though but for now the benefits outweigh any bad.

So not sure if this would help anyone else, but certainly is worth trying. Like I said, this may just be due to me lacking something the tomato is providing, but it's working well for me so far. Going to keep this up for awhile and then report back later if I'm still feeling the same; give it some time and see how it goes.

Thanks E.C. And all it's contributers; if this continues, you've given me my "life" back!"


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