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Mullein Seed Pods

01/11/2012: Julie from Leslie Vale, Tasmania: "Hi thanks for your recipe for lung disorders just wanted to check some things, 6 seed pods that is the tops with all the pods and seeds from 6 different plants? Quite long about a foot long Also does it matter what time of the season you pick these? Can you pick them while they are still green and just stopped flowering?

Do you have to wait until they are all dried up on the plant?

Many thanks and God bless!!


Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne

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12/12/2013: Craig from Chicago, Illinois: "I read about mullein, hyssop, vinegar, and cayenne being used in copd treatments. Are there any specific instructions on how to adminster these herbs In treatment?"

EC: There are more posts from Jack with more details, but here is Jack's original post.

?05/15/2006: Jack from Toledo, OH: "here's the formula i used for curing a bad case of emphysema for "willard booth" of marion ark 12 yrs ago. into a gallon pot, put the seed pods (tops) of 6 "great mullein" plant, bring to a boil, add 3 tbls of powered "lobelia", and also "hyssop" 1 oz of white apple cider vinegar, 2 tbls of powdered cayenne red pepper. keep boiling until about a pint of water has boiled off, (it will turn dark or reddish like coffee). let cool until you can strain (i used a nylon stocking). sweeten with sugar or honey to taste this will keep in frig for a week or more ( look up "great mullein" and you'll be surprised at what all it can do!). hyssop and lobelia are great expectorants!! i had willard take 3 pop bottle caps a day but you can take more it won' t hurt you, you can also use a heating pad on chest and do a number of "vigorous exhales" for about 15 minutes after taking .... good luck and god bless..."

04/04/2014: Willowmopper from Virginia, US replies: "Good evening! I have printed your recipe. Do you have any advise for those who have the mullen, lobella, and hyssop in drop form?



05/23/2012: Janis from Aurora, Illinois: "Could you please send me the ingredients and instructions for making Jack's Tea? I understand it is comprised of Mullein Seed Pods, Hyssop, Vinegar and Cayenne.

I accept all listed Earth Clinic agreements and I am definitely over 13 years of age.

Thank you very much, Janis"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  02/03/2012: Dendei from Bayugan, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines: "I'm so thankful to all the members of who shared their experience how to cured their illnesses by using medicinal herb plants. My Dad has emphysema and can barely walk and eat. I found Jack's formula about the mullein leaf or seed, hyssop and Cayenne pepper. This is his 4th day drinking the tea process from that said plants. On the 2nd day of drinking this tea my dad throwing-up some mucus and we are guessing that's the lymph node found on his lung x-ray. after that happen I asked my dad how's he feeling right now, he told me he can sleep and breathe well since he drink that tea.

We will keep you informed on Dad's progress..."

04/26/2012: Daniel from Davao, Philippines replies: "dendei may I know the procedure of this mixture and if ever can you tell me where to find this herbal plants... I am interested cause my mother suffer the same illness hope you can help me... Pls do email me at fortz23(at) I am a filipino also from davao. thanks alot and God bless."
04/27/2012: Charles from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu replies: "Please I am from india, tamil nadu I am suffering from from disesae could somebody help me how to get this mixture, whether I can find it in india or I have to buy, please mail me to my email address charlezcarmel(at)gmail. Com, God bless you"
08/01/2012: Jetlag28 from Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines replies: "Dendei... I would like to know wher you got your mullein pods and hyssop.. Pls reply asap as my father is really sick. Thanks!"
08/21/2012: Liz from Pasadena, Tx Usa replies: "Hi, , just wondering if you could email me the recipe for treating COPD please, , , would really appreciate, my mom has been suffering from this disease for almost three years and no medicine seems to be working.. Please email me more information thanks a lot. Jonathan_1116@ yahoo dot com"

06/14/2011: Jo From Illinois from Farmer City, Illinois: "Hi everyone! Been reading alot of posts on here and decided to try this recipe w/mullein, hyssop etc. I searched for a long time and finally found a place I could order all ingredients. The mullein is the flower tops, and I also ordered the hyssop and Libela in a leaf form is what they had... so I will try this. I asked about using the leaf form of ingredients and they told me to put them in coffee grinder. Mountain Rose Herbs is where I ordered from and you can call or find it online to order. Their phone # is 1 800 879 3337, located in Oregan. I will be awaiting my herbs and will keep you posted on my results. Thank you to Earth Clinic and everyone who posts for your help."

08/13/2010: Need Of Help from Crystal Lake, Il: "Hello- I have a question regarding the Mullein pods. - Can you harvest the pods anytime of year?

O Right now, they would have the yellow flowers on them and no seeds yet. - If you harvest them now can you use them?
- If you harvest them in the fall when there are seeds in the pods, can you still use them?
O Someone said that they read that the seeds were poisonous, is that true?
- If a seed gets into the tea, will it ruin the whole batch of tea?
- If you can pick the mullein tops anytime, how do you store the tea?
- How long will the tea stay good? I would assume it will take some time to consume a gallon if you're only averaging 3 Tbsp. A day
- Can you freeze the herbs to use again (since you said they were good for 2-3 batches of tea)?
- Can you freeze the tea?

Thanks a bunch! I am looking forward to making this! Hopefully it will cure, or at least help!"

07/15/2010: Lily from Brooklyn, New York: "Hi there, I am just reading all of your amazing stories and how I wish that it was happening for my partners mother. She has Emphysema and it breaks my heart to see her like this. I want to help her. She is on oxygen day and night and can not leave the house EVER. She has become a prisoner in her own home. This has been going on for years. Please, please someone who is reading this can you please help me. I don't know where to buy the ingredients from? or to even get my hands onto the mullein plant."

01/29/2011: Ap from N. Brunswick, Nj, Usa replies: "I have just found this site, so please forgive my many questions.

Lily from Brooklyn, New York, U. S.... Hope you found some answers. Please help if you did... I am in NJ. Thx.

Marcus from Lake Charles, Louisiana.. How did you get the 3% solution? Read somewhere to dilute from 35% is very dangerous... Need expert training. Please help. Is your dad still improving? hope he beat the disease. Thx"

[YEA]  02/07/2010: Brianna from Dublin, Ireland: "i have only taken the herbs 4 times and i can feel an improvement already. i cant thank this man enough for all his help i just wish there were more people like him in the world.i have been very ill for the past 8 years with emphysema i have tryed a lot of remedys including hydrogen peroxide homeopathy and chinese herbs and conventional medicine nothing worked i have been a prisoner in my own home for the past 18 months unable to walk more than ten or fiftheen steps and have to stop to catch my breathe but since friday i can walk about 30 steps and i can feel myself getting stronger every earth clinic can you please put this post on your website and let people know that there is hope out there for them and thank you earth clinic you are doing a wonderful job on your site please dont ever stop god bless ..brianna"

02/14/2010: Melissa from Boston, Ma replies: "I cannot find Jacks Healing formula... did this ever even exist? can someone help me find out this info?"

EC: Jack's formula is down near the bottom of the page... Here's one:


02/15/2010: Tricia from Ireland replies: "Brianna, I'm thrilled you are doing so well. I saw this recipe before and passed it by as I had never seen powdered lobelia or hyssop. I think the great mullein grows near our town . Can you let me know where you got the ingredients as I want to pass it on to somebody - thanks."
03/02/2010: Michael from Walllington, Nj replies: "Hi: i was reading the posts and some of this stuff is foreign to me. I have empyhzema and it is starting to really affect my quality of life. I am not a cook and wouldn't even begin to know where to look for some of this stuff. are any of the remedies sold over the counter? And where would you purchase Food peroxide? i contacted my local GNC store and they have never heard of it.


EC: Hi Michael,

You can find the herbs that Jack refers to sold online in herb speciality shops. Food grade peroxide is also sold online. Read more about it here:

10/31/2010: Pete from Union , Nj replies: "Marlane, how much baking soda and magnesium chloride and how do you mix it for your nebuliser? would love to try it thank You Pete"
01/29/2011: Ap from N. Brunswick, Nj, Usa replies: "For Brianna from Dublin:

I have just been diagnosed with emphysema. Please can you update me on your progress Since your 02/07/2010 post on Jack's herbal mix. I am new on this site and to posting in general. I don't want to bother you, but please I am looking for some hope. I alone and scared. I hope you are healthy and can help me. Many thanks.

If anyone else on these boards has cured/healed emphysema, please help. Thx."
02/05/2011: Brian66 from Swansea, Uk replies: "To marcus from lake louisiana, to dilute 35% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide to 3%, is 1 part 35% food grade hp, to 11 parts distilled water. Food grade hp has no additives. Just google hp, loads of info there,"
02/17/2011: Msannanola from New Orleans, La replies: "I don't know about nebulizing, but magnesium is a big part of the water cure which is known to cure asthma. You can use magnesium oil on your skin and it will be absorbed very fast vs. Taking orally. This may be why nebulizing worked for this person. The water cure is 1/2 your weight in ounces of water and a little sea salt. You can google it to get more details. It helped me with my asthma symptoms. They disappeared in two days. In addition to salt and water I use iodine and magnesium oil which Dr. Batman recommends in his books."
12/20/2012: \\ from Toledo, Ohio 43615 replies: "My apologies to everyone for not replying sooner but if you'd like to contact me pls feel free to do so..! the formula is all here for everyone to see because i believe god had a hand in my being used as his tool to answer prayers. be you of any demonination..! is address is 4150 angola rd toledo ohio. god bless"

06/21/2009: Jamie from Adrian, MI: "Hi, I am having a very hard time finding Mullein seed pods for Jack's Emphysema cure. I tried emailing Jack, but he never responded. I found the leaves, but not the seed pods. Does anyone know where I can buy them, or if I can use the crushed leaves in the tea, and how much I would use? Please help me, my father-in-law has really bad Emphysema."

06/22/2009: K from Troy, MI replies: "Hi, I am not sure if this is exactly what you are trying to find, but Mountain Rose Herbs carries mullein seeds (link below), they also have the dried flowers and leaves. I have never purchase these particular items from them, but my experience buying other products has been a good one. Whole Foods Market also has mullein (in the loose tea and herbs section, near the vitamins), I am not sure if they carry the seeds though. I hope this helps."
06/22/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn. replies: "Hello Jamie,

I think the mullein plant grows quite rampantly in most of the United States, so why don't you either get you a good book on identifying herbal plants or go on line to see if you can't find a picture of it.

You can usually spot it at roadsides as you drive along the rural areas roads. Just learn to identify them by the roadside, but take a short hike in the woodland areas to pick those seed pods which should be ready to pick in the next couple of months. The reason to not gather them from the roadside, is you don't want all the pollution they absorb from the automobile exhausts fumes. Seed pods mean exactly what it says. It is the pods containing the seeds and these will be found on the mullein plant on the tall stalk from the central part of the plant that bloomed and forms the seeds after the blooms."
01/18/2010: Jack from Toledo, Ohio replies: "HELLO JAMI FROM ADRAIN MICH; The "seeds" are not the part of the plant used "ITS THE ENTIRE "SEED POD" OR "TOPS OF THE GREAT MULLEIN PLANT which in the latter fall and winter months looks like a long black stick along highways or RR tracks,usually the leave's at the bottom will be dried and brown and at times you'll see some mint green leaves at the bottom of the plant which feels fuzzy like velvet,the seeds them selves can be transplanted most anywhere but they like well drained areas, and they only blossom in the 2nd season.They then grow anywhere from 3-6 feet or even more in some states,. and the seeds are about this size Jami ( . )

Just look up "pictures of Great Mullein plants" I break off the "SEED PODS" or just under the area where the flowers started growing and use the "ENTIRE POD OR TOP OF THE PLANT WHERE THE FLOWERS "HAD BEEN"

When the terriable outbreak of Tuburculossis(sp?) in Ireland around 1900, Great Mullein was the primary way they used to clear the lungs of "TB" made into a tea,"But I've added more to it and it "WORKS EXCEEDINGLY WELL, JUST ASK SHARON S FROM CONN.

She startted taking my formula in June of 2008 I believe? She told me her Dr.told her "Your lungs are clear, and your breathing is fine "!!"

11/18/2010: Jack from Toledo, Ohio replies: "Please accept my appologies for not being more active on this site. I'd Just Like to let you know the title of "Jack's healing formula" is for real and I can and will help all those I can.! I put up the complete formula on because I felt they would not try to capitolize on peoples health problems. And I was correct!

If anyone would like to contact me about "JACKS HEALING FORMULA" OR IS IN NEED OF HELP feel free to make contact with
Me at http://blacjac687(at)gmail(dot)com or http://blacjac687(at)hotmail(dot)com"

03/10/2009: Paul from Mount Juliet, Tennessee, U.S.A: "can someone who has successfully made jacks recipe for emphysema please be specific in how much mullein seed pods to use? jack mentioned seed pods from 6 "great mullein" plants. how much is that? too much or too little would make a difference wouldn't it? 10,20,30,50 pods? sorry for my ignorance, just want to get it right."

03/11/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Hello Paul,

I haven't made the remedy for emphysema, but I can tell you that I have never seen more than one seed pod on a mullein plant. Therefore, seed pods from 6 great mullein plants would be just what it says - 6 seed pods (l from each of 6 different plants)."
03/25/2009: B from Tortola, British Virgin Islands replies: "I have read that the seeds of the mullein are toxic. I am assuming that Jack's recipe is to use the seed pods with the seeds, please let me know if anyone tried it without.

04/03/2009: Jill from Spring Hill, FL replies: "I would like to purchase Jack's Healing Formula, but read that he is no longer able to send out herbs. Could someone post a formula with exact measurements for my mom who has COPD/emphysema. She was a hairdresser and after many years of smoking quit in 1998. She has a great desire to get off oxygen and be able to walk without shortness of breath. Thank you so much."
04/12/2009: B from Tortola, BVI replies: "Jill, Jack's formula is at the bottom of the page. It is pretty straightforward."

11/18/2008: Pat from Lexington, KY: "I was wondering how many Mullein seeds are needed for this formula. Also, is the lobelia and hyssop in seed or foliage form?

05/31/2008: Gil from Olympia, WA: "I have Emphysema and received one kit from Jack sometime back before he moved. I tried contacting him via Email and and phone but it was disconnected? Does anyone have a new phone number, email or home address for Jack so I can send the money to get another kit for my Emphysema?? Thank you."

EC: This is the email address we have for Jack:

Jack will probably check in and read your feedback on this page at some point and get back to us. We haven't heard from him since mid-March.

01/04/2008: Jim from Orange, CAL: "Seeds for lobelia, hyssop and mullein can be purchased at"

11/21/2008: Shanna from Walsenburg, Colorado replies: "Hi Jack, I have been having a hard time finding the mullein seed pods. My grandpa has emphysema and lung damage from working in a power plant and being exposed to asbestos. He means the world to me and it breaks my heart to see him suffer every day trying to breathe. Can you tell me where to find the mullein or is your kit available for purchase???"
11/27/2008: Jack replies: "Shanna, look over these pics of great mullein ,or have her contact me directly. i'll do my best to help her out, i've gone back to driving truck over the road again so its difficult to contact people during the week, i do get home on weekends so i don't have as much time to do much.

however shanna may be just as well off to use the same method i gave you for "sinus headaches" useing "cayenne powdered red pepper and water since "asbestos" will go into all parts of the body,and there is no way of removing it from the body once it has been exposed, o opening his airways with the cayenne or a lung transplant is all i know of to help him..

i'm so sorry....i can't do more. god bless .......JACK

04/22/2009: Paraboy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin replies: "According to Dr Hulda Clark, 40 jalepeno seeds 3 times/day will remove Asbestos from your system. She recommends putting them in pill caps."

10/23/2007: G : "Hello Jack, I read your cure for emphysema. My mother has Emphysema and COPD and is getting worse all the time. Mom weighs about 95lbs now and has trouble breathing so badly. We don't have the melliun plant here and I wanted to know How I can get this tonic for my Mother and my Dad who has Blacklung. Mom said she can't Live much longer the way she is. Can you please help me?.....Thank You."

[YEA]  11/23/2007: G replies: "Yes, I recieved that package and it is working mom has 94% of her oxygen back. She was put in the hospital right before it came they wanted to do a trach but Thank God that Didn't Happen. She is now bathing by herself and she couldn't do that before. She is Cleaning house and cooking now. Dad has done as you have said and told me he can breathe much Better than before. Thank You so much for everything you've done. Only one problem everyone else here wants this stuff now so they can do it to.... alot of people here with either blacklung or the smokers diseases... Than you again made me Happy and mom is laughing now."

10/18/2007: Judi from Albuquerque, New Mexico: "PLEASE POST THESE COMMENTS ON THE SITE: I have tried to make the tea that Jack recommends for the Emphysema cure- PLEASE JACK LET ME BUY SOME FROM YOU! I did get some Mullein from an herb store but don't know if they are the leaves, the pods or what. Followed the rest of the instructions and mine did not turn black after boiling for a long time. Sort of like red from the Cayenne pepper. However, I did drink it for several days now and I have not had any clearing gunk from my lungs. I will try it for a few days more but if Jack can e-mail me and he drives thru this area, perhaps he can help me. I quit smoking 1-1/2 yrs ago after smoking for 43 years and I KNOW there has to be some awful stuff stuck in my lungs that I would dearly like to expel."

[QUESTION]  01/29/2009: Alisa from Belgrade, Serbia replies: "Hi, I am writing from Belgrade, Serbia. My father has obsrtuctive bronchitis and lung enphysema for some time. He also developed lung cancer and had to have radiation. The cancer situation is stable but due to radition the lunngs have got weaker and the enphysema has got worse. He has trouble breathing and its getting worse. He is 67 years old. Is there a possibility to send the remedy to Serbia, or tell me what is the easiest way to get it and how to use it???? Please give me an answer as soon as possible...his situation is pretty bad!!! Thank you!!!!"
01/30/2009: Zora from Chicago, IL replies: "Hi Alisia, The herb you are looking for your father you can buy in Belegrade (Try: Biljna apoteka u Tadeusa Koscuskog). In serbian is called: Divizma. Some other names are :beloperka, divlji tabak, vuciji rep, svecnik. Latin name is: Verbascum thapsus. The best to you and your father."

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