Edema Treatment: Natural Cures for Edema

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Elana's Vegetable Soup

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[YEA]  02/27/2012: Elana from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada: "This is good for edema... In a large stockpot place:

2 potatoes with skins, 3 carrots, 1/2 head cabbage, handful of fresh parsley, 1/2 bunch broccoli. Add lots of water and bring to boil till tender and drink the juice. I make enough for 2 days and drink at least a quart a day or whatever you like. It tastes so good and the feet swelling goes down. I make soup from the vegetables and that is yummy too!"

Fulvic Acid Complex

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[YEA]  06/06/2011: Bill from San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Everyone... A little while ago, an old Filipino family member whom we know well was reported to be suffering quite badly from leg edema as well as particularly bad skin problems all over her body. She is an 84 y o grandmother matriarch who lives alone(by choice) in the Balamban mountains on Cebu Island in the Philippines. It's very primitive there, no electricity or hospitals. You can only get to where she lives by motorbike-taxi because the roads are so very poor and its far from Cebu city.

Anyway, her family in Cebu city were worried about her and so they contacted us. The grandmother is also a vegetarian and still very healthy -- she used to hike the mountains regularly but, because of the edema, now has problems just walking. The family wanted her to go into the hospital in Cebu, but she flatly refused because she hates cities.

The gist of this was that I sent her a fulvic acid product, which also contained zeolite, concentrated ascorbate and all the major electrolyte minerals for the body. To be honest this was a shot in the dark by me -- the description of her problem given by her family was very sketchy and non-specific -- so there could have been many other things causing her problems and so I just sent her the Fulvic acid complex in the hopes that it would work for her and have particular beneficial effects on her kidneys, liver and blood. The product -- which is taken in drops and is only sold in the Philippines -- is called Quantumin Plus. The dose I recommended was 10 drops two or three times a day with water or Tea. I have seen similar fulvic acid complexes sold in the US online.

Today, we have just received word -- after a month -- that her skin problems are now healing rapidly and the edema in her legs has reduced significantly. She has been taking no other medicines(she hates hospitals too). She is now able to walk normally and apparently continues happily tending her pigs and chickens as well as tending the small coconut forest in her garden. I simply remain astonished at the power and usefulness of this fulvic acid drops mixture."

12/22/2013: Mary from Yutan, Ne replies: "Hi Bill from San Fernando I read your post about taking Quantumin Plus for edema. I just ordered me a bottle of this product that you talked about. I have edema in my right ankle & foot. Can tell me how much a person should take a day to help with the edema. Also do you know how long a bottle will last. Sincerely Mar"
12/23/2013: Bill from San Fernando replies: "Hi Mary...Since you only have edema in the right foot, then it is probably a local problem(not a body-wide problem) caused by a blockage in your lymph in the ankle region. So if you take bromelain (a protein digesting enzyme) 500 mgs outside mealtimes 3 time a day, this should help to remove the protein blockages in your right ankle and reduce the edema.

I would also take the Quantumin at 6 drops a day since this contains minerals and is also beneficially alkalizing for the body.

The 35 ml Quantumin bottle will last about 3 months."


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[YEA]  01/06/2008: Stan from Auckland, New Zealand: "My wife developed post-surgery DVT. acutely clogged circulation from the foot to the thigh. After 3 months of medical attention (and advice that she would have to live with it!), I suggested that she follow my ginger advice to at least improve circulation. At the same time I tried it for my chronic cold feet. Within 10 days things improved and she can now travel by plane without swollen feet! I was on 12 m of therapy for hypertension-Norvasc when its known side -effect of oedema became acute. In less than a week off N. but drinking green tea with ginger I was back to norma l(Green tea is also proven to ameliorate hypertension)."

06/17/2013: Diane from Fairbanks, Alska, Usa replies: "How much powdered ginger should I use in my gunpowder green tea to ameliorate the massive all over body swelling which my doctors say is lymphatic obstruction. However, no salt, mostly veggies and fruit (raw) with brown rice or sweet potatoes and sometimes bits of chicken AND their lymph breaking massages have not helped. I should mention this started after several surgeries repairing head, brain, neck and shoulder injuries from an accident. I am now allergic to chemically based allopathic meds. I think their meds has caused this problem. They have me now on insulin, metformin, glyburide, and 25 mg of HCTZ daily with 300 mg of potassium. (I also developed diabetes during all this). Can someone please help me? I still have a young son to care for and teach... I am practically bedridden with the severe swelling and pain. Yes. Walking makes it worse. The doctors measured my body water content and found that I am "... At least 41 pounds of water over what you should be carrying. " I drink 2-4 quarts of water per day. Any less and I start holding even more! All heart, lung, kidney, and liver functions show healthy normal. HELP!"
06/17/2013: Mena888 from New York, New York replies: "Ginger is good ant-inflammatory agent and will also soothe an upset stomach. If you are able to get access to fresh ginger, I think that you should use it instead. To make ginger tea, just peel and grate a small piece and boil with water. Add some honey to it.

Green tea and ginger are good separately. I think that you should experiment with how much ginger you can tolerate if you are adding to green tea. To me, powdered ginger tastes different and not as palatable as fresh.

Let me know how this works you."

Grape Vine

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[YEA]  01/12/2007: Fran from Rocky Face, GA: "Someone ask if we knew anything for Edema. I worked as a herbalist for years and I remember the day a lady came into the office to tell me the story that another herbalist had healed her of Edema, he told her to go to the woods and cut a grape vine, which I believe to be those long vines hanging off the trees in the woods, but I am not sure myself. anyway, he told her to start a fire with a piece of tin on top and put the vines on it until they turned to ashes and take 1 tsp in water and she would never have this problem again.... Please know I knew this lady was truthful but even she couldn't remember the amount so I am unsure of the safety..."


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[YEA]  06/16/2011: Rita from Cleveland, Ohio: "Hello to everyone with the problem of swelling in the leg, ankel, and feet. I drink hot lemon aid (no sugar) twice a week. Squeeze the juice from a real lemon half cup of water heat and drink 2/3 time a week (real lemon juice is a natural diaretic) I learned this a a weight clinic and it really works!!!"

Limiting Carbohydrates

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[YEA]  05/13/2013: Albularyo from Chatham, Ontario Canada: "Ankle swelling can be sign of glucose intolerance. Replacing carbohydrates with proteines and fat can reduce the edema dramatically. To find out whether you are Glucose intolerant, avoid eating anything requiring Insulin to digest for a couple of days. I.E., instead have a nice meat dish accompanied by a Greek style salad of various raw greens, mixed with tomatoes, topped with crumbled Feta cheese and sliced hard boiled egg, and plenty of Balsamic Vinegar and an equal amount of olive oil for energy. If the edema does not go down dramatically within those 2 days, discount Glucose intolerance as a cause."

[YEA]  12/02/2012: Edemasufferer from Port Townsend, Wa: "For the past 5 years, I have lived with edema in my left leg. I tried everything from lympathic massage and acupunture to Western medicine ( diuretics and a salt free diet). Nothing worked. Then, I found diet that has almost completely cured the edema, which I hope will help others that are suffering. I limit my carbohydrates to a max of 30 grams a day: every meal consists of low carb vegtables, protein and fat. No starch, no sugar, (no fun! ), but the edema has radially reduced in the past 30 days. I also supplement with the herb cleavers twice a day. I was not a "believer" when I first heard about this working for my condition. Obviously, I now think differently. Hope this helps."

Multiple Remedies

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[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  02/26/2010: Soymoon from Milwaukee, Wi: "I have been having Edema in my legs, ankles, feet, arms and hands for a month now. My shoes no longer fit and my wedding ring needed to be cut off. Have tried parsley and celery juice. Seemed to work at first but not any longer. Had a blood test and kidneys and blood sugar looked good. Regularly take Butchers Broom and ACV to no avail. Any help?"

02/27/2010: Faithinhealing from Forest Park, Ohio, Usa replies: "Have you had your liver checked? Inflammation can cause the water retention so you could check out remedies for that. I use tumeric, aloe gel, and garlic for inflammation as well as fermented foods!"
03/02/2010: Mary from Regina, Saskchewan, Canada replies: "Hi: Regarding edema, have you checked your thyroid for hypothyroidism. Also be careful because blood tests only reveal a glandular problem not a peripheral problem. So if you make the hormones but your body is not accessing them at a cellular level you can still be hypothyroid. Home test for hypothyroidism is a body temperature test. Get a digital thermometer and measure yourself in the mouth 3 times a day and average it out. First measurement is 3 hours after waking then in 3 more hours and lastly 3 hours from that. Should Be 37 or 98.6."

Neck Edema Remedies

10/07/2013: Frank from Purcellville, Va: "I recently started having problems with edema in my neck after the removal of the lymph nodes on both sides due to cancer. I'm sleeping with my head slightly elevated but when I wake my neck is still very swollen limiting my range of motion. The swelling goes down as the day progresses but only about half way of the waking state. What do you suggest?"

Pulmonary Edema Remedies

07/28/2009: David from Brisbane, Australia: "pulmonary edema: My 73year old neighbour has a constant build up of "fluids in the lungs", she doesn't know what her condition is actually, not sure if her doctor cared enough to explain to her clearly! She has extreme difficult breathing now and is generally on a home respiratory machine. She lives alone and has no care taker. From what I've read she might have Pulmonary Edema, fluid blocking the air-sacs within her lungs. Every month she has to go to the hospital to have the fluid drained, from what I've read pulmonary edema is often linked too heart problems but she has never had any heart trouble and eats a fairly healthy diet so I'm a bit confused to what caused this. What is her likely condition? What needs to be done for her to recover?"

07/29/2009: Tavora from Brooklyn, NY replies: "Hi - if your neighbor's edema is possibly related to her heart - capsicum/cayenne is always an effective means to strengthen the heart. I found this very interesting article about pulmonary edema from the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMM). They recommend both conventional and alternative therapies. Granted - she should speak w/ her doctor but I would pay special attention to the natural remedies. I will keep her in my prayers....she is lucky to have a concerned neighbor like you.


Raw Food Diet

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[YEA]  06/13/2010: Rawjulie from Pine Mountain Club, Ca, Usa: "Raw Foods cured my pregnancy-induced edema

I ate mostly oranges, fresh-squeezed orange juice, watermelon, and green juice (kale, carrots, dandelion greens, beets).

My ankles and feet were extremely swollen, propping my legs up helped temporarily, but it didn't last. After being 100% raw for 3-4 days the swelling had gone away completely. I eat a healthy diet normally, but eating all fresh foods and mainly fruit was what made the difference."

Red Vine Leaf

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[YEA]  01/05/2013: Solis from London, England: "Would not have believed it, but mine has been cured by taking red vine leaf extract which I happend on when buying my vits on line. Marvellous.

All edema went within 20 days, even on long haul flights (16 hours). Only side effect (possible but not proven as may be age) is my hands now more prone to bruise blood hematomas, but these disappear quickly."

Reducing Salt, Black Cohosh

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[YEA]  01/08/2014: Kathy from Idaho Falls, Idaho: "I figured out my swelling ankles and legs was caused by a combination of high blood pressure and hormone imbalance. Since I started going through menopause the problem got much worse. I found the combination of reducing salt intake, taking a supplement for the hormone imbalance which contains black cohosh and even taking straight black cohosh helps tremendously) and getting plenty of exercise has helped so much. The only time I really have the problem now is when I have the monthly monster . Good luck to you all!"

Remedies Needed

04/08/2014: Judy From Meldrim from Concord, Nc : "What would cause (& what would cure it?) only one of my husband's feet (the left one) to swell up the last few months?
No discomfort, no external trauma cause known. It has reduced on its own occasionally.
Has been on BP med (amlodipine) for a few months but better diet now enabling reduction from 10mg to 5mg in last week; anticipating getting off it totally as BP continues to improve. On no other meds.
No history of blood clots - but would that cause this? Thanks much for any insight on this. Judy"

10/28/2013: Bonnie from Campton Ky: "I am a huge fan of Earth Clinic. I have had many health issues. I was taking several meds. Including high BP , thyroid, depression, athletes foot, PCOS, endometriosis. I am off from all those meds. And my CBC came back good. My problem is I seem to retain fluid. I can't seem to lose weight very easy at all. I don't drink coke. I have not drank coke in 2 months. I just think that I do have yeast or fugus going on within because of extreme fatigue, before I took matters into my own hands and starting experimenting with natural remedies. I have took borax, at 1/8 tsp per litter 3 or 4 times all together, also have used diamotaceous earth for about 3 months. I can't seem to get the weight issue under control, Also, I still can't get the edema under control. Please help! Also what kind of sea salt do you recommend? Can I buy it at a health food store?"

10/28/2013: Louwrence from Rustenburg, South Africa replies: "Hi Bonnie, It is easy to lose weight, just cut out all starches in all its forms & sugar, these things cause you to gain weight & not fats."
10/28/2013: Mike 62 from Denver, Colorado replies: "Bonnie: The best foods eaten the right way are the cure. I have not been to the doc in 7 years, not even for a checkup. God checks me up with his goodies. I don't eat cooked improperly processed food, take meds, or isolated supplements. I eat raw organic, grass fed, and wild harvested concentrates because they are convenient and affordable. I also take ferments. Reply back and I'll be glad to give you some recommendations. You can google raw food for candida videos."
10/28/2013: Wendy from Columbus, Oh replies: "For your edema, stop ALL forms of sugar, bread, and caffeine. Absolutely NO processed foods at all. Only eat fresh raw, or lightly-steamed, organic veggies. Organic fruits are OK in moderation. Make sure you eat good-quality protein (free-rang chicken, wild-caught salmon).

Stick to this plan for at least 2-3 months. Yes, MONTHS! You need to make the decision to be healthy and edema-free, and the first step, is to eat healthfully.

Oh, and don't forget to drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of good-quality water (purified/filtered)."

10/29/2013: Toourlady89 from Hayward Ca replies: "This is according to Edgar Cayce's book on Healing..

for Edema: Watermelon seed extract has been used as a home remedy for edema and problems in the urinary tract. Add six to 12 drops of watermelon seed extract to a cup of juice or water; this can be taken up to three times daily."

10/29/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Bonnie: The Edema is likely your kidneys, so here's a few nutrients to help.

Taurine will help balance the minerals in the body and improve sodium excretion. Cranberry juice or Cranberry Softgels (no sugar in sg) helps clear infection in urinary track. Dr Christopher's Kidney/Bladder Herbal Complex will clean & strengthen the kidneys.

As for Sea Salt, do get the Iodized as the Iodine will help your thyroid (which helps metabolism thus weight loss)."

10/30/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Bonnie,

Likely the edema, if it is not organ specific, such as a kidney or liver disorder, is rather related to heart issues. Your fatigue could be an indication of heart problems. Leg/foot edema has long been associated with the heart.

Fluid build up is from lack of good circulation from the arteries which means the veins aren't able to push the blood back throught via the muscles, because the muscles are lacking the power to send the blood back and the outcome is fluid build up.

So if the problem is heart, the root of your edema problem, then if this were me I'd get on the following:

1. Vitamin E, natural not synthetic bought at a health food store and not a drug store. Drug stores don't carry natural E. Start with 200 iu and increase after a month to 400 and after another few weeks to 600.

2. Magesium, 500 mg

3. Cayenne, 500 mg taken with meals

4. Arginine, 500 mg

5. The herb Hawthorn, 500 mg

You will know if this formula is working when your energy begins to return...within two weeks you will tell the difference and in a month your edema will get better.

Another piece of advice; do some exercise using the legs to help strengthen the leg muscles. Your muscles are likely weak due to the loss of blood flow from the arteries, and thus the leg muscles are not able to, in turn, contract with force sufficient to force the blood in the veins (within those muscles) back up to the heart. Do an exercise that makes you sprint for thirty seconds, then rest, then another thirty seconds of sprint; rest and one last sprint. The sprint is at your own pace, the idea being you are pushing the heart/lungs and LEGS to work. You do this as you are able. If you are out of breath in ten seconds of sprinting, then stop, get your breath and try another sprint...three times.

Do that sprint exercise three times a week. Dr Mercola has a lot on that on his excellent web site.

You have to take supplements because the nutrients in our foods have been depleted of the nutrients our forefathers had. Lack of crop rotation and dependence on pesticides have really hurt nutrition in America and most of the western world.


01/13/2014: Milehighgirl from Denver, Co replies: "Mike62, If you're still following this thread, I would love to hear more of what you're doing. I have a very long story but am convinced everything is curable by diet and nutrition. Just haven't found the right combination yet but could use some help. Sue"
01/14/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Milehighgirl: Funny you should ask because I am right in the middle of changing my meal plan. I have been on the 80/10/10 program recommended by Dr. Doug Graham candida natural news and raw food videos. I took organic whole cane sugar and raw honey for fruit, black chia seeds and coconut oil for fats, and the super foods for protein. I took the concentrates for cost and convenience. I also made home brewed water kefir. I fermented refrigerated bee pollen, fresh whole root turmeric, maca, yucca, and buckwheat. A week ago I found 1 1/2 lb. smoked wild Alaskan salmon. Eating that has changed the proportions. I actually feel better. Strength coaches recommend 60/20/20 so I plan on giving this a go for awhile. The other new project I've got in the pipeline is being shipped as we speak. Thanks to Ron Teagarden I plan on fermenting all the various adaptogens. Thanks for responding and please respond again."
01/14/2014: Prioris from Fl replies: "Noticed someone mentioned coconut oil.

My brother has chronic edema in his legs. He has gotten cellulitis infection from time to time. He has usually used the wraps, diuretics and swimming in a pool to bring down the water over the years.

He bought some coconut milk just to try out for taste and not for medical purpose. He has noticed less edema since drinking the coconut milk. I gave him some coconut oil to try also. If I get anymore data I will report back."

01/14/2014: Carly from Usa replies: "I just wanted to add that I would also do a web search of each and every medication your brother is taking to see if edema is a possible side effect of anything he may be taking. My mom had edema from a very common prescription a few years back....Best, Carly"
01/18/2014: Bonnie from Campton Ky replies: "Mike 62 I am sorry it took so long to reply. I have not been on Earth clinic in a while. I have been trying to eat better and exercise. It seems as if every time I get on track, I end up getting sick. I will do well for a week or so and then either I will get bronchitis or something. Then I can't stay on track because of not feellng like exercising or I will be to sick to fix the food to feel better. I am interested in your story, would love to hear more. I also have been making smoothies and doing some juicing. I am still struggling with the weight issue."
01/18/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Bonnie: Thank you for responding. A while back I was stiff, sore, tired, fat, and sick because I did not eat right, even though my dear mother cooked for the schools when young. Today I'm not because I learned to eat right. There are 2 programs. The concentrated powders I take are less costly and more convenient. Produce has kangan water that radiates far infrared waves, a very potent remedy not in powders. To remedy this I make home brewed water kefir. The microbes change ordinary water into the super water. 64 miles away in Louisville there is a Whole Foods. They have whole trade bananas. These are organic without the costly certification. The peel has most of the nutrients. You can make smoothies from 4 peels/day. Take 100g/day strawberries. Make green smoothies from baby leaves, chili, and parsley with any blender many times per day. 1/2 baby spinach is best. Baby leaves have growth factors, steroids, and hormones not in regular leaves. You can take raw honey and any fruit. Apples are highest in soluable fiber. Get some pastured vital eggs from Texas. Crack open and drop 3 into a cup. Crack the yolk with the teeth and eat raw. Eat 1/4 lb grass fed hamburger raw with the eggs once a day. Take 50g honey with the hamburger and eggs because insulin is required. If you have candida for one day eat just carbs. Then keep fat below 10% of calories. After recovering you can eat any percentage of carbs, fats, and proteins you want. Drink artesian or spring water. They have sun dried sea salt. For concentrates you can take whole cane, date, and palm sugars, activated barley, black chia seeds, coconut oil, Hawaiian spirulina, chlorella, raw cocoa powder, non denatured whey, colostrum, and desiccated liver. Take 1/2 saturated fat, 1/2 unsaturated, and 1/6 omega 3. Take the carbs, oils, and proteins together at the same time. Eat raw organic and grass fed. Take 5000iu d3/day."
01/19/2014: Jenny from Il replies: "Try bromelain. I think it is a blood thinner do some research on this, but that will help the bronchitis. Bromelain is in pineapple so juice some pineapple"



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