Bleb Remedies

Last Modified on Dec 03, 2013

What Is A Bleb?

Manifesting in a number of ways, a bleb may arise from various different pathologies. In any case, though, a bleb is considered a large blister filled with serous, or bodily, fluid. The most common form of bleb can be described as a bladder-like structure that measures more than 5 millimeters in diameter. The blister typically has thin walls and is generally full of fluid. A bleb is also commonly called a bulla.

As blebs can be found in a number of different tissues dues, the condition has a number of different causes. In the lungs, a bleb is considered an air pocket within the layers of the visceral pleura. No definitive cause of this type of bleb is unknown; however, it is most common in tall, skinny young men. Blebs occurring on exposed skin often arise from tissue that has been frostbitten or abnormalities in the blood vessels and vascular system. Eye blebs may actually be intentionally formed by an ophthalmologist as a method to treat glaucoma.

Natural Treatments for Blebs

Whatever the origin of a bleb, different treatment methods are available. One of the most prevalent forms of blebs is pulmonary. While doctor supervision is advisable, pulmonary blebs can be well treated using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in a humidifier running throughout the night. Additional treatment methods include lifestyle changes such as getting adequate nutrition, reducing stress, and exercising regularly. External blebs may respond well to hot compresses and light massaging with natural, gentle oil like coconut oil. As for eye blebs, however, a doctor must oversee treatment of these as they most often are formed as a medical treatment themselves.

Bleb Remedies

07/08/2013: Eileen from Sumter, Sc: "Please Help. My son is 41 has been a smoker for 20 plus years. He was admitted to the hospital 5 days ago with a collapsed lung. Results of CT showed blebs in both lungs. The dr said they were the largest he had ever seen covering about 1/3 or more of his upper lungs. One dr had a dismal prognosis. He has a small leak but difficult to do surgery to close the leak because it may cause problems in future for surgery on blebs. We are believing for ievine healing. Any suggestions greatly appreciated."

07/09/2013: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Eileen, putting a squirt of hydrogen peroixde in a humidifier near him might be a first step."

Remedies Needed

01/24/2010: Terri from Lincoln, Mt: "Hello,

My 28 yr. old daughter has been diagnosed with bleb disease having 2 collapsed lungs over a 2 year period. Surgery has been done to glue one lung, which has helped. Now the other lung has partially collapsed, so a chest tube was inserted and the lung is now healing. The doctor is baffled because my daughter doesn't fit any statistic as to cause of these blebs, with no vices past or present.

Question: are you familiar with bleb disease/bullous emphysema? And are there any alternative remedies to healing these blebs? The doctors only know chest tubes and surgery, but these blebs keep forming and the cause is baffling. What do you think about lung diseases resulting from Agent Orange/tordon exposure in Viet Nam correlating with the upsurge of lung diseases in U.S.A. possibly due to tordon/2-4-D (form of Agent Orange) and other deadly chemical exposure? These sprays commonly sprayed nation and worldwide to destroy herbs they now term "noxious weeds". Is there anyone studying this possibility to your knowledge?

Thank you for your time and consideration,

04/02/2010: Tracy from San Rafael, Ca, Us replies: "Hi Terri,

You may at this point have already identified your daughter's condition. If not, you may want to research the condition called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM). It's a mouthful! It's a fairly rare condition that affects women between puberty and menopause and presents as you have described. There are no known causes but is suspected to have a hormonal connection. You can google the above online or go to The LAM, a wonderful resource. I was diagnosed 7 years ago, experienced lung collapse as well and opted for the pleurodeses (lung "gluing"). There are no cures to date though I find lifestyle changes (nutrition, reducing stress, etc) can be very beneficial. More is being learned each day regarding this disease. There are a number of good Interstitial Lung Disease Clinics and pulmonologists that are familiar with LAM. Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions."



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