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Ascites - Abdominal Fluid Treatment

Last Modified on Apr 19, 2014

Abdominal Fluid Causes

When you think of abdominal fluid or ascites, you might think of an excess of fluid in the stomach. The condition is a collection of fluid in the abdominal cavity. The fluid can be pale yellow or clear. It can be caused by cancer, congestive heart failure or kidney failure. Liver disease also causes ascites. Cirrhosis is the most common cause of abdominal fluid. A high salt or water intake can also cause the excess fluid. When the condition is related to a cancer, it is called malignant ascites.

Natural Cure for Ascites

Instead of going to the doctor, try some natural cures that can help eliminate the fluid. Half a teaspoon of garlic juice can be added to 125 ml of water. This should be consumed twice a day for at least two weeks. DMSO is another option. It is applied directly to the skin. Carrot juice can help with the loss of energy while not adding extra fluids to the body. Use the juice of radish leaves in a glass of water to help with the pain of the excess fluid. Avoid drinking a lot of water during the day, and try to get as much exercise as possible because this will help move the fluid to the kidneys to eliminate it from the body.

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[YEA]  03/24/2013: Mary from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: "Hi, I was reading in the ascites section and I would like to add a suggestion from something I read. A man's sister had cancer and had been taking on terrible amounts of water. The doctors could not help her. Her brother applied DMSO to her belly and over 2 days he lost 20 pounds of water! I use DMSO not for this but have had other wonderful results. I recommend it to everyone. Mary"

05/31/2013: Bev from Lexington, Kentucky replies: "What is DMSO?"

EC: Read more about DMSO here:

Remedies Needed

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08/26/2011: John23 from Bacolod, Philippines, Bacolod: "Sir/maam im john frm philippines and I need help about ascites my father is suffering in ascites and liver cirhosis other remedies bout liver health or restoration which I have read in this site is working for him but about ascites I cannot find serrapeptase which they suggest here, ... I hope you can give me some advice or suggestion bout my father's current ascites and liver situation thank you sir/maam"

02/01/2011: Shana from London, Uk: "Hello, I am desperately seeking natural remedies for ascites. My mother has terminal cancer due to endometrial cancer and the ascites comes back every 2 weeks where we are draining 6-9 litres.

Please can any one let me know of any good cures."

02/04/2011: Shana from London, Uk replies: "Although it is known as ascites - it is basically water that accumulates in the stomach. The doctors say that the cancer cells produce this fluid as lactic acid. Alot of people with Liver failure have this problem. My mom has terminal cancer so I do not know if it is liver failure or the cancer cells producing this waste fluid that collects in stomach.

There are over 150 causes of ascites, so it is hard to know what is causing this ascites. The fluid in the stomach needs to be drained. I do not know if diuretics would work with this but I hope some one ou there knowledgeable in ascites would be able to help. I have emailed Ted as he seems very educated about cancer."
[YEA]  02/07/2011: Lotusland from Vancouver , Bc Canada replies: "Serrapeptase for Ascites

Acquired Ascites this fall as a result of an on-going medical issue - NOT cirrhosis related. I had paracentesis (where they drain you of fluid) and they drained 3. 5 litres - about 8lbs. Ascites will return... You begin by getting tapped every 2 months, then every month, week, daily etc. Mine had started to return, and, truth be told, I was not feeling that great after getting tapped. Because the fluid in my peritoneum was getting watered down with fluid, the viscosity in the peritoneal fluid was lost I. E. My organs were not sliding smoothly over each other, but sticking. Every morning I had 2 ferrets in my abdomen having a knife-fight from 4 to 6 AM (until I had a BM). Pain? I would rather pull a watermelon out of my nose.

Research turned up Serrapeptase, an enzyme from the Japanese silk worm. Long story short, I felt that SerraP could help me - although ascites was not specified (edema was). I started taking 60,000 ui twice a day. Once in the morning, once at night - always empty stomach. It saved my life, I have never been tapped since. Immediate pain relief, fluid went down right away and continued to do so for the next week. Medical condition is still very bad hoodoo, but no more ascites. I needn't live my life floundering with 8 lbs of liquid in my gut, always having to be near a hospital to get drained."
06/17/2011: Kitchensbrew from Jacksonville, Fl replies: "are you comfortable recommending the brand or serraP you used? My grandmother has cardiac acsities and all the coca do is pump her with diuretics... And they are not helping at all."
07/06/2011: Shana from London, Uk replies: "Hi, a quick update. I have started my mom on the serrapeptase twice a day. I have researched and found that it also helps with many other problems such as clogged arteries. I got the serrapeptase from and my mother seems to be doing ok but will update to see the time lag between drainings and any improvements"
10/29/2011: Anglii from Edmonton, Alberta replies: "Not sure which brand works best but "When consumed in unprotected tablets or capsules, the enzyme is destroyed by acid in the stomach. However, enterically-coated tablets enable the enzyme to pass through the stomach unchanged, and be absorbed in the intestine."

So I would make sure any supplement you take has an enteric coating to be of any benefit.

Would like to hear more from Lotusland in Vancouver and Shana in the UK as to how the ascites is responding to Serrapeptase. My dad has ascites due to liver cirrhosis and gets up to 11 litres drained every 2 weeks or so. I also wonder, since the Serrapeptide disolves dead tissue if it would do the same to scar tissue on the liver which causes the ascites in cases with cirrhosis.


12/02/2011: Desiree from Branson, Missouri replies: "My mother has had liver cirrhosis for many years now and had many different health problems due to this. For probably 15 years at least, she has suffered from ascites. I can tell you that in her experience, the draining of fluid and medications barely changed anything with the ascites condition. Ascites is not a problem in itself, but a side effect. For it to be cured, one must first cure the problem.

She also suffers from dependent edema at times, and she has been able to get the fluid out of legs and feet using only herbs. I gave her milk thistle seed, dandelion leaf and root in tincture form and as tea. The milk thistle seed is great for the liver. It has a liver rebuilding substance called silymarin that literally rebuilds liver cells. The dandelion is a very effective diuretic that contains potassium. Most diuretics drain potassium, but dandelion leaf contains quite a bit of it so it's far superior to other diuretics that my mom has taken. She takes the tinctures in the morning and the tea at night and hasn't noticed any edema in months. The ascites is still there because her nutrition isn't perfect and she still drinks a few alcoholic drinks a week. Since her liver and kidneys are still quite damaged, her ascites hasn't been able to go away. I have read that garlic can cure it, along with doing many other amazing things for the body so my mom has been taking kyolic supplements. She refuses to eat raw garlic. This has helped her circulation, but hasn't treated the ascites. Next we are going to try bitter melon and see if that helps. I will keep you posted."

08/05/2012: Vicky from Delhi, India replies: "I would Like to hear from shana and Desiree... Any progress with use of serraP... It's important for me as my father is suffering from ascites due to liver metastasis where the cancer is also at the peritoneal lining. Your feedbacks can help."
09/18/2012: Sofia from Bogota, Colombia replies: "un saludo deseo saber mas sobre el serrapeptase para tratar la ascitis tengo mi hno muy enfermo y me interesa ese tema les agradezco mucho su valiosa ayuda. Dios les pague.

a greeting desire to know more about serrapeptase to treat ascites Bro I have my very sick and that topic interests me thank you very much for your valuable help. God reward you."

10/17/2012: Fibe from Terrigal, Nsw replies: "Hello, My husband was diagnosed 11 months ago with terminal liver cancer, cirrhosis and hepatitis C.

He still seems to be defying the dr's diagnosis of only havine 1 year max to live.

The main problem we have control on is the ascites which has been going up and for months but this week he has put on 1 kilo of fluid per day. His dr has increased his diuretics, and we have been using he following natural method which usually helps get rid of the ascites however it does not seem to be working this time: Watermelon, celery seed and parsley juiced together 2 glasses per day to be taken.

Can anyone please suggest any other natural diuretic which could help without the liver needing to metabolise it?

Many Thanks, Fibe"

10/18/2012: Alicia from Syracuse, Utah replies: "Cayenne pepper."
10/18/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Fibe from Terrigal, Nsw: There must be a stop to the progression of hep/cancer to stop the ascites, not simply slow it down. Are you not fallowing any of the Natural Therapies or protocols for liver cancer here on E.C. or other sources???

Here are two links to help:

The Liver Dr is located in Australia if you could see her it would be very helpful.

BHT reverses Hep. High dose Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is being used w/ good results. R-FractionALA is the best & most potent form."

10/18/2012: Ed2010 from Oakville, Canada replies: "Sarasaparilla - diuretic
Dandelion - diuretic
Mint - Mildy diuretic

For sarasaparilla, take one root soak in 1 litre of water over night, and drink this water throughout day.

Drinking Dandelion tea - is diuretic - it is a liver medicine as well

Just eating Raw Mint leaves is diuretic.

Sarasaparilla is a body coolant too."

10/19/2012: Roec from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "Take a look into L-Onithine. Definitely continue with the watermelon. I'd even juice a half a water melon with a whole lemon.

Also one avocado daily in a green leafy salad. Easing up on sugar, carbs and meats will lesson the burden as it is easiest for the liver to process veggies.

Carrot and apple freshly juiced. (Gerson Therapy)

Also do some research in taking alpha lipoic acid, daily selenium supplement."



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