ADD/ADHD Treatment and Holistic Therapy

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What is ADD and What is ADHD?

ADD/ADHD is a mental health disorder characterized by difficulty focusing thoughts on subjects with ADHD differentiated by an additional trait of exhibiting impulsive and hyperactive behavior. Either disorder can affect one's ability to perform work, learn, and be social, all of which can lessen self-esteem. An ADD disorder starts in childhood, and while some teens and adults grow out of it, it is possible that ADHD will not be diagnosed until later in life. Symptoms of ADD include trouble focusing or concentrating, restlessness, impulsivity, difficulty completing tasks, disorganization, frequent mood swings, trouble coping with stress, unstable relationship, and a short temper.

The ADHD epidemic only seems to be increasing in numbers of children (and adults) afflicted and simultaneously in the amount of confusion that surrounds an ADHD diagnosis. What counts as ADHD? How does a parent help a child with an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Find a Home Remedy for ADHD/ADD

Below you can find user submitted home and natural remedies for adult and childhood ADHD. Many parents are experimenting with and finding success in treating their children's ADHD symptoms with natural remedies and alternative treatments. Our popular remedies are apple cider vinegar, caffeine, melatonin, and even avoiding potato chips. You can also find discussions on medication and other theories. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to treat ADD and ADHD. Know of a remedy not yet listed here? Please don't hesitate to tell us your story.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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10/26/2011: Rubigirl from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada: "Jus wondering if ACV will help my sons with their learning troubles of adhd and add deficeit.. I have started to take if for the weight loss part of it.. And I rather like it.. But.. They have been medicated for soo long with the troubles.. If I could find a way to mask the smell and the taste.. They would drink it like juice I would hope... pls get back to me thank you .."

10/26/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Rubigirl, magnesium deficiency has been linked to ADHD (do some research on that). Kids given magnesium have geat results. Iodine deficiency as well has been linked to ADHD.

I read recently that for kids with autism the parents first reach for magnesium and iodine to supplement the kids with."

08/23/2012: Callie from Alexandria, In replies: "Rubigirl, At our local health food store, they have an ACV bottled drink made with grape juice that is delicious. I'm wondering if a homemade version of that would be good for your kids? We have made some before with the no-sugar added grape juice and it tastes great."

[YEA]  04/22/2006: Dan from Minneapolis, MN: "Apple Cider Vinegar seems to reduce ADD symptoms, as well as anxiety and depression symptoms."

08/27/2008: Susanne from Easton, PA replies: "How much apple cider vinegar and how often? My son needs constant redirecting his attention and focus in school. Thanks."
08/27/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "To Answer questions re children's or animal dosages: A reference found on from Dr. Richard Schulze's Patient Handbook recommends figuring dosage by weight alone. Just put child's or animal's weight over l50 lbs (average adult weight) and do your math. child's wt. 30 lbs over l50 lbs. would give you l/5th of the adult dose for the child. Go to for more detailed explanation. Even better print it out and keep it for ready reference when needed."
02/24/2010: Oepnlyhappy from Mcdonough, Ga replies: "I have adhd and acne (i'm detoxing and starting oil pulling). I have heard that vinegar is not good for acne or skin problems is that true????"

EC: Not according to our acne remedies page, where apple cider vinegar is the most popular cure with 44 Yeas!

Avoid Potato Chips

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[YEA]  08/11/2007: Candice from Foley, Alabama: "A friend of mines daughter was just diagnosed with ADHD and she said that the Dr. told her to get her off of potato chips it's the worse thing for children. She did admit that her daughter ate large bags of chips with soda's everyday. He also said chips affect adults in much the same way. First time I have ever heard a Dr. not give a child retlin. Hat's off to this Dr."

[YEA]  10/22/2010: Lisa from Vancouver, Wa replies: "Actually, for adults with ADHD.... Potatos & Potato Chips Are AWESOME!!! They have Tyrptophan... So it helps my insomnia... I sleep so much better when I eat them before bed. Eggs have it also.... Americans have it all wrong... They eat hash browns & eggs for Breakfast... When actually they should be eaten as a Bedtime Snack."
05/26/2011: Ej from Central, Usa replies: "What planet are you from may I ask?? When has anything fried been good for you?? They use the worst rancet oils to cook with. French Fries, Potato chips are JUNK FOODS. Stay away from them and Sugars, Corn syrups, anything that ends in 'ose' is a form of sugar and is NOT good for you to consume.

These kids with Add and ADHA need to change their diets. Parents wake up and start feeding your kids nutrious foods not fried and sweet foods. Not foods out of the Freezer dept. Those are not meals; they are garbage and that is what you give for a meal and wonder why you, your kids are spaced out. Stay away from food colors too. No Cherry red drinks, popsicles. All colors. Very bad for kids.

Shop in the Produce section of the store or grow your own and feed you kids something that will benefit them. How can they grow on Fried foods and Sugars? No Processed food like lunch meats, hot dogs, all garbage. Wake up and stay away from meds.

God provideds fruits, vegtables, nuts... Try it and watch a wonderful, pleasant change in your children."

02/06/2012: Aw from Brisbane, Australia replies: "What the? Lisa from Vancouver? Potato snacks don't have Tryptophan?? If they help insomnia it's only because you've taken in a huge carb dose that makes your body sleepy trying to digest it all.

EJ is right. Parents need to wake up and stop filling their kids with low nutritional junk, wondering why they're subsequently behaviourally difficult.

Eat your chips at bedtime if you like... But pay the price when start to wake up fatty boom-ba-la-da and wonder why you feel like rubbish. Trans-fats, preservatives etc. NOT good for ADHD."


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[YEA]  10/20/2010: Corinna from London, England: "I used coffee with my 10 year old son who has mild adhd. It worked a miracle - a difference between manageable and unmangeable. I have since found out that coffee for adhd is a common advice in Germany and is recommanded by many doctors before going down the ritalin route. My son has one or two cups a day. However, if he eats anything with food colouring in it he is terrible for two days. He is otherwise on a immaculate diet free of any additives etc."

10/22/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Hi Corinna, ever thought of having him try a trampoline? It seems to work wonders and it is a lot healthier for a child than coffee. I have sessions with someone in Zurich because of my myopia and he told me that trampolining works well for children like your son because they get very worked up only in order to find the balance they miss and calm themselves down. I bet he would love the trampoline and you can buy a small one for the living room which is what I have."
[WARNING!]  01/05/2011: Justwantinganswers from Easton, Pa, United States replies: "I was diagnosed with ADHD with my severity level being somewhere around the 97th or 98th percentile while in college--studying psychology, ironically enough. I was part of a research study where cat scans and brain imaging was used to "map" the brains of the participants after different interventions. The researcher at my school and I began discussing the different results and I was surprised when she told me coffee would help people with ADHD. Often ADHD's underlying cause is a lack of functioning neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft of the neuron responsible for passing along information. Basically--there aren't enough little message carriers making it to their destination--the next neuron. So, the message that came from the original brain neuron intended for another brain neuron will often stop before it reaches the final destination. It's sort of like the neuron short circuiting and stopping temporarily--the signal gets lost. (I wish I could draw a diagram on here--it's how I finally understood it! ) Ritalin, Concerta, and many other ADHD "medicines" are really just stimulants. They work the same way coffee does. Basically, they stimulate the neurons to release more neurotransmitters than they are used to--which helps the message get to where it needs to.

However, some research in its infancy is starting to show that these stimulant drugs (and coffee falls into this category) can do more harm than good in the long run. Yes, the child may be sitting still right now, but with repeated stimulation of the nervous system comes issues. That means that the neurons are being overworked and overstressed constantly. In addition, your body has to process out much more stimulant than it is used to. Think about it--if you overstimulate your pituitary glad for too long, what happens? It breaks down. While much more research needs to be done on these effects, using caffeine and other stimulants to treat ADHD may not be the best idea."

01/08/2011: Maskeen from Dubai, Uae replies: "Try magnesium supplements instead. Mg glycinate/lysinate with bioperine. Adhd is the result of mg deficiency."
01/14/2011: Justwantinganswers from Easton, Pa replies: "Actually, Maskeen--I have been taking Mg since I was diagnosed and it hasn't been helping me one bit with ADHD. It has helped with my migraines (nearly gone), but the ADHD symptoms haven't changed. Most natural healers I have spoken with have said, when I asked, That Mg deficiency is NOT a cause of ADHD "proper" (being the lack of neurotransmitter function)."
03/11/2012: Quixote from Las Vegas, NV replies: "When I was a kid I there was no label for this but they recognized that some kids had these issues-sometime the problem is not the child but what they are learning-they are not interested and see no real reason to learn it-they tested me because they were so concerned but turned out my IQ was higher than most of my teachers. I just was not interested.... but of course that wont sell any drugs."

[YEA]  08/31/2008: Carolyn from Morrison, Oklahoma: "In the 1960's my brother was diagnosed with ADHD. Caffeine was his first choice to help him, in real ADHD patients, they react to sedatives as if it is speed, and anything that causes a normal person, to be hyper caused him to calm down, coffee has been a big help in my family to my brother, and cousins and nephews. It's only part of their therapy, but it helped keep them off ritalin and other strong drugs. A cup in the morning before school and it helped alot with my brother, during the morning etc."

10/22/2010: Lisa from Vancouver, Wa replies: "I Concur! Adults with ADHD are made more mellow w/ caffeine -- My Favorite Choice is Chocolate--It has Magnesium, which, ADD & ADHD people are typically deficient in. Its hard to take Mag in pill form, cuz it causes the runs :-(... Chocolate is easier, although the refined sugar isn't so good, so if you can stand 70% cocoa Dark Chocolate... That's the way 2 go :-)"
02/04/2013: Jgoodroe from Clarksville, Tennessee replies: "I am 25 years old and received the ADHD diagnosis about 3 years ago. I had horrible issues in school my whole life and when I was younger ADHD was not really and issue as it is today. After I was put on Adderall my grades now in college are A's all the way. If caffeine would have done the trick for me I would have never had issues or I must need a mass dose of it to help me out. I have drank coffee since I was about 14. I also take magnesium but I see no difference with it without taking Adderall or added to it. Now my 5 year old is showing more and more signs of ADHD, I will not put her on meds at this early age so I am going to try a little caffeine and mg. Caffeine makes me normal not hyper at all, I wish it did!"

Cod Liver Oil

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08/24/2011: Sal from Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa: "Hi there..... what are your views on cod liver oil? more specifically for treating ADD."

09/08/2011: Shakira from Jhb, South Africa replies: "Hi Sal,

My kids who are both ADHD take a few drops of Omega 3 and 6 Oils with Scotts Emulsion. The difference is amazing. And coffee does actually calm them down as well."

[WARNING!]  05/01/2012: Gardengrl from Belfast, Me replies: "I was giving both myself and my children high vitamin cod liver oil with butter as recommended on and was hospitalized w/ hypervitaminosis a. I had increased intracranial pressure and almost died. I had only been taking this for about a month, and I belive I took 200000 units total during that time."

Dietary and Herbal Suggestions

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[YEA]  05/13/2008: Terese from Cedar Rapids, Iowa: "ADHD: Daycare wanted to drug my son when he was 3. Want to know the ironic thing? Hillary Clinton referenced his daycare in her book, "It Takes a Village." I fought tooth and nail. I finally gave in and put him on ritalin, dexadrene (sp), concerta, strattera. These are all of the drugs I tried on him at different times. Needless to say my son almost died in the ER of an overdose. It's funny because it was supposed to be a "low dosage". You trust your doctor and do what they say because it is good for you right? WRONG! I didn't know any better.

I took my son's life and well being into my own hands. First I had to acknowledge the fact that I needed to have a spine and stop giving him empty threats. I let him get away with anything because I would get to the point where I was just so tired from working all day- I couldn't parent. I needed a break. I wouldn't follow through with things, etc. When I did he was just his bouncing self. I finally set rules, followed through, and there were consequences. Do not join CHADD. They are funded by drug companies. They will think you are a freak for not putting your kid on meds. I got absolutely no support there. I got pamphlets on why I should give my kid a pill. I do not believe they are there to support you. They are there to push drugs. Follow the money if you don't believe me.

First thing I did was watched Dr. Fred Baughman's video on ADHD. You can purchase that at - I bawled when I watched it. Completely amazing. It is worth every penny. You might be able to find it free online if you search well enough. You have to watch this video before you do anything else.

#2. I read every page and watched all of the YouTube videos of Steve Plog, founder of - READ EVERY PAGE.

#3. I got my son a lab test from Steve Plog's site for delayed food allergies. Delayed food allergies are different from your classic food allergies. My son was allergic to everything I was feeding him. Wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, beef, all citrus, peanuts. We had to do research on a wheat free gluten free soy free dairy free diet. No, he was not a celiac but we had to say that so schools would adhere to his dietary needs, but we started packing lunches anyway. You have to change your lifestyle and we did. That is what prompted me to go vegan but that is another story. He still eats chicken and loves bacon. The best book I found for making him goodies like pizza, breads, and cakes was by Cindy Moseley "Great Foods Without Worry". It was my saving grace.

#4. I read everything on the drugging of children on - Click on "Articles" and read.

#5. I absolutely cut out pop, all juice "drinks", anything with Splenda, Sweet N Low, NutraSweet--ANYTHING WITH ASPARTAME. Wanna know why? Because it is cancer! A sweet slow death. Don't believe me? Go read and see for yourself. I get all of the drink things from - He absolutely LOVES the chocolate drink. And what do we do without dairy? We drink rice milk and almond milk. Stop cooking with vegetable, soy, corn, canola, and animal fat oils. Cook with extra virgin coconut oil instead. Read up online about the benefits of extra virgin coconut oil. My favorite is

#6. Find a doctor who does not believe in drugging children (I know that seems hard but they are out there). Look for alternative doctors. Call around and ask around.

#7. You wean your kid off drugs. It is your responsibility. I am not a doctor, but I have lived almost 9 years of hell.

It is against the law for a teacher to reccommend that you drug your kid. If any teacher tells you to get meds. Ask her if she is a doctor. Tell her it is illegal to practice medicine without a license and that she could be fined and arrested for that.

I have slowly introduced certain foods back into my son's diet. The only things that makes him go through the roof are soy and beef.

I put my son on 2 - 250 mg pills of L- Tryptophan (NOW brand)and give him 2 time released melatonin (Source Naturals) pills every morning. He gets another dose at school before lunch. I pulled him out of regular schools and got him into a private school. He is a normal kid, just like everyone else. He also takes a daily vitamin at night. I have a flourishing 9 year old boy now in the 3rd grade. He also gets flax seed oil from -

Don't ever let anyone convince you to drug your child. You are the parent and you know what is best. Set rules and boundaries. Kids that are "over active" need structure, routine, rules, consistency, and boundaries. Even kids that aren't "over active" do. Let your kids be kids but be their parent.rnrnIf you have any questions feel free to post under me and I will check back to answer them.

P.S. My son in a public school was sent to the office every day. His scores were passing on his report cards. This year in a private school, and last year... he took his Iowa Test of Basic Skills tests. Everything except LISTENING SKILLS were at almost a 5th grade level. So, for anyone to tell me that I am crazy.... you can stick it where the sun don't shine for all I care. I have living proof that what I did with my own son works. Different strokes for different folks. I do not believe in ADHD. I believe in drug companies making a profit off kids being kids. Follow the money."

06/04/2008: Jill from Portland, Oregon replies: "I read the article on ADHD by Terese written on 5/13/08. I found all the information very helpful. I would like to talk to her and get some more information on how her son is doing now and how to start this process for my son. Thank you for your help, Jill"
08/03/2008: Holly from Big Pine Key, FL replies: "Thanks for the info in ADHD. I am so excited to learn more on the subject. I know I had it as a child, but learned how to cope, and have a son now 10 diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. I have to share custody with his father and their family doesn't even want to hear about diet being an issue, so he gets lots of fast food and processed foods no matter what I try. so I try to do what I can when I have him, He was breastfed for 2 years, mostly for security and comfort during the last year, just at bedtime, we had experienced a hurricane and then his father and I seperated so the comfort was mainly before bed to help him to fall asleep. We had to move 5 times that year until i was able to get us settled. I raised him on my own for the most part until he was 8, his dad was moving away and back and away, and so on, now he is close by and so involved more which my son needs, but not having the same views on nutrition and such make it hard. I am chef and teacher, so food is not something I take lightly, but I am made out to be the bad guy when I get upset when I find out my son has been to fast food joints with his fathers side. I plan on trying many things on this site that I haven't tried, and if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to respond! May God's peace surround you always."
08/06/2008: Reid from Herrin, IL replies: "Sodas are made with High Fructose Corn Syrup. Corn is a GRAIN NOT a veg. They give corn to cows before slaughter to fatten them up. HFCS turns directly into fat NOT energy like normal sugar. HFCS not only makes you fat it damages the liver and pancreus. It was linked to mine and 3-4 other friends diabetes. I stopped all sodas diet or HFCS and my fasting sugar has went from 130 to 90."

EC: Soda manufactured in Mexico and India (along with a bunch of other countries) are made with sugar, not corn syrup. You can find these sodas at international grocery stores, just make sure to read the ingredients to confirm before you buy!

11/11/2008: Rosemary from Atlanta, Georgia replies: "Believe it or not, I work with a lot of parents whose children have ADHD. My 14 year old son just told me last week that he needs medical help. He is tired of not being able to concentrate and getting in trouble in class. He also has a predisposition for anxiety that he inherited from me, which does not help things. I have been trying out different vitamin supplements and ACV to no avail. He just recently began living with his father and I cannot control his diet. He would probably starve if I were to enforce the removal of sugars in his diet anyway, and just sneak junk food other places. It's funny how I have a whole lot of advice for other parents whose kids have ADHD, even though I never advocate medicine. But now that he is REQUESTING meds, I am flabbergasted and do not know where to turn. I will start to read the websites mentioned but I am really upset about this. Anyone with teenagers having any success, please respond!!!"
[YEA]  01/18/2009: Jude from Louisville, Ky replies: "The Doctor wanted to put my son on ADHD medicine when he was 4 years old, I almost fainted I told him I would have to think about it, but I knew there was no thinking about it that was not going to happen I would have to find another way. This was in 1978 so I went straight to the library after about 3 hours I wasn't finding anything and then it hit me like a ton of bricks it had to be what he was eating. AT THAT MOMENT everything changed I pulled everything that was processed, sugared, refined or had artificial flavoring or colorings in it and got rid of it. He had whole grain cereal fruit and fruit juice in the morning all he wanted. fish,eggs salad,fruit juice in the afternoon and chicken, green vegetables and whole grain bread with real butter for dinner fruit and fresh veggies were always available at anytime.He had no difficulty with dairy so that was always there.He had a marked improvement in 24 hours and I don't know if people realize how much food dye is in kool-aid just removing that will make a difference but removing sugar and processes food for 48 hrs will show a big difference in kids. He is 34 now and I can still tell weather he has been eating right or junking it up. I tell everybody I know with small children if you cant make big changes remove food dyes, processed food and sugar. I know its hard to cook like that I used to cook everything on Sunday and freeze it and pull it out as needed you will get the hang of it after a while. I was hard when he started school because he would slip up sometimes but if I kept everything else in range it was manageable. There were no food allergies."
03/31/2009: Jennifer from Atlanta, GA replies: "Is Terese from Cedar Rapids still checking this website? I need to talk with her. My 3 year old son was just diagnosed with severe ADHD and severe ODD. The developmental pediatrician wants to put him on Clonodine. In an attempt to avoid medicating him, we have removed all processed foods, preservatives, food colorings, wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts, and fruits with high levels of salicylic acids. He has improved but we are still having issues with him at school (he has a one-on-one facilitator in a special program at his preschool). My husband and I are at our wits end. I was wondering if I could talk with or e-mail Terese who seemed to have some good ideas and got her son on the right track."
05/06/2009: Michael from Spokane, Wa replies: "I've been dealing with ADHD for 22 years now and I can tell you all without the slightest degree of hesitation that Ritalin is pure evil. As of late however I've reconsidered subjecting myself to the self imposed zombification that is induced by this medication. I'm scared shitless. Finding this site and these articles has been rather encouraging. I'm now aware of supplemental vitamin and dieting that may help alleviate the more...constraining aspects of ADHD. Obviously I don't sound like someone who suffers from it, but I assure you all that I do and it is a constant struggle...battles are not is a constant fight. However stubborness alone will no longer suffice. As for children I've read that you should have the doctors check their tonsils. Sometimes the removal of them can be beneficial. Also I've begun taking an anti-stress pill. It's a vitamin pill, not a drug. I've always been against drugs...I suppose drinking counts as well, so in light of my current lifestyle I'm something of a hypocrite.

Someone here wrote something about structure...and they are absolutely right about saying how children need it, regardless of their psychological state of being. Order within ones life often produces order within the mind. What you see your child doing is merely the tip of the ice berg. It is chaos...untamed wildness. If I had to compare my mind today to what it was then...

Today my mind is as a rabid animal. Then it was as a race car that kept going faster and faster. It is torture.

Unfortunately I'm rather absentminded so I've left my email on the off chance that someone has any questions about my life experience with ADHD. If you have the right questions I'm sure I can answer them. I'd like to help as many people as makes me feel useful, and by extension...normal.

Which brings me to my final point.

You are your childs best friend. Without you they will crumble. This is true with many children, but only with children who suffer from ADHD is it a certainty. No matter what you decide to do, you must be with them every step of the way. No amount of medication, drugs or otherwise, will be an adequate substitute for a parents love.

I speak from experience, because I have seen many others who were not so lucky as I am. You see...I thrive in isolation. But when I was a child and my mother had left my siblings and I for whatever her reasons were at the time...two years...the foundation on which our lives are built crumbles when the only person who loves and understands us abandons us. I can think of nothing so horrible as a child suffering from ADHD forced to confront it alone.

Of course I'm perhaps being a bit melodramatic, or over exaggerating things to make us seem as though we are as delicate as glass houses. But even if you won't believe how terrible it really is to suffer from this monstrous thing...understand that we are listening on some level. We do hear and understand what you say and how you say it. When you tell us you love us we hear that too...and it can make all the difference.

Right then...hopefully that helped someone."
10/12/2009: Taryn from Tacoma, Wa replies: "My son has struggled with ADHD since he was about 3 years old. He had constant ear infections for the first 3 years of his life. Antibiotics were given every time. I believe he has leaky gut do to these antibiotics. He would contsantly be sick, throwing up, diahhrea. The doctors never told me to replenish his body with acidophilus after being treated with the antibiotics. I since discovered with my 2 year old son that dairy was the culprit for the ear infections. Food allergies can cause many problems for your child. Elimination diet and a food allergy test not done by a main stream doctor. You need to find a Naturopathic Doctor that specializes in food allergies. Look on the internet in your area. Meridian Valley Lab in Renton, Washington does this test. You might even be able to get a test kit mailed to you and mail it back to them. Dairy, wheat, soy, corn, nuts are in everything and hard to digest. Doris Rapp, MD "Is this Your Child" is an excellent book for children with ADHD/ADD. There are many alternative foods out there for you, it just takes time to learn about them and change your way of eating. Every health problem you come across can be treated with what you ae putting in or on your body. Knowledge is key and reading all the info provided here helps. Both my sons have not been to a doctor except for a check up in 3 years. Not so much as a runny nose. This is after I changed our diet to allergen free foods. They can have these foods once in a while for special occasion and I can still keep them healthy. It is also important to take pro biotics (refrigerated), digestive enzymes, flax or fish oil (cold pressed) and good multi vitamins made from whole foods that do not have wheat, soy, dairy, corn etc. You and your children are worth it. Never give up!"
04/14/2011: G Clark from Phiadelphia, Pa, Usa replies: "Thank you Theresa for your insite and personal experience with ADHD. I am currently having the same issues with my son. They are trying to diagnosis him with ADHD/ODD. He is hyperactive as well and doesn't listen to the staff at his school. After reviewing your post. I decided to do research as well as take your advise and Ted suggestions. I have cut out the sugar, processed food and artifical flavors. You don't say how often and how much of a dosage that was given to your son. Please give me any advise or further instruction that would help.

Thank you!! Best wishes!"

04/14/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "G Clark, I have mentioned this a few times (I don't have any relationship to this Dr at all) but have you heard of the GAPS diet. You can google it. It has had some excellent results with ADHD kids. The reason I am looking into it is that my son has speech developmental issues and I think it will help. Basically Dr McBride is saying that the ADHD is caused by toxins in the body, namely the gut and to fix the problem you have to heal the gut and rid the body of the toxins. I would be interested to hear what you say after you see her youtube videos. Many of these kids have digestive issues (including my son)."
04/15/2011: G Clark from Philadelphia, Pa replies: "Thanks for the advise Debbie. I have taken a look at the GAPS diet. I may give that a try as well. There seems to be a lot of perparing involved. I really appreciate the advise. Thank you!"
04/15/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "G Clarke yes the GAPS diet is a lot of hard work. I am wanting to start my son on it as he has a developmental delay (will probably do it myself). I am trying to find the green coconuts. I just found some grass fed beef (to help make the broth).

Here are some amazing stories of people who have had great results:"

04/15/2011: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Debbie and G Clarke,

I have been following your thread and wanted to mention some things that might help you both in your journey. Besides the GAP diet there is amazing info by Donna Gates and her Body Ecology diet. She has a whole group dedicated to turn autism and ADD around through her diet. I have heard her speak and she is amazing and dedicated to this mission. She has been at it for over 10 years. You might want to go to her site and read about it. There's lots of really good info there. She offers recipes and you can get her book The Body Ecology Diet which I use myself and have given it as gifts to friends. She also recommends fermented foods. You can watch her making them on youtube.

I know you both are referring to ADD but this info might be very pertinent to you. I know Debbie that you mentioned you were trying to get green coconuts. Is that to make fermented coconut water? Donna's products are made in Australia and I know she is the only one to offer unpasteurized fresh coconut water which is bottled. It is offered here in the US at health food stores in the frozen section so you might want to check into that. Her group she has for families incorporating her diet, BED is called BEDROK. It's a support group for helping implement fundamental diet changes to families. Anyway, I hope this info helps you."

04/16/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Thanks Lisa I will investigate the Body Ecology Diet. I did see the Donna Gates video on youtube with Dr. McBride. I had actually started making a sourdough fermented bread about a month ago but stopped because I got sick and didn't stir the starter enough and it "died". The fermented food products make a lot of sense to me.

G Clarke, something else that I have been doing and it seems to be working for my son is Vitamin C. When I started he did have the croup and some asthma (and ended up 1 night in hospital). I started giving him the Vit C to clear his congestion (Dr had prescribed antibiotics and he had had 3 doses of Prednisone) and had read that Vitamin C detoxes the body of heavy metals and I though it may help him if that were a problem. I was juicing lemons and adding honey and vitamin C powder - put the mixture in a small container on top of a cup of hot water long enough for the honey to melt and mixed it all together. I then used the plastic syringe for medications to syringe that mixture into my son's mouth. (About 1/4 tspn Vit C - 4 or 5 times a day).

I did notice a marked improvement in his speech in a couple of weeks. He wouldn't sing except maybe one word at the end of each line in a song if that and he had to be coaxed for that one maybe two words. He is about to turn 4. He has the speech of about a 2 1/2 year old.

Anyway it is now about 4 weeks after I have been giving him the vitamin C. He has started singing songs without prompting from me. I was waiting in the Doctors office a couple of days ago (I wanted his blood tested to see if he was lacking in any nutrients) and my son was singing on the top of his voice the song of Twinkle Twinkle little Star. admittedly he missed quite a few words but he has gone from only singing one word when I sing with him to belting out a song in the Dr's office with no coaching from me (and to applause from onlookers). He is also wanting now to sing other songs and rhymes - never interested before.

I can't quite believe it is a coincidence that he has improved so quickly. I definitely think the Vitamin C has helped to detox his body.

Also I have been giving him Cilanto (corriander) chopped up in a yoghurt & garlic sauce mixed in his food. Cilantro also is know to get rid of heavy metals in the body. I also give him probiotics and digestive enzymes every day.

His speech is still not there but there is a lot of improvement. I am also going to try either of the GAPS/ and the BED diets. I need to get the books and study which one we may be doing. In the meantime keep adding to what I am doing. As I type this he is singing Twinkle Twinkle to himself so something is working."

04/28/2011: G Clark from Phiadelphia, Pa, Usa replies: "Hi!!

Thanks Debbie and Lisa for your feedback and updates. I am going to start with the supplements and I will decide which diet that would be more suitable for me to start. I look forward to hearing any more updates and improvements. I will also post updates.

Best wishes! G Clark"

[YEA]  10/26/2011: Dial999 from Brisbane, Australia replies: "The moment he was born he showed aggression and the midwives said "We've never seen a baby do that before". My son has adhd. It seemed as if the lights were on, but nobody was home for his first 11 years, we couldn't seem to get through to him. He's 27 now. I did the diet, did the ritalin, did the chiropractor, did everything. Somehow, I knew that preserving his self esteem was paramount. In class he failed, with friends he failed, with family he failed. We had to get some success into his life. We tried a few things and found acting was what he could succeed at, others admired him. He took to computers and was the 'expert', others admired him. His diet was clean, that was a biggie that actually helped all of us in the long run. We decided to forgo the ritalin. I had to become an expert in child rearing, long before the Nanny gave us a few pointers. I was his advocate, having a few standups with doctors and teachers who didn't believe ADHD existed at that time. He's turned out a sociable, happy young man. He still can't organise his way out of a paper bag, which brings a few work related problems, but if his bosses can work out his strengths and use them, then he becomes their most valued employee. Same with his flatmates, if they can ignore the mess, he's great fun to live with.

My mum and sister have ADHD, and so do a lot of my friends (I'm the only one who understands them and will be their friend). As far as I'm concerned, ADHD is simply a variation of normal. Nature makes a variety of people so that we can survive. When war, tsunami, earthquake or hurricane hits, who is out there first on the front line with fearless and boundless energy? Not me.... Them. We need them. Don't try and fix what ain't broke, just manage them, small doses helps!"

10/29/2011: Eeore from Sydney, Australia replies: "My son has ADHD, refused drugs, tried diet as teenager taken cannabis and developed schizophrenia went to doctors and the drugs started till he had put on heaps of weight and got type 2 diabetes. They then decided his time with them was finished and they changed their diagnosis ( after 2yrs) He has taken to alcohol ( lge qty - bottle rum a day- straight ) to cope and refuses all drugs even his diabetic meds and insulin. He now refuses to eat any vegetables and I try to make food with veggies grated in to disguise when he eats with us. He is 26 now - he has no friends as refuses to go out- and does not want to even talk to us. Any ideas from anyone that I might be able to suggest to him?"
10/29/2011: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Hi Eeore - You mentioned that your 26-year-old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia, as well as ADHD. Have you seen these pages on Earth Clinic regarding schizophrenia?

Unfortunately, since you mentioned that your son consumes 1 large bottle of rum a day, I imagine any vitamins or diet would have limited impact. Is it possible for him to be admitted to a rehab facility? Once there, he will find others at rehab who are going through the same thing he is and he won't feel so alone. He may even find a buddy who can help him through life's up and downs when he gets out.

It must be very difficult for you - don't give up. Your son probably feels that the doctors let him down (sounds like they did) but I hope he is open to getting the professional help he so desperately needs. Take care, Bess"

10/29/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Eeore for ADHD, research iodine supplementation. There has been great success with it. Also for schizophrenia Dr. Hoffer cured people with mega doses of Niacin. Go to and search "schizophrenia Dr. Hoffer".

The iodine does need companion nutrients with it. Go to the remedies section here and read up on iodine - the companion nutrients are listed.

Maybe once the ADHD and the schizophrenia have been healed you can look at the vegetables."

10/30/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Eeore, Dr. Hoffer also had great success treating alcoholics with Niacin therapy so your son will be helped so much with the niacin alone. Here is a link to the article. Please research this website for Dr. Hoffer... Lots of great info. Also alcohol depletes your body of many nutients including Vitamin E so maybe you could add some to his diet and also colloidal minerals (liquid form)."

11/22/2011: Diane from Prince George, Bc Canada replies: "There is an amazing success story of a family with severe mental illness (suicide, attempted suicides, homicidal tendencies, extreme behaviors) who cured the symptoms using vitamins and were able to become "normal" and eliminate all allopathic medications. They are marketing the vitamins "Empowerplus" or EMP."
12/10/2011: Linda from Lalaland, Thecreek, Usa replies: "Eeore,

There is a book which should do you a world of good, "Alcoholism and Nutrition", written by Dr. Roger Williams, MD. It is an old book, mine is a paperback. Dr. Williams had great success healing alcoholism using the tasteless, colorless amino acid named L-Glutamine, often added into food or juice, etc.

According to Dr. Williams, L-Glutamine stops the "craving" for alcohol, making it easier to quit drinking.

You might have to find it in a used bookstore, but if you will, I am sure it will be tremendously useful for you and your son.

Kind Regards,


03/22/2012: Jennifer J from Denham Springs, La replies: "Theresa, I am so so glad I found your blog!!! I have been fighting the schools, Dr.s, myself, etc on drugging my child. This whole process started in Nov 2011. I finally gave in and took my son to a Nuro Dr who diagnosed him with ADHA, High Focusing Difficuilty, Lack of Impulse COntrol and ADD. So we went thru the entire list of drugs till we found Dexa something that does work. However, IT'S A DRUG! And it scares me to death. I am in the begining stages of finding a healthier way to treat him. He is seeing his PCP tomorrow and I will have him tested for delayed food allergies as you suggested. I just wanted you to know that I am glad I found you and your story. I want the best for my child and I do not think that the doctors know best for our kids. Thank you! -Jennifer"
01/28/2013: ~angel from Chi Town, Ill replies: "05/06/2009: Michael from Spokane, Wa

Thank you so very much for sharing your story... You have no idea how reading it tonight was God sent for me! ;) thank you for making a difference.."

Dietary Changes

08/30/2011: Klraine from Memphis, Tn, Usa: "Hello,

I am so glad to have found this website. Both of my children are affected by a genetic syndrome called Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome. Basically, they lack an enzyme necessary to create enough cholesterol in the body (our body manufactures some cholesterol). They are mildly affected on the spectrum of this disorder. They were both originally mis-diagnosed as autistic.

Fast-forward 9 years! Some of my childrens' issues may be a result of this syndrome but I still think much of their problems can be helped. My son has ADHD bigtime. He can hardly concentrate. I have always told my husband and mother that I could tell "where he is at" just by looking at him. He seems foggy sometimes, very distracted and out of it. But he is NOT always like this. He has really great times of clarity too and is more focused and less hyper and has no volatile outbursts. WHen he is "in the fog" he is more hyper, unfocused, volatile and aggressive and so forth. He has been gluten free for 3 months now and it has helped with the over-all fatigue issue I was seeing this summer. He is also dairy free for the most part. As a little boy he had so many ear infections I lost count. He was on antibiotic after antibiotic. Through the years he also took Risperdal for aggression and we tried other ADD/ADHD meds which did not help. He always has bad side effects and I can't stand seeing my son not acting like himself. He is complicated but I really believe there is a more optimum level of health for him! I have to believe that!

Now for my daughter. She is much less affected by the syndrome and is in a private school and at grade level. She began having these throwing up episodes and had an upper GI. Later, through much prayer, I discovered she had a Salicylate Sensitivity. Now her diet is so limited and challenging and I am afraid she is not getting enough healthy foods to eat.

I am also gluten/dairy free now because of being diagnosed with Celiac disease. I have been dealing with overall fatigue for years and now more recently brain fogginess.

Honestly, between my son and I being dairy and gluten free, my daugters Salicylate issues and my husband not doing dairy or red meat~~~ mealtime is stressful and causes me anxiety.

TED, I need your help! Or anyone for that matter!

thank you very much!"

08/30/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Klraine, here is a great video for you to watch on the dangers of MSG and Aspartame and how they can be related to why so many of our kids are getting autism and ADHD. blaylock aspartame&hl=en&emb=1

I also read recently that most/if not all illnesses are actually related to a mineral deficiency.

Here is a great ebook for you to read (only 80 pages). It is by a Japanese Doctor. Really eye opening. I wish every Doctor would read it.

08/31/2011: Klraine from Memphis, Tn, Usa replies: "Hi Debbie, I appreciate the information. I am thankful that my kids don't do anything with aspartame but I think some yogurt has it~ so I do need to check on that. MSG is a bad one too and will keep that in mind. I have been trying to cut way back on any food with preservatives, artificial colorings and sweeteners etc. And fruit juices, sugar etc. I am eager to read this e-book and will get to that in the next day. Thank you!"

Feingold Diet

12/17/2010: Citykitty from West Frankfort, Il: "The feingold diet was being used back in 1975 for ADD/LD. It is now finally being accepted by the so called medical society. Good luck... It was our immediate answer some 30 years ago."

04/17/2011: Mallymuff from Melbourne, Vic Australia replies: "A must read for children with ADHD : "The Hidden Drug Dietary Phosphate" by Hertha Hafer, a German research Pharmacist who has had hands-on experience - raising an extremely hyperactive son. Many success stories documented when patients followed a low phosphate diet."

Fish Oil and Primrose Oil

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06/04/2012: Sauron from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: "I am unable to take fish oils due to the high Vitamin A content ( anything with high Vit A leaves me stiff and in a wreck *it's a long story*) so I thought of giving evening primrose oil a try for the ADD that I have. At times, I am just disorganised and distracted and spend the entire day idling instead of doing what I have to do. I would be so much more accomplished but for my focus.

How does EPO fit in to this need? Thanks in advance."

06/06/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky replies: "Sauron, try some zinc to help your body utilize the Vit-A. Evening Primrose or Black Currant would definately be a step in the right direction BUT may need the help of Flax Seed Oil to get therapeutic results."

[YEA]  12/09/2007: Roxanne from Perth, Western Australia: "High Potency Fish Oil w/ Virgin Evening Primrose Oil Has Made My Little Boy "Normal" I have two children aged 3.5yrs and 21 months. My eldest was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder at the start of the year (Jan 2007). Because my eldest son is classed as Autistic, the health professional seem to think that my youngest may have a problem. Okay, my youngest is very hyperactive, used to run into things (like the kitchen table) and not feel any pain and he had a serious biting problem that went waaaayyy beyond teething. After geting sick and tired of hearing "your youngest maybe suspected Autistic/ADD" I decided to see a homeopath and ask (beg) for help. The lady there was wonderful and recommended that I try a mixture of high potency fish oil that also contained virgin evening primrose oil that was recommended for children and adults of all ages. Well, after a week of giving him 5ml a day (mixed with food), our little boy is all cool. calm and collected. He stills runs around but he has stopped running into walls and tables. The biting was gone and he interacts well with his autistic brother. He has also started talking again. And to think, only 2 weeks have passed now and he will only improve. Just wanted to share this with you. Thanks, Roxy"

08/07/2009: Lil_jin21 from Saugus, Ca, USA replies: "Hello, My eldest son is also very active. He's very hyper and constantly jumpy and fidgety and loud. I was wondering where you got your Fish Oil and Primrose? I'm searching online and cannot find it. Do I buy each separately and mix them together with his food? He is 4 years old. and I'm constantly getting hassle from my family about his hyperness. I took him to his doctor to review him, but he hasn't really given me an answer. I would like to try this in the mean time. Thank you. Melissa"
12/17/2010: Sharon from Utica, Mich replies: "Try your organic store, or whole food store for the fish oil and primrose oil."
12/17/2010: Brooke from Montgomery, Tx, Usa replies: "I have two boys and when they were young, people told me they should get checked by a Dr. And me, being all into natural remedies, I told them they are crazy! I would NEVER put my boys on anything other than vitamins or minerals! I found that Vitamin B, D, folic acid, fish oils, primrose oil, and Castor oil rubbed onto their tummy under their diaper, or later - under their pj's did the trick. They are now 12 and 11 and they are both wonderful, beautiful boys that are healthy and have no problems! They are A, B students with no signs of hyperactivity! And no - I did not mix it into their food - when they where little, I got the liquid forms and put it into orange juice or any other type of juice, and now they take them in the pill form.

I feel that kids should not have any caffeine through drinks or chocolate and they should be on a high vegetable and fruit diet, with meats. You can ask your health food store for the vitamin mixes that can be added to juice, they have them in liquid form and some, like calcium have them in chewable form. We still give them a calcium in chewable because they always liked the taste - it tastes like vanilla. I would never put my child on to a drug to cure hyperactivity though!"

Fluoride Related

11/23/2012: Native Born Citizen from Virginia Beach, Virginia: "Regarding ADHD, Dr. Oz just had a show on ADHD in adult women. The sympoms are different for women and can vary in intensity from person to person. Adult women with ADHD tend to be tired, anxious, unable to organize, are distracted, and can't focus. These phenomena tend to interfere with their relationships and work.

Retired neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock says that fluoride poisoning can cause profound neurolgical disorders including ADHD. Any treatment program must obviously address fluoride poisoning and how to keep it out of the system since fluoride is in pesticides, water, many drugs, and toothpaste. See:

Dr. Lendon Smith used to drug ADHD children; he later was against it. Instead he advised fish oil, B vitamins, multivitamins, sugar avoidance, avoidance of allergens like milk if ear infections present, and so on.

If you can't digest fish oil, take a digestive enzyme with it."

General Feedback

01/30/2011: Michelle from Jerusaelm, Israel: "Need Advice

Ok so I am 19 years old and was just diagnosed with ADHD. Now my mother is a special education teacher and so never had me tested because she thought that it would just negatively affect me, since I was a straight A honor role student. The real issues started now that I'm in college; I failed some of my classes and 3 of my teachers recommended that I get tested independently, so I did. Turns out I have ADHD (like my mom, and 3 siblings) I was prescribed Ritalin for test/exam days and wanted to hear someone's opinion, I don't speak to my mother so asking her isn't really an option.

Everyone says meds for kids is bad and I agree with that, but what about for adults?"

01/30/2011: Steph from Benton Harbor, Michigan replies: "You might want to do a search on pyroluria and it's relationship to ADHD. Taking vitamin B6 and zinc may be helpful to you."
01/30/2011: Michelle from Jeruaelm, Israel replies: "The thing is, I already take zinc supplements..."
01/30/2011: John from Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory replies: "I dont think ADHD is an illness. You are up on other people and I see it as a good thing. Find your own space and time and do your own things apart from others when and if necessary. Try balancing your chakras. Go to youtube and search for them. The singing bowl is soothing and great.

If I were you, I will not poison myself with doctor's prescription."
04/04/2011: Been There from Washington, Dc replies: "Michelle, this site is wonderful, and I would try the supplements and suggestions for AD/HD suggested here. However, I don't agree with the majority of opinions here that all AD/HD drugs are terrible. No one but you can make that decision, and if you've tried other things and they haven't worked (incidentally, does anyone realize how hard - no, impossible - it is for those of us with AD/HD to consistently stick to a routine?), go ahead and try pharmaceuticals. When I went on Vyvanse it changed my life. Not just in terms of completing tasks, but in so many other ways I just assumed I was "bad" or "weak" at -- setting boundaries in relationships, because I was no longer highly distractible and could no longer be railroaded by more focused people in my life; having the energy to have a social life, because I was no longer exhausted from the hamster-wheel of thoughts running around my brain; having people realize I was intelligent, because I didn't ramble on like a crazy person but could follow a thought to its logical conclusion; the ability to clean a kitchen counter from one side to the other without having to consciously think through every step, paralyzed over what to do first; actually having fun with my kids (imagine that! ) because I wasn't rattled by every single sound/action they did that distracted me that I could get it together to go somewhere and be in the moment with them. Etc., etc.

I'm not on it now anymore because I had side effects and I didn't want to increase my dose when the effects wore off -- so I'm hardly an evangelist for pharma drugs, and I agree they can be over-prescribed/falsely prescribed. But now, I know what my true "normal" is like. I know what to aim for. I've ended the cycle of shame and unmet expectations that's haunted me for all of my life. Currently I'm working the supplements, diet, sleep, exercise (3-5x aerobic exercise/week stimulates the same part of the brain the pharma drugs do) and it's working out fine for me. Also an AD/HD coach helps keep me on track (look for a therapist who works with AD/HD). All good, but don't let anyone judge you for cautiously, judiciously trying something to see if it works for you and your body. You've already spent your lifetime judging yourself and being frustrated on a daily basis. "

01/28/2013: ~angel from Chi Town, Ill replies: "TO..04/04/2011: Been There from Washington, Dc

Amen to that!! best of luck to you.. your story just described my 27 year old son, who is now un treated (not by choice) & on a 24 hr roller coaster;/ thank you for your story;) it really touched me as so many other stories have..."

01/28/2013: Catherine from Wellington, New Zealand replies: "Hi, I have just read "NIACIN: The real story" by Abram Hoffer and there is a lot of info about ADHD and the benefit of niacin in treatment. Worth reading I think, you can get it on kindle from Amazon.. Best of luck"

Grape Seed Oil

10/04/2012: Al from Alvena, Sk.,canada: "I was doing research on grape seed oil/extract when I came across a reference to it helping people with ADD/ADHD and thinking that my cousins son (7 years old) had one of those because of his behavior I told my cousin about it. She tried him on it with good results in that he quit hitting and was able to concentrate on one thing for a much longer time. I later found out that he was autistic and that too much made him chatter excessively so she was careful to not give him too much - less than 1mg per pound of body weight.

Unfortunately we only know what it did for him short term as about five months after he started on it both him and his mother were killed in a car accident. Some people I know that tried the liquid form of grape seed extract had stomach problems from it so I recommend the caplet form which is just the solids of the grape seed and skins after pressing the oil out. I hope this info helps some of you out. Al"


09/28/2013: Msannanola from New Orleans: "I read dr Brownstein's book about iodine. He had a case study in there of a child being cured of ADHD with iodine as a major component. Iodine is also a part of Dr Batman's water cure. There is testing you can do to determine iodine sufficiency. I don't have a child but I would try it if I had a child with ADHD. I would also Eliminate flouride. It is everywhere. I got a black berkey water filter to eliminate flouride. I think I had flouride poisoning. Flouride and other halides like chlorine, bromide (in bread) and halides in fire retardent make you deficient in iodine. You cannot be properly hydrated without it. The natural cell death called apoptosis can't happen without it, so basic functioning of the body is compromised without this nutrient. Iodine is the original medicine. It was used traditionally for all sorts of ailments. Lugols solution is cheap."


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04/20/2009: Tasha from Springfield, USA: "Hi all was wondering if anyone was sure if melatonin is safe for kids to take, I have heard that they can and some say they cant I am a mother of an 11 year old boy with ADHD and severe anger issues and need help. I have tried medicating and and decided to take him off the concerta and clonidine he was taking that to help him sleep, but he stays up till 2 and 3 in the morning which is really starting to affect him at school failing grades are a big issue right now, not to mention the phone calls from his teacher several times a week, So I am wanting to try the melatonin 3mg. to see if he gets some better sleep and hope maybe he will start doing better in school. Thanks for any feedback I am desperate at this point, Tasha"

EC: Here's an article on medscape that might help:

... "While there is an enormous amount of anecdotal information available, there are few well-controlled studies that have examined safety, appropriate dosing including amounts and timing, use in special populations such as children or the elderly, side effects, or interactions with other products. However, the few published studies that have looked at use of melatonin in children have generally found the product to be safe, though most have focused on use in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

One study of 20 children with developmental disabilities found that children given melatonin fell asleep significantly more quickly, but did not experience overall longer sleep durations or wake less frequently.[4] A second slightly larger study of 46 children with neurodevelopmental disorders found that sleep improved in 34 of the children and none experienced side effects.[5] Only a very few studies have examined the use of this hormone in children without disability. For example, a study of 40 elementary school children without neurologic problems who were experiencing delayed sleep onset found that over the duration of the 4-week study, melatonin was relatively safe and significantly more effective than placebo in advancing sleep onset and increasing sleep. Of note, tests that examined attention span in these children found that, even in those whose sleep improved, measures of attention did not change.

The National Sleep Foundation[3] suggests that the product may be useful for teenagers who experience delayed-sleep-phase syndrome, an inability to fall asleep during the early nighttime hours that causes problems in awakening the next morning. However, appropriate dosing and duration of use in teenagers is not known."

[YEA]  07/26/2009: Cathy from Pataskala, Ohio replies: "My son has been taking Melatonin for almost 4 years now. He is now taking up to 6 mgs at age 10 and he sleeps great and has had no side effects. He is ADHD and never slept well thru the night before melatonin. It really makes a difference in his behavior as well. I would strongly recommend it."
01/18/2011: Jerilyn from Mobile, Al replies: "My son has been on Melatonin for a few years now. We started at 3 mg and it did nothing to help him sleep. We are now on 5 mg. My pediatrician says that it cannot harm your child. It is completely safe. I have my child on FOCALIN 40 mg. We deal with ADD as well in the mornings.

I am just getting on board with homepathic remedies b/c I do not like the side effects of this controlled substance. We have been on it for a while and it has not made my life easier at all. My son deals with ticks/twitches, has anxiety and has trouble sleeping. I need some guidance in this aspect as well. I did want to comment on the MELATONIN though. My son is also on TRAZADONE at night to sleep. This was not working until I added teh 5 mg MELATONIN to it. I think it(Melatonin) is wonderful and start off low first then increase if need be. I just want my children to be normal..."

06/25/2012: Jquacken793 from Cathedral City, Ca replies: "My son tried the 3 mg of melatonin because he was staying up all night and it did put him to sleep, but he developed a rash on his body that really bothered him so he decided he's rather stay awake. He is 11."


08/14/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia : "Anyone who has a child with autism, learning difficulties and even ADHD must look at the following video. There is much evidence to suggest that consuming Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is linked to these problems.

I didn't realise how dangerous it was until recently and that it was linked to the above.

I went to buy some chocolate recently and discovered it contained MSG (under the name Flavors), also went to buy a "Gluten free" chocolate chip cookie... It also contained MSG (under another name)

MSG is also the reason people are becoming "addicted" to food, can't lose weight even if they lower their food intake, get headaches... There are so many diseases linked to the consumption of MSG. If it is in so many foods imagine the accumulative effect over one day.

Here is a video that everyone should watch.. for their children's sake if not their own health.

There are some foods that can block the Glutamates from being harmful. Magnesium and Tumeric are two foods that will negate the harmful effects."

08/15/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Debbie, I think that flavors can contain MSG or not, that is the misleading bit. In the book Excitotoxins the author includes a few lists of what is indeed MSG and what may contain it so in the end unless they really state it with its real name there is not really a way for you to know. The best thing is to eat as little processed food as you possibly can."
08/15/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Francisca, I agree it is best to avoid processed food, but apparently they are putting MSG in meat and even spraying it on crops! It is also in milk powder which is in yoghurts. You think you are eating healthy but you are not.

They are putting it in baby foods and even in baby formula. Apparenty there is even MSG in most vaccines!

Here is a list of the hidden names that MSG comes under."

08/16/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Hi Debbie, you are right, MSG seems to be everywhere nowadays. My question is why? Does anyone have any idea why they are doing it? Someone must have a lot to gain from it? And why can't these people be stopped? As far as yogurts go I make my own. I agree that one can try to eat healthily only to discover one is not. Sad world..... It is an ongoing worry, what to eat, what to drink, where to live...... Trying to protect oneself from all the attacks. We will be moving to the countryside soon but don't think that we will be in paradise. Searching for a house in a not too polluted place, a bit away from all the pesticides, etc was a pain. We will have a lot of sun flower crops near the house though but they don't seem to spray a lot of stuff. We just hope for the best, nothing more we can do! I would have prefered to be somewhere in the woods but we liked this house. And to think that we are supposed to live in the free world.... We are maybe free to worry!"
08/16/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Hi Francisca, the best thing you can do to ensure you eat healthy is to grow your own wheatgrass and juice it. There is a great book by Ann Wigmore on wheatgrass. It is a "superfood". She said that you could live on wheatgrass juice and be healthy. It also remove radiation and heavy metals from the body. It is wonderful. If you grow some wheatgrass you can also harvest the seeds for future juicing or even grinding and making bread.

Why are they adding poisons to our diet... I have my own theory. It's called eugenics and it is happening worldwide."

08/17/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Hi again Debbie, the problem with wheatgrass is that it is something not really known in Europe. At least I have never found any seeds or anything and I have access to four countries (France, Germany, Switzerland and Britain). I wouldn't know where to start although my juicer, an Oscar, does make wheatgrass juice.

You are probably right about the poisons in foods and everywhere but then, why are they so keen on saving people in the third world? My husband says that they do it in order to make sure they will have enough slaves to mine mineral resources. Why are they seemingly always searching for cures for illnesses? Yesterday I read an article in a paper suggesting that if you take Paracetamol every day you will have a lot less chance of dementia and men will have a lot less chance of prostate cancer. Such an article is enough to have hundreds of thousands of people heading for the pharmacy with no regards of the side effects of constantly taking such a drug for the rest of your life (yes, because you are not going to stop if you know you will get dementia or prostate cancer?). Just imagine the profits.... Not only Big Pharma but also pharmacies and the governments through taxes on all of them and on us and moreover the treatment of all the illness that will come from the excessive taking of medication! One such article is the equivalent of a gold mine!"

08/18/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Hi Francisca. Are they so keen to save people in the third world? How long have these poor people been without infrastructure. What about desalination plants for water? The country is on the sea.

Scientists know all about excitotoxins and how toxic they are for the brain. That will cause dementia for sure but they are not warning people about it. Google "Abstract Excitotoxins" to see all the studies that have been done.

The author of the book I read said that reporters attempting to write about Excitotoxins are fired or demoted. Why? People need to research for themselves."

08/18/2011: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Francisca, you can easily grow wheatgrass in Europe. I have. Just buy wheat (the grain itself, that IS the seeds! ) in a health food store and grow it! I did it in earth and cut the young grass with a scissors, and I also did it without earth, by sprouting - only water (soaking, then rinsing a few times a day)."
08/18/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Also mmsg, and Francisca in Ann Wigmore's book about Wheatgrass, she put some wheatgrass juice in water and it took the flouride out of the water. They did a test on the water. It would be worth reading her book."
02/24/2012: Linda from San Francisco, Ca, Usa replies: "This message is for Francisca from Michelbach-Le-Bas: Francisca, Wheatgrass is grown from Wheat Berries, the same grain which is ground into flour to make bread.

Hard Red Winter Wheat is the best to grow wheatgrass from, but if it were me, I'd grow whatever I could get. Surely someone near you has got it, even if you go to an animal feed store, or maybe a bakery.

Barley is another grain which grows a highly nutritious grass which you can juice the same way.

The grass juices are very healthy, and Wheatgrass takes about 9-10 days to grow from seed to juicable harvest.

Wheat and Barley for grass-growing can also be ordered online. There is an excellent and informative website called "Sprout people" which should explain how to do this further.

Or you can google "how to grow wheatgrass"

I grow my Wheatgrass in cafeteria trays in the kitchen.

It's a great and easy thing to do, especially if you have an electric juicer to juice it.

Regards, Linda"

11/18/2012: Al from Alvena, Sk., Canada replies: "To everyone talking about wheatgrass, while it is excellent for you, the greens from barley or barley grass is even better. Barley greens contain every enzyme known to man. I came across that when I was researching for natural cancer cures and I grew it in my basement under lights and cut it with scissors and just put it in my blender with whatever else I was using. At that time I was on the "Budwig Diet" and it cured my cancer. Unfortunately, I carried on with chemotherapy after and became disabled by that for a substantial period of time. I would urge you all to try grape seed extract for ADD/ADHD but start with small doses - no more than one mg per pound of body weight per day."
11/18/2012: Sara from Sacramento, Ca replies: "Happy Day! I am glad you are doing well after Chemotherapy. Thank you so much for sharing your insight on wheat grass and Grape Seed Extract.

I bought a bottle of Grape Seed Extract from Trader's Joe for my ADD, but only took one capsule 3 times a day, so did not see much effect. I am 162 lbs. Do I need to take 3 capsules each time? If so that would make 9 capsules a day. The servings size is 3 capsules and serving per container is 50.

I would highly appreciate if you give me your thought.


11/19/2012: Kathy from the USA replies: "I thought I would make you aware that I cannot ingest any capsules because I am highly sensitive to hidden sources of MSG and one capsule is something like 11.7mg of MSG, I believe. I'll double check my resource and post if different. I have to open all capsules and takes dry ingredients either with water or sprinkle on unsweetened applesauce. Whatever the amount, it is still a toxin. Minute amounts can accumulate so by the time you have a reaction you don't recognize it as an MSG reaction."

Phosphatidyl Choline

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[YEA]  05/12/2012: Cheryl from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : "I have given my son who has dyslexia and ADHD 1/2 Livolin Forte which has phosphatidyl choline in desperation and surprisingly he has immense changes to his reading ability, cos at age 10 he couldnt read, and he will struggle to spell, but now after barely 1 week on livolin, he has the ability to grasp the phonetic sound some 40% of the words shown to him on sight. Can anyone tell me if it is harmful for him to take that supplement? I have been giving him fish oil but there is not much changes. I check into the internet which say phosphatidyl is helpful for brain problem like alzheimer and dementia. But I will like to share what I had learned so as to help other desperate parents."

Remedies for Poor Concentration

02/02/2013: Mllewendy from N. Platte, Nebraska: "Ideas on poor concentration? I was diagnosed with ADD issues before they lumped it as part of ADHD (which I disagree with for certain reasons). Anyway, I looked and you don't have it listed separately... Is there some way that can be rectified? Thank you!"

EC: Hi Mllewendy,

We don't have enough material on ADD to separate it into a new page. Once we get more posts, we can certainly do that.

Remedies Needed

10/09/2012: Sara from Sacramento, Ca, Usa: "I am 39 female, and I have Attention Deficit Disorder. I have tried so many things and did not help out. This time, I want to do acupuncture on head. I am a little nervous and do not know if it safe to do it, so I am bringing this to your beautiful people in Earth Clinic community to advice me or maybe if you have done it let me know. Thank you so much and God Bless."

10/09/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Sara, Well, I do not have ADD but I have had a lot of success with both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. If you find a really good TCM Dr. he can help you a lot. Make sure you explain thoroughly what you deal with. They will then be able to translate that to how Chinese medicine sees the body and why it is "malfunctioning". It also means they may not necessarily do the acupuncture needles on your head as there are meridians that run through the entire body governing certain organs. I have sent many people to my acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and everyone has seen results. I encourage you to go this route since you have tried so many other things. Wishing you the best, Lisa"
10/10/2012: Mp from La, Ca replies: "Hi Sara, I too am an adult with ADHD, and I've had a great deal of success with accupuncture and Chinese herbs. As the previous poster indicated, the Chinese understanding of organs and their relationship to energy is totally different, and though its likely you'll have a needle or so in your head, it likely won't be the basis of your treatment. TCM is about bringing the body into balance, rather than treating illnesses, so to speak.

I found an amazing doctor by asking friends and acquaintances. What I like about my doctor: 1) it is a legitimate medical practice, just not westernedicine; nothing hippy about it. 2) she changes my herbs weekly, according to how my symptoms change and get better. 3) she is extremely knowledgeable and can answer all of my questions, not only about TCM, but about diet and supplements as well.

best of luck to you, the solution is out there!

ps. 600 milligrams per day DHA has also been very helpful"

01/13/2012: Sara from Sacramento, Ca, Sacramento: "I have problem with staying focus, attention and motivaiton. I was never diagnosed with ADD, but I have so much problem at school. Is taking L-Phenylalanine will help with the symptoms of ADD nor not? I will highly appreciate your comments on this matter. Thanks"

01/13/2012: Randy from Myrtle Beach, Sc replies: "Hi Sara, L-Phenylalanine or DLPA may help you. Helps in raising Dopamine and NE. Also L-Tyrosine can help too but I always had better success with DLPA. It's best to take it on an empty stomach along with some P5P and some Vit. C for better absorption. Also if it helps and you want to continue it more long term it's best to either take L-Tryptophan or 5-HTP at night along with it to avoid any down regulation issues. Even though DLPA did help me.. I could not take it on more of a long term basis cause either L-Tryptophan or 5-HTP made me feel worse.. But.. Everyone is different.

Quite some time ago I was diagnosed as only being "borderline" ADD and my doc put me on Ritalin that did help me, but maybe unlike you, I had depression. I had to keep going up on the dose to have the same effect so I ditched it.. I didn't want to become a stim junkie. Give it a try to see if it helps you."

04/16/2012: Sara from Sacramento, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Randy! Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your advice. I have here L-Phenylalanine and L-Trosine. How do you take them? Do you take L-Tyrsone in the morning in empaty stomach and L-Phenylananie before you go to sleep? Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care, Sara"

12/31/2011: Sara from Sacramento, Ca, Usa: "I need something to help me out with Attention, Focus and concentration. Thanks."

12/31/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Sara, google "Excitotoxins Dr. Russell Blaylock". He has an excellent google video as well."

11/28/2011: Strong Parent from Chicago, Il: "Hi my name is Tainika from Chicago.. My son is 10 yrs old... He has every problem that comes with tics and ADHD.. School is the worst... He has 6 brothers and 1 sister. When they make him mad it's all over... He is a twin... I need help bad.

Can anyone please help me? Meds only makes the tic worse. I've been looking up all kinds of vitimans. But I'm a lil scared.... All doctors wanna do is put kids on meds.. And that's it... They really don't care and don't know.. I'm now teaching the family how to deal and work with him.. And not laughing. The school is now during I E P. I really don't wanna put him in special class because of no hope....... Pls pls pls pls pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

11/28/2011: Other Options from Gilbert, Az replies: "There are other alternatives. I have 5 children- 4 with ADHD and one that probably had it but was minor so I didn't notice it. An IEP is a great start... Change the diet, eliminate sugars, food dyes and try going gluten free... Watch the sugars they had to give flavor when the gluten is eliminated. Almost all mood swings will be gone when you eliminate the gluten. Dyes especially the red and blue dyes are bad news for ADHD kids... Eat lots of protein and low carbs. There are wonderful options... We use some meds occassionally when it is stress time for exams and finals but other than that it is wholistic and being strict to the diet... It wouldn't hurt the entire family to be off the junk stuff too... There are herbs that calm and relax a product called Chill from Herbally Grounded in Las Vegas can work wonders... Lots of good books to read but my favorite is the Mood Cure by Julia Ross... Have seen miracles because of that book... Easy to read and follow.

Don't be nervous the wholistic approach is safer than your alternatives, drugs... usually no side effects with the natural approach unlike the drugs.

To give you hope... My oldest just graduated from Law School and very successful- a great husband and father. Another son graduated from college as well in construction... He's also quite successful in his career. Daughter in college and son graduating from high school this year! There is hope... keep looking for what is right for your child! Good luck!

p.s. try a Dr. Pepper or Coke... Interestingly it calms them down... Caffeine is a natural stimulant... I know it goes against what I wrote above... there are other ways to get the caffeine like green or black tea to avoid the sugar..."

11/29/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "I agree with eating healthy, and cutting out gluten ...

I would also definitely add magnesium to the mix. Magnesium chloride in bath water (gets the magnesium into the body quicker via the skin), is very calming. Also magnesium supplements.

Tics may also be a symptom of magnesium deficiency. I give my son magnesium citrate.

Also iodine has been touted as being deficient in ADHD kids. Two books I have read are Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean and Iodine, Why we need it and why we can't live without it" by Dr. David Brownstein. If you can get him swimming or paddling in the sea water that is the best way to get loads of magnesium back into his body.

I would give the above to both kids.

From the Magnesium Miracle book from link below:

"If muscles are deficient in magnesium, they become irritated and on edge developing tics, twitches, and outright spasms or "charley horses" as they are known when they occur in our calves. If you are feeling generally irritated and on edge, magnesium deficiency may be the cause."

11/29/2011: Robin from Rural, Va replies: "Tainika, I am a special education teacher, and every one of my students are in the regular education environment. Having an IEP does not have to mean a special class. Your son could probably use the supports offered by special education teachers who work along side of the general educator. I also have a son with ADHD, and I made sure he got a 504. A 504 does not offer accommodations, but recognizes a medical condition. The reason we opted for support is because the impulsivity sometimes will get a child with ADHD into trouble, and without recognizing and documenting this with a 504 or IEP, the schools could easily suspend or expel a student with disruptive behaviors. Keep up the search for natural support. Since your child is young, you still have a lot of control over his eating habits, or use of supplements."
08/17/2013: Susan from Macomb, Mi replies: "Tainika: ADD & ADHD, tics, anger, whatever is gluten or all grain related. Check out: or, anything on the devastating body/brain/skin effects from certain proteins in grains (including rices, corn, anything) & dairy (protein casein). Read Dr. Wm. Davis's book: "Wheat Belly" or "Dangerous Grains" by a Mr. Hoggan. Website: is good too. He will get better. Check these things out. He doesn't deserve this trouble. You'll have your son back in no time. This info solves UC, Crohns, celiac, skin diseases, mind disturbances also."

04/28/2010: Sara from Sacramento, Ca, Usa: "Adhd: I have a focus issue and have my finals soon. Is there anything that would help me with this issue. please please let me know.


04/29/2010: Maureen from Long Isand , Ny Usa replies: "This is for Sara of Sacramento CA who needs help with focus for upcoming finals. Although I was never diagnosed with ADHD I have struggled with focus and attention issues my whole life. Thanks to this website I started taking acetyl l-carnitine and it has helped with my focus. I am not longer easily distracted and have a lucid calm focus that helps me get things done throughout the day. I take between 1-3 grams daily. You can purchase it in liquid, powder or pill form. Hope this helps. Good luck.

P.S. I love this website and have learned so much. Many blessings to all who contribute !!"

08/25/2009: Penny from Queens, New York: "help focusing issue... I would like some help with something natural to give my 7 year old for adhd the baking soda remedy seems ok but can i get that from a store. focus is mainly his problem please if anyone can help the strange thing about him is that he will sit down sometime and read a book while others are playing"

08/25/2009: T from Baltimore, Md, USA replies: "Hi Penny,

I strongly believe that the first thing to look into is diet. Remove ALL sources of artificial colors and flavors, MSG (check online for all the names it hides under), aspartame and any other artifical sweeteners, and cut way back on sugars of any kind. Ditch the high fructose corn syrup-containing stuff (be diligent - it's seemingly in everything). You might have to do like I did - totally empty the cupboards of all the packaged and processed stuff and teach yourself to cook from REAL scratch for the first time. I'd never been taught real cooking and I was crying the blues over the time and labor for awhile! But it gets easier and faster as you learn and we are both so much better off now.

My son was 'diagnosed' ADD at age 7 by a highly esteemed doctor here through a 2-hour office visit. He totally blew off my questions about behavioral counseling, diet, etc. His ONLY way was medicating. I declined. They can't show me exactly how/where this supposed problem exists in my son physiologically, but they can give him a potentially dangerous class B substance for it anyway? No thanks. My son is now age 10 (11 in 2 months) and about to start 7th grade. He is intellectually advanced, skipped a grade, and is in all Gifted & Talented classes. He greatly outscores his grade-level peers - kids up to 2 years older - on every standardized test. He might have seemed unfocused and distracted in classes, but obviously he was taking a lot in! I wasn't about to dope him for someone else's convenience. Thankfully we changed schools and ended up with some excellent teachers who dealt with him as the gifted child he is. Some kids just process things and react differently as their minds are so active - this to me is NOT a disorder. It just doesn't fit the "Stepford children" setup we're all supposed to goosestep to. I believe a lot of my own son's problems stemmed from his old school where he was being forced into a pigeonhole ("Sit quietly on the carpet while we learn ABC's even though you can already read entire books" - at age 5, how can he do that, dying of boredom??). I don't believe young children should be expected to sit perfectly still and silent with hands neatly folded for hours on end. Many adults can't even do that! ;-) Yes, he certainly must behave and not disrupt the class. And when he got some good teachers who actually knew how to deal with advanced children, he was much better! Something for you to bear in mind if he is having school problems. You must be his advocate and work with his teachers, assertively if needs be, on how to best accommodate his special ways of learning, no matter what level he is at. He is entitled to that.

I suspect my son may have some low-level food allergies or maybe even "leaky gut" due to some problems he had when he was smaller - is this a possibility in your son's case? These things are not always readily apparent. I can't afford the testing right now for it, so I keep working on the dietary front. I can say that with the dietary changes and the addition of some supplements, he has noticeably improved. I give him fish oils (not cod liver oil), and he takes Epsom salts baths to absorb some magnesium. I also give a drop of liquid selenium every couple of days. This can help remove mercury. During the worst of it I was giving him L-tyrosine (one that also contained C and B6) and evening primrose oil. The EPO really seemed to help when he was irritable. He doesn't usually take those now; I guess the dietary changes have helped enough. I also had given him a supplement specifically made for 'attention disorders', but found it had aspartates in it so I stopped that one - be sure to check labels. Extra B6 and zinc are usually recommended (be sure to balance the zinc with copper - generally 2mg copper to 30mg zinc). There are many things out there that supposedly help ADD/ADHD. I didn't try them all, but I do suggest reading as much as possible as there's a lot of info out there that could help you. And of course you'll want to thoroughly research any supplement before giving it to him.

I realize that some kids are a lot worse off than my son was. I've seen kids that were totally bouncing off the walls ALL the time. I'd still recommend this same route before giving in to meds, but perhaps with more intensive intervention - deeper investigation into possible food allergies or yeast or metals, for instance, and consulting with a professional that's truly knowledgeable on supplementation. If EC will allow it, this link is from a lab (they also offer an option for doing your own testing if your doctor won't test what you want) - it contains a few links of info you might find useful:

The "breaking the cycle" link there is quite interesting. Any doctor who disregards these factors is, in my opinion, incompetent at worst or willfully ignorant at best. To actually believe that things like diet, metals, infections and allergies can have nothing to do with these issues is so utterly ridiculous that I am always surprised anew when I encounter these brick-wall minds. It's like saying your car should always run the same no matter what you put in the gas tank - gasoline, turpentine, baby oil, etc. - and if it doesn't, it can only be that your spark plugs are bad!

I think you may find the focus issue improving along with hyper-type behavior if you work on the diet and supplements. But if you do this for a time and it doesn't seem enough, look into the allergy/yeast/metals issues. Sorry I've crusaded on you but this is a topic I feel very strongly about. I think a lot of kids and parents have been very badly done by, and the repugnant ADD/ADHD industry - for that is what it is - seems to just grow and grow. Please do check back with us and let us know how it's going. Your info could help someone else on the same road. Good luck to you and your wonderful boy!"
08/26/2009: Candy from Fort Madison, Iowa, Usa replies: "get him some transdermal magnesium. you will be amazed!"

Remove Red Dye

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[YEA]  06/29/2011: Dreamstrider1979 from Springfield, Mo: "My son was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD(oppositional defiance disorder) when he was 4. I know that is a really early age for that type of diagnosis, but he would have horrible temper tantrums and bang his head on the floor or destroy everything he could get his hands on. It didn't matter what we did. We thought, at first, he had a touch of autism, but after taking him to a doctor that specializes in pediactric nerology we were told ADHD/ODD was the diagnosis.

He was too young to go on meds so we were assigned an in-home therepist by Family Services. She talked to us at length about diet and how it effects kids. One thing she mentioned was Red dye #40. It was in EVERYTHING. From Kool-aid to jello, and even in some chocolate products. She convinced us to get rid of the dye to see if it made a difference.

It did. We got rid of everything with dye and taught our boy that he couldn't have it. While we still have some issue now and then, the effect of removing the dye was noticable in about 3 days. The temper lessened and he was easier to talk to and even quit getting into as much trouble at school. He is now 8 and we have introduced Red dye #40 a few times to make sure that the results were from taking the dye away. Each time we have given it to him, even in a small dose, and then removed it, it has been several days of horrible tantrums and anger and crying. Once it is out of his system again, he is back to normal."


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08/04/2009: Becky from Cedar Springs, Michigan: "Has anyone considered just MORE SLEEP for children (and adults) with ADHD and ADD? My brother, who is now 28, and both of my sons, 10 and 3, have been suspicioned to have ADHD or ADD by teachers and others, and I seriously believe that it could just be a sleep deficit in all of them. I have read a book since my 9-month-old daughter was born called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Weissbluth. The book is mostly for parents of babies but it also covers older children a little bit...and the doctor suggests that a lot of kids who are diagnosed with these attention disorders may just be lacking sufficient sleep! I thought about it, and both of my sons have been terrible sleepers in the past. My 3-year-old still is. I blame myself because, now that I have read this book, I see where I made the mistake of going into their rooms too much at night when they cried as babies and toddlers, so they never really learned how to put themselves back to sleep. My now 10-year-old was still coming into my room a lot at night when he was 6 and 7 years old. I had always stayed by his bed until he fell asleep when he was younger, and I always soothed him back to sleep when he woke in the night. He never learned! My 3-year-old still wakes up screaming in the night all the time, and some nights he tries to fight going to bed. The books suggests putting them to bed way earlier than we think is sufficient, like 6:30 or 7 instead of 8 or 9 at night, and NOT going in at their every cry when they are young. There were studies done, and just making those changes alone improved many children's supposed ADHD and ADD tendencies! It also improved other problems, like strange body tics and twitches. Think about it: our lifestyles are getting crazier and busier all the time and good sleep is getting harder and harder to come by! Could this be why there are so many more cases of attention deficit disorders and other neurological problems than there were before there were busy families with both parents working, electronic games, etc. to keep kids up later??

Please consider just getting more sleep for the victim of one of these problems before trying anything else! I did see that Ted mentioned sleep being a problem and was trying to go into what to give so they can sleep better. According to Dr. Weissbluth, sometimes just going to bed earlier makes it easier to sleep because if you go too late, when you're too fatigued, you actually CAN'T get to sleep because of hormones you release when overtired. So consider just an earlier bedtime!"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/10/2010: Joy from Pensacola, Fl replies: "At one point, my 8 year old's supposed ADD/ADHD was at it's worst peak. He would throw "big kid" trantrums and become very easily frustrated. At this particular time, I realized he wasn't getting enough sleep. So I had him go to bed earlier, and the tantrums mostly stopped. He's still fidgety and has issues focusing, especially in school, but whenever he has a poor night's sleep, I know it's going to be a bad day. I don't know about his diet, but I suppose it's what might be considered normal, and without much sugar or fast food. No plans on changing that.

I am skeptical on the medical stance of ADD/ADHD. Of course, most of us here want to stay away from drugs. But I'm sure some children do have real issues, and some children just need real boundaries. This is a world where children gain instant gratification from tv, video games, internet, ipods, cell phones and the hundreds of other electronics they are exposed to. I mean, why does a 7 yr old even need a phone, let alone their own Firefly? It's so rare to see the child whose daily life consists of the enjoyment of reading, hiking in the woods, fishing, and the like. Even sports have, for many, lost its value of just playing the sport. I am not surprised to hear so many more of these ADD/ADHD cases in today's world. And here I am, young myself, in my 20's. My son, how surprising, is very calm and focused on the occassions he plays video games. Imagine that!

I tell him to turn off that tv and go play outside."
10/23/2010: Taryn from Tacoma, Wa replies: "My son, now 7 years had sleeping problems since a few months old. Started with colic. After almost 3 years of ear infections, stomach viruses and not sleeping well... I researched possible issues. I took him to a neurologist because that is what his pediatrician suggested. He said he thought he had sleep apnea. He wanted to do a overnight $5,000 dollar test on him before trying anything else. I brought up to him the idea of food allergies. He dismissed it instantly and said there was no proof of that. So I decided to try an elimination diet, before we had this test. Within 2 days of taking wheat, dairy, nuts, soy, corn, sugar, food dyes, etc. From his diet he slept peacfully through the night. Never in 3 years did he sleep so good. His digestive system was out of balance from all the antibiotics he had taken every month for almost 3 years. I have had to help with enzymes and supplements and diet to restore his digestive tract to normal. I give him a gluten/dairy free diet. It is hard, but worth all the work to keep my son from having nightmares and get some sleep myself too :)"
05/11/2013: Susie from Anonymous , Michigan replies: "As far as the sugars go, would natural sugars be ok. I buy REAL honey from the natural food stores for my daughters herbal teas. And we do push for fruit. Are natural sugars ok?"

Supplements and Indian Herbs

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06/04/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "ADHD and Asperger's: It needs to be remembered that was not mentioned in your email, baking soda, granulated lecithin and magnesium (found in sunflower seeds) are also vital to the initial stages of the improvement. However, during the final stages once the child is detoxed of heavy metals and properly alkalized, dechlorinator added to drinking water such as drops of 10% of sodium thiosulfate, such as 5-10 drops per glass of water would calm a child, but initial dose will cause loose stool, but later dose won't have the same effect because some reason the sodium thiosulfate detoxed the intestines. In the final stages I found once every three days hydergine and piracetam to be very helpful to the recovery process. Also some glutamine added once a week can cause the brain to recover by leaps and bound, although initially it is not good, but it makes a leap on improvement a bit later in the day or a couple of days. Omega 3 fish oil and lecithin is vital, along with vitamin C sodium ascorbate since these are found in large amounts in the brain. A sea salt contains superconductive materials used by the brain, so it is best that some baking soda is added to sea salt, such as 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in one liter of drinking water at the very least. Ideally, I think, 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate in one liter of drinking water has a more calming effect then just the baking soda used alone."

[YEA]  06/03/2008: Mehernosh from Mumbai , India : "Hi this is Mehernosh. I am father of a wondeful daughter Nicole. She has aspergers and adhd ,we live in Mumbai

presently i am getting postiive results with

for ADHD:
Omega 3/6/9
Evening primrose oil
flax seed oil
sankpushpi( indian herbal mix for brain tonic )
Panchamrut( Indian Aruyvedic with Amla + bel patta etc)

For Aspergers:
Epsom salt cream massages
Lots of Vitamin C( I give Chyvan prash ) this also has amla

Flax seed oil is main thing + fish oil , I use natural Organic honey to make every thing sweet so she can drink same

God Bless you all , please consult your naturopath before doing any thing I my self first try treatment on my self

my daughter and I both are on Eggs and vegetable diet"

Ted's Remedies

07/23/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "Asthenia, ADD and ADHD Remedy update:

I had to report the asthenia remedy, which is actually a combination of chronic fatigue syndrome with a major sleeping problem. I actually had two remedies, then it was reduced to one remedy. The first remedy I tried is:

1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water taken twice day.

This one worked, but one case of a professor in Romania who had this condition did report dramatic improvement for a couple of weeks then it stopped working sometimes, so I changed it to this remedy, as he seem to need certain monoatomic elements found in a sea salt, therefore this was used instead:

1/8 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/8 sea salt in a glass of water taken 3 or 4 times a day, especially before sleep. They may taken to 1/4 of each, but I always believe in erring on the side of lower dose first, followed by a higher dose if there's no problems in such use. While this is NOT a perfect remedy and 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate can be added, the single biggest problem I encountered is getting even just sodium carbonate and once condition improves, then potassium can be added once a source can be found. The effect of the sea salt added is that there is trace monoatomic element which seems to have consistency in the overall asthenia, in at least this case, lead to a complete cure.

Certain other supplements may be needed such as hydergine and piracetam taken together, but those aren't taken everyday, such as taken only 3-4 days a week and if condition improves to a certain extent, they can be discontinued.

The entire remedy is actually based on the simple theory in that an acid brain, leads to inability to sleep. The effect of alkalinity can only work with just the sodium carbonate, even a small amount such as just 1/8 teaspoon in a glass of water is what causes the alkalizing effect, but the actual use and studies were based on the baking soda and sodium carbonate, often called the carb-bicarb remedy that they found the alkalizing effects of the brain is noted. This has an effect of quieting of the brain and improved concentration and can be used in other conditions such as ADD and ADHD in adults, and quite possibly in children.

The reason why I needed to update this information is that only a couple of months ago that the Romanian professor contacted me, he was already suffering from Chronic Fatigue plus astenia. This means he can barely sleep 1-2 hours a day for a several years, so the case was not easy. Initially he used just baking soda because he cannot find sodium carbonate (washing soda) and that didn't work as well and the record of using the baking soda alone was spotty. For example in one week, he may have some improved sleeping issues in only 2 days or 3 days out of a week. I knew that problem already so it took almost a month for him to get the sodium carbonate somehow. Within the first day of acquiring that, along with baking soda added, the improvement were so dramatic, his wife was surprised. As if the incident was a fluke, it continued to work for a couple of weeks continuously, until he reported some other problems, which was corrected with my newer ORMUS recipes where sea salt was added as mentioned previously. Monoatomic elements is found in most sea salt along with the added sodium carbonate and baking soda seemed to do the trick. One month has passed by and he was quiet. Then just today, July 21, 2008, he told me he recently completed twice 100 kilometer bicycle trip, which completely surprised me, not by his energy levels, but the other things he report, such as writing may scientific papers a month, which the energy levels and mental facilities is near youthful levels, that I didn't think was possible, since he is in his early 60s. Therefore this is just to post some improvements that relates to astenia and the newer use of remedy."


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "SUMMARY OF ADHD: If I summarized the about ADHD or ADD information, it will be like this:

The standard treatment of ADD or ADHD is the supplementation of Magnesium Chloride, Trimethylglycine, Vitamin B6, zinc. In some cases addition of selenium and probiotics. The reason is selenium detoxifies mercury whereby some conditions of ADHD were found helpful. Probiotics will solve some problems of "leaky gut" syndrome which may interfere with ADHD absorption of nutrients. Other detoxification that is also helpful were N-acetylcysteine, Acetyl-Carnosine, Acetyl Carnitine, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. However, you will find that the big 4 most helpful and you can notice improvements in about 4-5 days just taking Magnesium Chloride, Trimethylglycine (TMG), Vitamin B6, and Zinc. This is provided you go on a gluten free diet, fructose free, sugar free, chlorine free, and fluoride free. During the second week, you also have to cover the detoxification mentioned.

In many cases children who are on Ritalin may not improve, in which case parents should give a investigate on alternative methods to see how well it works.

It is important to note that sugar, fructose and even fruit drinks are not helpful and worsens the conditions for people with ADHD.

The dosage for Magnesium is usually 250 mg three times a day. Vitamin B6's therapeutic range is over 200 mg. Trimethylglycine dosage is in similar.

If taken the condition of ADHD should improve within 3-5 days, of course we are assuming that the person is no longer on Milo, ovaltine, milk, fried foods, Vegetable oils (except coconut oil), hydrogenated vegetable oils, cookies, pastries, Coke, potato chips, Ritalin,etc. These are environmental toxins in food. Consumer products such as shampoos, antiperspirants, teflon cookware, yearly flu shots (you accumulate thimerosal), amalgam mercury tooth fillings, and pesticides often aggravate the conditions.

Omega and Essential fatty acids are very helpful in some instances. Drinking dechlorinated water, where you add a dechlorinated water (sodium thiosulfate you buy from a pet shop) helps speed up recovery, especially if you take baths where water is mixed with dechlorinator compound such as sodium thiosulfate which deactivates chlorine into a safe salt by-products.

There are many details in the treatment of ADHD. And I do suggest you read some of our past correspondence as a case study to the treatment of ADHD."

05/12/2009: Mom2_3 from Baltimore, Maryland replies: "Ted from Bangkok references reading past correspondence as a case study. Where are they located?"

04/10/2011: Linda from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "It seems to me you hold a lot of valuable information on treating ADHD. I was wondering if in your opinion salt room therapy (Halotherapy) can help treat this condition?"

06/07/2012: Swhit from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "Sorry, I have to get my 2 cents in here. As an ex teacher of 30 plus yrs I saw a gradual incline of children labelled and put on dangerous mind altering drugs. At first it was the noisy disruptive kids, the slow kids, then the brightest of the bunch. These were normal kids.

These drugs not only made the kids into "zombies" but caused major medical problems. One child almost died and can no longer take any drug not even life saving.

There is no medical exam/test that can tell you you have these made up disorders and the problem is, if there is no "disease" drugs will not fix it. The drugs don't work so they up the dosage then when that doesn't work add another drug, up the dosage and add another and so on till the body can no longer take it and the only "cure" left is ECT (Electric Shock Treatment) now the kid is brain dead.

Within a few minutes of missing a dosage the kid can turn Dr. Jeykll Dr Hyde and lash out, this is withdrawls not "needs the meds". If you take your child off the meds you cannot do it cold turkey and needs to be done slowly and monitored by a Dr. Most of the school shootings were done by kids on or had missed dosages.

Psychiatry got their "fame" from Nazi Germany where they did experiments on millions of victims in concentration camps. Sadly those experiments are now legal all over the world. ADHD etc. , are false labels meant to make Big Pharma richer.

Psychiatry infiltrated the educational system in the mid 60's and the result has been it's decline. Texts were changed, teachers were taught not to teach, learning methods changed, PC introduced and discipline went in the garbage. In one of the DSM's, it states: "We will decide what is right and what is wrong. We will infiltrate the education system, the medical system, the Judicial system and the church".

Also, Do not sign the papers the school gives you to put your kid on a drug (read the fine print, you are giving up all rights to your child and by signing you make your child a ward of the state).

I will also note that DSM V is due out soon and is said to contain everything as a disorder including binge eating. Religion and blogging as a terrorist disorder.

I was once told by a chiropractor/nutrionist friend that if your child has dark circles around his eyes it is a milk/dairy intolerance. Most of the kids I dealt with had dark circles around their eyes. The parents who took their kids off the milk noticed better concentration and less rambunctious behavior.

There are many ways to handle without drugs. Ist make sure there is nothing wrong physically eyes, body and teeth. Diet, detox heavy metals from vaccines and intake, plenty of exercise, sports and stimulate your child he's either bored and/or does not understand what is being taught. Ask for a detailed report of what was taught from the teacher if she/he cares they will give it willingly and go over everything with your kid that night. You can tell when they do not understand something, that blank glazed stare, falling asleep in class/home, avoidance of the subject. Once you clear things up he/she should be able to continue learning.

Kids do not learn all at the same pace nor do they understand everything the same. Take time with them, the more times over something the more they will be able to retain the data."

07/21/2012: Stereoblue from Miami, Florida replies: "I was interested in this remedy until some internet searches revealed that Sodium Carbonate can be very toxic. As I don't know how toxic it is, or in what amounts, I very skeptical of this remedy. To put it another way, just about anything ingestible known to man is available in the form of a supplement. But not Sodium Carbonate. It is pretty much only used as a cleaner, though very small amounts are used in certain foods. If you are daring or foolhardy enough to ingest sodium carbonate, please be sure to do more research and not trust this article on its own dubious merits."
07/26/2012: Really! from Milwaukee, Wi replies: "To "Stereoblue from Miami, Florida" - I think you better do more research on Sodium Carbonate. If you like soft drinks you better look at High Fructose Corn Syrup. That is more harmful and toxic than sodium carbonate."
11/16/2012: Rhonda from Baltimore, Md replies: "I have a 5yr old who has behavior issues in kindergarten more so than in home. I have found a product on the native remedies site. I read many many positive reviews on there products for moms of 2-4yr olds, an alterative to prescribe drugs that are trying to be forced on our kids. Check it out. I will update on my experience as I just ordered. Also, if you "must" give your child a high frucose drink, try diluting it with lemon juice & water, taste it first for moms approval, before letting them have it. The bitterness cancels out the sugar. (I only give half cups of stuff) the rest, "now you can have some water. " Great site, I am hooked :)"
12/03/2012: Update From Previous from Md replies: "ADHD: Just updating my new remedy on the native remedy product, no change as of yet on this product. It's been 2 wks. With my 5yr old. So, I will continue to see what happens. These products are said to be guarenteed & money back. Products are backed 100%. I will surely get money back if this doesn't help."
09/21/2013: Veronicac from Texas replies: "@swhit What are you talking about "don't sign the papers in school to put your kids on drugs"? I have a Master of Education and have worked specifically with special education students in litigious cases. School districts can't even recommend drugs let alone get papers for parents to sign us the right to hand drugs out. Only a doctor can recommend meds and only a nurse can administer them under strict doctor guidelines. We cannot even talk about medication in meetings unless the parent brings it up. And school districts certainly are not making students wards of the state with a simple signature. We don't have that kind of control. We're lucky if we can get kids to come to tutoring and stop wearing their pants below butts, for heaven's sake. Only the state can make kids wards and they're not out recruiting."

Theories for Cause

12/28/2010: Self from Ny: "Simply put, when we are a child and become an adult, a change happens, we call it "maturity" but for some that change does not happen "the executive function" to be able to be responsible, mature, hold a job, etc. You often see this is ADHD and autism, etc. It seems to be on an epidemic rise in the moden world. What causes it and how to cure it?

Possible causes: head trauma, maybe upbringing (eg. Physical and mental abuse), vaccinations (heavy metals) and toxic foods (excitotoxins like MSG ad aspartame and excess fattening and fried foods and vegetable oils, etc) and lack of oxygen (e. G. Home or office bound and lack of exercise due to sedentary lifestyle behind a PC or TV), etc. Lets say it is a combination of these things: hit hard on head as a baby a few times and a toxic lifestyle growing up. Possible cures: Could oral hyaluronic acid help heal? I know it exists naturally between the skull and brain to cushion it. Smart drugs? Do these need prescription and are these expensive(eg. Hydergine and l-pryoglutamate)? Amino acid L-glutamine (rid body of MSG)? Alkalization, especially with malic acid (eg. Apple cider vinegar) and baking soda for its metal chelating properties and other chelating agents (e.g. EDTA, Cilantro, etc), mostly alkaline diet, cooking with extra virgin coconut oil, exercise in fresh air, etc

But is this enough? Could it be this simple? What is the key, what am I missing? Thanks."

12/28/2010: Self from Ny replies: "I know EC already has remedies for ADHD and Autism, what I'm referring to here is more specifically "Frontal Lobe Disorder or Syndrome" or "Executive Dysfunction Syndrome" (EDS) I mentioned ADHD and Autism in my post because they have some similar symptoms too. Diet and brain acidity seem to have a lot to do with ADHD and vaccinations seem to have a lot to do with autism. In my case, as a baby and child, I had a few bad falls and my head was hit hard (plus toxic lifestyle) which seems to be cause of my EDS. Maybe the treatment for ADHD and Autism (and brain damage) may help with EDS? What else? Thanks."

To Medicate or Not to Medicate

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[YEA]  10/07/2012: August from Singapore: "As someone who has ADHD, I know that merely excerising and changing diet doesn't help. I don't really think that eating too much sugary food contributes to ADHD either. Sure, potato chips and sweets arn't healthy, but which children doesn't eat them? I think that ADHD is just in your mind, hard to get rid of, constantly there to bug you, no matter what you do. You have this constant urge to do something else when someone talks to you. No matter how much you focus it just seem so difficult to concentrate and make careless mistakes and say thoughtless stuff. I have tried taking iron, omega-3 fatty acids. None worked. Even the effect of caffeine is temporary. That's why I believe that medication is the most effective way to help people with ADHD. After all, the effect is instantanous and its the product of science and research. It's safe, so calling it a "dangerous mind altering drug" isn't logical, it's nonsense. Had it been dangerous, healthcare professional wouldn't even have thought of prescribing it in order to save their ass."

10/07/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi August, It doesn't sound as if you've tried that hard regarding your ADHD. And I disagree with you. I don't have ADD/ADHD but have dealt with plenty of people who do. I know for certain diet can make a huge difference and exercise. I have seen the results in students of mine and family members. Personally, I think staying away from medication is always the first and best solution in trying to find answers. In this case, especially since alternatives can have a profound effect on this issue. I have spoken to some of my students who were put on medication and they have told me how strange it makes them feel and they'd rather not take it and have opted out of it. Some have said that dancing on a regular basis is what helps them control it. Without it, they feel completely scattered. Obviously, dance is a form of exercise.

And your argument for medication, "had it been dangerous, healthcare professionals wouldn't have thought of prescribing it in order to save their ass. " doesn't hold up at all. Witness all the medications handed out daily by the thousands and the disclaimers then attached to them! Also, for the most part, everyone who comes on this forum is actually looking for choices outside of turning to medications, surgeries, etc. You might want to ponder on this. Lisa"

10/07/2012: Momma2boys from Pacific Nw, Usa replies: "My child has ADHD and I can testify that diet changes absolutely worked for him. Research how the chemicals in a western diet harm the body/brain. Google the Feingold diet - this is what helped him many years ago. Also, I am in agreement with you that sugar isn't the culprit (although I do not think that sugar is healthy! )... I think that hyperness in kids is caused by corn syrup. The majority of candies/kid's treats are now sweetened with corn syrup and not sugar. Corn syrup is just evil!"
10/10/2012: Flimflamflo from Westfield, Nj replies: "I just came here after reading a NYtimes article describing parents who administer ADHD drugs to kids who don't have the disorder. They do this to improve grades... There can be some serious side effects to these medications. Some are, after all amphetamines. The article I read describes one side effect one young boy suffered: he saw people and heard voices that were not there.

Here's a list of things I do, and I find they help.

1. Work out every day. Even if you just jump up and down til you sweat.

2. No MSG _ever_; this will only exacerbate problems. This means no yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable/soy/other proteins, etc. There are sites where you can find lists of MSG type substances.

3. Make sure you get enough proteins - but try not to use processed foods (sausages, fast-food burgers, pre-prepared meats, etc. are all usually inferior and usually contain a flavor enhancer akin to MSG).

4. Very important!! : Consider a creatine supplement; find your dosage. I don't know how this works, but it helps a lot.

5. Take Phosphatidyl Serine. You can get soy or sunflower based. It doesn't work right away, but has a long-term healing sort of effect.

6. Supplement with a good B complex, Magnesium (I use a glycine complexed magnesium, not oxide), and omega 3 fats. It is important to get enough vitamin D3, so maybe a supplement is a good idea.

7. This one is important!!! : A little before any mental struggle, take 500mg acetyl-l-carnitine. This really helps enhance my problem-solving capacity, and focus. The benefit is enduring. I cannot say enough about this one. I can feel my brain making new connections, my focus and memory retention are better, I think faster. It is amazing. Make sure the acetyl-l-carnitine is pharmaceutical grade.

8. Before bed, drink about a tbsp of good quality gelatin in broth or hot milk (even coconut/rice/almond milk - I don't drink soy milk b/c my body doesn't like it). I like to put barley sugar in milk, or even make some cocoa. Yes, it has sugar so it is not the best thing for you, but I find malted milk very comforting! This really improves quality of sleep, and seems to regulate mood. If you use broth, make sure there is no MSG or MSG analogue in the ingredients list.

9. Apart from all this, I take cod liver oil vitamin k2 every day, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and make sure to get enough vitamin C."

08/29/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn: "Here's more for Lehigh Sue. This came from Dr. William Douglas, ll's newsletter. She will find a lot of doctors agree with this.

"Dear Friend,

Consumer advocacy groups are working overtime trying to get the FDA to wake up to the dangers of artificial food colorings--especially for children. As usual, the FDA has turned a deaf ear. The consumer advocacy groups claim these additives could cause hyperactivity and behavior problems in some children.

As you know, I'm not the biggest believer in the ADHD/hyperactivity diagnosis in today's kids – I think it's overblown at best. But there's some convincing and long-standing research about certain dyes used in foodstuffs triggering behavior issues, and the fact that the FDA obstinately refuses to open its mind to these possibilities... well, it's just standard operating procedure for the slow-footed government bureaucracy.
According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), studies conduced over the last 30 years have indicated that children's behavior can be altered by some artificial dyes. In fact, the British government is currently pressuring UK food manufacturers to switch to safer food colorings.
The FDA, on the other hand, continually ignores these and other findings. Instead, our "vigilant" FDA emphatically says that additives DO NOT cause childhood hyperactivity.
But if the FDA is wrong – and well, let's face it, they've been wrong before – imagine the consequences. There are no foods with more food coloring additives than children's foods. The dyes are used in vast numbers of products that are marketed to children: cereals, candies, sodas, and snack foods. According to Michael F. Jacobson of CSPI, "The purpose of these chemicals is often to mask the absence of real food, to increase the appeal of a low-nutrition product to children, or both – who can tell the parents of kids with behavioral problems that this is truly worth the risk?"
As a parent, I encourage you to be on the safe side and establish your own ban Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Orange B, Red 3, and Yellow 6. I don't think something called "Green 3" occurs naturally."

09/05/2012: Organic Mom from Chicago, Il replies: "My son has been on an organic diet since birth. He was born at home with no epidural or drugs of any kind. I am terrified of any prescription drug given to kids, but am running out of options! He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 7 and we've tried behavior modification, vision therapy, prescription DHA, probiotics, multivitamins, Yerba matte tea (for its gentle caffeine) and enzymes. So far he is still struggling in school & considering he has a high IQ, this is affecting his self esteem. Please let me know if you have any other option for us to try."
09/05/2012: Gigi from Edison, Nj replies: "If your son has a high IQ maybe he is just bored. Maybe that school is not for him. My experience is that it's not always the child."
09/05/2012: Heather from Leicester replies: "ADHD could be a magnesium deficiency, try Epsom Salts in his bath ( soak for 20-30 mins)"
09/05/2012: Sp from Wb, Nj, Usa replies: "Have you tried the elimination diet to rule out any food allergies or sensitivities?"
09/07/2012: Sally307 from Clearwater, Florida replies: "go see a certified orthogonist/ a upper cervical Dr. neck issues can cause a lot of problems including adhd which can come from blood flow to the brain. Hope this helps it saved my life!"
09/09/2012: Tracy from Mississauga, On replies: "Vic Sondhi in Mississauga is a NUCCA (upper cervical) chiroprator, he is the best of all Upper Cervical chiropractors out there, I have been going to him for years...... He never rushes a treatment so don't be surprised if you have to wait awhile some days and he has a wonderful personality. You will be in good hands..... kids love him because there is no cracking involved, my daughter tells me when she needs to go for a adjustment."

08/27/2008: Sue from Lehigh Valley, PA: "Parents have separate opinions on medicating their autistic ADHD son. I know medicating my son is my choice and no one can tell me to do so. I do not want to medicate him and my ex spouse wants to in a bad way. He is trying to get documentation to his advantage to get ready to take me to court because he says I am neglecting to do what is best for him by not medicating him. HELP!"

08/27/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "To Sue from Lehigh Valley: Hello Sue, you do have a battle ahead, but I side with you. When the doctor wrote a Ritalin prescription for my then 5 year old son - I took it in my hand, left, tore it in half and threw it in his waste can on the way out. If you and your son's father can sit down and talk - I mean really calmly discuss this situation without yelling and screaming and hurling accusations - do so. If not write him a letter beginning with "I know you love our son as much as I do and I think we both want to do our best to protect him and keep him healthy" then proceed to ask him to at least look at why you feel differently about medicating him than he does. Then either print out references your opinions based on or give him sites and topics to look up for himself if he has a computer and on line. One site I highly recommend is International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) and the free down-loadable "The Terror of Pediatric Medicine". There are many web sites by doctors such as Dr. Mercola, Dr. Jonathan Wright and many others to gather information from. Printing out copies for yourself & your lawyer in the event that you do go to court will also be helpful. If you know the name of the medication he is wanting to put him on - be sure and get a complete report on it and any unwanted side effects, both for you and his father. You will also probably find helpful information on I have seen many questionable medications for children - one of the most dangerous was when a mother brought her 6 month old in and showed me a prescription to start him on one of the hypercholesterol drugs for adults, and asked my opinion. After looking up the drug in the PDR, I told her about the possible side effects and after telling her that I wouldn't tell her not to do it, but if it was my baby, I definitely wouldn't give it to him. Hopefully you and co-parent look at why you have different opinions and what they are based on and make an intelligent decision and keep this child out of the courts."
08/27/2008: Deirdre from Atlanta, GA replies: "Sue, I am not sure how helpful this will be for you, but there's a book called NonViolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg that I want to suggest. There may be some techniques to help you with your situation. Funnily enough, I heard one of the guests on Charlie Rose last week (the mayor of Denver, Colorado re the Democratic Convention) talk about how he deals with an angry person and sure enough, it was an NVC technique. Charlie Rose asked the mayor to give an example of how he would respond to an angry person he encountered in the public and the mayor's response was exactly how Rosenberg would have you do it - to repeat back what the person just told you (which validates that you heard everything they just said). It has an instantly calming effect in most cases. Anyway, that's just one of several NVC techniques, but I thought it was quite remarkable to hear it employed by a public figure!

Please keep us updated..."

08/29/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "To Sue from LeHigh: Hello again Sue, I just left a site that I want you to visit. He has something that you might find you really need in talking with the other parent. The head of the CDC admitting that vaccines can cause autism in subsets of children. Another one that will probably come in handy is the recent case where the federal government settled a claim for damages to their child from the vaccines. I don't remember when it was but it was probably in the last 6 months. Probably will turn up somewhere, if you just search on-line for autism. Dr. Mercola also mentions a book written by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock about childrens' neurological problems related to vaccines. I have a lot of respect for this man and think if you do land in court, this book will come in very handy. In discussing this with the other parent, all the ammunition you can find to back up the fact that the vaccines recommended by the CDC is what caused the autism, should at least make him want to look a little deeper into less harmful ways of helpin his son to get better health through nutrition and other non-medicated routes, because there are no medicines without unwanted side effects. I think EC posted a release from health authorities in Atlanta (which was probably the CDC although they weren't named)a week ago and I found in our newspaper the next day. I think if you look at what they said and what I found wrong with this picture - it will make the other partner more willing to dig deeper and look at your opinion. Go to and click on autism, vaccines, and any other thing you find relevant. One very important question you might give the other parent to think about is "Have you ever heard or read about any autistic child who had not had the vaccines?" If anyone has ever asked that question, it nor its answer was not released. The answer to the question would definitely provide the answer as to whether the vaccines are the cause of it."
08/29/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "From Dr. Jonathan Wright's Health e-tips for Sue from Lehigh Valley:

"Many of your kids or grandkids probably headed back to school this week. And on that first day back -- and every day since -- half of his or her classmates probably made a trip to the nurse's office for their daily dose of Ritalin or Adderall.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has become such a common diagnosis and the drugs are looked at as such a cure-all that it seems like both are taking over the school systems in this country.

But the fact is, these drugs are powerful stimulants that mimic things like speed, which I'm positive most grandparents and parents would do anything to keep their little ones away from. The good news is, you can keep the kids in your life away from these medications and improve, if not completely reverse, their ADHD....For nearly 30 years, Dr. Wright and his colleagues at the Tahoma Clinic have been using natural approaches to help parents do just that. In the upcoming September issue of Nutrition & Healing he outlines the various approaches they've used with such tremendous success over the years. It's an issue no parent or grandparent should miss, so keep an eye out for it to arrive in your mailbox soon. (And if you're not already a subscriber, visit for details on how you can become one).

Yours in good health,

Amanda Ross
Nutrition & Healing"

01/21/2010: Susan from Ohio, Il replies: "My son has autism spec. Disorder. I have taken him to every specialist imaginable. Psych neuro chiro holistic I found the most benefit was from a center where the biologically balance. Lots of blood urine stool hair was taken and the results showed he had pyroll disorder. We went gluten Carsin free. We cannot eat or drink sugars even in juice. We take melatonin to sleep. A vitamin was made us for his personal needs. He takes ltyrosine acetyllcarotine primrose oil pro dha insitol cal/mag liquid insitol methionine

The most dramatic results occured with injections of b methalcobalamine. This allowed him to make sentences. He receives ot and speech. To address his sensory integration disfunction. He still suffers from auditory processing disorder which causes him to have significant learning disability. GABA did not work for him nystatin helps his chronic internal yeast I fection most of the time. We also use enzymes with meals. He is able to attend school and was down graded from profound autism to his separate ailments. It is costly but very beneficial to determine the weak spots in an individual bio chemical make up."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  12/15/2010: Susan from Ohio, Il replies: "In follow up to my son's treatment. Nystatin was not very effective in eliminating his systemic fungal imbalance. We have started lemon, baking soda, and sea salt drink. We noticed a DRAMATIC Improvement in overall neuro function by substituting a cayanne capsul for the b injections and other b supplements. The cayenne has had such a huge impact on my sons behavior. He stopped spinning, putting holes in the walls and making disjointed sentances. He is no longer considered autistic, the ADHD label stands. I have high hopes for tumeric and the baking soda drink. Curiously he craves apples and sunflower seeds.

Would he be best served by magnesium gluconate or citrate, granulated lecithin or kelp? He refuses to take so many supplements and the cost of a taylored multiple is not possible. Also. I know he has heavy metal poisoning. He reacts severly to changes in his chemistry. Would Epsom salt cream applications suffice? It seems the more you learn the more your realize you do not understard. I am grateful for this site.

Ps I cant remember my password sorry"

01/31/2011: Rhonda from Columbus, Ohio replies: "My son dealt with Add his school years. Most people with this are low on EFA. Take evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil is good too. B complex helps, as well as melatonin 5 mg TR (time release) at night. Its hard to relax and wind down at night, this will help you sleep and keep you sleeping all night but not too much to wake up in the AM. Good luck and I hope this helps."
02/14/2011: Amazinggrace from Yucca Valley, Ca replies: "I saw a special on where l-theanine was used to replace drugs to treat ADHD. The testimonies were very convincing."
02/22/2011: Crazydogjack from New Castle, Pa replies: "Thank you to Amazinggrace... I just went online and watched the clip on l-theanine. Just placed an order and I am hopeful that this will help my son with his ADHD. I will post my results."
[SIDE EFFECTS]  07/08/2011: Tracy from Olympia, Wa replies: "Be careful trying Theanine, for my son it caused him to be groggy(sp) and grumpy - you know like when a child is overly tired. He may have been calmer after taking it but like a tired child he was not able to function emotionally. Someone else wrote on this site that for ADD/ADHD stimulants (like caffine) usually work better than calming remedies (such as theanine) and that is what I have found as well. Green and Black tea both have theanine in them. I wonder, since they both contain caffine too, if it wouldn't be better to try that instead of the theanine supplement."
01/11/2012: Donna from Walnut Creek, Ca replies: "Very interesting post Ted, and thank you for the advice! Another great site with information about ADHD, including how to use a symptom rating scale, can be found at I found it very helpful!"
04/16/2014: Carol from Cumming, Ga replies: "Our family too has been trying many ADHD therapies over the years for our son who is now 15. Some of the therapies we have done are: eye therapy, after doing a free questionnaire @ and an appointment with Dr. Cook it was found that our son had convergence insuffiency in the left eye, after nine months of eye therapy his eyes were 100% corrected. Yet he still couldn't read well enough to get passing grades. A hearing test by an audiologist confirmed Auditory Processing Disorder. We did 40 visits of Brain Core therapy which is biofeedback. The changes were slight. He was put in an online therapy for auditory processing called fastforword by gemm learning. This is a good reading program but our son still struggled so much. After reading 'Disconnected Kids by Dr Millello' we had an evaluation done at Brain Balance. The results showed the left hemisphere of his brain was under developed. It was explained that the right hemisphere was doing the work of both sides, on some levels he was at second and third grade. He is currently doing 36 weeks at Brain Balance therapy. We do therapy at home and bring him in 3 times a week. Basically the idea is to stimulate the senses on the right side of the body to effect the left side of the brain to grow and change, (or stimulate the left side if the right brain is weak). Along with diet changes, eye therapy, suppliments, drastically cutting back on screen time, adding movement during the day. During his sessions they have him do physical therapy first immediately followed by academic work. We have high hopes. The testimonials for autistic children are really good. I wish I had known about this when my son was younger, I may not have chosen the other therapies."

Vetiver Oil

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[YEA]  09/30/2012: Stormy Frank from Pueblo, Co: "hi all, for about 2 years we have been trying different treatment for my grandson who has adhd, every since he started school he has had a hard time staying on track. We have had to remove him several times from class, because he was so distracting to the other kids. We have tried several treatments short of ridilin. I feel that drug is not for young children. The side effects are horrible. So in my quest I have come across vetiver oil. We have had him on it for a few days now and it is like night and day, I just cant believe it. It is like he is a totally different child. He just inhales the fumes a few times a day, and I rub some under his chin at night. It is just unbeliveble!!!! Just thought I would share this with those of you out there at the end of your rope. Who refuse to let your child be put on those drugs!"



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