Japanese Holistic Remedies

Posted by Coco-chan (Roanoke, Va, USA) on 01/09/2013
5 out of 5 stars

SUPER SIMPLE ONION ONLY cough remedy, you don't even need honey. This is a popular "gramma's" folk remedy in Japan especially to control coughs in the night time. Peel a large onion, cut it in half vertically. Place the halves in a container that is wide open, with the cut side of the onion up. Keep them right next to your pillow and sleep. You smell the onion very strong! And amazingly your coughs stop and then you sleep SO WELL. Many parents with sick kids try this and it always works. In Japan, a popular cough remedy that uses honey is daikon radish with honey. Cut daikon into small cubes with skin on, preferably organic because the skin is the part you need, marinade the cut daikon cubes in honey for a few hours to overnight. Take the honey daikon syrup three times a day or more with or withouth hot water. It suppresses nagging coughs. Daikon radish is also good for stomach, if you have a stomach problem. Of course, giner works great for cough. Put raw, grated ginger in hot water with honey and sip it, or just chew a little piece of raw ginger in your mouth. The spiciness of ginger goes down into your throat and your coughs stop IMMEDIATELY, while you taste it. Ginger is also greate for suppressing nausia, it calms down upset stomach. We all know there are crystallized ginger, tastes great but you can also make your own ginger remedy simply by putting sliced ginger in honey like other honey remedies. We also cook whole kumquats in sugar and these sweet kumquats are well known cough suppressants. These are the natural cold/flu remedies I grew up with and they always work!