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Dead Sea
Posted by Martin (New York) on 01/26/2013
5 out of 5 stars

i have been going to the dead sea for 25 years. I go every year. i have seen the power of the dead sea. it really works. u need to go to the dead sea. All the products that are sold dont work. u need to go there.

it helps many skin ailments. U need to go there for 4 weeks. it wont help unless u stay there for 4 weeks. it works for exema , psorisis, sinus , arthritis.

people who go there get addicted. becuse it works. its not permanent. thats why people go back. The nicest place to stay there is ein gedi kibbutz. there are many hotels in the dead sea. the important thing is you need 4 weeks there in the sun and the sea. ive seen people get much better there in the last 25 years.

doctors wont tell u to go there. there are many medicalstudies that prove it works. the only problem is israel is a dangerous place.