Folk Remedies from the USA

Vinegar Wraps
Posted by Elizabeth (Seattle, WA) on 01/22/2013

Vinegar Wraps. This was my late husband's remedy which, I believe, was an old herbalist remedy dating back to the 1800s. We used vinegar wraps to break a fever or to help the body quickly heal from a muscle strain.

To break a fever, you try to stay in a very warm bath as long as you could stand it. Immediately following the bath, wring out a thin cotton sheet in warm water to which has been added apple cider vineger, to make it acid. Wrap the body in the sheet and and pin it. Then, the most important part, one should cover the wet cloth with dry blankets and also pin them, using several layers so that the damp from the sheet does not come through. Best to sleep like this, gives the body a chance to realign the charcras with the electricity from the water mixture.

For a muscle strain or sprain (excellent for bursitis or arthritic knees), follow the same instructions except use a dish towel or two which are thin. Pin and wrap the affected area with several dry towels.