Should You Be Taking Selenium?

Selenium Side Effects
Posted by R. (Dallas, Texas, Usa) on 03/21/2010
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Just a warning to do your research on Selenium, to avoid bad side effects from too much Selenium! I was taking too much and had some pretty bad side effects. Although everyone is different and can tolerate different amounts of drugs/vitamins/supplements you should still be cautious with everything you take. I just learned the hard way!

I was taking:

200mcg.(mcg.= micrograms) through a supplement.

100mcg. was in my multi-vitamin/ which I knew there was some, but, that is 143% of our daily recommended intake.

1 brazil nut equals your whole recommended dietary intake. I was eating a handful a day!

You also get your daily amount in food: Fish, tuna, eggs, bread, brown rice, oats, turkey, and other nuts.. I did not know any of these extra ways of getting Selenium.

My daily intake was probably 700 - 900 mcg a day, or more! 200mcg. is the recommended daily amount. It also says some people can take up to 400mcg daily, and over 800mcg. could be toxic, and you could get Selenosis!

Also Vitamin E taken at the same time as Selenium, enhances the Selenium! Which I was taking the two at the same time!

After 4 days of not taking Selenium supplements, I am about 80% better.

Here is a website for further info on Selenium: