Benefits of Probiotics: From Digestion to Immune Health

Repopulating the Gut
Posted by Judy (Maze, Al) on 10/25/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I keep reading that we should take probiotics/eat fermented foods to restore the flora in our guts. But I also read that the effect is transient, meaning that we get a boost as the probiotics pass through but they don't actually populate the gut. Which is it? does anyone know?

I'd love to populate my gut with the good bugs, as I think that would fix my chronic ibsd. I drink kombucha, make my own dairy kefir (which, after 3 years, I still can barely get down, it's yuck! ), eat plain yogurt made with full fat milk & has live cultures (Cabot), and eat Bubbies pickles. I love sour, but that kefir is just nasty. What else should I do? I also take supplements (l glutamine, zinc, etc) to strengthen my gut, as well as drink bone broth daily, so I do more than just the probiotic rich foods.

So, permanent fix or temporary improvement with probiotics?