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Raw Sauerkraut
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 12/22/2016
5 out of 5 stars

HI U OLE PATOOTS,,,,,,,,, got a wild hair and decided to make sauerkraut for the first time in my life. Have eaten canned sauerkraut all my life but all the enzymes have been killed in the process so you don't get the health benefit of the fermentation. This way I will, because it will not be canned and it will only have a limited shelf life.

After reading numerous recipes, I have concluded that they were all written prior to the invention of the vacuum saver. All you country folks know fermentation is anaerobic which means no air. Thus, you have to keep the cabbage submerged and then you can still have air pockets. I am modifying the procedure by using a half gallon Mason jar and pulling a vacuum on it and sealing. This way I am pretty sure there is no air commingling with the cabbage.

I thought about this project because there are few winter vegetables I can raise in my garden. This batch should get me through the winter. Also, my Tractor Driver only gave me counsel, I did the work. I read your mind.

Not all sauerkraut has health benefits. In order for sauerkraut to have a preventative effect for cancer, it needs to be raw. Raw naturally fermented sauerkraut contains lactic acid and the living probiotic microorganisms that are the agents of fermentation. Canned sauerkraut, pasteurized sauerkraut, or fully cooked sauerkraut does not have this healing power, because the microorganisms have been killed by extended exposure to high heat. Cooking and pasteurization also damages other cancer preventative properties.

Will send a photo when the process is complete.