Benefits of Probiotics: From Digestion to Immune Health

Probiotic Strains for Medical Issues
Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 06/11/2017
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Availability of Probiotic Tablets To Treat Four Important Medical Problems.

There are a number of good multi-strain probiotic tablets/capsules available online. One of them is called "hyperbiotics pro-15". It is available online in about 30 countries including India and the payment can be made in local currencies. In, there are more than 6000 customer reviews on this product and average customer rating is 4.3. It contains the following 15 probiotic strains : 1) L. Casei 2) L. Achidophilus 3) L. Plantarum 4) L. Fermentum 5) L. Rhamnosus 6) L. Salvaris 7) L. Paracasei 8) L. Gasseri 9) L. Thermophilus 10) L. Reuteri 11) B. Longum 12) B. Bifidum 13) B. Breve 14) B. Infantis 15) B. Lactis.

This probiotic tablet can treat the following four important medical problems. The probiotic strain names given in capital letters are critical to solve the particular problem:

1) Diabetes Type II - The probiotic strains L. CASEI and L. Achidophilus will eliminate S. Aureus infection .

2) High Blood Pressure - About 60 % of high blood problem is caused by probiotic imbalance of nitric oxide generating bacteria namely L. PLANTARUM, L. Fermentum and L. Rhamnosus in the digestive system.

3) Coronary Heart Disease - It is caused by the probiotic imbalance of B. LONGUM, L. REUTERI and L. Plantarum. These probiotic strains can control Bad Cholesterol (LDL), Total Cholesterol (TC) and Triglycerides (TG) in the digestive system itself.

4) Ulcer - It is caused by probiotic imbalance of B. BIFIDUM and B. Breve. These probiotic strains will try to elimate bad bacteria H. Pylori.

For the treatment of these four medical problems, one has to take one probiotic tablet thirty minutes before breakfast for 60 days. This is a simple, effective, and economical treatment for the above medical problems. Also, if one has two medical problems ( e.g. Diabetes Type II and High blood pressure ), this probiotic treatment will solve both problems simultaneously.

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P. Raghavan.