Benefits of Probiotics: From Digestion to Immune Health

Post-Diarrhea Diet, Lactobacillus Yogurt
Posted by Katzie (Calgary, Canada) on 03/31/2023
5 out of 5 stars

After having diarrhea for endless days and finally conquered it via ACV.

But after.......I was still feeling way off from normal. I was just uncomfortable and felt yucky in my stomach. I used the word "yucky" as I was not in pain, but boy did I feel crummy.

I had read for years about how Lactobacillus Yogurt's beneficial bacteria gets wiped out in the stomach anyways and was therefore a waste of money. Then it occurred to me that via the stomach was same way pro-biotic pills would be absorbed too, as well as ingesting them via foods!

So my upset stomach & bowels and I ventured to the store where I solely bought Lactobacillus Yogurt and alot of it. It was those drinkable ones (no excess sugar). Well, within hours I was feeling SO much better! I drank one every 3 hrs for two days, and was then feeling completely back to normal. What a relief. I recommend these yogurts heartily, they work very well and pretty quickly. I am so glad I dragged myself to the store that day, even though I'd have much rather stayed horizontal on my couch. It was so worth it!