Benefits of Probiotics: From Digestion to Immune Health

Posted by Onalooserein (Klamath County, Oregon) on 11/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Love, Love, Love! this site! I would like to info about adding the use of beneficial bacteria to the diet to cause the digestive tract to be full of beneficial/symbiotic bacteria like acidophilus and the bifidum strains, etc.

I have been using probiotics for years, I do not get sick, ever, and my allergies/asthma are non-existent. If a person doesn't fill their digestive tract with the "good" stuff, then oportunistic things will grow there and in this day and age of over prescribed anti-biotics, it is usually "bad" stuff, or disease causing pathogens like fungus/yeasts. 70-80% of our immune system lies within our gut. Healthy gut, healthy person.

Did have a bout with breast cancer and followed the phase one diet (very low carbohydrate/no sugar)and used anti-fungal supplements such as Coconut oil (caprylic acid), oregano oil, olive leaf, etc.. Also had a leaky gut from Candida albicans infection (caused mainly by anti-biotics and S. A. D. , Standard American Diet of processed foods and high in Carbohydrates and sugars). This diet and supplements killed the Candida and a Herxheimer effect ensued. Was advised by my assisting Naturopatheic Physician to use Charcoal (constipative) capsules, Quercetin (with bromelain for better absorption)which is an anti-histamine, or Benedryl (at night before bed as this causes drowsiness)to ease the symptoms of Herxheimer. After 2 weeks of flu like symptoms (eased by the charcoal and ant-histamines), pruitic (itchy) rashes and intense pain in the breast, I then discovered the tumors to be gone, I am so happy about that, to be so empowered by God's gift of healing. Blessings to you all!

PS. I recommend getting the home environment free of toxins, especially molds & fungus. I live in the middle of a National Forest and have the luxury of using a woodstove in the house, which dries and purifies the air. I also use Ultra Violet light room air purifiers and HEPA filters in the central heating system. Do I sound like a hyperchondriac? In my defense, after remodeling a bathroom with a leaky shower stall, the floor & sub floor under the vinyl was permeated with a black mold (probably stachybotrus)one of the most deadly when in the human body. Very shortly after exposure (no respirator) I was in the hospital dying, 9 days later I was released, alive but not healed. The doctors were rather shocked that I lived through, I attribute my survival to first the Church praying for me and the use of the probiotics. One of the Nurses told me that the appendix stores extra beneficial bacteria for emergencies.

My family has removed Peanut and corn products completly from our diets as they are the most contaminated food substance around. My son was having seizure like events that completely disappeared with the removal of peanuts and corn from the diet. Almond butter instead of peanut butter.