L-Carnitine Health Benefits

General Feedback
Posted by Lindseynarrates (Atlanta, Georgia, Usa) on 03/04/2014
5 out of 5 stars

It is because of two reasons: Firstly, as with basically ALL free-form amino-acids, you are taking it for a specific reason, and need it more than the other amino-acids, and if you eat something that contains a large amount of OTHER amino-acids, it will absolutely compete for absorption. Secondly, as with basically all vitamin, mineral, herb, and amino-acid supplements, absorption is significantly enhanced when taken WITHOUT food, with several exceptions of course, but we are talking about acetyl l-carnitine.

HOWEVER...and this is VERY important: It is very advisable to eat SOMETHING that contains a decent amount of carbohydrates, especially glucose, because acetyl l-carnitine, especially when coupled with ALA--alpha lipoic acid--drastically and rapidly lower blood-sugar, and I actually had a very severe hypoglycemic-attack about six days ago because I took a "rather" large dose of ALA and acetyl l-carnitine on a fully empty stomach, and had not eaten for about 10 hours, or so.